Mr. Chomps

First of all, "Mr. Chomps" is the best pup name evar.

Second, Mr. Chomps has a hilarious bowl-cut haircut pup equivalent.


Kim B. Señor Chompersons is rokkin’ that bowl cut.


  1. Alien Dog Leader

  2. “Hello, have you ever seen a pup with a neck as long as Mr. Chomps? No, Mr. Chomps does not think so.”

  3. Sir Chomps-A-Lot!

  4. Peg o’T — yeah, kinda llama-esque, innit?

    I think Mr. Chomps is a Chow-Giraffe mix.

  5. He actually looks like he’s wearing glasses, that’s sooo furrfect.

  6. Lucia Mendez says:

    his head is so round it never ends ah!!!!!!

  7. He looks like he a farmer’s tan!

  8. CoffeeCup says:

    That dog looks like Tom Cavanaugh (“Ed”). it can’t be just me, I know it.

  9. A dog bowl haircut!

  10. I love that the light accentuates the circular-ness of Mr. Chomps face in full halo glory. The next Face of Optimism?

  11. “At Christmas Mr. Chomps was picked to be Rudolf in the school play because of the aerodynamic superiority of his tres-longue lower limbs. The red nose was quite painful after an unfortunate shortening in the batteries, but Mr. Chomps is prepared to suffer for his Art.”

  12. oh good lord.

  13. Mr. Chomps is the name of my lion Webkinz!

  14. Stephanie S. says:

    me love@!

  15. mm mmmm mmm, lookit those drumstix! *nom*

  16. homer mariner says:

    Does anyone else get a bobblehead feel from this? Maybe if we got a baroo?

  17. What kind of dog is this farmer-tanned wonder?

  18. Kiragirl says:

    He’s a Star! (picturing pink ‘shopped arrow pointing at star on Mr. McChomperson’s shirt)

  19. CoffeeCup: OMG, he DOES! I wouldn’t kick either of ’em out of bed. 🙂

  20. here’s a llama
    there’s a llama
    and another little llama
    fuzzy llama
    funny llama
    llama llama

  21. Annnnd 3rd Mr. Chomps he of the bowl cut hair is a Pomeranian.. The Cutest dogs in the whole wide world Ladies and Gentlemen.

  22. Kiragirl says:

    how’d they get that shirt on over his bowl head? too funny, but cute

  23. Kiragirl says:

    it’s a pomalion

  24. me-me-me says:

    Mr. Chomps needs to wear a sweater ’cause they done shaved him!
    He is very cute though, but I like my pommies a little furrier.
    Hahaha Kevin! He does look like he’s wearing glasses!

  25. MandaBain says:

    Put some little glasses on his nose and he’d be all “The canine head weighth 8 poundths!”

  26. Wow!!! I love his little line of doggy eyeliner! And his little mole – like shnozz!

  27. That’d be one monster-scale pooch noggin, MandaBain. Epic.

  28. Dadgummit, quit cutting poms’ hair off! It will never grow back correctly, and they’re so precious with all their hair. (Don’t get me wrong, this guy’s a cutie, but he’s thinking “I’ll get you for this, someday, I swear.”)

  29. MandaBain says:

    Yes. Yes it would 🙂
    I thought about making it lighter, but I wondered if anyone would catch the movie reference…and when you’ve got a big round fluffy head, I bet it can lead to overestimating your brain-size/weight 😉

  30. Why would someone give a Pom what amounts to a buzz cut?

    Do they think it is cute like an alpaca is cute with the loooong neck? I happen to have an alpaca pictured on the shirt I am wearing right now, and while it is cute, it isn’t a Pomeranian-they are small and fuzzy and cute and..

    Never mind, I guess I can tell the difference between them, Pomeranians don’t hummmmmmmm – but then, neither is my shirt hummming. OK, I’m confusicated. OH, well, dinner time. I’ll sort it all out later.


  31. Chomps-a-lot, furs-a-little.

  32. That. Is silly.

  33. snoopysnake says:

    Mr. Chomps reeeeeeeeeeaaaallllly wants a turtleneck wardrobe from WinterSilks.

  34. Catsquatch says:

    He’s all

    “Otay Mister Paparatzzee, we gonna do somthin NOW?

    How about NOW? Huh?


  35. Catsquatch: You mean the Pomparazi?

  36. I can’t believe how long his legs are. That is so funny!! I can’t decide if I like the pom-pom better fluffy or sheared like Mr. Chomps here!!! LOL, i’m in love with his face, it’s so comical!!

  37. Juniper Jupiter says:

    He’s a maniac, maniac with some fur…
    and he’s B’rooin’ like he’s never b’roo’d befur!

    Sorry! But he’s got that Flashdance look aboot him, no? 😀

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, yes he does have the Flashdance thing going on.

  39. ALERT.

    This wee pup does not deserve to be dressed up like one of the Hilton dogs.

    Reach inside owner. Let the pup be FREE.

  40. Daphne Moss says:

    Mr.Chomps is a seething cauldron of sheared fury right now; you just can’t see it because he’s faaaar too clever…

    Um, so maybe Mr. Chomps rolled in sumpin nasty and needed a bit of a buzz cut…will it really grow in wrong? (Don’t know from poms…friend has one that is pup about this same age but without the supermodel body).

    But yes, this is by far one of my favorite photos and I’ve been laughing out loud at comments…lolpomz?It’s comin….ooooh yes, the day is comin’

  41. He has dog pants, too. Did anyone notice? Formed by his own fur.

  42. Mr. Chomps is a cutie, but if you look closely into his eyes, there is a little bit of crazy there. An alluring combination not unlike some of my past boyfriends.

  43. OMG his hair looks like the puppy version of Anton Chighur from No Country for Old Men…. except… not.

  44. he’s a long fella, yes he is.

  45. Agree with Snoopysnake, GET THIS DOG A TURTLENECK STAT!

  46. I think they put that t-shirt on him when he was like 6 days old and now he’s 6 months old and he’s a whole lot bigger but the t-shirt isn’t

  47. Holy cow! Am I the only one who thought harry potter? For some strange reason, the teeny little shoulders and the black t-shirt reminded me of Daniel in the latest movie!

    haha! These two could be twins!

  48. Seriously, that’s a Pom? Are we sure???? Man, I thought it was some sort of weird, tiny Shiba, which made me wonder what possessed someone to shave him.

  49. Nothing goofier than a Pom in a shirt. Unless it’s a shorn Pom in a shirt. Poor wittle guy.

    PS, yeah it’s true about their hair not growing in the same…it’s much coarser and mats more easily

  50. Selphie le Boffin says:

    He looks like a little alpaca with a fro.

  51. POM POM HAYD!!!

  52. hipster doggeh!

  53. loving the puppy tee too..

    and, MR CHOMPS?!! who thought up that name? imagine him and his owner in the park when he gets let off the lead

    “mr chomps? here mr chomps! chompy chompy chompy? here chompy!”

  54. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

  55. I think poms look so much cuter with their hair cut that way.

  56. @ Joanne:

    That explains why Mr. Chomps just asked me to flip a coin and called me “friend-o” … 🙂

  57. ThreeCatNight says:

    Have to ask him where he got that sweatuh. Pommies are just the cutest!

  58. i love it