Schnozzles + Sausage bodies!

Schnozzles + Sausage bodies!

Schnozzles + Sausage bodies!

Annie M., completely and totally anerable!



  1. I want onnnnnnnne! I want to just reach through the screen and grab the little one who ears go up high…so sweet!

  2. *gasp* [BLEEN] comment!
    [BLEEN] comment and I go and muck it up with ‘who’ instead of ‘whose’…aw man! *kicks dirt*

    [A’hem… – Ed.]

  3. Nicolletta says:

    I am now ded from the qte.

  4. girlnextdoortn says:

    Meeeeep!!! Oh, what a great way to start a Monday.

    I love watching the slow, unfocused way pupplicles move because they haven’t figured out their bodies yet!!!

  5. OMG the ear nibbles! The attack at the camera! *dead*

    *alive* Can I sleep in da puppy pile? *dead again*

  6. MamaDawn says:

    Loves me some Donny!!!


    Donny AND anerable puppehs?


  8. I **love** the concentrated puppeh tail-wagging!

  9. !! How could I possibly isolate the best part to bleen over? It’s impossible!

    Although I do love the black weiner dog later on being totally overwhelmed by the pups and FREAKING OUT!


    I raise chinese pugs, and from my own experience you can totally tell when daddy comes in to the picture. He doesn’t know what to do with them! Just like any new father 😉

  11. I love the unnecessary zoom at the end. I want them all!

  12. Nice music, but maybe the puppies’ sounds should have been loud and the music in the background? More puppies’ songs!

  13. absolutely wonderful.. so precious you just can’t take it. puppy perfectness

  14. berthaslave says:

    The pup attacking the camera at the end is my favorite.

    That and the dad dog saying, “Okay, just squeeze out another 94 of these and we’ll give those damn dalmatians a run for their money!”

  15. TEENINESS!!! 😀 LOL @ the one biting the other one’s tail at 00:51

  16. I am so sure I’ve seen this here before. Maybe somebody linked to it in the comments section, but I definitely recognize the saccharine-sweet song and the oh-so-prosh whinings. But that doesn’t stop it from being loverlies though. :3

  17. I’ve definitely seen this vid before, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still adorable! I just like dachsunds! I got one for my birthday a long time ago. We named her Pepper. Had to give her away unfortunatly b/c we were moving.
    And got another a few years later, that we also had to give away b/c we were moving 😦 I love those dogs though. Very smart and very hyper little things.

  18. Anybody else notice that Donny O seems to be everywhere these days? I HOPE someone else notices, ’cause I really wouldn’t want to be hallucinating it.

  19. Those are the WADDLINGEST sausages I’ve ever seen.

  20. When I was 10 years old, if you had DARED to suggest that I wasn’t going to marry Donny Osmond, I would have kicked your a**. Thanks for the memories on this rainy Monday.

    Oh, and the puppies were pretty perfect, too…

  21. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I would’ve asploded, but did they hafta put that ‘TOOPID Donny Osmond song in there? I wanted to hear the puplings!! 😦

  22. Delightfully CUDDLE-TASTIC!!

  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    Those delicious little roleh-poleh bellehs, and soft melty brown eyes- ooh!
    I love doxies.

  24. EAR CRONSCHE!!! (2:06)

  25. Marianne says:

    I so don’t care if this has been posted before, this vid could never EVER get old. o my goodness it’s so fantastic…

  26. OH MY DOOOONESS! I lof doxies so much!

    An old boyfriend of mine gave me a video tape, I can’t remember the exact name of it, but it was basically a guide for AKC judges on the rules for judging dachshunds. Dachshunds everywhere! Running through fields! Digging up badgers! Running around in circles! Getting their Dachshunds bits handled in the appropriate AKC way!

    The best/worst part (depending on your sense of humor) was when they would show what to look for in a particular characteristic (say, head shape) and show the correct head shape, and then… not so correct head shape. The dogs look pretty much the same to you and me, mind, this is fancy pants dog show rules. So, when the negative dog comes on, they discuss the head shape, why it doesn’t conform to the standard, and then they say, in a very stern, stern voice,

    “This dog has a FATAL FLAW.”

    That cracked me up every time. I know, I’m evil.

    I want to emphasize again, there is nothing wrong with the dog at all, except for very, very subtle differences in coloring, body proportions, etc that made them not conform to the standard as defined by the AKC.

    Rambling story over! None of those precious pups have any flaws! None! 🙂

  27. sunnymum says:

    Ded. Which means I cannot watch the teeny kitteh vids! Darn! p’haps i’ll revive later on…

    This vid is close to the cutest thing EVAH!!!!!!!!!! Talk about yer innocence!

  28. Silent Meow says:

    “Someone help me, help me please…”

    My sentiments exactly.

    *dead from the Qte*

  29. lots of very cute eye capsules in there.

  30. Dude, I so want to sit down in the middle of this video so that the wee wieners can crawl on me. Siiigh…

  31. In Awwwe says:

    I want the sassy one at the end of the video who jumps back and fourth from the camera … As if to say NO!I love YOU more … That had me in a fit of giggles

  32. Okay…everybody “dogpile” on mom!!!!!

  33. Repost. Check it

    It is one of my favorites though…

  34. Crikey. This is the very definish of anerable.

  35. Oh.



    *dies of Cute overload*

  36. No, Theresa, you’re not the only who sees Donny Osmond everywhere, bootstrapping on Marie’s DWTS appearance. I figure the show down in Branson must need more pub—-badly.

    The mommeh was sure pretty and the pups were cute, too!! Don’t know if I could take being around the “puppy whinings”, tho.

  37. 0.0


  38. I wouldn’t say that I see Donny Osmond everywhere, but they *do* like sticking him in TV commercials, don’t they?

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    Was that actually Donny? Because if so he could have used someone telling him to get the “h” out .. of his words that is. “Loo-huve.” AUGH. As for the pups I wanted to snorf my face down into the pile of warm puppy fur and puppeh BREF people omg puppeh bref!! :: sigh ::

  40. dharlan1too says:

    That will be Donnie O. and weiners O’Bleen’n today!!!!I had that D.O. album and a huge crush on him as a teen. He’s creepy now.

  41. Whoa, puppy yawn right in the face!

  42. Puppeh belleh. Puppeh fight with full ear kronsches and twists. Puppeh yawns and camera dodging. And the stubby little legs and tail wagging!!! The only thing that could have been better is if you could transmit puppeh breath through the computer. I’ve never been a big fan of weiner dogs but, who could resist this???

  43. ButtaRumCake says:

    I think I’ve squee’d my final squee


  44. moggyfan says:

    Oh, pleeze, Sir, may I have them ALL?

  45. Catsquatch says:

    I still wanna know why the buns only come 8 to a pack.

  46. Okay, I knew I’d seen that before. Clearly I spend too much time on CO!

  47. Some reruns are awesome! 😉

  48. BTW it isn’t a Donny Osmond song, it was Canadian Paul Anka.

  49. Of course maybe the Osmonds did a cover, I don’t know…

  50. Am I the only one to notice that this is a double post?


    I enjoyed it. Again. 🙂

  51. I just love the waddle, waddle, waddle of all the puppies! It made me want to waddle right on after them, pick them up and snorgle them to bits!

    And the last one seemed to have lost control of his little behind, which seemed to want to go in the other direction. All in all, a perfect demonstration of CUTE!

  52. I suddenly have a wicked craving for snausages!!!! (passes out from light headedness)

  53. Waddlinks!
    That makes me want to hook them all up on a giant leash so that they’re all lined up, end to end. And then we watch the endless waddling.

  54. Aaaaw.
    I love the part, where the puppy #1 yawns and then puppy #2 sniffs his mouth and then yawns too.

    What is this song? Pretty cute!

  55. The song is Puppy Love. Donny Osmond’s version, not Paul Anka. I had the album growing up. Hmmm, Donny’s creepy now? I don’t know. I think he’s just old. LOL! But, he’s NEVER had to ride on Marie’s bootstraps. He’s always been more popular than his sister. She’s just louder and has the dolls.

  56. I like how sometimes their backends want to go one direction and their fronts want to go another

  57. The only thing cuter than dachshunds is BABY dachshunds!!! A bunch. With oversize puppy paws and fuzzy little ears and fat little sausage bodies and all the WAGGY WAGGY TAILS! AHHHHHHH! WANT!!!! SO much want. I will take 50plz, kthx.