I think everybody deserves a FRIDAY BONUS.  For frees!

This RCF moment of Zen has been brought to you by Sqirlz Morph, Rule #39, and ImACatPersonAnyway.  Hehe.



  1. SoCalSis says:

    What a fun (and slightly disturbing?) treat for Friday. Makes my bleenin’ sore throat feel better already!

  2. Seven Paws says:

    Ewwww. Definitely most disturbing. Is it happy hour yet??

  3. BustaMove says:

    My Boston looks like Yoda…Too Cute!

  4. That is NOT cute. Not even a little bit.

  5. Noooooooooooo!

  6. The best part is, that’s a real photo of me. College.

  7. Anasztaizia says:

    “The best part is, that’s a real photo of me. College.”

    Theo | Mar 14, 2008 at 02:05 PM


    Excellent morph.

  8. *gigglesnort* Which photo, Teho?

    It’s a pleasure having RCF back. But I’m missing the little guy who comes out to “beep the nosie”.

  9. Pup sez “I am a golden dog! errr, god!”

  10. Y’know, before I even read the credit, I thought to myself “This HAD to have been posted by Theo.” Sure ’nuff. 😉

  11. Bwahahaha! This is great!

  12. lurkingsmirk says:


  13. berthaslave says:

    Admiral Ackbar of Mon Calamari!!! ROTFL!!!

    Nicely done, Teho. Nice-ly done.

  14. berthaslave says:

    BTW, nuffers, although he is not conventionally beautiful, Admiral Ackbar is a mighty commander for the rebel alliance and was a key element of defeating the Empire’s Death Star plans:

  15. IT’S A TRAP!

  16. SoCalSis says:

    Berthaslave, don’t be Chauvinist— ‘not conventionally beautiful’ >by human standards< , surely?? I'm sure Mrs. Ackbar, the Admiral's good lady, thought he was quite the catch.

  17. metsakins says:

    Certainly happy hour on the east coast! What’ll you have, shall we open a bottle of Chableen, although I’m kinda in a rum & coke mood.

    C’mon, I’m buyin’!

  18. Hehehe, that totally made me snort out loud.

  19. imacatpersonanyway says:

    OH MY GOD…

    That’s priceless. I had no idea I’d be so inspirational.

  20. Slightly modified version published now… WHO CAN SPOT THE SUPER SECRET CHANGE!???

  21. metsakins says:

    oh I thought that was ’cause of the rum & coke…

  22. AuntieMame says:

    Well, I didn’t see it before, so I don’t know what *changed* but I’m digging the migrating doggie cookie.

    And didn’t we see those nostricles on the cheerio bun?

  23. alexhoopes says:

    It’s a TARP

  24. OMGRCF+MFBT!!!



    (Let’s just say it’s been a long week.)

  25. LOL. That’s awesome!

    Nice, Theo.

  26. super creepy.

  27. I haven’t had any rum&coke yet, so I’m glad Theo ‘fessed up to the changes. I would have had to get my eyes checked otherwise.

    But really, Theo, how could you torture the Admiral that way, giving him a doggie bone bowtie! So cruel!

  28. momof2kitties says:

    Oooohhh, rum&cokes? Can I have one, too? It’s Friday night, the kidlets are outside, hubby is gone for the night and it’s practically bikini weather here in Michigan. Well, 50’s anyway. In Michigan, in March, that’s bikini weather. Can I have a little umbrella, too? Thanks…yummy.

  29. T., the only way this could be an acceptable morph would be if there was a bunneh involved. So stop lagging and get to it.

  30. i absolutely see no resemblance between the two… or atleast i don’t want to.

  31. wow I bet Bianca is loving this post…

    …or maybe just foaming at the mouth…

  32. ummm…it scares me. I’m off to hide in my closet.

  33. Oh, my dog!!

  34. Uh oh, must have taken many beatings and physical discomfort to get the little guy to do that! Meg, how dare you post that!

    Yer friend,

  35. Now that’s just frightening!

  36. Admiral Akbar ROCKS! He’s like an intergalactic Royal Navy captain and he’s fabulous, the Republic wouldn’t have won without him!

  37. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    I don’t get it. I don’t understand the endless repetition of the doggie-with-a-biscuit-on-his-nose theme. I appreciate that each dog who can do this is demonstrating trust for its owner and handler. But it seems that one can’t scroll down a page of CO anymore without encountering a dog with a biscuit every two or three entries.

    And this particular variation on the theme, I just don’t understand it at all. Not cute, that goes without saying. I don’t know what that creature is, maybe it refers to some pop culture phenomenon?

    I’ve always loved CO, it’s been my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day, but lately it looks as if you’ve decided to change its tone. That’s your right, but it’s a darn shame, IMO.

    Meg, you were doing cute so brilliantly, just sweet enough without leaving a sticky residue. This new approach, what is your aim, maybe you are trying to be provocative? But to what end? *shrug*

  38. WHUT.

  39. oh and Mrs. Catlabash? the “some pop culture phenomenon”? Is STAR WARS. Sheesh. :p

  40. mojojojo says:

    caitlin: word

  41. The biscuit is a lie! Seriously, it’s photoshopped in, I think.

    I think I’ve finally found the one website that does NOT have Star Wars fans as the majority.

  42. Courtney says:

    Hooray, Akbar! My favorite Star Wars alien (well, I like that hammerhead shark guy in the cantina scene, too, but he doesn’t get as much airtime).

    Mrs. Catlabash, perhaps Meg and Theo are putting up a lot of pets balancing treats… because they like them? I mean, there are days when it’s a bunch of cats or bunnies or dogs in a row. The japanese video was probably going to be the grande finale, but I imagine Theo wanted to make a funny jab at the nuffs. 🙂

    If you’re tired of this current trend, just take a break for a while. That’s what I do when I’m getting bored with a website. That way, there’s fresh material when I come back.

  43. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    caitlin, sorry, (a) not raised in the U.S., and (b) raised in a very restrictive religious culture. I didn’t see television till I was 20-something. I made up a lot of lost time but still have some gaps, obviously.

    And yes, Courtney, I think I will take a break. I’m just a little sad because CO was my escapist break, a daily dose of the world’s most guileless beings, sweet little four-legged souls with no artifice, no agenda, just kissable noses and munchable ears and gently-pokeable bellies. But Meg certainly doesn’t have to cater to me.

  44. infallible says:

    Theo, how can you torture poor Akbar like this?? Hasn’t he been through enough?

    I admit, though, I may now have to name my future Boston “Akbar.”

  45. cboone21 says:

    Rebel Space Academy: Now with obedience training!!!

    He’s a good Admiral Akbar! Yes he is!

  46. Please don’t do that again. It really bothers me.

  47. berthaslave says:

    SoCalSis — yes, I sit corrected. I should have specified my criteria.

    Mrs. Catlabash — don’t go! I don’t find every single submish the epitome of cute (*coff*snakes*coff), but I still check CO every day (more than once), and if there’s something that’s kind of “meh” I maybe make a short, indifferent comment and move on! If a couple of days go by, then just click on the archives at random and relive some of the greatest hits from the past!

    And you really should watch the “Star Wars” films — they are really super!


  48. I opened the webpage at the moment when the ugly critter was on display and thought I’d entered the wrong site by mistake.

    That, is patently NOT cute.


  49. ITS A TRAP!

  50. Raemie L. says:

    *amused* I did not know about RCF posts until now….

    Aubrey (4:58 PM): Bunneh pun! : )

    Mrs. Catlabash (8:43 PM): “But Meg certainly doesn’t have to cater to me.”
    That has such a nice, refreshing ring to it.
    It’s alarming how difficult it is for some to realize this idea and put it together with one’s ability to voice his/her opinion (yeah, yeah, I know: on a privately-owned space or in someone else’s virtual ‘home’). I feel discouraged to respond to both “sides” of opinions because I’ve seen it get ridiculous. And, well, now I’m digressing.

  51. SoCalSis says:

    Mrs. Catlabash, how can you say this pup has a treat on his nose? It’s OBVIOUSLY a treat-shaped ribbon in his hair (velcroed on like they do with newborns, I’m sure). It’s just a fashion statement, fercrynoutloud. What, you’ve never worn a fruit-loops necklace? Some people find commentroversy in anything. SHEEEESH.

  52. imacatpersonanyway says:

    Yo, Fiz:

    It’s the cake, not the biscuit, that is a lie. 😉

    I hope you get that. But I can’t tell if you’re pro or anti Star Wars fans…

  53. possumpiratess says:

    I just totally cackled! I’m serious. Like that witch who leaves hairpins in her wake! That was inspired, Theo. And we all know by what.

  54. possumpiratess says:

    BTW…I vote for MORE Star Wars morphing!
    Nien Nunb next!

  55. cheesybird says:

    Hee hee! What a redonk end to a redonk week! 😀

    Fiz: “The biscuit is a lie! Seriously, it’s photoshopped in, I think.”

    Um… ya think?

  56. eWWWW

  57. @berthaslave: Well said! (as usual!)

    I didn’t get it either. Only saw the 1st Star Wars…., so thanks for ‘splainin’ peeps!

  58. Man, looking at cute stuff sure is serious business for some people! Who’s my cutie-pie fish man, Ackbar? Oogie-Boogie!

  59. Please, Mrs. Calabash, don’t go! This site needs you. Someone recently compared the anti-nuffers to grade-school bullies, and ain’t it the truth. Your tone is gentle, almost Ghandi-esque. Maybe some of it will rub off on the bullies. You never know.

    Another request: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING ANY STAR WARS MOVIE! A good critic, John Simon, said this of the first Star Wars flick: “A set of giant baubles manipulated by an infant mind.” Rent Forbidden Planet instead.

    Just scroll past the critters being dominated by the ignorant, selfish humans and look for the “kissable noses” etc.

    By the way, anyone who cringes at the sight of a snake is either phobic (and can’t help it), or insensitive to the beauty of nature. More snakes, toads, froggies, and lizards, please, Meg.

    Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!

  60. meg needs to take theo’s posting privileges away from him if he’s going to start with this shit again. i thought we were done with those awful morphs.

  61. Yeah, d, she’ll boot Theo and keep YOU–because someone who shits on her blog is ever so much more attractive and amusing.

  62. Stop puttng food on these animals. It may appear funny and cute but it takes meanness to get them to do this. Your site is becoming the site. If you choose this
    avenue you will be loosing many friends.

  63. It looks so fake, the milkbones here are Photoshopped. CO gone a little overboard lately? So I’m one of the party poopers because I would never tease my dog with her beloved “cookies” anyway. I prefer to laugh at humans, not at our sweet animals.

    [Um, this *IS* fake; that’s kind of the point… – Ed.]
    [except for the original puppy pic, of course]

  64. EaterofShades says:

    our cruisers can’t repel cute of THIS magnitude!!!


  65. aesthetica says:

    “Meg, you were doing cute so brilliantly, just sweet enough without leaving a sticky residue.”

    Uh, sticky residue? Seems that you’re thinking of an entirely different kind of website altogether.

  66. I still say we should have a new catigory! That’s more than 3!

  67. Mrs. Catlabash DO not go… I will chime in with the rest. CO goes in waves of themes sometimes. I have been coming here about a year now and when there is a post I don’t care for I just look at it and go to the next… as to the nuffers, anti nuffers etc.. not all nuffers are bad some are just stating an opinion and not all anti nuffers go over the top.. I am an anti nuffer but I try to never say mean things about people.. I prefer to fling pudding much to some folks disgust but I find if you can get everyone to stop yelling at each other and laugh sometimes everyone calms down…

    Anyway that went on a bit didn’t it

    I love CO thanks for the rockin Star wars RCF Teho

    As always.. A happy CO Fan.

  68. This post is disgusting! I didn’t even want to post a comment because it means that I would have to click near this post and see it again. It should be removed immediately! Meg – you have lost your impeccable sense of cute! What is the world coming to???????

  69. berthaslave says:

    “Forbidden Planet”? Please. I loved it the first time I saw it when it was called “The Tempest”! “Star Wars” is lingua franca for multiple generations. (I’m being a nerd, here).

    I’m just wondering, since Mrs. Catlabash grew up overseas and didn’t get much pop culture, does she get the “Good night, Mrs. Catlabash” reference (which I have also made on a few occasions?) Does ANYBODY get that reference besides myself and Amaranth?

  70. LadyIslay says:

    Not cute. I mean, I love the dogs with cookies posts, but I thought the first picture of this puppy was ugly enough. Un-cute. Sorry. Just don’t like it. I don’t get the whole Star Wars morph thing, either.

  71. IT’S A TRAP!

    (I know I know, but I HAD to.)

  72. Berthaslave, I recognized it. But yeah, it’s probably passing out of popular knowledge. My parents knew it firsthand, I knew it because they did, but my kids would give you a blank stare if you mentioned it.

    For that matter, the college students who work for me didn’t recognize a reference to the loneliness of the Maytag repairman–and that’s a lot more recent than Mrs. Calabash!

  73. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to train a native of Mon Calamari to balance a seaweed’n’shrimp biscuit treat on their collarbone without munching on it? Bravo to the trainer!

  74. Oh, and if you don’t think that Ackbar is cute, check out the wallpaper design called “Admiral Ackbar” here:

  75. Come-on, keep the doggy treats going! Remember when Jerry Seinfeld kept saying ‘helllloewwww’ out the side of his mouth – making fun of the chicks belly? And everybody laughed until Kamer et al said it was played? Well dog cookies on dogs is kind of the same thing – I’m still laughing…helllooewwwww???

  76. no like. squids? yes. doggies? yes. this? mmm…no.

  77. OH man. WHOA. Someone musta put somethin really wierd in my water bowl!


  78. Sheesh… again with the nuffing. Look peoples… torture is when the pup waits and waits and waits, drooling, and then you don’t let him have the treat. As long as the pup gets the goshdarn biscuit, it’s not torture. It’s called delayed gratification.

  79. Janice the says:

    I have to admit this one’s not my cup of tea. The pup is cute enough–I sure wouldn’t kick his cold wet nose out of bed–but I don’t see enuf resemblance between him and the General to make it clever. I’m also kind of over the “dog biscuit on pups” thing, too.

    Now where’s my Caturday stuff, dagnabit?? If I don’t find something cute to squeeee at soon I’m gonna start feeling like a nuff.

  80. Janice the "8 is WAY Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    Whoops–I should have said the Admiral. My apologies, sir!

  81. Dear cuteoverload,

    I love your site but I must protest. One or two minimal applications of pet torture via food balancing is somewhat cute, but your recent spate of way over the top pups as props for our amusement is cruel and awful. I love and respect my pet friends as living beings that WOULD submit to ridicule for my pleasure with complete trust. Yes they are naturally silly, however, they aren’t here for my amusement, and I am not better for subjecting them to humiliation.

    We humans are in charge of the treat jar and everything else. They shouldn’t have to beg or ‘submish’ to our satisfaction for a little num num. I beg you, as trustingly and submissively as the black lab balancing food on his nose in humble and abject humility, enough all ready.

    Love means never having to say your sorry, especially to friends who basically live gratefully, loyally and lovingly according to our subjective generosity and whim.

    -a very disapproving rabbit (Chinese astrology rabbit that is).

  82. Really, kat. You “must” protest. Really? You *must*? I doubt that.

    Especially since this picture involves no treat torture. It’s ‘shop job. A clever little joke that’s look back at this week’s shenanigans. No actual treats involved.

  83. Happenstance says:

    Oh, that’s awful!!!! Making the poor puppy turn into Admiral Ackbar!!! It’s torture!!!!! Won’t someone PLEASE think of the puppies?!!

    Won’t someone PLEASE rid us of these whiny morons?

  84. As much as I love this, I have to ask…

    Where is our Caturday?!

    I was looking forward to cute kitties today. 😦

    I’m sure everyone else was looking forward to it as well, and it might help to get people’s minds off recent events?

    Pretty please?

  85. Wedge Antares says:

    Please, people. This is teh internets. Theo has to cater to geeks from time to time.

    And yes, the “creature” is Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars, and the headline is a humorous reference to one of his famous lines.

  86. No matter how cultish a figure Ackbar may be, cute he isn’t. I don’t even think the Boston Terrier pup is cute but at least he isn’t the anti-cute that Ackbar is. Worse, it’s the weekend and nothing else has been posted so every time I check CO, that ugly creature appears. It’s enough to cause me to give up on this site.

  87. Look at Kat’s post. She is the kind of owner any animal would be lucky to have. She’s not being shrill or ridiculous; she’s just making an excellent point in a very reasonable & eloquent manner.

    Look at Jim’s post. The first part, short as it is, barely makes sense. The second part shows his ignorance of what’s been going on here. This is not about the morphing dog with the photoshopped treat, it’s about the whole idea of using animals for human pleasure that is entirely superfluous. It’s about controling a dog because you can, and it amuses you.

    It’s sad that CO has come to this, but good in a way that clear portraits have been drawn of the typical nuffer & anti-nuffer. The nuffer is always empathetic, always thinking what it must be like to be a treat-immobilized pup or a parachuting cat (Dear god, did Meg really post that? I missed it. Please say it ain’t so! No cat in the universe would want to parachute. Please, it has to be made up!). The anti-nuffer is primarily concerned about his/her own amusement, and uses “shouting-down” tactics to obliterate the compassionate message he/she is being sent. He/she doesn’t want to hear it. “Get a life” is a typical comment intended to abolish any hope of discourse.

    The only consolation is that these anti-s are not in favor of abusing their pets, just of bullying them a little. But I would sure rather be Kat’s pet than Jim’s.

  88. Susan B. says:

    @ amaranth

    Don’t get self-righteous, please? There’s reasonable people on both sides, and there’s outrageous people on both sides. I read plenty of “nuffers” who used personal attacks & derogatory remarks in making their arguments. “Clear portraits” is B.S. There’s hardly ever “clear portraits” of any group of people in life.

    Luckily the worst of it (on both sides) seemed to be edited or deleted by Theo’s thought police. 🙂

    Anyway, I’d be happy if everyone would just move on to a new subject. Obviously we aren’t all going to agree.

  89. possumpiratess says:

    Oh, the moral highground…if only it were big enough for more than one person to stand on.

    If there is anything I’ve learned from being an animal lover, a rescuer and a foster it’s that people involved with animals are absolutely sure that their’s is the only correct opinion on any animal subject and that they are the only ones who truly love and respect animals.

    It’s a dynamic that’s found in every sub group of humans on the planet, by the way. The difference comes when a person completely loses their sense of humor and humanity in interacting with people. Instead of being united in a cause that is dear to them, they divide over their selfish need to be the best at whatever they do and believe in.

    Nothing is more destructive to a cause or more detrimental to the believers than this brand of self promoting intolerance.

    “Get a life” is too inadequate to address that kind of attitude that works to alienate people to prove a point and actually erodes any constructive thought or action on the behalf of the cause they ought to be enhancing.

    You’re not fighting the “good fight.” Just your own fight.

    [While I may appreciate your message, PP, I would also really appreciate it if you’d just not *join* the fight, y’know? Please? – Ed.]

    [P.S. — ]

  90. HAH! HILARIOUS. Keep on keeping on!

  91. deep stuff.

  92. theo is probably laughing his tocks off at the comments

  93. Oh please don’t ever do that again. Scary! This is supposed to be CUTE (hiding under covers with 2 kitties)

  94. Amaranth –

    You can be my pet anytime. Then you can make a more informed opinion!

  95. On second thought, my pooties will get jealous. And my wife.

  96. stop it with the sadistic cookie tricks. I feel bad for these animals and it’s not funny, just as doing it to a child isn’t funny.

    this pic is grotesque as well. what the hell happened to you?

  97. I never would have thought of that puppeh as being like Ackbar, but after watching the morph a couple of times, I see it.

    The fact that Teho saw it first is testament to his wacky genius.

    And I hear the headline in the appropriate voice, too.

  98. Mimi-

    No actual cookie trick here. Please don’t feel bad for the animal. It doesn’t know anything about Photoshop.

  99. The dog is cute but the alien metamorphis is quite disturbing to say the least & I see no connection what so ever for “C.O.” site.

  100. possumpiratess says:

    Just speaking my mind, Theo…like everyone else has done. And although I appreciate your comments, I’m not in that fight anymore, but I was damned if I could leave that piece unsaid, having read too many personal attacks here on both sides. So, your cartoon applies, sure enough.

  101. I’m suddenly thinking of the following from “Hipster Haikus” by Siobahn Adcock:

    “I can’t bear to post.
    But I can’t bear not to post.
    Love hurts, message board.”

  102. MegMax — ooh, very cool! Thanks for that, I was completely unaware of Hipster Haikus. (I might have to order that book.)

    Also, perfect quote.

  103. hsrtytyyy says:


  104. LOL, omigosh, thank you! I have a half chihuahua mutt baby who is maybe not the sort of “cute” you traditionally would coo over, but despite her occassionally amphibian bulgy eyes, she’s a sweetheart and a wonderful puppy. She’s got the attitude and personality to rival any rebellion general. : ) I loved Ackbar in the films and novels and this totally cracked me up!

    On the pet torture real quick, we’re trying to teach our dog a similar leave it/wait for it sort of behavior so she won’t seize on a dangerous/gross item on a walk. : )

  105. If somebody would do this for all the recent three Star Wars movies, I swear I would watch every single one of them.

  106. Aaaaaaaaaaand amaranth brings Snacky’s Law. Awesome. The circle is complete. And to jim and amaranth: I do believe Kat was being a tad facetious. Next time, read for comprehension.

    @berthaslave: I get it. And Mrs Catlabash must get it too, else whither the nick?

    @Theo: Please continue with the odd (and I do mean ODD) RCF post. It’s cute to be weird!

  107. Yes Jim I MUST protest…I am COMPELLED, I Just can’t help myself because I NEED reactions like yours to continue therefore I MUST have your snide self satisfied quotated indignity or I simply CAN’T go on…ps. I have a pound of bacon for your nose and I really MUST pile each and every strip on top of your self righteous Schnoz…but I first MUST demand that you not move till I say so…so please finish up your patronizing condescending and reactionary posts because this might take a while…

  108. Get a room, you two.

    No, seriously. Like, someplace else.


  110. Yes, yes. When one thinks something is terrible, generally there is something worse lurking out there =]