Shake and Bake legs

Sender-Inner Lucio R. says; "Our dog Ciro has legs that look like breaded chicken drumsticks. We like to nibble on those nummers. Shake and bake."

Shaken und zuh bakin

Well of course, Lucio, makes perfect sense.



  1. Toydog: “WHO YOU CALLIN CHICKEN!??”

  2. G.H.Waite says:

    I call those “pork chops”. Jack Russel terriers are great at that, too.

  3. Dawgie looks like a stuffed toy.

  4. Looks like she has been through enough what with the front right leg and all… either that or they started nibbling already!

  5. Karen in Toronto says:


  6. That arrow is totally ‘shopped.

  7. nom nom nom

  8. sunnymum says:

    hahahaha Talledega Nights – shake ‘n bake!

    This little one is tewtally pwecious! He’s all head and limbs w/ hardly a middle. 🙂

  9. lol@Jim

    I can’t wait for thanksgiving…I NEED MY DRUMSTICKS NOW!

  10. berthaslave says:

    “After Bozo attempted to nomnom Ciro’s hindquarters, all that could be found of him was his nose. Don’t let this happen to you.”

  11. Susan B. says:

    Awww. Ciro looks like he could be twin to my parent’s dog, I seriously did a double-take.

  12. Shake And Bark

  13. Awwwwwww, doggie drumstix!

  14. ThreeCatNight says:

    Is he a poodle or a Bichon?
    In that case, I’d call it
    “Bichon Bake”. Umm, yummy!
    What a cutie!

  15. Looks like a bichon.
    *holds up own bichon and compares*

    My money’s on Bichon.

  16. mewfymewf says:

    Did he just have surgery? His right arm is shaven.

  17. Susan B. says:

    I’d say Bichon too (he looks like my parent’s Bichon anyway).

    “Bichon Bake” *snickers* That’s pretty good!

  18. Mrs. Lucio says:

    This is Ciro’s mom (pronounced Cheer-oh). He’s a malte-poo, He did not have surgery. The shaved leg is from an IV. He recently had to be hospitalized but he is fine now.

  19. He is a real sweetie.

    Now of course the arrow is PhotoShopped. They likely don’t have a carpet inlaid with a pink arrow to conveniently position the dog against. LOL!

    What I want to know is: What’s with the fake red ball??? Now THAT is PhotoShopped!

  20. My parent’s two Bichon girls stretch out like this too.

  21. My parent’s two Bichon girls stretch out like this too.

  22. Kiragirl says:

    is there an echo in here?

  23. Our beagle used to lay like this on the marble floor on hot days. Maximum tummy coolness 🙂

  24. Lucio Rossi says:


    The ball isnt fake. I can take another picture of it if you want. It does look fake though.


  25. Lucio — to my eye, the ball just looks like translucent plastic or rubber. I’m pretty sure Grace was joking; don’t worry about it.

  26. PS — of course the *arrow* is ‘shopped! LOL.

  27. Ciro!

    haven’t seen that guy in sometime. I always knew he’d be famous.

    I’m sure his owners are hoping that he’ll start paying rent sometime soon.

  28. awww! close your ears lil’ pup! Humans use odd and sometimes scary comparisons. Don’t worry your legs just LOOK like drumstick, we don’t think anything else about them.

  29. …”HighAss” ???

    Do I dare ask?

  30. Oh go on, Theo.

  31. you need not worry about me. Let’s leave all of the fame on this thread to Ciro.

  32. Wow, white shag carpet? The sender-inner must be awesome at house-keeping!

    Cute dog, too. ^_^

  33. Comparing a dog to food?

    Disgusting and uncalled for.

  34. @ Pliny:
    Well, the dog is white shag, so as long as he whipes his pawsies, the fur won’t give you any trouble…

  35. yup. nohm nohm. pass the taters and cole slaw please. nohm nohm.

  36. Why yes, yes they do look like those shake n’ bake drumsticks.

  37. Oh Emma, you mustn’t understand humor!

    I want to nom on his beefy thighs.


  38. I love the animal pictures, but why the “baby talk”?

  39. Wow! A ’nuffer on this picture!

    *shakes head* They’re getting creative these days, aren’t they?

  40. Baby Talk? This isn’t BABY TALK!! It’s COnglish.. It’s NOM-lish..It’s HAMMIEnese…it’s Drumsticklish?

    Whatever it is it’s DELICIOUSNESSESS..

  41. I’m vegetarian, but I think I’d like a BLT (Bichon Lettuce Tomato) sammich.

  42. Hmmmm…someone thinking there’s “baby talk” on this site (baby talk? nyerhe!!!), and someone shocked – shocked! – at speaking of adorable animals in edible terms.

    Newb alert!

  43. Heheh Ciro is so cute! Our friends bulldog, Rocky, does this on their floor.. he is just the cutest thing.. looks like a little chicken (well big :S) when he does that.. and he snores SO loud too! hehe

  44. Hi Emma, welcome to Cute Overload. Now mellow out.

    All we want is the NOMMING privileges of all pupkind — have you never seen puppehs wrestling with each other, chompin’ on ears, paws, deeeelitefully soft, stretchy collar fur? WE WANT SUMMA THAT ACTION! Besides, they nibble *my* nose… turnabout is fair play! NOM!

    DRUMSTIX!!!! Meaty drumstix…

  45. I must be totally amoral since I like to nom baby fingers and toesies (shrimps!).

  46. Yitzysmommie says:

    Yum Yum, Ciro loks deeelicious….
    Is she related to the leepsteeck doggie?

  47. TOTALLY shake and bake those hind quarters..NOM NOM NOM.

  48. ALERT Fellow COL’ers…
    There are some who will never comprehend our overwhelming desire to NOM on cuteness when it is before us. There will be some who will judge
    us unfairly, harshly, even. We must be more compassionate than they, and allow them to see over time that this deep appreciation to cuteness, nay, dare I say, addiction to cuteness is a privilege…a tribal honor of sorts. We stand alone, brothers and sisters, but united in our love of all things COL. BE kind to those who do not have this joy, for they know not what they do, or what they miss.
    NOM on, for tonight we nom in heaven.
    (this was written in Nominese/COLian but translated for those among us who are noob’d)
    TOTALLY shake and bake those hind quarters..NOM NOM NOM.

  49. Catsquatch says:

    Hey! They got carpet that matches their pet too!

    Im not the only one!!!!

    :happy dancing knowing that there are others in the world who see the sense is matching carpet to pets too:


  50. Ciro is so cute!!!! I like the picture!!!!


  51. Someone sing with me a la KC and the Sunshine Band:
    Shake shake shake!

  52. i have two bichons, one which is chunky, and we always call hers chicken cutlets.

  53. aw poor thing, was iv cathed.
    looks all better though!

  54. My poodle used to do that all the time.

  55. Kiragirl says:

    shouldn’t this also be in Matchinks?

  56. babybouche says:

    yah, total matchinks. Cahpeht and dohggey.

  57. Matchinks is right! look at the red collar and the red ball. That doggy is tewtally color qwordinanated.

  58. Nice poky dotted shert.