And like hamsters, they’ll be around for a limited time.

In case you missed the Friday announcement…


Mens, Womens, Unisex. Still top-notch quality, natch.


Check ’em out!



  1. Marianne says:

    *sigh* hamsters indeed are for a limited time…
    but nonetheless, I can’t wait for my shirt to come in the mail.

  2. girlnextdoortn says:

    Alrighty. The very lovely customer service rep Leah at Glarkware cancelled my pink T-shirt order when we discovered I ordered the wrong thing (stupid confusing site).

    So when the refund goes through, I now know how to order a *brown* T-shirt.

  3. mc hamster pants says:

    saddest title ever! 😦

  4. OK – I am order challenged. I can’t figure out how to order one of each shirt properly. Duh!

  5. wouldn’t this be Hams n’ Racks?

  6. My son saw the flying hammie pic and said, “Mom wouldn’t it be awesome if robo dwarf hams had real wings and could fly around the house? Wouldn’t it be cool if THEY REALLY LIVED?! They would fly around and LAND ON US!”
    This is what I am forced to live with….a child that was born to be COL and say things like this out loud.

  7. …..I had to laugh when I saw this title–so sad, but so, so true. 😥