What was that? [ear flops forward]

Newly-borned deer + moist nosicle + chompable ear = nice way to end the evening ifyouknowwhatimean andithinkyoudo.

New born deer, originally uploaded by tuxxme.

Great find, Lori W.!



  1. berthaslave says:

    A semaphore “P.”


  2. AuntieMame says:

    Is that an ear or a seashell?

  3. Who needs Rudolph when you can just shine your way with that disco ball nosicle.
    (Bring buffing pad and spray bottle)

  4. Awwww, what a pwecioush little baby!

    Meg, yesIknowwhatyoumeanandIagree. 😉

  5. Ahh, zee soft kronshe. Yays. I wanna hug heem. All to meself.

  6. Zees deere seems a little ornery. It’s the defiantly cute stare.

  7. Christie says:

    OMG! Bambi!

  8. Catsquatch says:

    “ifyouknowwhatimean andithinkyoudo”


    Oh yeah…..


  9. Catsquatch says:

    Oh, I was laughing so hard I almost forgot….






  10. Angh.

  11. mmmm… so cute that I feel sad.

  12. acelightning says:

    What a dear deer…

  13. maggieb_tpa says:

    Truly a pic to fawn over.


    I just want to kiss him between the eyes!!

  15. What a beauty!

  16. didn’t know eyes could be so big and dreamy yet still have so much b.e.f.

    *plink! plink! plink!*

  17. Oh my GOD. There was a comment a couple posts ago that said the cuteness quality of the pictures here had been slipping lately. Take it back, dude. Takeitback! This little deeritude demands it!

  18. EaterofShades says:

    first I saw the pic (eeeee!!!!)

    then I saw the puns *groan*

  19. i really wanna pet/kiss the soft forehead furs…

  20. Cockatoo says:

    OMG – that oh so serious, penetrating yet slightly mournful stare. She’s all, “My alert ears have detected that a cigarette butt is about to be dropped in MY forest. Now think carefully. Do you really want to shame yourself by proceeding with that action?”

  21. *soul sucking sequence commenced*

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    Bambi rules!

  23. Look IT is Little Lord Fawn-telroy.

    The Dear Deer. Oh yes Meg we donknowwahtyoumean Indeedwedo..

  24. revolution724 says:

    Aw. I’m getting a girly vibe, actually… look at those eyelashes! And that air of sassiness! Quelle princesse!

  25. Fawntastic! Endeering! A-doe-able!

  26. I saw three deer on my walk yesterday. I surprised them and they surprised me. We were all pretty surprised.

  27. OH. MY. GOD.

    Supremely beepable nosy.

  28. Deer-lectable

  29. Bryan… ; ) SURPRISE!!! XD

  30. I want one…NOW!

  31. Bambi!!!
    I didn’t know living incarnations of adorable cartoons were possible. Mufasa plz?

  32. Bryan – it all sounds very surprising! But the very best kind of surprise.

    I want to hug the baby deer and give it a kiss, but it (or the momma deer) might object. Darn. So stinkin’ cute!

  33. O Don Piano says:

    Now *that* is cute. That’s more like it! I want to feed that little darling all of my shrubbery.

  34. That little Bambi is fawnalicious… keep up the cute posts of baby deersies! ^^

  35. Those ears look EXACTLY like my pup’s ears!! Except hers are black. You can tell her mood by the position of her ears! TOO CUTE!!

  36. doomchild says:

    *snorgle snorgle snorgle*

  37. lingling says:

    “Eeee” Way, way, way, way, way too CUTE

  38. snorglepup says:

    Am joining my cutesie-wootsie peeps for a blither-fest!
    Snorgle, snorgl, nom, nom ,nom… Ahh life is good.

  39. Irredeermably cute.

  40. so precious!

  41. Oh my… the puns!

    Gorgeous deer and photo!

  42. Bessymouse says:

    Those eyes are almost TOO shiny. I wish I were even the slitest bit as cute as that!

  43. I think my heart stopped for a second there.

  44. This one is almost…disturbingly cute. I think it’s the animal companion of Zogg, the Cuddly Menace:

  45. I can die happy now.
    killed by deer eye and moist nos…..ga.