Juuuuuuuuuuuust restin’ my eyes

Er. [snoring makes kibble attach to nostril on inhale]

Looks like he’s just RESTIN’ THOSE PAWS TOO, Lindsay J.!

Ah, nostalgia



  1. God I *love* kittens and puppies and the whole narcolepsy thing they’ve got going. It’s like, “I’m feeling a little sle *drops instantly*”

  2. cheesybird says:

    He’s gonna be picking kibble out of those cheek folds for days.

  3. StormCat says:

    EAR FLOPPAGE!!!!! I bet he can fly to Canada with those things!!

    AND BIG FEETS!!!! I bet he waddles when he walks!!


  4. reminds me of my sister when she was little and would doze off in her cereal. tee hee!

  5. A proper head-propping basset. three cheers. Basset pups are teh qewtest!

  6. brinnann says:

    I have never witnessed this phenomenon first-hand. Is it like crop circles or something? It’s only caught on film?

  7. omg, look at the size a dose pawsies!

  8. Holy huge feet, Batman!

  9. Possibly the cutest puppeh ever!!!! <3 the leg chub!!!!

  10. Kittens or puppies = supernatural ability to sleep anywhere, anytime.

  11. Oh my, what big paws you have! And for a quick second I almost thought he had orange feet, until I noticed they belonged to a stuffed toy.

  12. DoodleyDog says:

    Is that a bebeh bassett?

  13. momof2kitties says:

    We have those same bowls! Viva Le Tarzhay!

    *runs to kitchen to check*

    Nope. No cute puppers sleepingks in our bowls.

    *pouts. returns defective bowls to Tarzhay*

  14. I have seen a puppeh belleh ripe for the snorgling! Must restrain myself from nibbling delectable ears and toesies

  15. 260Oakley says:

    What to do first? Stroke the ears? Scritch the belly? Nom the paws? OMG, the puppeh is a veritable Snorgs-a-bord!

  16. AMAZING! How can somthing be both fuzzy & delectable! Just want eat em up!!! I have bassett, I love to nom on her ears. There ain’t nothing softer in the whole world!

  17. I don’t have an eating problem.

    I eat. I fall asleep in my food. No problem.

  18. And StormCat, he’ll grow INTO those big feets!! Holy Snow Shoes, Batman! 🙂

    What a QTE!

  19. stubbedoo says:

    Are you trying to kill me? Seriously? My heart stops everytime I see such unbearable cuteness and I don’t have a pacemaker. Stop the insanity!

  20. might i neeble on his feet while he is asleepingks?

  21. Catsquatch says:

    Wow, that looks… comfortable….

    Maybe Ill just lay down there next to heem…..

  22. Well you do know that Kibble makes like the BEST Pillow ever..
    and convenient too for that mid nap snack

  23. skyweaver says:

    So tie-tie! I’m agonna just lay my ears down here in this bowl and take…a…little…*snore*

    I hope dat nobodee noms on my gargantupaws in da meantimes.

  24. metsakins says:

    umm class – how many rules of cuteness do we see in this picture?

    Discuss – http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/the_rules_of_cuteness/index.html

    Who can prove if we have a trifecta?

    you have thirty minutes, remember to put your names and date on the paper.

  25. LOL Metsie Lets see.
    I got Chubbular feet, Eye capsuls, big head to body ratio, and don’t forget stubbularness… those ARE ALL cute rules??? Yes???

  26. My uncle has a basset (lovely dawg) named Flash. Flash! 😉

  27. PS if people use those buckwheat pillows, then why no sleep on kibbles? 😛

  28. I am in love with this pup. I just want to scratch his fat little tummy!

  29. My God, he has like 19 rolls on his leg alone – 3 cheers for Puppy Chub!

  30. Serenity says:

    I’ve been waiting for a basset on this site for awhile!

    *puts her glasses on and adjusts them on her nose* Hmm let’s see. Rules of cuteness:
    He has a curved, plump belleh (#38)
    Chub (#27) if that’s not chub I don’t know what is!
    Eye capsules (#21) Sort of the sleepy-eyes subset, don’t you think?
    Disproportionate ear-to-head ratio (#15)
    Obvy he hasn’t grown into his feets (#10)
    His food is also his pillow! (#8)

    Does it get any cuter than this? I THINK NOT!

    This basset baby should be NOMinated for an award *nods*

  31. OMG the paws.

    The paws!


  32. Birdcage says:

    I can just imagine his soft wittle flews puffing in and out with each sleepy breath. I claim the top of his head for my kisses!!!

  33. Baby Basset cankles!

  34. “i told you not to wake me up this early, i’m sti l l v er y sle e p y..” [KERPLUNK!!]

  35. Oh my lord, SWEET CHUBBULANCE! The face, the nose, the ears, the belleh, and most of all THE FEETS!

    And I do believe I see another chubtastic puppeh behind the bowl and this pup….

  36. lurkingsmirk says:

    Can you blame him? He had a tiring day of belly rubs and kisses. Puppeh needs some sleep.

  37. Lip curtains?!

    Anyone? anyone?

  38. What a perfect way to start CO. This precious thing is too awesome.

  39. SO CUTE

  40. “I love my lunch and my lunch loves meeee…”



    Reeeedikkkullluusly Ceeyoot

  42. Eating is tiring business. Mmmhmm. <3

  43. AuntieMame says:

    Good Gad! Look at those feets!

  44. Oh so very adorybibill!!! I loves everytink about hims!!! Baby anemalls!! There’s NOTHING better. Nothing I SAY!!

  45. Draggin’ these ginormous feets around makes me very sleepy.

  46. haha i have that same dish for my cat lucky

  47. ButtaRumCake says:

    Just when I thought I squee’d my last squee @ the bebeh doxies a few posts back….
    One huge squee erupted while I was at work…scared the bejezus outta me!!!
    This pupeh is redonk. Plain & simple. Nommulously redonk

  48. dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! 🙂

  49. metsakins says:

    Serenity —good answer.

    Miss Annie *peers over glasses* what rule is stubbular?

  50. LEG CHUBBBS!!!!

  51. That belly just invites rasberries.


  53. my life. In Puppeh/food bowl form.

  54. LUB the CHUB
    NOM da EARZ

    aaaaand… rub that

    Gah! I splode from the Qte

  55. lurkingsmirk says:

    Can you blame him? He had a tiring day of belly rubs and kisses. Puppeh needs some sleep.

  56. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh whoops, I thought my comment didn’t go through earlier today. Darn wireless.

  57. Metsie I plead working at the front desk so unable to review the rules… and and ..
    Well and stubbular should be a rule. Crosses arms .. stomps foot… so there…

    Meg we need a new rule about stubbularness Fast. ; )

  58. Go nigh nigh lil basset

  59. pozznschnozz!

  60. daw awwww awwwwwwww

    Baby basset!!!!! My day is made.

  61. And kudos on the comfy looking crate training!

  62. Bowl o’ Blob!

  63. metsakins says:

    Now Miss Annie – if you can write a 300 word essay on why stubbularness should be a rule, using active rules and previous submissions (properly footnoted, natch) I believe I can see you’ll be well on your way to an A.

  64. his tummy is not the usual squeaky clean pink!

    its furry. i wanna nom his ears then put my nose at his tummy and INHALE.

  65. Now that is just too cute! Thank you for the early morning puppy cuteness!!!

  66. Love to snorgle his belly

  67. Love to snorgle his belly

  68. ThreeCatNight says:

    Just what the HECK was in his kibble? Hmmm?
    Puppeh, get a hold of yourself – you’re still so young!

  69. AhhhhRooooRoooRoooo I’m a Hound Dog! Love it! It’s Copper!!!! Awwwww’s I always loved these guys!

  70. Kiragirl says:

    I love how the food bowl says “FOOD” on it, soes y’all don’t get confuzed.

    (Remember mini-chubitis, to only sleep in the FOOD bowl, not the WATER bowl.)

  71. Kiragirl says:

    and the orange duck feets next to the chubs feets

  72. Dear Miss MEtsakins, as per your request a 330 word essay will be submitted to you and Meg on why stubbular should be a rule of cuteness .. of course properly crossreferenced with past submissions and active Footnotes.. ; )

  73. OMG, he has ANKLE ROLLS.

  74. I’ll have what he’s having.

  75. …nap?

  76. Caturday says:

    It is so exhausting to be that cute !!!

  77. just. awww! :0)

  78. *snork* My day is now complete. Just smell those Frito feet! Ear skritches, belly rubs and gentle “awwwwwwwww’s” for all *sigh*

  79. Rosanne Hughes says:

    God bless them one and all!!

  80. Ohhhhhh!!!!

    So cute!!!!

    Puppy Puppy!!!!!

  81. Ryan Witt says:

    Puppy so cute I have to post twice!!!!

    Puppy puppy puppy puppy cutie little puppy!

    * Sigh!!!! * Such love for the puppy.