It’s almost like you’re THERE

Dewds, close your eyes, and it’s like this SUPER PURR action is on YOUR OWN VERY LAP.

Serious—close your eyes, trust me on this one. [Hand bumping computer for ‘petting’ action]


Tammy L., prosh kitteh you got thar… 😉



  1. Wow. That was almost… Therapeutic 🙂

  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    Need to smoosh face against purring kitty.

  3. ashagato says:


  4. awww…. what a handsome, content kitteh
    he *lurves* his human!

  5. yep I have a cat that sounds like that, and another who just went heven on monday that sounded like that except he never gave kisses. That is so cool could listen to that all day long.

  6. GingerMartini says:

    Ooh, sweet boosycat!

  7. Oh, my fave part is when she pets him and he licks her arm. My cat does that too 🙂

  8. falnfenix says:

    mine does that, complete with licking, though it usually ends with a CHOMP on the arm.

  9. cute

  10. That kind of purr can HEAL THE WORLD. 😉

  11. Pussytoes says:

    Sweet, beautiful baby.

  12. Nothing makes me happier than a kitty purring…except when I’m trying to get to sleep….I don’t have a kitty right now, apt. won’t allow it, but when I can, I’m gonna get like 6!!

  13. mmmm
    that was

  14. You know those radios that play the different noises like a creek or a thunderstorm? They should totally add that sound. Ahhhhhhh

    (all the kitties I have had all drooled when they purred like that!)

  15. purrfectly poignant and purrty purrrrveyor of the cute.

  16. That is such a great purr! That’s a purr that you could market. Those sound machines? Waves crashing, birds chirping, kitty cats purring! Want!

  17. Reminds me of my purr monster that gives the sweetest kisses. thank you for give me a few minutes of relaxation

  18. snoopysnake says:


  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you! As much as I love my dear kitty, he’s not much for the purring. I’m feeling under the weather right now, so the major purring action was especially appreciated!

  20. You know how sometimes they use blaring heavy metal to get people out of houses or hostage situations? I think they could use this in a similar manner – it would make everyone go to sleep. I KNOW if I were to listen to this on a loop I’d sleep like a baby. There is nothing like a car laying on you purring this loud to make you sleep nice.


  21. That’s how my kitty girl wakes me up every morning…the sweetest sound in the world.

  22. TurboFloof says:

    Does anybody else get in trouble with their significant other for sleeping with the loudest purring cat on the planet? I have trained my furbaby to sit by my head, big warm belleh on my cheek and purr like a motorcycle. My S.O. (who is new to the sleep-inducing effects of a good purr…) complains that hit wakes him up! Wha….?

  23. theoneflyinvet says:

    oh wow Meg, i can’t thank you enough for that. even tho i’m getting Good Friday off (yay!) this totally just got me through the rest of the week. and did anyone else have to seriously resist the temptation to scratch the chin and/or base of the tailio?

  24. LOL Carrie, that was a good typo! 😉

    I have to say I shut my eyes and instantly felt my stress level drop to zero while listening to that – totally agree to adding kitty purr to the noise generator machines!

  25. Desdemona says:

    To those who want a kitty purr as “white noise” while working at their computer, here’s a link:

    As for me, today I’m on cold meds, and this sweet purr-baby just about put me to sleeeezzzzzz.

  26. Hmm…odd, my quote from Carrie “nothing like a car laying on you” got deleted out of my message; is that because I used the little brackets?

  27. I has a purrrrr.

    thank you, that almost put me to sleep…

  28. I’m sitting here at work with headphones on, listening to this dude.

    My day just got a whole lot better.

  29. Bsnist — if you use the greater-than/less-than brackets, yeah, TypePad thinks you’re trying to inject HTML into your comment, and strips it out. I usually use “[” and “]” instead.

  30. Goldy (PJ's Human) says:

    My kitty does this too… actually keeps me awake at night with the purring and I have to make her go down to the end of the bed!

  31. TurboFloof, how did you train your cat to do that?! Wants.

  32. Aww, he looks just like mine!
    Are marmie kittens the best purrers?
    Let’s find out!

  33. AVeryDifferentPaula says:

    All I need is a little kneading action and … ah! Can’t we make this a ringtone?

  34. okay so my vet said the largest cats were orange neutered males. I believe! mine is 19 lbs, purrs like that and DROOOLLSSS too. I definitely need this as a ring tone- any clues as to how to do this????

  35. Maine Coon cats are generally the largest, but well-fed marmalade boys definitely take up a great deal of lap! I loved the spitbath at 30s – I always get slurped when the cats get lovins.

  36. My deepest condolences, leah b. Losing a purrito is the hardest thing we have to do in this world. How can we go on without those rumbles? By adopting more cats, of course. Great purrs, there!

  37. Anne Boleyn says:

    Since they were teeny tiny, my two have had what we call the “Touch & Purr” feature that can be immediately activated by touch or a soft word. Sometimes in the night I activate it just for the nice loud comfort of it. It’s an important part of my mental and emotional health program.

  38. One minute in, I realised I was breathing in time with the purr.

    I’m sorry for your loss, Leah. 😦

  39. I think you’re on to something, Ninjin. My big fat orange cat, Jack, purrs just like that. You can easily hear him across the room. And bsnist–do you play bassoon??

  40. riolinda says:

    awww… what a purr monster! and lickable too! my 2 favorite things, besides kneading of course! 🙂

  41. Mmm, I agree with whoever else said marmie boys are loud purrers. You can hear mine purr from across the room (if he sees you, he’ll start purring as he runs up to get pets)

    Also, though I’m sure you all know, I read that cats can heal their microscopic bone fractures by purring? So if a cat takes a nasty tumble it can purr to heal. Very cool.

  42. I’m sure we can turn this into a ringtone somehow. Aren’t there phones that let you… download whatever sound files you want as ringtones, or something? I got yogurt in my phone yesterday and have never done anything but use the standard rings, so I have no idea.

    [DOWNLOADING RINGTONES: ur doin it rong – Ed.]


  43. !! Someone broke into my house and filmed my kitteh purring! Seriously, though, this looks and sounds just like him except skinnier. Add another comment to the commenters commenting about their OWN big orange purr factories.

  44. I can make my cat purr just by looking at her. 🙂 She’s such a pushover for purring. Not loud, but just about anything will set her off. Even in the midst of claw-clipping, if I scritch her chin she stops screaming and purrrrrrrs for a few seconds before realizing “darn! she tricked me! I’m still getting my claws clipped!”.

  45. Thank you Clare,

  46. I can’t remember where I found this link (maybe CO?), but today’s purring marmie cat made me think of this:

  47. Daphne Moss says:

    Dis be the Himalyan Throat Singer of kittehs…

    And leah….

    So sorry! Know how that is…I’m sure you gave your fur-pal the best life.

  48. I needed that. I am going to have to be away from my kittehs for a week or so, and I am storing up on kitteh lovings while I can.

  49. What a wonderful sound!!! My bestest purrer is Charlie, a suspected Maine Coon. He sometimes does short brefs with his mouth open a little and he sounds so funny(and he throws in a head butt, too)!

    After 3 weeks here in Philly, I am going home to my brood back in IL tomorrow for a long weekend….I absolutely can’t wait!!! YIPPEE!!!!

  50. Happy kittey-la………and kisses for mummy!!

  51. I could almost believe a kitteh was on my lap instead of my laptop..

  52. Daphne Moss says:

    Love the Maine Coon head butts…does he also do the quick head-bob-by-way-of-hello?
    Even the vet loves him.

  53. luckycliff says:

    wow this is really boring… such an amazing waste of time, I can’t believe I am watching this… zzzzzzz

  54. Having this sound put to the picture of Happy Cat works quite nicely.

  55. I just had surgery, this is AWESOME! I could feel healing coming into me from that wonderful sound!

    Good kitteh!

  56. made my cat jealous.

  57. I have mild panic attacks, but tuning into always makes them better. They should recrd ths big orange feller for a cast.

  58. Awwww, I love that deep, rumbling sound, but it makes me want to nap! And it’s 10 AM!!!

  59. If you have a laptop on your lap you can feel how WARM he is!

  60. This is why my brother named my cat Harley. Because she has the most unbelievable motor.

  61. Awwwwwwww, how beautiful! That´s one helluva happy, contented kitty. 😀

  62. My kitty had the most beautiful purrrrrrr of any kitty in the world. She slept with me every night for 17 years (with her cheek against mine). It would lull an angry hippo to sleep. Just beautful. I miss my baby!

  63. My baby purrs like that. She did last night. She got in my face this morning trying to wake me… not sure why, it was something like 8 or 8:30 AM! 😦 I get up at 8:45. Then she played with stuff loudly to get me up. Oi.

  64. OMG I never realised how much I missed that sound until I heard that. I MUST HAVE A KITTEH AGAIN!!

  65. Dawn M Colf says:

    Lol, my kitty looked at me like I was cheatin on her, while watching this video! She was getting luvins, heard the vid and disdainfully walked away!

  66. soo sweet! I want my cat to do this to!

  67. wat a pretty kitty!!!:)

  68. thanks to you too JMUHJ, for your kind words and Dawn did your babbeh forgive you for listing to a nother kitteh ??
    Hope so

  69. scott brooker says:

    Ari is not quite as cute as he seems. I have the scars and therapy receipts to prove it! He does purr like a Hemi though. Kitty, kitty………

  70. Scars? Pft. They’re cats. Price of admission.

  71. furrieluv says:

    this like cat porn! hmmmmmmmmm…..

  72. My 18-lb. Ragdoll, Stuart, has a purr like that: we call it his “monster” or “snarky” purr (can’t remember where that came from). His 8 lb. “neice”, Bean, has one, too, generally switched on by the appearance of a brush. Furbaby purrbabies…aren’t we blessed?

  73. Aww, my little cat Sacha has quite the purr, too!
    (Actually, this guy looks like one of Sach’s brothers!)

  74. acelightning says:

    My big ole orange neutered male Loki looks something like that (except bigger and not quite such a bright shade of orange). He also purrs like that! Ever since he was a kitten, he’s had a *loud* purr. And it synchronizes with his breathing, just like this cat’s purring – I’ve heard other cats whose purr is a continuous sound that doesn’t vary with their breath, but not these big orange guys!

    I need to email that video to everyone I know who needs healing or relaxation…

  75. The crazy purr-er of my boys is not a marmie at all – white with ticked brown and black patches/strips. He purrs so loudly the vet has to distract him in order to listen to his heart (usually by turning on the faucet and ‘scaring him’ quiet for a few seconds). Then he starts up again within 30 seconds. ^_^ He’s also fond of sitting on my pillow while I sleep too, though he’s too restless to make it through the night and will invariably get up to leave the room (thankfully). When he’s purring that close, it is LOUD.

  76. Danielle says:

    this is like a tv yule log for people with cat allergies! Brilliant!

  77. i dont like it