Munchkin Kitteh Overload

We’ve shown you Munchkin Kittehs befo’—their stubbular limbs and teeny folded ears are unstoppable. Thanks to alert reader Heather W., we bring you even MO’ munchkin kitten action, for your Sunday dose of Teh Qte.

Oh, and there is mo:

And… still more proshness ahead:

Great stubbular, tiney-earred finds, Heather W.!



  1. Bleen?

  2. anuffymous says:

    these kitties are cute and obv. happy and beloved–but for me, it’s sad to see a cat bred so it can’t do so many cool cat stuffs.
    sorry! no hard feelings?

  3. Ha ha, was in such a hurry to get the bleen, I didn’t even spell out my name.

    Cute kittehs!

    Before the nuffers start:
    To me, these are just like dachses, and they’re still cute and cuddly and adorable.


  4. Why are these kitties so cute? How did they get this way. I have never seen ones with ears and heads so round. does anyone know if this is a specific breed or are they dwarf or something? Wondering….

  5. I want to see one jump. It would be sad if they can’t jump 😦

  6. This is what, the third time the last video in this post has been posted? Something like that. Wouldn’t hurt if you tried to remember what you posted before…

  7. OMG! They can periscope like buns!

  8. I have *got* to get me one of these!

    Okay, we have three kittehs and two doggies and don’t need anymore, but AWWW!!

  9. Mizz. Pinkerz says:

    Awww I love his/her little beady eyes. SO cute!

  10. My kitties aren’t so polite. If I’m on the couch, they’re more than happy to jump on me, and use me as the warm-blooded furniture that I am. 😉

  11. LOL I lurve the flailing paws in the first vid. You can almost hear the tiny “ehn, ehn, ehn” from here.

  12. EEEEEEEEEEEE lookit him run! Lookit his stubby lil legs go! Vid 3 is the best.

  13. Hate to be one of “those people,” but I think it’s sad when people breed cats to look a certain way that they think is cute, but really just makes life harder for them. Cats have long legs for a reason.

    Save your money, adopt a shelter cat!

  14. @ lulz: nice attitude when you should be showing some gratitude for the free entertainment. It’s not like the video is any less cute the next time around!

  15. Raquelitamn says:

    I don’t know why this bothers me as its exactly the same as dog breeds with short limbs…
    Dachshunds are adorable…
    But yet it does…
    Kinda gross….

  16. Anuffymous, I was thinking the exact same thing. It makes me so sad to think someone bred these cats to look like this on purpose. Who would do something like that?

  17. The lullaby music on the 3rd was SO SWEET—-I was practically crying!!!!

    I’m not a huge fan of the munchkin (or scottish folds, for that matter), but all bebehs are SO SO QTE!!!!!!

    And, no, no politeness in my house, either! I don’t get to lay on the couch by myself too long….somebody will be landing and cuddling into the curve of my side, while others prefer down by the feet!! (But I luffff it!)

  18. Blahblahblah says:

    IIRC from before, the breeders of the kitty in the last clip said she was a fluke, and her health is OK but they won’t breed from her. Knowing that lets me enjoy the Qte. I hope the marmie munchkin is well cared for too.

  19. I’m gonna have to side a bit with anuffymous and others with this one, even though the fact that dachshunds exist and I don’t give much thought to that brings a bit of cognitive dissonance. I’m liking selective breeding less and less, when it doesn’t do much except make peoples entertained or amused.
    HOWever, that doesn’t make these kitties any less cute. Look at the way that first one swats at that toy! Totally–*ahem* TEWTALLY still a kitten.

  20. Flutterby says:

    Actually, Munchkin cats are REALLY good jumpers. Kind of like bunnies. They have pretty much no health problems, unless they’re bred SO hard toward short legs that their chests can’t actually handle the angle.

    For the most part, they’re healthy and happy, though.

    And I, too LOVE the flailing paws in the first vid. 🙂

  21. The one on the bottom stole my heart! XO

  22. So cute! The 3rd video is the best.
    My friend has a munchkin cat and he can get around really well and do somewhat-regular kitty stuffs.

    p.s. That “lulz” post is just some mean person trolling the site. Don’t pay any attention to it.

  23. Breeding is always wrong. These cats will have kneeproblems among other things. And eventually, there will be kittys born that cannot live long becaus of birthdefects caused by breeding.

    This sucks. Animal-cruelty is what it is.

  24. paulajeanne says:

    Right on the periscope, those ears especially in #1 were swiveling all over the place!

  25. OHHHHH my, that was an overload, my head about popped off!!! I want one sooooooo bad it’s not even funny!!!! They are the cutest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!! I love love love it!! and the 3rd vid is by far the bestest of the best!!!!!!

  26. awwwwwww they are soo cute and that little munchkin at the end is cute everytime it makes an appearance.

  27. Too Many Maureens says:

    Wow, a Bleenuff. Have we ever had one before?

  28. God are they cute, but these little short legged kitties can have serious health problems. Whatever gene mutation results in short legs also effects development of their heart and lungs. Random short legged kits often do just fine, but if intentionally [inter]bred for this trait they are often short lived. Remember cats are not nearly as “plastic” as dogs when it comes to changes in physiology.

  29. Umm…why did someone make a cat with stubby legs and flat ears? Don’t cats need their ears up so they can hear? Why would you want stubby legs on your cat?? This is odd. I hope they don’t start making a bunch of these cats. It’s kind of like breeding little people cos they’re “so cute!”. I’m really kind of disturbed by this. I’m a huge cat lover but this is weird.

  30. chechechelsea says:

    I NEED a munchkin kitty to have flailing arm fights with my munchkin doggy (aka doxie)!! The full sized cats have too much of an advantage on him…

  31. OMG! The return of the marmalade I Made You A Cookie cat!

    Also, er, Hele., while I agree that some breeding is very very wrong (you should see the scary things people have done to pigeons and canaries)… you do realize that it’s years of breeding that’s given you dogs? It’s the difference between Rover and a wolf or a dingo.

  32. Wuuut??? Where did my bleen go? Theo, why did you give the bleen to the nuff?

  33. 3rd video may me want to snorgle my screen, every time the kitteh came near the camera. So friggin’ adorable!! (>_< ) And dude - get off the couch, you lazy lump, so the kitty can get his turn!!

  34. aww, so cute! They’re like the doxie of the cat world!

  35. CoffeeCup says:

    I don’t care that this cat has short legs and folded ears – it is LOVED, cared for well, adorable and it seems very happy. That is all that matters.

    It is in existence, it has a good home, it seems – who are we to nuff as to its existence. Obviously, it is not cooped up because of “health problems” – it’s allowed to play and roll around.

    How exactly is it conducive to say how “wrong” this is…the cat could’ve been put down, I doubt anyone wants that. If she was a fluke and no one wanted her, isn’t it all the better that someone did choose to keep her? With all the animals being purposely put down because no one wants them, isn’t this a story of triumph?

  36. Daphne Moss says:

    I, too, am sad to see the stumpy one beside the more fast-moving, elegant litter mate.
    Cute? There’s more important things to consider…like what’s best for the animal. Stumpy legs and folded ears are mutations. I pity any such cat who ended up a stray…wouldn’t last a week.

  37. So cute, but the second video is sad – the kitteh can’t even jump up on the couch 😦

    We probably feel worse about it than he does, but still.

  38. berthaslave says:

    AHHHH! EVERY SINGLE TIME we get the munchkin kittehs we have the SAME COMMENTROVERSY!!!!

    The upshot, peeps:

    SOMETIMES these animals are bred for these traits. SOMETIMES they aren’t. SOMETIMES they have serious health problems. SOMETIMES they don’t.

    If animals are well-taken care of, they are blessed compared to most animals in this world who have little chance of survival in the wild and often even less in captivity. I encourage everyone to try to see the positive. The kittehs are CUTE and someone is taking care of them, whatever their physical condition. Let’s encourage people NOT to breed for “defects,” but let’s not get so eugenic whenever we see an being that doesn’t comport to our own (quite subjective) standards of “normalcy.”

  39. Happenstance says:


  40. berthaslave says:

    Sorry for the rant…Bertha was a “runt” cat and has slightly shorter forelegs than most kitties, and she walks with a little hitch. I’m always sensitive to people who say she is a “weird-looking” cat, she’s just a little smaller and wonkier. But she’s almost 12, in perfect health, and jumps and runs wherever she wants to (thank heavens).

  41. These kitties are adorable, and I am glad that they have good homes and are well-cared for, as any kitty surely deserves. That being said, I beleive that breeding these kinds of cats ON PURPOSE is wrong and nothing short of animal cruelty. Same thing with any other highly-mutated breed. Just because we think it’s cute, doesn’t mean it is good for the cat.

  42. I think most of us can agree that if these genetic defects (as irresistibly adorable as they are) were a fluke, then yay to the owners giving them wonderful homes. If they were intentionally bred this way, booooo to the butt munches who may cause health problems and inabilities in these animals’ lives.

  43. larry csonka says:

    Cute indeed, but like several others, I do not approve. Count me in as disapproving.

    Cats are supposed to be badass ninjas, evolutionary killers.

    I hate it when people take their cats and give them cute outfits and put them in little infant craddles/carriers.

    Sure when they are kittens, they can be so cute that they make you want to explode, but what happens when they grow up? Do these cute enthusiasts love their cats less as they become less kittenish?

    I’m a cat owner who loves my cat because she puts me back in my place (as a human). At one time, she was very very cute, but now she is Master and Commander, and I am here to do her bidding.

  44. I was fortunate enough to find an all black munchkin kitty at the pound! I’ve had her for over 3 years now and she’s been the healthiest cat ever. She’s the one who I find sitting on top of the doors (still no idea how she got up there) and she’s the one I had to go out and buy an extension ladder to get out of a tree when she escaped the house and went “exploring” and then meowed because she couldn’t do reverse (just like the regular legged cats) Oz rules, she’s the clowniest Anipal in the herd.

  45. I don’t have strong feelings for or against munchkins. I’ve always had mutts, not purebreds. I do love watching them grow into their very long legs in the teenager stage, though.

  46. And she’s retained her cuteoverloadedness. She’s a stunning cat, and she’s kicked more than one dog’s hinder in my house. Those short arms still have pointy points at the end.

  47. andrea, we can haz pictures? Pweese?

    I have a scottish fold (another breed that is fought with nuffingness) who is also one of the healthiest kitties I’ve ever had. No joint issues, no hearing issues. Had a friend who had a munchie, totally adorable and totally functional. Was able to keep up with the big cats with no problem. 🙂

    The key is reputable breeders and loving homes. 😀

  48. Begging your pardon, but I believe the key is spaying/neutering, lest the cuteoverloads on the street die there due to lack of loving homes.

  49. Awwwwww…. they need someone to take care of them because they’re so wee and helpless. I shall take them all home. <3

  50. Catsquatch says:


    So, like, wheres da leetle red pointy hats mang?


  51. *takes a deep breath*

  52. Of course they’re Qte. They’re CATS. But the posters who object are right. Purpose-breeding abnormalities which can and do cause health problems and suffering is wrong. And for everyone who so badly wants one, how about adopting a beautiful cat or kitten from your local shelter/rescue/sanctuary? MILLIONS NEED LOVING HOMES! and they are every bit as adorable, cute, and irresistible, naturally!

  53. Yeah, cats and dogs have been bred to be specific things for thousands of years. We started with plants, then we did it with animals–pets would not even exist without it, because well, they’d still be wild.

    I don’t think it’s something to discuss with the aim of stopping it, because that’s never going to happen. They are GM animals, and we love them. Or eat them.

    But if we don’t like it, we vote with our dollars and only adopt. If you want a longtime companion, adopt a mutt.

  54. Shrubbery says:

    They are not just like dachshunds. They are not the products of a “genetic fluke”.

    They were deliberately bred to be this way, and that means pain, health problems, and early deaths for a lot of cats. Breeders who do this sort of thing obviously aren’t acting under any kind of regulations, and they are certainly not doing it with the welfare of the animals in mind.

    Stop with the misinformation.

  55. Oh, well since YOU say so, then OK.

  56. Nope, they’re not like dachshunds at all. Dachshunds were bred “to scent, chase, and flush badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals, while the miniature was to hunt rabbits” (Wikipedia), while munchkins were bred for the cuteness (I think?). I am disturbed at the mixture of “Stop the misinformation”, and then implying that dachshunds were the “product of a genetic fluke”. Nope, neither was my golden retriever. Unfortunately, her floppy ears means she gets ear infections, and she is highly susceptible to hip dysplasia and cancer. Does this make her any less cute? Not at all, and I for one am thankful that a kindly nature was bred into her as well (I was bit by my dog, an australian shepherd-something else mix, when I was 5, and thus I was terrified of them for a very long time).

    I am not arguing for or against selective breeding, just clearing a couple of things up about this argument.

  57. yay! a triple treat. I love scottish folds. I can watch that cat for hours and not be the least bit bored. <3

  58. I have a friend who has a couple of munchkins, they CAN jump, just differently than my “normal” cats and they sure find plenty of cat mischief to get into.

    Sweet happy cats.

  59. Evie & Lilly's mum says:

    I didn’t know this was a “bred-up” breed, hadn’t heard of Munchkins. These are perfectly adorable kittens – I can’t see breeding for short legs (having a set of my own) but I agree with those who say that THESE, at least, seem to have loving homes. What are they like as adults, I wonder? I see some research in my future….

  60. berthaslave says:

    Andrea — Oz looks a LOT like Bertha, lol!!!

  61. Raemie L. says:

    “I want to sleep on the sofa-nya.” Ahnn…

    Another clip I like of that scottish fold kitteh, playing around a curtain.

  62. OMG!! I want a Scottish Fold Kitteh SO BAD… but I just can’t help but feel heartbroken by their sad, pouty looking faces 😥

    How does one live with such confliction!?! The cute, the morose…GAH! It’s tres horrible :p

  63. Shrubbery says:

    Myself among others, Theo:

    The above link is not PETA-style propganda with disgusting pictures or anything like that. It’s from a veterinary journal.

    Go have a look if you’d like to learn more about these cats.

  64. Shrubbery says:

    Just to clarify my intentions here: I have no problem with images of these cats being posted. I think they’re adorable.

    What I do have a problem with is the willful ignorance of the commentors, and the refusal to acknowledge that there’s something more to these animals than just the fact that they’re cute. Meg could do something to remedy this, even something as small as including an explanation or story with the videos, as she sometimes does for other unhealthy animals featured on this site. Like the cat in diapers.

    I certainly think stuff can be cute AND sad, but let’s not ignore the sad aspect when we could at the very least educate ourselves and stop promoting the problem. None of us would advocate breaking puppies’ legs just because they can look really cute in casts.

  65. So this makes me think of a book I’ve been reading called “Cute, Quaint, Hungry and Romantic”, which spends a chapter philosophizing that we think things like puppies and kittens are cute chiefly because they’re helpless and vulnerable. (Our parental nature coming out to play.)

    This post makes me think of that because these kittens are even more helpless and sad than regular ones, which is why they’re mostly considered far and away cuter.

    I wonder if their stubby legs make it easier to sit up like that in the second video? Mine never sit like that for more than a second or two.

  66. Osteochondrodysplasia… wow, say that three times fast!

  67. Ohhhhh dear Lord. The second video, where his teeny ears turn in all directions and he sits on his haunches…


    Shrubbery – that link was informative, thanks.

  68. The sproinging at the end of the third video. Agh. Kills me ded every time.

  69. They’re called Scottish Folds, common breed really. Known for short folded ears, enormous eyes and rounded head. Not sure if legs is part of the breed as well. Good example at

  70. Good grief, why does everything now have to be a controversy! Some of you people need to stop getting so up in arms about every single dang thing posted on this site.
    The cats in the videos are obviously perfectly fine (and adorable).
    Sure munchkin cats might have health problems if they’re bred over and over generations, but it’s like that with almost ALL pets now.
    So should we stop breeding french bulldogs or pugs or any other dog with a short snout b/c they’re prone to not being able to breathe? Or how about stop breeding great danes b/c SOME have heart issues?

    Stop getting all up on your soap boxes and enjoy the cuteness.

  71. Lisa, it’s hard for some of us to “enjoy the cuteness” when there’s even a remote possibility that these babies may end up suffering down the road. Animals mean that much to us. Sorry you can’t relate.

  72. The dictionary definition of cute is: “Attractive or pretty especially in a childish, youthful, or delicate way”. These kitties are definitely that. Awww.

  73. Wow, CO is definitely going downhill. Animals are living things, not toys to be tormented, teased, messed about with and altered for our amusement. Just like the torment videos, not cool.

  74. Good LAWD, peeps!! Do we have to rehash this over and over???

    Irresponsible breeders=BAD

    Individual animals=CUTE

    Since these animals had no decision in the matter and are HERE on the planet, let’s just LOOOOVE them!!!

    Just sayin’…..

  75. P.S. to bertha’s slave: What a beauty!!! I was wondering what she looked like and voila! (Very like my Charlie!)

  76. Meriweather says:

    Laurie, it’s hard to relate to people like you. Robonuffers who assume that somewhere a crime is in progress.

    Upthread, it was already said that at least one of these kittens is confirmed a genetic fluke, well loved, perfectly able, and taken care of– oh, and she won’t be bred from. But you won’t hear of it; the possibility exists that horror is afoot and you must warn the masses oh-em-gee exclamation point one one one

  77. Daphne Moss says:

    I’m glad we have this discussion each time we see “designer” cats. SOMETIMES it is no big deal (such as when spots or leopard markings are bred onto a house cat).
    But those who say that these weren’t mutations …um… a lot of breeding is of mutations.
    Frankly, seeing what breeders have done to Siamese cats, Pursians who can’t breathe through their noses and naked cats….well, I can’t see how they’re thinking about what’s best for the cat.

  78. Good Lord, people, get over yourselves. Guess what? EVERY breed of animal EVERYWHERE can have health problems. There’s a difference between some irresponsible schmuck breeding cats to get money and keeping them in a dirty, run down kennel and a well educated, responsible person breeding them to loving and nurturing homes. Why aren’t you ranting and raving about the thousands and thousands of cute and cuddly animals who die in the wild to predators or on the streets to starvation? Why are these cats, who are being loved and cared for, the ones being pitied and ‘fought for’ when they obviously don’t need it?

  79. Alright, apart from those kitties being sickeningly CUTE and adoooorable, I am today not even going to start on the physical defects these kittens get born with. Evil humans playing God, and this is the (CUTE!) result….

  80. well i’m little half and half on these issues…yes some breeding is bad if you’re just interbreeding generation on generation and not taking the animal’s health into consideration. This is why before you ever buy a pet you should do back round research on the breeder and make sure they check out (ask to be shown around their kennels, and if the animal is petigree ask for like family trees and stuff to see just how much interbreeding has been going on)

    still that being said, most breeders take very good care of their animals. I’m sure these cats are just fine and are well loved. And besides…usually if you have enough money to acutally buy a petigree cat you usually have the mullah to dish out on their health care.

    that being said…awww to the kittens, they’re really adorable

  81. Kitten #3 looks like a cat-apillar when she walks, either that or a *Slinky* with legs. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  82. Cal, London says:

    They are cute, yes, but they make me feel rather sad and uncomfortable. It’s like a human with dwarfism – normal sized body but short arms and legs. Sometimes it happens by accident but I can’t help but feel that it’s wrong to breed them that way deliberately.

  83. I think that everyone will agree that the kittehs are cute, loved and well cared for. From my understanding, Munchkins cannot climb trees and such. As with any breeding of mutations, come problems. That doesn’t mean that the animal isn’t cute and loved…it just means that there are issues with it. Manx cats, as we all know can how back and bowel problems. Munchkins have theirs. As responsible humans, perhaps we need to set aside “cute” for the health and well-being of the animal. Sometimes we should not encourage mutations. I am NOT a nuffer. I love any critter with fur and whiskers…and feathers…and scales…etc. I just would never want to encourage anything that would cause hardship or discomfort for any of God’s critters.

  84. uh…”have”…not “how”. Sorry about that! 🙂

  85. I’m watching these saying “Dang, I really think this kind of overbreeding is sick and twisted. People shouldn’t promote this… AWWWW WOOKIT THE CUTIEPIE!”

  86. Hauntedmansion138 says:

    I can’t see the cuteness in these. The cats are not supposed to be this way. Even when it happens naturally, it’s sad and not right. It’s the equivalent of a human with a genetic problem that causes some kind of disability. Do we see people with Down Syndrome and say “Awww isn’t he adorable. Wish I had a baby with downs?” No. I’m glad these cats are loved but we should be adopting those cats that are in shelters rather than breeding ones that look like this.

  87. Wow, lotta rabbits commenting on this one.

  88. ‘Sad and not right’, huh? Lemme tell you something- I was born with a severe case of Spina Bifida (look it up if you don’t know what it is). Was I the product of ‘OMG!EBIL breedingks!!!’? No. Are my parents evil because of my disability? No. It was sheer dumb luck that I was born the way I am. Now, I’m as much against intentional breeding of animals for the sake of cuteness as the next person, but I’m not going to jump the gun about these videos like half the people who’ve commented. Why? Because, I don’t know their full story anymore than anyone here can tell me why I’m the only one in my family with Spina Bifida, and I’ve always hated it when people make assumptions about this kinda thing. The assuming and the crying-out of ‘OMG!EEEEBILZ!!!’ is what, to me, is ‘sad and not right.’

  89. Just to set things straight, Munchkins are not “bred” that way; their appearance is the result of a genetic mutation, not selective breeding over generations to produce the short legs. There’s a fine difference, but it’s a difference. Further generations are produced by breeding affected munchkin cats who pass on the mutation. And you’re unlikely to get munchkins by interbreeding – two munchkin genes make an embryo non-viable. It’s possible, but you’d risk having no kittens at all.

    I’m not weighing in one way or another, but if you’re going to object at least get your facts right.

  90. Thank you for that perspective Aoide.

    The attitude gives some very illustrative insight into people’s true colors–what they actually think people or animals with anything they see as a a disability.

    Unfortunately I doubt most of them will pull thier heads out long enough to note that.

  91. The attitudes*

  92. I just think there is enough natural cuteness in the world – – do we really need to be genetically screwing with species in some weird attempt to make them “cuter”? These types of altered species tend to have terrible health problems (i.e. pugs and their breathing problems.) I just think a natural kitten is cute enough…overwhelmingly cute. I sorta wish we did not encourage this type of breeding. Not meaning to be a downer, but I know all the C.O. people here have such huge gigantic hearts… so am hoping we can all wrap our minds around this… no geneticly modified animals on C.O.!!!

  93. It’d be a durnn empty site then, Rebecca, except for the occasional wild animal photo. All our domestic cats and dogs are the result of selective breeding for generations upon generations.

    And as noted in the previous comments that you must’ve skipped, Munchkin cats are the result of a genetic *mutation*, i.e. one of Nature’s spontaneous accidents or serendipities, not intentional inbreeding by humans.

  94. There is a breed called “Munchkins.” It is genetic, they were formed this way, however there are people out there who ARE messing with the breed standards and breeding a Munchkin to another breed as seen above. That is a Scottish Fold Munchkin, I believe. The Munchkin breed can do everything a normal cat can do, please consult TICA before you put these cats down. It’s not their fault, they’re just a “cat” too.

  95. Robonuffer.

    Love it.

  96. The deliberate breeding of malformed animals is unacceptable. In certain coutries, like Australia, this is illegal.

    Cute Overload, this is very disappointing to see you promoting this without at a minimum, educating your readers about what is involved when humans purposely breed animals that are likely to suffer later in life.

    First a dressed up monkey getting a banana, eating with his back turned to a crowd of people laughing at him and again with the Munchkins?

    Definately sad, not cute.

  97. Welcome back to Assumptions-R-Us(TM)! Whee.

    (Seriously, Astrid, I agree with you. This post is NOT about all of that, though.)

  98. @ Missa:

    That book sounds interesting!

    If you (or anybody else) is interested in some more theories about why we find things cute, “Studio 360” (a public radio program) has an episode on this very subject:

    Crucial topics covered include the appeal of big eyes, how Japan became the reigning power of all things cute, and why some people hate the cute.

    (Disclaimer: I work for one of the public radio producers that creates “Studio 360”.)

  99. Munchkin cats do result from naturally occuring genetic combinations, but they are also bred for the trait. It’s true that many modern breeds resulted from selective breeding for certain naturally occuring but rare traits. It’s also true that many modern breeds have serious health problems as a result of such selective breeding. Large dogs, for instance, tend to have hip displasia. Modern Persain cats have trouble eating. (NB – look up some some photos of Persians from, say, the 50’s. They had a much more pronounced snout then compared to the modern aesthetic.) In hindsight, maybe we should not have bred for such extreme traits. When random genetic variation gives us an animal with a cute but harmful trait, maybe we should not breed for that trait selectively.

    Here is an article on the ethics of breeding for “deformity” (which is a loaded word, I realize).

  100. I have two munchkins that I adopted from a couple that didn’t want them.. IMAGINE THAT! They’re so sweet and cute.. and have no real limitations when it comes to jumping around and being active.. cept when they play they cant reach passed their heads heehee ^^; so You have to be a little more forgiving playing string chase 😀

  101. Way to go, Cute Overload. You’re perpetuating the idea that it’s okay for humans to screw around with animals’ normal biomechanics just to make them cuter for our sakes. It’s SICK. It’s as bad as the idiots out there trying to miniaturize every breed of dog. Sure munchkin kitties are cute, but at what expense? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  102. Believe it or not I think most thinking/reasoning people can understand that selective breeding for defects is cruel & unhealthy – but that these particular cats were not intentionally bred so, are being loved & cared for, and that ultimately ALL domesticated animals were bred to suit human whims.

    I think that it’s so trite that once again we have well-intentioned but sanctimonious people getting on their soapboxes here. Crikey, spare the lecture. I would wager that anybody who takes the time to read posts on Cute Overload ALREADY cares about animal welfare more than the general public.

    From my point of view, modern western society already makes me feel guilty enough for how little suffering I personally experience & how much suffering there is in the world. What a crock to be made to feel guilty for looking at some kittens. Can’t I enjoy anything without the “reality check” brigade reminding me just how terrible we humans are?

  103. *APPLAUSE* (for Yawn)

  104. *refuses to get into commentroversy*

    look at vids one and two…PANTALOONS!!! KITTENPANNTS! how can that be ignored? sooo cute and sweet.

  105. i want one!! i want one!!! i want one!! Does anyone know if you can buy these(or something similar) in the US?????

  106. Meriweather: The fact that some of the munchkin kittens happen to turn out relatively healthy and loved by their owners doesn’t mean all of them have it so lucky. THAT’S what bothers me; obviously, you’re willing to turn a blind eye to suffering as long as *some* of them hit the jackpot.

  107. Ugh…I was hoping to join in on the comments of “adorable” and “aww look at the little kitties.” Instead I stumble upon another abuse controversy.


    I’m a pessimistic person but sheesh! A lot of you have me beat. Munchkin animals are like dwarfism in humans. Are you going to go to a dwarf and tell them how you pity them because of their “defect?”

    I just want to enjoy cute.

  108. Dog Lover says:

    “Good grief, why does everything now have to be a controversy! “

    Since the question was asked, I’ll offer up my opinion:

    The site management encourages it somewhat by posting things they know are controversial. And then, people on both sides, who are easily irritated by dissenting opinions, encourage trolls.

    This site is a troll magnet. One troll to another- “Hey you wanna get attention? Just go to CO and say the picture posted is not cute. They’ll call you a ’nuffer’, and you’ll get lots of people’s panties in a bunch.”

    Think about it. You may be being baited. So why not learn to ignore what you don’t agree with in comment sections. Or if you can’t, don’t whine about it. That’s candy to a troll. Eventually the trolls will go away from boredom.

    Just trying to offer some food for thought, because I like this site. Not trying to offend. Have a great day!

  109. CoffeeCup says:

    Why is it such a horrible, horrible thing to enjoy the fact that these cats are happy, adorable, and are having a good time? Sure, they might be genetic mutations, some of them might be bred to be this way – whether they are more prone to health problems or not, isn’t it nice to celebrate the fact that these animals aren’t left behind in lieu of their “better” brothers and sisters?

  110. Dog Lover, you’re exactly right. I do think the site itself encourages arguments in comments more than even the trolls do, which is why I rarely bother to come to CO anymore. Every time I do, though, there’s a festival of wankery in the comments, usually brought about by a photo that seems to have been posted deliberately to rile people up.

    If people want to get played that way, let ’em. Everyone needs a hobby.

  111. Dog Lover says:

    Interesting point Stacia. If mgmt. is deliberately baiting “nuffers”, then they reap what they sow.

    In any event, it does seem like a subset of the internet population really does consider comment section squabbling to be a “hobby”, as you put it. They seem to enjoy the back and forth. In which case I say to them, “Tally ho!” 😉

  112. Dog Lover — lemme squash that myth right now. THIS POST (the one up there, that all these comments are attached to) is NOT intended to “bait” anybody. This is not to say no Cute Overload post could ever possibly be viewed as troll bait (see, for instance, my last RCF post… )

    …but that ain’t the main purpose of Cute Overload, not by a long shot. Agitating is for gossip columnists and AM talk radio, not Teh Qte™. We’re all about the fuzzies & the funnies.

  113. Dog Lover says:

    Thank you Theo. I am glad to hear that.

    And I do sympathize with the difficulty of running a site like this. It is impossible to please everyone about anything.

  114. CoffeeCup says:

    You can’t please everybody.
    You can please NO ONE.

    I choose to go with the first, rather than the last. I don’t like the snake photos and the possum photos and the ferret photos cause I don’t find any of those animals cute, but you don’t see me nuffing – because I read the comments for those too, and there are people who LOVE snakes, ferrets and possums, and that’s great because for all the kitties and puppies and bunnies that I love to see on this site, other people deserve to see the animals they love too. Can’t we all just get along?

  115. Exactly, CoffeeCup! The bunny basin is half *full*!


  116. P.P.S. — I should *also* say, that while the POSTS are to be taken pretty much always at face value, the COMMENTS underneath them are a whole ‘nother thing altogether. You kinda have to be a strong swimmer if you want to play in this end of the pool.

  117. If the Munchkins being bred now are only the products of healthy parents and grandparents, then I think it’s not so bad because even though the breeding was irresponsible many years ago, some problems can be bred out. Around the 1900s, cocker spaniels were so overbred that they were nervous and shaky and many died of birth defects. Modern cockers are much healthier today, however, and this could be similar in the Munchkin breed.

  118. Daphne Moss says:

    Gee, Dog Lover, and how could someone who is repeatedly called a “troll” for expressing concern over the welfare of over-bred animals possibly be offended?
    Must be a case of nerves…

    I harbor the apparently singular view that you can both disagree with people about the postings here — and like the people who disagree with you as well as most of the other posts.

    Let’ agree that nobody is going to like them all, and it doesn’t make you a troll when you raises a concern.

  119. i understand why people are concerned about the breeding consequences of these particular kitties. however, others that do, in fact, have long legs and the like, have them because they needed such things to survive. these kitties were bred for being house kitties. just like a chihuahua doesn’t need gargantuan teeth and a heavy coat like his wolf ancestors do, this kitty doesn’t need the adaptations that other house cats received from their ancestors.

  120. Amen, Daphne Moss!

    Mary: I suppose I’m considered a “nuffer,” whatever that means, if I suggest that not all cats bred to be “house cats” end up in houses their entire lives.

  121. Dog Lover says:

    I’m Sorry Daphne! I never meant to imply that all or only so-called “nuffers” are trolls. I think there are trolls on both side of the spectrum. When I said you may be baited, the bait can be from anyone, not just “nuffers”.

    I actually had a longer post that made that point clearer, but I edited it down for the sake of brevity. I see now that the edited version left the wrong impression.

    I will reprint what I posted in another comments section on this site, (since I don’t know how to do the link properly) ; and you should hopefully see that I do have sympathy for those who raise objections:

    “Why should anyone be surprised that very sensitive people who care about the well being of animals would come to a site called “Cute Overload”? And what type of person feels the need to mock and laugh at another person’s sensitivity? And those who insult others for finding this video amusing are taking things too far, IMHO. Cute Overload ironically attracts some ugly-spirited people.

    I suspect this is just a playground for some of you, and that a lot of your mean-spirited comments are meant in jest (at least I hope so); but be aware that there are folks for whom animal welfare is a serious issue. They know about the ugliness, trust me. Which may be why they are hyper sensitive to anything that even remotely hints at animal abuse.” Written by Dog Lover

    I try to be fair minded and respect everyone’s opinion. Which unfortunately means I probably just end up pissing off EVERYONE. 😉 (that whole, “you can’t please everyone” concept.)

    I’ll stop posting, and go back to my old policy of just looking at the pictures. Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.

  122. I don’t like seeing this kind of breeding run amok… where a cat – a magnificent natural engineering miracle – is deprived of its beautiful frame, in favour of something more babylike. Have we not learned our lessons with bulldogs and such? Animals might be our babies, but they are not babies and this need to breed them to resemble infants or dolls, whatever, is not cute – it’s disturbing.

  123. Yes, I would say that most of the people that come to this site are sensitive and at times can over-react, on both sides of any issue. Sometimes the comments in response to someone raising a concern can be quite harsh… to the point of name-calling. Yes, anyone complaining about a post is going to end up being called a “nuff”, but it goes much further. I guess it’s pointless to say once again, “can’t we at least be polite to each other”?

    How’s about we adhere to 2 guidelines for commenting:

    1. Think, and re-read your comment before posting it. (hint: that’s what the Preview button is for)

    2. Before posting a comment, you have to read all the previous comments… to make sure you aren’t either redundant or rehashing a point that has already been made clear.

    Just saying.

  124. Meriweather says:

    Laurie, you dip, I was saying that THESE KITTENS were not bred or tortured, so can we enjoy the cuteness of THESE KITTENS without going on a diatribe about the evils of breeding, since no breeding happened here? Not even munchkins as a species. These particular kittens.

    Or can we not enjoy cute rabbits because some rabbits are eaten for food? Or dogs, because some dogs are poisoned by thieves?

    Somewhere, a crime is in progress! Robonuff, go!

  125. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Not even going to read the rest of the comments, because I’m sure they’re full of the usual arguing over munchkins. I just have to say that the munchkins are darn cute, and I don’t care if that last video is a repeat–I can’t get enough of it! But I think my favorite may just be the second one. It’s the plaintive caption at the end that really puts the icing on the cake, so to speak.

  126. is it just me or does that kitten have really short front legs?

  127. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Laura–it’s not just you; it’s a genetic mutation. They’re known as “munchkin cats.”

    I just wanted to add, for anyone else who’s made it this far and just likes the cuteness, that I recommend checking out the other linked videos for the little marmie. There’s one showing the marmie (and grey friend) trying to catch a shadow that’s quite adorable:

  128. *sulking in corner from loss of bleen to nuffer*

  129. Munchy Munchersons says:

    *consoles Kara*

    It’s okay. The nuffer didn’t mean to steal your bleen. Okay, I lurve Munchkins. But my dad’s allergic to cats. *curses paternal unit*

    Anywhoo, Laurie: Munchkins are cute. Like Dachyshunds. They are NOT abandoned onto the streets like second-class citizens because – believe it or not – they are valuable. People are much more likely to take them back to the breeder if they feel they cannot handle a cat they bought. Stray cats – they’re a bad thing, but the thing is these cats are highly unlikely to be abandoned. And, I know, I know, there are some monsters out there who drown kittens and whatnot, but THOSE are the REAL irresponsible breeders, not the people who merely breed cats who have a genetic mutation. Would you go up to a person with Dwarfism and tell them not to have kids because their children could inherit the condition and the whole cycle would continue and more and more people will enjoy a low quality of life? No. Because they haven’t been made of purpose. It is one of nature’s hiccups – they are disabled, if you will. They need kind and loving people to look after them, which they will, for they are in fairly high demand.

    Right now, I’m gonna go watch the videos again (the second one kills me. Just looking bereftly at the comfertehbul shofas which it’s too polite to use… Awww…

  130. Yeah I agree with a lot of people here…these kittens look just over-done. :[ cats are supposed to be long and lean

  131. Munchy Munchersons — thank you for that post.

    I just want to mention, in case anyone is reading this and doesn’t know yet — because I haven’t seen it explicitly seen posted before, and I think some people might get confused: This cat is NOT “just” a Scottish Fold!! Scottish Folds have LONG, normal legs, just like a regular cat. The ONLY difference is the ears, which are folded.

    Scottish Folds do NOT have health problems unless a fold-eared cat is bred to another fold-eared cat. In this case, the kittens risk getting two copies of the gene and risk getting the problems posted in the AVA report above. This is a BIG no-no among Scottish Fold breeders and only the most disreputable breeders would do this. I don’t know much about Munchkins, but from what I have read, they have far, far less problems than Dachshound dogs do. (Of course ALL breeds are subject to the potential problems wrought by inbreeding for the show circuit; I speak here only of problems stemming from their mutations.)

    The kittens in these videos are crosses between Scottish Folds and Munchkins. Munchkin cats have achondroplastic dwarfism, which makes their legs short. This is the same as dwarf bunnies and dwarf people, but NOT the same as Dachshounds, which have been bred to have short legs over many generations. Munchkins and Scottish Folds both have disorders of the cartilage, which is why most breeders will NOT breed them together to produce the kittens in these videos. I notice that all videos I have seen of these “Munchkin/Folds” are from Japan, and as far as I know NO American breeders are attempting to work with this cross due to the potential health problems.

    That all having been said, these cats seem healthy, and they are also the cutest damn things I have ever seen. If it is possible to breed these guys without health problems … I want one 🙂 I’m not willing to risk inflicting health problems on a cat to test it out, though. I guess I’ll leave that to the Japanese…..?

  132. Whoops — rereading the original post, I guess I should have said that these are not “just” Munchkins. Munchkins do not normally have folded ears; their ears are normally upright. Yeah.

  133. Give that poor kitty a spot on teh couch already!! Can’t take it…kitteh… so… cute.. omahgoodness… *implodes* x_X

  134. Golden Phoenix says:

    I said it last time everyone trotted out to discuss this topic so i may as well recycle it.

    I have an almost identical condition to these cats. Shortened legs and deformed feet, it makes me short….that’s it.
    However there are still people who look on me with pity, even though my quality of life is perfectly fine and i’m loved by my family, i hve loads of friends and i’m doing well at university etc.
    Take the kiities at face value and as individuals, they are well cared for and cute. The munchkin “breed” is another issue and possibly not one that belongs on here.

    And if you pity me i *will* kick you in the head. Short legs or no.

  135. Golden Phoenix says:

    Oh, i forgot to say, my legs are due to a genetic problem. The allele is dominant, children i have will 99% certainly get exactly the same thing.

    Should i ‘breed’ or not? After all, i may inflict my problems on a new generation.

  136. Cherry667 says:

    I’m really shocked at how personal everyone on here is getting. I’m also shocked by people’s apathy. All of the information about this ‘breed’ is available on the internet. Including the fact that ‘munchkin’ cats as a breed are not accepted by most cat breeders because it is seen as a genetic defect. Those are just the facts….everyone is entitled to their own opinion on them. I’m not sure why people are so eager to shut people up. What’s wrong with a good debate sometimes? It keeps you on your toes and informed.