This Bunnaloon Committtee meeting will COME TO ORDER

Listen, if you have built-in fur-pants like me, you need to LISTEN UP [smacks small gavel] We have MUCH to discuss.

I’m Cute!, originally uploaded by MPR529.

CrackerBunny, thanks for taking pics of the meeting. Johanna S., Flickr-roonie-riffic!



  1. omg luv dat bun

  2. I shall decide that all bunnehs get carrots!

  3. We hold these truths to be self-evident…all buns are created equal…

  4. *ahem*
    “suhs, i would like to call this meeting to orduh.”

    all he needs are some little silver spectacles on his nosicle.

  5. Jupiter Star says:

    *Quivers beneath the power of Chairman BunBun* Yessir, nosir, I promise, I’ll never nuff again~!

  6. 4 legs good!
    2 legs baaaad!

  7. Eeeee look at those fuzzy haunches!

  8. AuntieMame says:

    Stop! Can’t touch this!
    Break it down!


    Good Morning, Madam President.

  10. If it pleases and sparkles.

  11. Jupiter Star says:

    Lone- Sunshine!

  12. berthaslave says:

    LOL Lone and Jupiter Star.

    “Rebecca moves that we work on list 47-D, who has the cutest purse!”

    Though this bunneh has more of a disapproving “drugs r bad, mmmkay?” look.

  13. This bun looks more disappointed than disapproving. ‘Why am I not getting treats or affection?’

  14. “You can’t handle the floof!”

  15. Aubrey, that nearly killed me dead-ded-ded. Teehee!!

    I would totally do jury duty if buns were the judges… though I’d probably get kicked out for inappropriate snorgling.

  16. cheesybird says:

    AuntiMame sed: “Stop! Can’t touch this!
    Break it down!”

    *snort* Bwahahahahaha!!!

  17. acelightning says:

    And instead of using a gavel, of course, he thumps…

  18. ButtaRumCake says:

    *giggles uncontrollably with cheesybird @ what AuntiMame sed*

  19. Bun is exhibiting “sag,” a violation of the dress code ’round here. [teacher voice] Pull ’em up dawg…er…bun!

  20. They are so cute when they stand up like that…

  21. Says the chairbunny, “Item #4 on the agenda has passed by a hare.”

  22. Awww. I love me some floofy bun pants.

    AuntieMame – Hee hee hee!

  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Please, Sir, may I have some more?”

  24. i want a big bun like this!

  25. Somebody’s got their big girl pants on today.

  26. i love how buns in this posishe look like they are pushing down one the t-shaped plunger thingy on one of those boxes used to detonate dynamite in cartoons and Bridge on the River Kwai.

  27. “Stop! Can’t touch this!
    Break it down!”

    The reason I am laughing at this is this morning, before I got out of bed to do my business, one of the cats pranced over my lower abdomen, causing me to say:

    “Stop! Bladder Time!”

  28. I love it when bunnies stand up like that, they look so adorable!

  29. Ok, maybe I’m sleep-deprived but he looks like he’s about to burst into song.
    “The bun’ll come out, tomorrow!!”

  30. Good call, anner.

    invisbul detn8r!

  31. CoffeeCup says:

    Pantaloons!! Awesome. My rabbit is almost always in disapproving mode, but when he does his pantaloons, he seems almost inquisitive and all “who me?”

    AuntieMame, thank you for putting ‘can’t touch this’ in my head. Haha.

  32. Raemie L. says:

    Yes! It’s so cute when bunnehs and other animals are standing on their hind feet like this.

  33. mom2twinzz says:


    She looks ready for the Easter Bun Hop

  34. I’m thinking he looks a little more submissive….”Uh, Yes, Mr Chairman, that is my pawprint on the Purchase Order for the ‘Disapproving Rabbits’ book…”

  35. FAR too cute!