Delectabuhl kitteh gets slurping of a lifetime

Dog: You look kitteh-flavored.
Kitteh: Um! [quakes in stubbular boots]


Dog: Indeed! Quite delectabuhls!
Kitteh: [bats at lip curtains]


Heh, I like the term ‘lip curtains’, don’t you Johanna S.?



  1. Awwwwwws.

  2. patient kittieh!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Kitteh receives the wet willy of a lifetime. What an expression!

  4. HelenWheels says:

    Mmmmmmmm,I’m glad someone brought hors d’oeuvres!

  5. Lip curtains sounds vaginal.

  6. Kitteh in pic #1: “HOLY SH*T! That *nose* is bigger than I am! Don’t inhale!!!”

  7. Well, the second pic is a “PLEH” if there ever was one. Hehe.

  8. @Whiska: I am glad it wasn’t only me who thought that.

  9. Yeah, this definitely should be given a NSFW clickable preview, ’cause man that is some porn there.

  10. Ohh maii goddd, that doggy looks piggeh like…. the texture and someone hasnt been getting enuff sleep hav they mr snortle-woofersons?
    I think NOT

  11. AWWWW I used to have a great dane! They’re big ol’ sweeties! I bet that kitty thinks it’s his mommy. Or that doggie thinks that’s it’s baby….=) awwwww I can’t stop awwwww-ing!

  12. “Wet willy of a lifetime”

  13. lsuhillary says:

    This really made me “Oh ma Gawd!” outloud!!

  14. cheesybird says:

    *Hands itteh bitteh kitteh towel*

    *pats big bow wow on his big ol’ head*

  15. LOL at Cheesybird.

    My thoughts exactly.

    His nose is bigger than the whole kitten Hehehehe

  16. Tastes lik chiken.

  17. Awwww, the start of a lifetime friendship. Sweet dog, sweet kitty. The expression on the kitteh’s face in photo #2 is priceless!

    (* I also thought “lip curtains” sounded rather vulva-oriented, lol).

  18. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitteh to self:
    “Keep smiling, keep calm, maybe he’ll stop it soon.”

  19. momof2kitties says:

    Kitteh: I haz a flavor?

  20. LOL!! Kitty’s expression in that last pic is priceless!

  21. O_o

    Holy SIZE DIFFERENCE. That kitteh could fit in that dog’s mouf!

    Cute doggeh, cuter kitteh!

  22. warrior rabbit says:

    Whiska & Formica, me too.

    Stubbular boots! lol

    This whole thing made me splort.

  23. Oh, wow. That dog looks like Marmaduke with a bad hangover! I just want to grab his dangly jowls and shake them–can’t you just *hear* the wobbly flopping sound? It must be awesome when he comes out of a bath and shakes himself.

  24. awww.. but okay.. i kinda feel sorry for that kitty. the dog’s head is like quadruple the size of the kitty itself.

  25. Ok, while hardly a Sign Of Cute (perhaps falls into the category of Cute Or Gross), I have to say that Lip Curtains must absolutely enter the realm of Cute Vocab.

    I just hope I never have them.

    Rah Meg!

  26. ladynuffsalot says:

    I’ve had pets all of my life, and exposing kittehs to ginormous puppy heads PUTS THEM IN A TRANCE OF TORTURE.


    Totally kidding. Loved this one 🙂

  27. OMG. No to lip curtains! No!

  28. metsakins says:

    the kitteh disapproval in the second picture! it burns!

  29. tesstricks says:

    Cats have such expressive faces – hence the popularity of lolcats. 🙂 Goggies are great, and I love them, but their most telling expressions tend to be limited to “back off or I’ll eat you,” “look at my sad puppy eyes and adopt me,” “REALLY happy to be your pupbassador,” and “feed me I’m starving not really but it feels like it.” I like how the kitty here goes from O_O to O_o

  30. You know, for such a HUUUUGE FREEKIN DOG, that is a surprisingly dainty slurp. Just try to cut the kitteh out in your mind (difficult, I know) and it just looks like a PEEP of tongue.

    Course, from kitteh’s point of view, that tonguesmidge is HALF THE SIZE OF HER ENTIRE HEAD.

    Yay to Harlequin Great Danes. 😀

  31. In Awwwe says:

    In the second pic the kitten’s expression reads as: “I get no respect…I mean seriously”

  32. warrior rabbit says:

    Whiska: Moist lip curtains (runs away)

  33. You did NOT just say lip curtains! Aaaah!

    I love how the kitty is just takin’ it. What cuties these guys are.

  34. Catsquatch says:

    “Awww MAN! He LICKED me! Now I needa BAFF!”

  35. BumbleBee says:

    Love eet! That’s some pretty good timing on the part of the photographer there – good job :O)

  36. Heee! Lookit the big doggie slurrrping little teeny disapproving kitty! That really is a great facial expression. I am continuingly amazed at how they manage to come up with that much expression without really moving their facial features all that much. I’ll bet this shows up on icanhascheezburger in no more than 48 hours.

  37. Well I hope my flavor is not that good saz kitteh, cause talk about dog breath !!!
    Lip curtains indeed…good greif

  38. Martin Hooper says:

    Hehehe This got me grinning! Nice kitteh too…

  39. Kersnorffffffffffffff

    I made a noise that scared my pup just then. BUT OMG CUTE!

  40. I have two great danes (one is 170 pounds!) and they are the gentlest, sweetest beasties on the planet. I also have 3 cats, and they are definitely lord and master of the danes!

    Also, this is one of the cutest darned things I have ever seen! Poor Mr. Danerson couldn’t help himself…and kitty’s face is PRICELESS.

  41. It’s curtains for you, kittie. CURTAINS!

  42. Mitsu — [SNORT!] …no doubt.

  43. The kitteh face in the second picture is spot-on perfect.

    And it’s a dalmatian! Har har!


    yet again – I’m out of my hed (spelled wrong), I might be dead (spelled right)….. sigh, sorry that just came out.

    My brain – it’s melting from all the Qte today. HEP!!

    You must quit with the evil Qte-ness!

  45. So sweet!! That 2nd pic will be in “Cute pics” from now till the end of time..

  46. I have to agree that kitteh’s expression in the second pic is absolutely priceless. LOL!!!

  47. Bah. “Cute pics” EMAILS from now till the end of time. (I Just woke up….)

  48. That is a seriously rotund little kitten belly.

    No wonder he looks so appetizing! He’s so plump!

    And vaginal? Geez people. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  49. cronite5 says:

    By the last picture the kitten seems resigned to it.

  50. lollerz.

    …so is Johanna S. on retainer, or what? 😉

  51. berthaslave says:

    Carrie — LOL — “They musn’t carry out their evil deeeeed….”

    Though “lip curtains” sounds vaguely dirty, they are, in this case, descriptive and accurate (as opposed, say, to “wizard’s sleeve” which is just wrong).

    Sorry for working blue.

    This might be teh PERFECTEST two-pic submish possible. And as far as “I Shall Leeck You” it trumps the one of the toddler licking the piggeh nose.

  52. Too Late says:

    LoL @ lip curtains! You guys are so wrong on so many levels… hahahaaha*SNORT*

  53. LOL! SO CUTE! The pup’s nosey is bigger than the kitty’s entire head! LOL!

  54. Kitty looks like the poster child for “unwanted attention” for a “sensitivity” seminar.

    One of the benefits of being unemployed, I don’t have to sit through those anymore.

  55. That is the best thing I have ever seen!

  56. Those “lip curtains” are actually called “dewlaps.” You figure which one sounds better. And that is indeed a Dane, not a Dalmation. What a fabulous pic! ssshhhhllluuurrrrrppp!


    [I’ve always had a hard time telling those breeds apart too… Dane, Dalmation, Dachshund, Dik-Dik… seriously, it’s a nightmare – Ed.]

  57. murfnik: The lips are jowls. Dewlaps are kinda extra chin looking things on bunnies. Kinda like really loose skin that hangs under the chin. I call lips like that dangly jowls, lol.

    But really cute pic. That second one is HILARIOUS.

  58. I squealed when I saw this. So cute when a kitty isn’t even as big as the doggy’s shnozzle! And its facial expression in the second pic–it’s so very “kid whose Aunt Marge keeps smooching him.”

  59. CoffeeCup says:

    The kitty’s expression in the second photo is totally the expression I used to get as a kid, at big family dinners, when an uncle or aunt would pinch my cheeks or slap a big wet one on my cheek.

    Yep, that very same kind of expression.

  60. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awwww!! Now if THAT wasn’t the most delikit of schlerps!!! What a schweet doaggy!!! 😀 And what a KYOOT kitling!!! I CALL DIBS ON BOTH!!! 😛

  61. @murfnik – A dewlap is a flap of skin that hangs under the jaw or neck, like what you see on a bull. A turkey wattle is a type of dewlap.

    This dog’s “lip curtains” are just called lips. Sometimes you’ll see someone call them jowls.

    Whatever someone calls them, those two photos are awesome, especially with the kitten’s “aw mom” expression. XD

  62. ah! kitty is a wee fraction of teh dawgie’s giant head.

  63. CoffeeCup says:

    It ate my comment. I said earlier that the kitten’s expression in the second photo is the exact same expression I used to make when I was a kid, at big family dinners, when an aunt or uncle would pinch my cheeks and lay a big smack on my cheek. Poor kitty.

  64. It almost looks like the kitty’s left ear already got snorfled into that nose. Eeps! It’s the face just like I Dream of Jeannie makes as she gets sucked back into the bottle!

  65. So what do we call the bag-o-skin under my chin? I object to dewlap and jowl on aesthetic grounds. Actually, I object to the bag-o-skin.

  66. Susan B. says:

    AHHH! That second picture is the best. His expression is all “uh-oh! Not what I wanted!”

  67. Anasztaizia says:

    I can just see the kitty being lifted up and falling back to the floor cartoon style from the licking! Tooooo cute

  68. yeah, for anyone who listens to Peaches, “lip curtains” doesn’t exactly sound…wholesome.

    what about “muzzle flaps?”

    anywho, this is one of the best posts EVAR!!!!! doggeh is so ginormous, kitteh is soooo expresseef! he’s all “ZOIKS!” and then he’s all “SHEESH!”

  69. “Dewlaps” is a much sweeter term than “Lip Curtains” which sounds far too much like “Meat Curtains” – the vulva-oriented phrase.

  70. snoopysnake says:

    Anyone see Celebrity Apprentice the week before last when Piers kissed Trace and called him a beautiful cowboy? This kitteh has the same face that Trace made.

    This also brings to mind “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when Lucy got slupped by Snoopy and screamed, “Augh! I’ve been kissed by a dog!”

  71. @kar & snoopysnake: LOL!!!

    These are TOO QTE!!! I was thinking “jowls”, too—-but really, muzzleflaps is really the correct CO term, I think!

    “Lip curtains” as a gynecological reference?! I guess I’ve been leading a sheltered life!

    Back to the camp songs: “Do your lip curtains hang low? Do they wobble to-and-fro?”

  72. this has to be in my top 5 fav pix ever on c.o.!

  73. It’s okay, Kitteh. Your homeboys didn’t just see your stepmum give you a big kiss. Your homies don’t have internet access. I’m sure of it!
    No worries, you won’t be the lauging stock of the hood…

  74. That pup totally has Princess Di eyes goin on. Why does this remind me of Of Mice and Men? “Aw, George, I wan’t gonna hurt ‘im, I just want to pet him, see? I promise…” Just with a nice, slobbery ending.

  75. hahaha kitteh’s head is the size of puppeh’s nose!

    that’s too presh.

  76. Mary (the first) says:

    I thought “muzzlepuff” was the existing term for those .. lips?? (aka muzzlepowshe).? Kitteh looks like she’s already thinking how to take over the Great Dane household.. “ha.. he loves me.. I have him in the palm of my baby paw! 4 evar!”

  77. Okay, this just has to stop! I can’t handle it!!!!

    I heart Great Danes-and I am loving that at least three ot four kittehs could fit inside his mouth.Plus in the first picture kitteh is all ‘You’re going to lick me again, aren’t you?’

  78. Hey great dane owners, are his eyes ok? They seem kind of red. Almost cherry-eye looking.

  79. Mary(1) — more like “muzzledroop”.

  80. Totally cute!!!

    As far as “lip curtains”….sounds WAY too much like meat curtains!!

    My name for that part of the dog is the “fritz”, as in “My, that Dane has enormous fritzes!”

  81. @snoopysnake — I immediately thought of Lucy, too. “Get the hot-water bottle!”

    Among serious dog peeps, them muzzleflaps is called “flews.”

  82. Thanks Meg for this post today I had to put down my 14 year old tabby today. I know he would love this post because he loved doggies especially big doggies.

  83. Leah, sorry to hear about your baby. It’s never easy but it helps knowing that they’re better now.

  84. What is it with Great Danes and kittehs? My childhood friends had a GD named “Muffin” who had to be kept separate from the family cats because she tried to treat them like her puppies (i.e., licking them, carrying them around), whether they wanted her to or not.

  85. Raemie L. says:

    Now a fav ‘I Shall Leek You’ pics. LOLing at the captions and comments.

  86. AlaskaCat says:

    I like to call them “liver lips”.

  87. @leah b—so sorry to hear about your kitteh. Sending {{Hugs}} and snorgles your way…

  88. Thanks Gail, I really appricate that. { HUGS } back at you.

  89. The combination of the two photos is priceless. It’s one of the cuteoverload pictures I can’t help but show other people.
    Lol, half or more the conversation here is a debate on lip curtains.

  90. Kiragirl says:

    Leah, so sorry!

    and, these pics remind me of recent “NADS OF STEEL” hamster and shepard pic.

  91. We call them “hangy-downs.” My bulldog/border collie mix has lovely hangy-downs — they are too, too fun to squoosh around.

  92. elliottsmommy says:

    Leah B. – tough, tough thing to do. Prayers to you & your baby.

  93. Awwwwwww… Awwwwwwwwwww… Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….
    I love it when big doggies show their love for teeny tiny little kitties. (My dog, an aussie shepherd, attempts to make friends with ANY other small animal, save bugs.) In my experience, Great Danes are especially friendly towards smaller animals. My grandma owned a Great Dane, named Lucy, a while ago, and at the same time she had a border terrier puppy, named Gillie. Lucy would play all kinds of games with Gillie, including–I’m not kidding–one where Lucy would take Gillie’s head in her mouth and swing him around in a circle. That puppy loved it!
    And to Leah, I’m so sorry… I’ve recently had to put my longtime friend and companion cat of 18 years down. I hope you’re doing alright…

  94. I believe that a dog’s lips are called “flews”, actually. And what a adorable pair these two are! I’ll bet that kitten had one heck of a cowlick afterwards.

  95. now thats adorable

  96. Rowan, I think gigantic dogs come in a couple of mental varieties: the ones who are aware that they are huge, and the ones who seem to have no idea. I think a lot of big dogs don’t seem to see themselves as bigger than little kittens or smaller dogs. Those are the 150-pound dogs that still try to cram into your lap.

  97. roisin formerly ka9q's wife says:

    Everbound you beat me to the correct name, flews. I wonder if they are called flews because they flap like wings when the doggeh runs.

  98. roisin formerly ka9q's wife says:

    Everbound you beat me to the correct name, flews. I wonder if they are called flews because they flap like wings when the doggeh runs.

  99. Daphne Moss says:


  100. Sweet!

  101. “I’m not NOT licking kitties…”

  102. thanks to everyone wishing me support, Its helping me so I can help the rest of my 4-legged family keep going along.{hugs} to all

  103. When I read “lip curtains,” I knew there’d be a big debate in comments and just had to check them out.

    But the reason I’m posting is to say Leah, I’m so sorry about losing your longtime companion. I know that’s rough and you’re in my heart today. Take care.

  104. The doggie had probably read this artice:,,91251-1309950,00.html

  105. Liz, What is a border collie-bulldog mix like? I imagine a dog who alternates between snoring and herding. I once knew a bulldog who lived with a border collie, and the bully constantly looked like he was saying “Dude– chill!”

  106. Birdzilla says:


  107. @Kar
    Some breeds tend to have over-sized eye openings (macropalpebral fissure) that result in lower-lid droop. That may or may not cause a problem; depends on the individual. He/she would need an eye exam to say for sure what’s going on.

  108. classic! hahaha!

  109. Kitteh: Are we playing hide-and-seek? Cuz I haves the bestest hiding place evar!

  110. snuffles says:

    OOOOOOOOH THATS A CUTE ONE!!1 i have a pic of a great dane sniffing a baby jack russel……..<3