I need my rubber duckie and a martini. IN THAT ORDER!

Oh, and push the button for the jets, would ya?

bunny bath, originally uploaded by sdaggar.

Thanks for rockin’ the wet pawsitude, Lexi F.!



  1. There might be disapproval in that face, but the floofy wet belly is distracting me.

  2. Good greif I never thought I would see a bun having a good time in water.
    Do you want that shaken not stirres sor or madam ?

  3. and the paws, THE PAWS

  4. not stirred sir or madam

  5. Damp bunny feet are even more redonkulous than dry.

    *glub glubg frbrrbbrtt bubble glub*

  6. Michelle says:

    I wonder what bunneh flavrd bathwater tastes like.

    *dips an olive pick twice and sips delicately*

  7. I can’t believe that they flop in the tub like that. Isn’t it unusual for a bun to be so comfy in water?

  8. BiscuitTin says:

    I think that bunny has the “bukkit” of a certain walrus.

    [SHHHH!!! – Ed.]
    [*shifty eyes*]

  9. not only flopped in there but taking a nap?????

    diips own olive in to try a sip… hmmm this is shaken not stirred for sure.

    LOL.. sips more bunny martini.

  10. anyone notice that there’s a nearly perfect image of a running rabbit on the top of this baby’s head? and is this normal behavior? sure is cute!

  11. OHMIGOD. (bangs head on desk) That is the best. The BEST. I love the whole pose. Every . . . single . . . thing . . . about . . . this . . . image.

  12. Raemie L. says:

    May I suggest placing an order for pudding for later on, Sir?

  13. Yeas Raemie we will be needing the pudding well maybe not but I suspect it is a good possibility

    Crosses bunny feet to hope for the best.

  14. pengraffe says:

    That bunny looks so happy! I wonder how he got in there? Some bunnies do like to take a dip in the summer, or so I have heard.

  15. Wow, the wet fur reveals long sharp talons! Remind me not to mess around with a bunny… ever!

  16. Hate to be a downer but rabbits should N O T be immersed in this much water holy crap

  17. AWWWWWW!!!

    Jess, relax! I’m sure there’s a good reason for soak (maybe some skin infection), or else the bunny would have bolted by now. He’s untied and seems quite relaxed. Also, the bucket is quite shallow, it just looks bigger because it’s wider.

  18. berthaslave says:

    And the first one to make a “Fatal Attraction” joke gets it right in the kisser!

  19. Wow, I’ve never seen a bunny so relaxed before, on its back AND in a tub of water. Any bunny I’ve known would’ve done a double-bunny-backflip and kicked off faster than anyone could say “Wait you forgot your martini…”
    Disapproving or not, that’s one chilled out bun.

  20. Raemie L. says:

    Annie – Well, I guess I’ll stop by the store tomorrow to stock up a little, anyway. 😉

    *ponders intensity of Monday comments on C.O.*

  21. Aww… That is one happy bun!
    Seriously, if he didn’t want to be in there, he would have been long gone by now. ^_^
    Oh, but the urge to pet the feet! How do they RESIST?

  22. Wow, I can’t believe a bunny would be so relaxed in water! That’s an amazing bunny! And so cute!

  23. Ahhhnnng! The wonderfully dishevelled feet-fur! The floating tummy fluff! The front pawsicles held aloft in disdain!
    The. . . running bunny outline on ‘is head?
    Wow. This is an award winning photo fo’ sho!

  24. i believe that is a gin-and-tonic moment, and i highly disapprove of the use of a martini in the captioning of it

  25. Oh….. My…. God… that is just about the bestest bunbun pic ever! Just wow… adorable!

  26. fish eye no miko says:

    Deirdre said: “anyone notice that there’s a nearly perfect image of a running rabbit on the top of this baby’s head?”

    OMG! You’re right! Kawaii!!

  27. i cant find her eyes……

  28. WOW—great catch on the “bunneh on the bunneh” Deirdre!!!!

    This is adorable AND the caption is GREAT!!

    “Harrrumph!!! You forgot my carrot-stuffed olives!”

  29. Weird how you guys noticed the running bunneh on the forehead. Cause to me, the first thing I noticed about the cheerio torture bunneh was that he appeared to have a zombie monster on his face. A boy zombie monster. But I didn’t wanna say anything.

    k maybe I’m just a crazy lady.

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  31. Possum's Ma says:

    This is a very disturbing photo. I’ve had pet rabbits most of my life. A rabbit can be put into a trance when on its back which is probably what is going on here. Rabbits hate water almost as much as cats do. I think this photo should be taken down.

  32. Doesn’t matter what you think, it ain’t your site, Possum’s Ma.

  33. I can’t speak for bunnies but I can’t keep my tuxedo cat out of the shower.

  34. Hahaha, great capture!

  35. Mother Earth says:

    This is the bestest! And for those naysayers, I have raised bunns since I was a young girl (im not so young anymore) and rabbits have personalities and prefrences just like any other animal. I had a bunn that would run under the sprinkler and lay down. when the sprinkler would move to the otherside she’d move to the otherside, and lay back down. So enough with the preaching bunn care from a photo. No one knows the bun, or the reasons hes in the water. Just enjoy the pawzies!! Da pawzies!!!

  36. Michelle–re: the boy zombie monster? I just snarfed coffee, I laughed so hard. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that.

  37. Um, berthaslave? YOU were the first to make that joke. So punch yourself, I guess?

  38. is there ever a safe haven from commentroversy? cripe.

    cute bunneh!

  39. Michelle — OMG NILLAZOMBIE !!!!1!!1!baconfritters!!1 HAAAAALPS!!!

    That is Sofa King awesome.

  40. Look the the fur floofage from being in the the water. Amazing. It’s like watching crystals form as water freezes.

  41. AliceTanzer says:

    If people check the Flickr comments by the photographer, the bun seems to like soaking in his little pool. They only do it when its OMG hot out, apparently, and they don’t use ice cold water.

  42. BumbleBee says:

    Awesome pic! Thanks for pointing out the cute running bunny on his head – well-spotted! Oh, and i live in Scotland…where it rains all the time, and i can assure you that even in the most torrential, soak-you-to-the-skin downpours, there will still be bunnehs out on the grass, sitting in puddles and nibbling away…funnily enough, they do not melt when submerged in water. Waiter, another martini please – i’m going in.

  43. buns like teh wahtur?

  44. I fully expect Monty to submit his OWN photos to C.O. next…

  45. brinnann says:

    When I was little we had several buns. Texas summers are full of days with 100○ weather coupled with 100% humidity, and our buns would overheat easily. We froze 2-liters filled with water for them to lay next to so they could cool off. I don’t think they’d have survived without them. I guess a quick dip in the pool would work just as well. 🙂

  46. DoodleyDog says:

    The bun says “I disapprove of this bath.”

    ….because that’s what buns do. 🙂

  47. BUNNY IN THE BATH, oh my goodness. I can’t believe how relaxed s/he looks.

    I just had a look at the rest of the album (as someone linked in an earlier comment) and, OH, my heart. I think I’m ded from cute.

    What a rare and intrepid bun. We salute you!

  48. CoffeeCup says:

    My bun is really curious about water…cautious, but curious. Whenever he’s needed a bath of any kind, I fill the tub with maybe an inch of water, just enough lukewarm water so he can get comfortable with it, and I use a washcloth to get the gunk off him. He’ll sniff it and lick it but he hasn’t flopped yet. I suspect if it was a little warmer, he’d just flop right in.

  49. CoffeeCup says:

    Seriously, I did it again. I make a comment about anything BUT the photo itself!

    This bun is adorable…it looks just so happy, and it looks so calm and happy to be in the water with his little feet poking out and his furry stomach. I think he’s having a grand ol time. And as for bunnies being in a trance when they’re on their backs…he’s not really on his back, he’s kind of reclining. I’ve seen weirder positions come out of bunnies…just this morning mine decided to hang out with his butt hanging off a shelf of clothing in my closet. He jumped up, dug around for a few minutes at the clothes, then settled in, butt hanging off.


    /poor bunny.

  51. Please don’t immerse your bunnies in water. Don’t torture your pets. Thank you

  52. Please don’t make comments without reading the previous comments first. Don’t torture everybody. Thank you.

  53. On fir goodness sake–good people have been working so hard to prove that animals are individuals with emotions and likes and dislikes and silly quirks, just like people, and then the gaspers go and undo it all. Those who make blanket statements about what bunbuns, ponies, duckies, etc., do or don’t like are robbing wonderful sentient animals of the ability to choose their own happines. Or so says my kitteh who won’t get out of the sink and his predecesor who ate frozen peas.

  54. Aww! Cute, happy bunny! I can just picture him/her paddling his/her little front paws in the watter and blowing bubbles.

    And yes, someone needs their toenails clipped!

  55. snorgler says:

    Yep, this is just like my Esther Williams bunneh. Wish I’d thought of sharing my martini with her.

  56. My buns loved water. I couldn’t keep my big male Blaze out of it. When he was loose, he would go flop into my cats water bowl. He loved it, and it never hurt him. You don’t know this bun, not all buns, just like people, are the same. I personally hate water, but most of you don’t. Stop being so nasty about the pics, and enjoy the cuteness.

  57. what a relaxed looking bunbun.

  58. TW and megusmaximus – **snort**
    Makin’ me giggle.

  59. MegusMaximus.
    You rule.

  60. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sdaggar/2061724730/in/set-72157602597605911/

    Looks Like Monty the Bunny has had more than one pool party in his life time. Which is very cute if you ask me. It’s obvious that he’s never left alone for his soakings, and always has a warm towel close at hand.

  61. Stressing a rabbit out isn’t cute; it’s animal abuse.

  62. CoffeeCup says:

    Looks like Julie didn’t read megusmaximus’comments either…seriously, that’s stressful? No one is forcing Monty to be in a bucket of water. He seems to really enjoy it.

    Just look at how zenned out he looks in his tub. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2155/2062023634_a239c0dfb9.jpg?v=0 He just looks like he’s had a hard day at the office, and he’s sipping some carrot mai tai’s poolside.

  63. CoffeeCup, go look CLOSELY at the other pictures on the photo stream. This rabbit is not cared for. Its nails are in terrible condition. I’m disgusted by these pictures. I could put my rabbit in a bucket of water and trance him too, but he wouldn’t like it.



  65. God, the nuffers on this site are ridiculous. I’m starting to think they’re just trolls trying to get us to react.

  66. CoffeeCup says:

    Okay, I’ll give you the nails. That can’t possibly be the worst thing to happen to rabbits. Really, he looks fine otherwise. I don’t have time to inspect my rabbit’s nails every single day…I get them clipped every two or three weeks. It’s expensive, and I refuse to do it on my own because it’s a two-person job and I would rather the vet do it because they’ve handled more rabbits than I have. There are worst things in life, that’s all. One thing is not indicative of overall health.

  67. Kimmydarling says:

    Someday I’m going to get a picture of a rabbit on its back in water, balancing cheerios being carried by a dog balancing treats holding a baby chicken in its mouth put up here…and then I’m going to watch every wanktastic remark with glee..

    Crap people, unless you’re holding the animal in your hands or watching live streams of it, it’s a 1 millisecond picture in a day in a life. It’s not holy writ

  68. CoffeeCup says:

    Kimmydarling, can you add a hat of some kind? It’s not enough to be hilariously “cruel”…costumes have to be involved. That would make a phenomenal photo, possibly the greatest CO collaboration of animal kind, if it were ever in fruition.

  69. SQUEEEE! I love Bunday! Look at the floof, the paws, the total relaxation. Enough nuffing! This pic is adorable!

  70. thalias_ash says:

    Just a bit of trivia about buns and water:

    Before the Depression, there were tons of “river rabbits” who lived around the San Marcos River in San Marcos, Texas. (Just south of Austin.) Apparently, they were really large rabbits and equally at home in and out of the water. Luckily, no gators in the part of the woods.

    However, the river rabbits are no more. Brace yourself, animal lovers. They were pretty much extinctified during the depression by hungry people.

    Personally, I think they had the good sense to just move on to another river when people started shooting at them. They’re out there somewhere, prolly doing a backstroke. With a martini.

  71. Humptyback Fishty-Bun!

  72. Pheas —
    1) LOL
    2) sorry, his name is already Monty.

  73. momof2kitties says:

    @kimmydarling & Coffeecup;

    Bwahahahaha! Add a baby biting a kitten’s tail and a monkey with 700 bananas and you’ve really got something!


  74. momof2kitties says:

    …and name it Admiral Akbar, for good measure.

  75. momof2kitties says:

    BTW, this bun is buntacular. Living the life of Riley, he is..

  76. bcteagirl says:

    Monty Buruns?

  77. Pengraffe says:

    As a bunny owner/mom, I think Monty’s toenails are fine. I think Julie is referring to the pictures where his feet are dirty from walking around outside on the ground. If a bunny is digging in the soil, it is going to get dirty. Also, his head is way too high and relaxed to be tranced. A bunny’s bottom needs to be ABOVE his head in order to be tranced.

  78. I went to the flicker site expecting like 1000 different shots of this adorable bathing bunny…and there was only two pics in total! I’m so bummed. At the same time this cuteness is more than enough to satisfy.

  79. Raemie L. says:

    @kimmydarling, CoffeeCup, and momoof2kitties:
    Ooh ooh, don’t forget to pencil in the moustache to the costume! And while you’re at it, make sure you take the pictures around (toy model) train tracks.

  80. Raemie L. says:

    Oops, I meant drawing the moustache on the owner, because I thought CoffeeCup was referring to the “bad owner” assumptions as well as “humiliation of” the animals. Eh, I think I need to go rest a bit. 😉

  81. And kimmydarling, put it all in/on a rack.

    Pheas, you are too moishe.

  82. …and a partridge in a pear treeeeee!


  84. CoffeeCup says:

    Marie, there are a ton more photos of Monty. The Flickr pool had a lot of them! Probably not 1,000 but certainly more than 2!

    And yes, mustaches are a fashion must. A MUST. Tim Gunn says…make it so.

  85. “singing in da baftub, life is full of hope, you can sing wif feeling, while you’re feeling for da soap!”

    Needs matini with tiny carrot in it….

    The hind feets KILL me…
    they are all: prop and stop from slippin’ down…toes all splayed..gaa.

  86. Cute, but rabbits shouldn’t be bathed. Sorry to be the heavy. The Houserabbit Handbook is an excellent guide–trust it and a rabbit vet, nothing else–plus it has a hundred adorable bunny photos. !

  87. CoffeeCup says:

    …I give up. That’s it. There’s no point anymore in telling people to read the 20484585 comments above theirs that say the exact same thing.

  88. Well, see CoffeeCup… the problem is that in order for them to read your comment telling them to read the comments before posting a comment is that your comment would be included in those comments that wouldn’t be read. Or something like that.

    Yes, we tried.

  89. CoffeeCup and spb, I feel your pain. For some reason, people not reading previous comments drives me bug nuts. I can ignore actual nuffing (unless someone is mean, i.e., calling somebody’s dog “ugly”, and then I must speak up) – but the not-reading-previous-comments thing drives me up the wall.

    I am so loving this bun ever since Deirdre pointed out the mini-bun shape on his head. I thought he was great before, but the mini-bun shape is causing much fascination on my part.

  90. CoffeeCup & spb et. all:

    This is a great example of: I love something, it makes me smile and feel hapi and someone else has to come and be a hater and make it a big drama. You know these people. They are the same ones that can’t be supportive when you lose weight or meet someone awesome. They hate hapi-ness. Must create drama…just Ignore. they: Fail. they go awwwaaayyyy.

  91. i heart bunbuns but not nuffers. that is all.

  92. They have shown this exact same thing with other Bun’s on Animal Planet, a lot of people in really warm states do this and the rabbits love it. They wouldn’t showcase it on Animal Planet if it was cruelty.

  93. i seem to be the only person who remembers the enraged rabbit who swam towards jimmy carter for encroaching on his territory back in the late 70s, and it makes me feel old… and the thing is, i’m not even in my 20s…

    also, i think the rabbit’s nails look fine… they may be a little twisted from not being clipped nearly enough (which isn’t THAT bad), but they probably only look worse because his fur is wet and it makes them look longer.

    another thing: enough with the blanket statements! if you think that “all rabbits hate water”, then you probably think that “all rabbits love carrots”, too. my bun HATES carrots!

  94. @ all of you who keep claiming that this bunny is just fine – well, not so much.

    Please see http://www.rabbit.org for *real* info. on how to care for buns. (Like – it’s unwise to get them all wet in this manner, among other things.)

    Sorry if this sounds like harshing the cute, but… rabbit peeps like me don’t react well to situations like the one shown in this photo.

  95. Info. from one of the professionals who posts regularly on Etherbun (Yahoo group):

    “Bathing is stressful for the rabbit, and often ends in a panic reaction as
    soon as the fur is wetted, or in death from heart-arrest. A jump out of the
    bathtub can lead to broken limbs or fracture of the spinal cord. The thick
    fur of rabbits takes furthermore very long to dry, even when dried with a
    towel or a hairdryer. This increases the risk of respiratory diseases like
    pneumonia or skin diseases like dermatitis, fungal problems.

    Exceptions are possible, for sick or disabled rabbits. Usually only the
    dirty part is washed, like bottom, or a face, and carefully dried. A face
    can be cleaned with a washcloth. In any case, rest of food or dried liquid
    should always be removed. The product itself can irritate the skin, and the
    sugary content can be a growth medium for bacteria and fungi, leading
    serious skin diseases.”

  96. Mousewife says:

    “Can be” doesn’t equal “always is in every case”. Many rabbits don’t like water. Some do. Some love water.

    Even the expert bunny sites acknowledge that there are, in fact, some bunnies who love water.

    So can all the nuffers get over themselves long enough to realize that the owners wouldn’t subject their poor little bunny to something that would kill it, AAAAND, if the bunny didn’t like the water it would probably be DEAD by now, given that this isn’t the only picture of this bunny in the water?

  97. Just for you, mousewife –

    Great info. on spot-bathing rabbits (a better, far less stressful way to help those who have difficulty with messy butts):


  98. “Even the expert bunny sites acknowledge that there are, in fact, some bunnies who love water.”

    OK, how about some quotes + URLS? (I’m not trying to be provocative; I would like to see your sources.)

  99. Barbara Letsom says:

    you don’t need to post this – but, those of us who have suffered intensely from having alcoholic families, we do not think it’s funny to reference alcohol – NOT FUNNY – & I appreciate sites where funny is about cute animals, not alcohol.

    [Oh come on; pool bunny isn’t *actually* sipping a *real* martini. Also, rabbits can’t talk. – Ed.]