Ferrets ‘n’ Racks

It was bound to happen. Ferrets are mischievous, burrowing kneesocks-with-eyes and they want in on the Cats ‘n’ Racks action. Well, I hope they’re happy now.


Jennie W., Sami and Chouji are ferretabulous! Ehn, ehn ehn!



  1. AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh chesteses!!!!

  2. Now all I need is Racoons’n’Racks. Then my life will be complete.


  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    Something about those ferrets make me think they’re trained to attack! She’s all smiling coyly and then–BAM! Ferret to the face!

  4. “Rack-Coons”… bwAAAHAHAhaha! Ha.

    LurkingSmirk — yeah, she’s all like “Juuuust try something, hotshot.”

  5. Ferrets in launch position!

  6. cheesybird says:

    “burrowing kneesocks-with-eyes”? Hahahahahahahahahaaaa!!! *gasp*

  7. Those are a huge pair……of ferrets.

  8. CheesyBird — that’s a reference to this older post/podcast…

  9. Nice t**s

  10. Arielemc says:

    “Mischievous” is spelled horribly wrong in the top caption. It makes me tense. Just sayin’.

  11. ArieleMC — OK, but I won’t be correcting “ferretabulous”. Just sayin’.

  12. LOL, “We fit, we totally fit –.”

  13. What about “Ferrettastitude”? (I just saw that commercial with Don King)

  14. cheesybird says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the podcast, Theo! I missed that the first time around! What a great interview!

  15. catablob says:

    Hmm, looks like some laser hair removal might be in order.

  16. Makes mah mouth water and mah snorgle wanting reflex go haywire at the SAME TIME

  17. They start off nuzzled in your shirt, then they squirm down your sleeve and nibble at your watch!

    *wants a ferret NOW*

  18. I wanna be a ferret!

  19. Amen to that, Dave.

    Not just so I can burrow into cleavages though (I can do that anyway, heh). They seem to be creatures that live life to the fullest. It’s a tie between wanting to be a cat and wanting to be a ferret.

  20. Water joor grass Dana Scully!

  21. She DOES kind of look like Dana Scully! But even more FERRIFFIC! Or maybe that’s just the ferrets.

  22. kthnxbye says:

    I have that shirt! I have never worn it since I have never figured out what to wear it with. It’s too low cut to go without a cami, but it doesn’t look quite right with one either. Clearly I need to accesorize with ferrets.

  23. Do these ferrets go with my shoes? Do these ferrets make my butt look big?

  24. berthaslave says:

    Just remember, in California part of this picture is illegal.

  25. kthnxbye – “It’s too low cut to go without a cami, but it doesn’t look quite right with one either.”

    Never did understand the low-cut shirt over the less low cut shirt. What be the point of this oddity (ahem beyond the ability to stuff with ferrets or bare all)?

  26. Berthaslave that would be the breasts with out implants (the illegal in California part of the picture) ; )

  27. Chelonianmobile says:

    Ooh, polecats’n’racks. ^_^

  28. brinnann says:

    Bwahahahaha, Annie!

    And I think she looks like Drew Ferretmoore.

  29. Bwahahaha! I love the ferrets and the rack, not to mention the shirt! Kthnxbye (or Jennie), where did you get it? The shirt, I mean. 😀

  30. I love looking at all the different kinds of pictures and videos on this site, but I personally can live without animals in womens cleavage.

  31. Yeah .. cuz they look SO happy to be there.

    Moving right along.

  32. I love how the mischief in her eyes matches that of the ferrets.

    But when I first saw this, I couldn’t help clutching my chest and saying, “Oh, the claws! Ouch!”

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    I’ve never complained about the ‘x ‘n’ racks’ before and I have no problem with displayed cleavage, etc., but I now have to say that I find the meme tired. So tired I think it should be retired. Not that you asked for my input, I know. (toddles off, whistling to self)

  34. Dissaproving Nuffer from Nuffingham says:

    OMGAWD! How dares ya’ show these on a site I let my 42 year old unemployed child browse through! Now next thing I’ll hear is he wants one too! Besides, fur tassels are just wrong! KTHNX

  35. Nao iz tiem foar LEMURZ n’ rax. *Squeeeeeeee!*

  36. NoCleavageHere says:

    We’ve had lemurz n rax. With a j.depp hoody as I recall.

  37. snowcake says:

    I wanna be in her rack! Lucky ferrets.

  38. Jennie W says:

    Oh I am so happy this pic made it to the site. *bounce* Although, my poor sable (Sasuke) got totally left out of the credits lol. His special “attack” is kisses. As for whether or not they are happy, to them it was just a hammock attached to their aunt. And we ferret people are used to the claws. Chouji (the champagne) is also a sweet gentle giant who just hangs out no matter where you put him, so Sami is perfectly safe. As for where Sami got her shirt, I don’t know. Sorry 😦 As for watering the grass, we’re in a drought in South Texas. Watering grass is a heavily regulated thing here. Plus the only grass that grows here is the stuff everyone else calls weeds. Sad really…

  39. GOOD NIGHT NURSE! We are one ferret-squiggle away from an R rating.

  40. Plus, she’s all like, oh you wanna try something, Mr. Handsy-on-the-First-Daterkins? Well, check outs mah Suhcurity System!
    And then he’s like, oh, sorry, i was just. . . yawnin’. . .

  41. That’s a pretty top – AAAIIIEEE! FERRETS!!!

    But the claws! That’s one thing I never got with animals in racks – how can you stand the claws?! (Unless it’s a snake or something?) Owch!

    And yes, the ferrets seem to be a good safety system. Atleast they’re *cuter* than pepper spray!

  42. Jennie W (again) says:

    hmmm, I guess I’ll never understand the claws issue. Their claws had just been trimmed and they weren’t using them to hang on. Plus, the only time they ever scratch me is when they are scared or excited… ie they are slipping off my shoulder or I have a treat in my hand. Just like dogs, pets with non-retractable claws learn how to touch their humans gently. Oh, and in rsponse to the shirt comment — that’s actually Sami’s dress, not a shirt…

  43. Speaking of racks, I wonder if this was inspired by Cats In Racks:


  44. deedledeedledoo says:

    The whole “Cats ‘n’ Racks” theme is getting boring (and turning the site into Camwhore Overload).

    More critters! Less humans!

  45. Yitzysmommie says:

    Jennie W -YAY for ferrets N racks! Your ferrets rock. And whoever complained about your grass has never been in the great west – our lawn in Utah looks like that in the middle of winter.

  46. Being the grass commenter, I have lived in the great West, a ex-New Mexico resident of more than 15 years. My yard was like everyone else’s, landscaped in rock. There wasent a location to go with this post, or that this was even ‘her’ yard’, but thats beside the point. Easy enough to forecast the response if you’ve frequented CO enough ; “racks *drool!”, “qte!”, and “nuff, hurmph!”, so I just threw in an odd-ball comment and mildly accurate comparison (a compliment really ;)) for variety. All love :).

  47. More critters AND more humans, especially ones like Sami!

  48. She looks like a cross between Dana Scully and Jay Leno.

  49. Mouse… I don’t *want* to laugh… oh dear… how about we just concentrate on the Scully side of things?

  50. brinnann says:

    Snoozer…That was pure genuis! (Did I just spell that wrong?)

  51. X n’ racks doesn’t thrill me, but what I really object to is comments like

    “Nice t**s”



    Whether you like or dislike the display, it’s just classier to refrain from making degrading comments about the human subject.

  52. Capt Happiness says:

    “Hunny, when I got home and said that hoping to spend so quality time with the girls this is SO not what I meant.”

  53. kthnxbye says:

    Lone, the reason that ladies will wear a very low cut shirt over a slightly less low cut shirt is because there is window dressing, and then there’s giving away the whole store. 😉

  54. Hee hee, those ferrets look nice and comfy. =)
    What other animals can we ladies stuff in our racks? What will they think up NEXT?!

  55. I think I’m going to volunteer at the zoo just for a chance to explore that burning question, Rowan.

    Emus ‘n Racks! Tapirs ‘n Racks! Ring-Tailed Lemurs ‘n Racks!

  56. Yaks’n’Racks!

  57. Jennie W says:

    Hey Lone, wasn’t upset — and I agree, the comments are along the expected lines 🙂
    The city is encouraging everyone to xenoscape their yards, but we rent and the landlady likes our St. Augustine crunchy “grass”. A rock-scaped yard would be so much more fun for my babies to burrow in

    And Yitzysmommy — yes, they do rock. And so do their sisters and nephew (Sami’s boy). I have some cute bathtub scenes of the 5, but ferret baths have been submitted before.

  58. Sorry, but I think this one is just plain vulgar. Taking a pic with cute animals who happen to be resting there is one thing, but this one just looks like it exists for the sake of having a pic of ferrets in your cleavage, and it is obnoxious

  59. Jennie W — do you mean “xeriscape” maybe?

    …because someday we want to do that on our *roof*

  60. Stephanie S says:

    I agree with “Mouse” up there.

    Cute ferrets, though!

  61. It looks like she’s got some “business” in her cleavage… as in a business of ferrets.

  62. krakherjack says:

    i dont’ know what it is about rodents and boobs but when ever i went out with whichever rodent(hamster, mouse or rat)
    they would start out on my shoulder and end up as two (or six)beedy little eyes in my cleavage

  63. fred larrie jones says:

    ur bloody weird. sticking ferrets down your top u need to get out more.