THIS JUST IN: New Cute Overload Hamster T’s!

That’s right, People, the wait is over.


And this time, the hamsters have wings. And pants. Still top-notch quality, natch.


And like hamsters, they’ll be around for a limited time.



  1. yankeebird says:

    Ooh, I want one of those bleening shirts!

  2. “And like hamsters, they’ll be around for a limited time.”

    Boooooooooooooooooo. That makes me sad. 😦

  3. If only they had it in maternity sizes! Still supery great!

  4. zeldapie says:

    I’m gettin’ one NOW! W00t!

    Say, does anyone know why the interwebs quits sometimes when I get onto CO? It’s weird!

  5. yankeebird says:

    Mimi, you won’t be in a maternity size forever! And you’ll really regret not having this when you’re not in maternity clothes….

  6. Michelle says:



  8. Damn. I can’t decide between brown or pink, so I’m going to have to buy both!

  9. yankeebird says:

    Before I order, has anyone ever ordered AA shirts before? I *hate* buying shirts I can’t try on and don’t want to get the wrong size. Do they shrink much? Can you compare the size to shirts from another retailer, like Target or Old Navy?


  11. woot! just bought my hampants shirt! in fact i bought 3…1 for moi, and 2 for friends of CO.
    yippy skippy!

  12. size question

    If I want a pink shirt – and it’s in the “charge more because I wear a bigger size, which isn’t really fair, but who cares” size – does it still come in pink?

  13. Yankeebird, my understanding is that AA shirts run rather snug. Here is a sizing note from
    “Please check American Apparel’s sizing chart for men or for women before you order. The Woot Tee, constructed by American Apparel, follows their classic closer-fitting style. If you prefer a baggier look, order a larger size. If there is not a larger size, consider starting a belly-hanging-out trend.”

  14. bees on pie says:

    So cute! Wish they came in a v-neck and/or a baby onesie!

  15. “”And like hamsters, they’ll be around for a limited time.”

    Boooooooooooooooooo. That makes me sad. :(“

    Makes me larf. It is this soupçon of self-conscious edge that keeps me comin back.

  16. homer mariner says:

    AA shirts run really small. I normally wear a small in Old Navy shirts, but AA I wear a large (sometimes medium if it’s really loose-fitting). Definitely order big on the women’s products!

  17. Hams on racks!

  18. Yeah! My old CO hamster tee is finally getting worn out. That’s what happens when you wear it every Friday for a year…

    This time I ordered two!

  19. berthaslave says:

    I imagine you live in a different world when you worry about the number of “A”s in your shirt size as opposed to the number of “X”s.

    Couldn’t we change teh sizes to refer to cute animals?

    X Smalls == hammie
    Small == kitteh/bunneh
    Medium == small doggeh
    Large == big doggeh
    X Large == OMGPON1ES!!
    XX Large == panda bear
    XXX Large == sasquatch

  20. PANTS!

    Hey, wait, where’s the hamsterette’s pants?

    Nice cedille, Rebecca.

  21. yay! my coworker just ordered one for me, and one for me as a b-day present!

  22. great 😦 now I need sasquatch sizes *sniffle*

    I think I’m hurt – but I’m not quite sure.

  23. I agree, Pheas. Amen, Rebecca!

    It’s Meg’s slightly off-kilter dark humour that keeps CO from being treacly and makes it so enjoyable and unpredictable.

    Huzzah for Meg.

    Vive teh CO.

  24. (the original) Mel says:

    Oh berthaslave. That was funny. Sasquatch! HEE!

  25. I was afraid you’d make the pink ones be girl shirts and the brown ones be boy shits. I am so happy I can get any of them in “girlie” or “unisex”!

  26. momof2kitties says:

    Oh My! Such an unintended typo, yet so funneh…

  27. SoCalSis says:

    Carrie, I think we should make XXX be Polar Bears— they’re gorgeous, cute, awesome and amazing. NOT that there’s anything WRONG with Mr/Ms Sasquatch, it’s just that they’re not quite so photogenic…

  28. Hamsterette is wearing a gauzy skirt.

  29. The brown ones are boy WHAT, oakling? 🙂

  30. BAHAHAHA. 😀 Oakling’s typo reminds me of a Freudian slip in a poetry reading I caught a bit of… tense mood, walker making eye contact with a magnificent stag…..

    “There we stood, in each other’s shite. …SIGHT!!”

  31. berthaslave says:

    Yes, polar bear is better….sorry I didn’t think of that.

    (Said from a man who definitely resembles a polar bear).

  32. aww, i thought they would be tshirts FOR hamsters… can we have pet sizes too?

  33. metsakins says:

    sasquatch = cute animal? You did not say that! couldn’t it have been brown bear…those are cute.

  34. T’s = That which belongs to T

    Ts = The plural of T

    Poor misused apostrophe.

    Friendly Grammar Police.

  35. metsakins says:

    sowwies, I took so long reading the comments that the polar bear suggestion wasn’t on there while I was typing!

  36. Yeah to what others have said – I’m a size 8-ish to 10-ish woman and I wear a large in American Apparel girly t-shirts. (I don’t know how the guy sizes run.) I can wear a medium girly, but it’s pret-ty snug.

  37. Why oh why doesn’t the pink one come in 3X??? :((

    And plz to not be calling me sasquatch, it’s not very nice.

  38. Grammar Police, I share your distaste for the inappropriate apostrophe, but this case is more of a judgment call.

    An apostrophe is also used to form some plurals, especially the plural of letters and digits. Raoul got four A’s last term and his sister got four 6’s in the ice-skating competition. This is particularly useful when the letter being pluralized is in the lower case: “minding one’s p’s and q’s” or “Don’t forget to dot your i’s.” (In a context in which the plural is clear, apostrophes after upper-case letters are not necessary: “He got four As, two Bs, and three Cs.”) It is no longer considered necessary or even correct to create the plural of years or decades or abbreviations with an apostrophe:

  39. I’m unclear on the ordering. Which one is the “girlie”? Which one is the unisex? I would think the girlie would be the pink one, and vice versa, but the cut of the brown one is a girls baby-t cut with ringer sleeves, and the pink t shirt has boycut sleeves.

    Or are they the same sleeves and I just can’t tell because of the threading reflection?

  40. Nev’mind.

  41. I ordered mine!!! The links Meg put in only go to the girlie version, if you want the unisex/man shirt you gotta click on “March Only” at the top of the website and then you can select that kind.

  42. Marianne says:

    thank god for these!!

  43. AuntieMame says:

    Actually, Pheas, I would say that an apostrophe is needed in “he got four A’s,” because “As” is a word. But as you say, it’s a judgment call.

    And I can’t decide which shirt to choose. I like the girlie hammie better, but I hate pink.

  44. For Helene: The pink tee is available in 3XL, you just have to choose “unisex” instead of “girlie”

  45. berthaslave says:

    Again…I’m sorry if I offended any larger peeps by calling the 3x size “Sasquatch.” I just couldn’t think of anything bigger than a panda bear that would be suitable — I thought “Grizzly” but that’s more scary than cute, so I just went over the top with Sasquatch (and MAYBE THEY ARE CUTE, just sayin’). I also chose sasquatch because they are really freaking hairy, like me. I’m a big hairy man. And proud of it (though I should lose a few, of course). I certainly didn’t mean to imply that others who need that size look like sasquatches (note no apostrophe) the way that I do. (Well, sasquatch…I look like ONE sasquatch).

    Silly me to forget Polar Bear (I mean, I adore Flocke!). Polar bears of all sizes are beautiful and noble creatures.

  46. mom2twinzz says:

    Sasquatch does not bother me, but I prefer perhaps Yeti. I don’t know I always found the Bumble cute in Rudolph…

    Plus berthaslave, there are not many larger animals that would not be insulting (killer whale, elephant, etc.) But for the tall 3x among us how about giraffe?

  47. Awww, these are sweet. But BAROOOO for them being limited! 😦

  48. groovy! i don’t know which color i want!

  49. maybe both! 🙂

  50. possumpiratess says:

    LOL/CRY at “Limited Time…”
    I’ll tell all my friends to have a look-see, tho.

  51. waaa! they dont come in XXS for my daughter.
    I wanted to get one of each so we could go out as a pair.
    me in the pants and hers in the pink!

  52. YIKES!!! After reading the posts on sizing, I’ve got a feeling that my “panda bear” (2x) ain’t gonna fit! Oh well.

  53. AuntieMame, I agree with you. The example is not my own but from the source cited. I find the apostrophe helps the reader, as you suggest, and that’s really the [EXCLAMATION!] point of punctuation.

    [Heh heh heh… – Ed.]

  54. The tees are very cute and since I was there I went browsing through the site.
    LOL did you see the one that is a periodic table of sloth
    Sn Tv Bd.

  55. Thirding the request for pet sizes next time! I know AA makes puppy t-shirts. My dog would love to pimp for CO.

  56. I have cats so t-shirts are not their friend but I agree animal outfits would be so adorable plus you could match..
    I want to put in a request and I wonder if maybe I am the only one but I go to COllege Now.. and a messenger bag with the hammie logo on it would be awesome.. or even if I could only get a patch I could add it myself to a plain bag. Please???? Looks at Meg with Big ol sad puppy dog eyes.. Hmmm, not working… holds up picture of adorable baby knute PLEEEEEASE?????

  57. Hmmmmm Hey I know a lady here in town who puts logos on hats etc…… can I get permission to see if she can do some bags….
    TEHO Help… what is the procedure.

    Maybe if there are enough people who want one I can get it set up thru her to make some…..(MESSENGER BAGS with the logo)

    OR does it have t go tru these folks witht he t-shirts… Legal Agreements being what they are.

  58. How cuuute I want one

  59. Thanks for the info Pheas!

    Suzanne (a.k.a grammar police)

  60. @zeldapie: I’m having the same problem. I’m having to sneak onto another computer to get my CO fix these days.

    @Suzanne, Pheas, Mame: Arrrrrgh! My pet pet peeve! I’m with Suzanne: While it may not be technically incorrect, I prefer to spare the poor abused apostrophe whenever possible. My heroes:

  61. girlnextdoortn says:

    Noooooo! This ordering page was so confusing! I thought I was ordering the brown, but now the glarkware people tell me I ordered pink! I’ve emailed them to try to get the order changed… but really, there needs to be some clarification on that order page- that you’re selecting BROWN or PINK, not Girlie or Unisex or whatever.

  62. Will someone buy me one of each color? *sniffle*

    I’m financially challenged, and I think I want one of each although brown makes me look ooky.

    That would be in Sasquatch style please.

  63. can y’all believe I almost FORGOT to get my shirt(s)?

    just got them ordered now, right in the nick of time. whee!

    the rest of y’all: what are you waiting for!