I just laughed for 5 straight minutos

The buns want IN on the Rule 11 action.


Check out this Bunway-Airlines-cleared-for-landing shot. Now serving Cheerios.


Thank you for the equal-opportunity bun torture, Heather F.



  1. Rabbit torture! (kidding!)

    I love rabbits and I love cheerios. What a happy combo!

  2. The nose! THE NOSE people! *dies*

  3. berthaslave says:


    Let’s see the dogs do THIS!

  4. Michelle says:

    ZOMG U R TORCHERING TEH POOR BUNNEH AND HOW DARES U PPL DO DIS CRUELTY I WILL NEVAR COME HERE AGAIN LOOK AT HIS SAD EYES (tries to nudge bunny awake – c’mon dude, make sad eyes for the camera) HOW CAN U POST DIS???!!!?

  5. There is simply no way my rabbit would have put up with this. ‘You want me to *what*? No way. Are those Cheerios? Good. Give them to me, then leave.’


    Too cute. TOO CUTE!!!

    [keeses bunneh head]

  7. Catsquatch says:

    Man, I swear I have an extension cord around here somewhere that fits in that nose.

    Is that rabbit grounded?
    Or do I need an adapter?


    I laughed too Meg, especially in light of the previous torture episode 😉

    Its cool that the bunny is sleeping right through that terrible torture though ;D

  8. FerretLover says:

    hehe very cute, i just love the fuzzy whiskers.

  9. bookmonstercats says:

    Goodness me! The nostrils. Did the bunneh simply flick his ears up and catch the cheerios as they came down once he’d had enough?

  10. Poohbear says:

    Look at the nostreeels! Get out of the way, he’s going to chaaaaarrrge!!!! Heh, heh, bunny revenge.

  11. Goodness Catsquatch I laughed so hard at your comment, and of course it was right after I took a sip of soda, so needless to say I need a clean up on isle 2….

    How on Earth did the bun bun stay in one position so long? From what I can remember from owning bunnies (many a year ago) They never sit still, sort of like a kindergartener on mt. dew.

  12. Haha that makes me want a bunny!

    Hopefully this thread won’t become another “lets focus on the narcissist Pauline’s mental complex” thread again:)

  13. acelightning says:

    None of my bunnies could even hold their ears out that way, never mind go to sleep, or balance Cheerios on them!

  14. I’m guessing no one has had any luck doing this to their cat? ;-P

    That bunny is too cute for words!!!

  15. baa haa haa!!!

  16. I am amazed at the control this bunneh has.

  17. *snort*
    LMAO, for reals.

  18. cheesybird says:

    Do you think the Cheerios could act as flotation devices in the unlikely event of a water landing?

  19. I have been enjoying CO for many months and have never felt the need to post my thoughts…until now, because of the Japanese video commentroversy.

    1. It’s demeaning to humans & animals both, and I don’t understand why such a thing has to be here next to beautiful fawns and kittehs.

    2. It was astonishing to see everyone pile on Pauline the Terrible. I agree that she is insulting, but the people who raved against her showed more of their own natures than I think they wanted to. After reading I-have-a-thesaurus’s bitter response, I’m sure Pauline is sitting back and laughing her butt off!

    [I’m sure “Pauline” is too, but probably not for the reasons you think… – Ed.]

    3. It was impressive to see how many good-hearted people care about animals being dominated for the pleasure of humans. The anti-nuffers who shout that they should watch PETA cruelty videos are way off base. None of us here need to be reminded of the horrors that man”kind” visits upon animals, but many of us, apparently, should rethink our ideas of what is “cute.”

    4. Meg, I know it’s your site, but won’t you please stop with the “treat torture” videos & photos? Enough is enough, and it really is in bad taste.

    5. Please, bring on the sleeping kittehs & puppehs with their lovely, contented faces.

    Th-th-th-that’s all folks…

  20. Oh, this definitely does NOT count as torture. That bun is asleep, he doesn’t even know those Cheerios are there. 🙂

    I would totally chomp those ears even without the Cheerios.

  21. Brilliant! Heather F is an evil genius!

  22. OMG, bunny torture!! The horror of it all! Forcing a small bunny to lift its ears for the sake of entertaining people with cheerios. Shame.


    In some ways, I’m surprised the bunny could have such control on its ears. Such a cutie!!!

  23. katiedid says:

    Look its PlaneBunPig lol

  24. Elisha B. says:

    People, people, people, what is this world coming to????

    Oh man, this just made my day! I luvers bunbuns and this one is just my style. Cute, soft, ASLEEP and totally rockin the O’s.

    Thanks for the laugh:)

  25. When bun wakes up, he’s going to be all: “Teh Cheerio Fairy bisited me!”

  26. zeldapie says:


  27. the bun’s like, i totally disapprove of thissszzzzzzzz……..

  28. Courtney says:

    The bunny’s ears look like submarines (with the little cheerios as windows!)

  29. I just don’t get why anyone thinks this is torture. I do think it is cute and I hope Meg continues to post these types of things. I was laughing at yesterdays video of the dogs and chimp. I have thought all recent posts of this nature are enjoyable. I will contiune to think they are enjoyable in the future. If you don’t like it, don’t visit this site anymore.

  30. Miss Ruth says:

    Hee. If you push down on an ear tip briefly, will it spring back up again and catapult the cheerios across the room?

  31. Totally redonkulous and adorable.

  32. Florida Fran says:

    Sorry, but those aren’t Cheerios. Looks like Heart to Heart to me. Check out the one heart shape on bunn’s right ear.

  33. HEhehehehehehe… Ehehehehe. mmm (you did not just hear the giggle)

    Oh the torture do you see the drool dripping from the bunnehs mouth as he has to wait to get his giant o’s cereal treat. (turns head away to snicker and regain a smidgen of composure)

    oh the inhumanity…. ohhh the cruelty… making the bun bun sleep thru the cereal on his ears trick.

  34. *Slowly slides across floor to buns ears*

  35. Tower control to bun one, you are not clear for take off… I repeat you ARE NOT CLEAR for take off … You have cereal on your earwings I repeat Cereal on the ear wings… return to terminal for a de-cereal treatment before take off.

    Roger that tower control… this is Bun One returning for cereal removal.. Bun One Out..

    Roger that Bun One this is Tower control Out.

  36. LOL!! good one!

  37. Jennifer says:

    That is super cute.. then to see the big bunny nose.?!??!? Def. Made me giggle!

  38. This is the greatest thing posted since that horse that rode in the car. <3

  39. NOSTRILS of DOOM will avenge teh indignity with disapproval beyond your worst nightmare!

  40. Very cute! Not a big fan of the teasing…And for the record, the buns are already in on the food on their head rule! Remember the pancake bunny??

  41. Do we have clearance Clarence?

  42. gooeyctr says:

    (with apologies to Tony Orlando and Dawn):

    She’s got rings on her earflops
    and bells on her toes!
    Say, has anybody seen my
    sweet bunny doze?

  43. Ahahahahaha awww now that’s hilarious. If only because the bun looks like it doesn’t really care. Dogs just seem so utterly pathetic about it. <3

  44. Pengraffe says:

    Someone must have been very careful not to wake up their bun while they did that because that bunny is totally passed out. Too cute!

  45. O. Don Piano says:

    Are you sure that rabbit is not part piggie? Those are scary nostrils.

  46. Catsquatch says:

    “Goodness Catsquatch I laughed so hard at your comment, and of course it was right after I took a sip of soda, so needless to say I need a clean up on isle 2….”

    Oh, sorry Jmper, Ill send the mop guy right over, as soon as he finds that adapter…..


    Um, Amaranth?
    This pic is not an actual torture episode.

    The bunneh fell asleepies with his ears in that position, as some bunnehs do, and his human put cheerios on his ears so carefully he didnt even wake up.
    The bunneh wont even know they are there until he wakes up from his nappy, and then he will be all happy and stuff cause theres crunchables falling out his ears.
    So unlike the doggeh and the monkeh, theres no need to feel bad for the bunneh.

    Just thought Id clear that up for ya 🙂

    “”Teh Cheerio Fairy bisited me!””

    Love it Redzilla!

  47. did “pauline”‘s comments get yanked from the other picture? i can’t see them…

  48. did somebody really just *apologize* to Tony Orlando? …and Dawn??

  49. Wow amaranth, just wow.

    Paging Dr Meg to the ER for butthurt. Paging Dr Meg to the ER for butthurt.

    It’s not demeaning the rabbit. Dangling him by his ears while forcing him to carry a basket of cadbury eggs while painted a lovely shade of puce would be demeaning. I love animals, I do! But animals != people and yeah.

    My dog? You can make him look like a complete moron (not that he can’t on his own..) and he probably doesn’t go cut and cry about it on myspace. Usually he just runs around and nomnoms on his squeaky hedgehog

  50. jazmella says:

    Rofl! I can’t stop laughing, this is the funniest thing! Hahaha! How the little bun-bun stayed still long enough to get these photos is PRICELESS! Bahaha, I love it, I love it!

  51. yankeebird says:

    What’s your vector Victor?

  52. I see bunnies, I want bunnies! BUNNIES! oh those ears.

    Curse having a hound dog..hounds and bunns so rarely mix well

  53. jazmella says:

    P.S. amaranth? GIVE ME A BREAK! These “treat torture” videos and pictures are HILARIOUS! And oh so cute! They are in NO WAY harming the animal whatsoever!

    Believe me, I am the first person who would speak up over animal torture and abuse (hence why I’ve been vegetarian/vegan for over 5 years). And this is in no way anywhere NEAR “torture”.

    God, you people really need to get a life.

    Besides, the animals are given the treats afterwards! It’s merely testing their will and patience. It’s hilarious!

  54. jazmella says:

    P.S.S. I didn’t mean to say “you people”. I meant CERTAIN individuals.


  55. momof2kitties says:

    “Don’t call me Shirley.”

  56. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    momof2kitties….”SSNOORRTTT!!”” (owie, hot green tea spewed through the sinuses..owwiieee!)

  57. homer mariner says:

    Roger Roger.

  58. berthaslave says:

    You know what? I just totally avoided the video commentroversy. I watched the video and thought, “You know, I’m not even gonna read the reaction, or the reactions to the reaction.”

    Anyone who thinks the animals with food on them is ‘torture,’ I would ask you just one thing: Please think of all of the things in this world that we would all agree qualify as torture. I’d list them (or you can just pick up a newspaper), but I’m trying to keep it positive.

    Think of all of the ways animals are mistreated in the world.

    And then look at this. Is it really “torture?” Taking care of an animal, teaching it a trick, making it look a little silly for a few minutes, and giving it a treat? Are the animals in any physical danger? Do they retain physical scars?

    We all have to eat our veggies before we get dessert. Is that “torture” because someone more powerful than us is making us wait before we give over to our need to indulge?

    But more importantly:


  59. This picture actually made me snort.

    I was getting tired of the dog ‘torture’ pics, but only because we all know a dog who will do anything for treats.

    Having seen this, I’m now wondering how long before I can get my cat to sit for treats?

  60. CoffeeCup says:

    What Michael Vick did – that’s torture. This? This is just hilarious. If animals don’t WANT any of this, they can stop it. We all know how incredibly uncontrollable animals are. Just this morning, I took my bun to the vet, and it was all “nice CoffeeCup, *lick lick*” and then all of a sudden, he attempted to shred my hand. Animals are uncontrollable. He still got a treat – after all, I took him to the vet.

  61. CoffeeCup says:

    You know, I totally forgot to comment on mr. cheeriobuns here. So adorable!! Gotta love the bunnies. I’m so glad there are so many bunny posts, I squeed when I got on CO. I did indeed laugh for five straight minutes at this pic…

    but can bunnies eat cheerios? Just wonderin’ cause my bunny needs a new treat. Carrots are getting expensive.

  62. Rachelle, Toronto says:

    I had a bun years ago which was almost the twin of this one and what was his favorite food – Frosted Cheerios! He even made it to the local SPCA holiday calendar one year.

  63. Stop this MADNESSSSSSS! This torture! Where is PETA?!?!?! O.O

  64. theoneflyinvet says:

    good lord i hope the bun doesn’t dream about flying Hoover or Bissel or Oreck XL vacuums in his sleep…otherwise the floor might start getting a few loose floorboards from the snuffle-action of that NOSICLE. holy crap! 🙂

  65. RevWaldo says:

    Snirk – this reminds me of Ron “Tater Salad” White, talking about his bulldog Sluggo.

    (G-rated relevant joke at the beginning – if yer prudish, stop the video after 0:45)

    “It’s gonna be a good day, Tater!”

  66. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:

    Now ZEES ees why I loffs teh Cuteoverload. Fanks, Meg, for teh LOLs.

  67. wifeofset says:

    I try to “torture” my dog with treats. I put the treat there and he snaps it up immediately. Then? THEN?! He looks at me all, “wut are you gonna eat?”

  68. 260Oakely says:

    OK, so I’m loving all the buntastic pics on CO. But please, bun parents, help me out. It looks like people just let the bunsters have the run of the house. I thought they lived in “hutches” or glorified hamster houses. Is it possible to “rabbit-proof” your living space? I’m not nuffing here; just curious.

  69. Catsquatch says:

    Best way to rabbit proof your living space is to cover the floor with plastic drop cloths.

  70. I don’t know how the person resisted long enough before just snorgling the hell out of the sleeping bunneh!

  71. resident bunny person here responding to 260Oakely. hutches and small cages are not good for buns. they like to roam! house bunnies are awesome, but you do need to rabbit proof (cover electrical wires and wood corners). they can be litterbox trained quite easily. check out the info section of http://www.mybunny.org or http://rabbit.org for lots of information about house buns.

  72. hunny bunches o’ O’s! Or is that bunny hunches???

  73. I think we need for there to be a ‘snack torture’ category!!

  74. CoffeeCup says:

    260Oakely, hutches and cages, IMO are fine, as long as they’re big enough and comfortable. It’s unrealistic to be able to let a rabbit have full roam of the house – I’m personally out of the house for at least eight hours (someone’s got to make money so bunny can live in luxury) so he does actually spend most of his day in a really extremely large cage that was made for dogs.

    Rabbit proofing is really easy, but as Catsquatch said, you’ve got to protect your flooring from the mess that bunnies can make. I’m working on litterbox training but so far, he seems to really enjoy peeing where I can’t clean up (near baseboards, in corners). Also, if he gets a piece of cardboard to occupy himself with, I’ll end up with bits and pieces of cardboard all over the house.

    I think the reason why 99% of all the photos are of buns outside the cage is because it’s just too hard to get a good photo of a bun inside cage, what with all those pesky metal bars blocking the full cute.

  75. CoffeeCup says:

    Ooh, I want to clarify one thing. My rabbit DOES get to roam, but only when I’m there and can watch him, so please don’t think he’s trapped in his cage for the entire day. He usually gets “play time” in the mornings, but I’ve eventually got you leave the house, you know.

  76. RevWaldo – I thought the EXACT same thing! “It’s going to be a good day, Tater…”

  77. I have 2 rabbits. They don’t have free roam of the entire house, but they do have free roam over the entire sunroom. Their cage is in there with bedding and always open and they are pretty good with litter training. I did have another rabbit that did have free range of the whole house. Buns don’t really dig hardwood floor, so he stayed on the area rug in the living room, on the couch and in his bed. He was friends with the cat (who still misses him).

    Anyways…to sum things up: HouseBuns Rock!

    Mine are not going to be balancing food on their ears anytime soon.

  78. katerpie says:

    Same here, CoffeeCup!

    And mine would *highly* disapprove of balancing anything on his ears. 😀

  79. Monorail bunny…refuels..

  80. This is one of the most gorgeouses bunnies ever!

    What star quality! More pics!

  81. CoffeeCup says:

    When I move, I’m going to completely bunny proof and make sure that my rabbit gets the ability to fully roam around the house and any messes he makes, I can catch and clean up. Which is to say, I’ll sit and read or watch TV and he can wander around (all doors closed) without me worrying I’ll hear a scritching sound and discover he’s behind the refrigerator, destroying it, or under my couch playing with my newly gutted upholstry.

  82. Miss Ruth-

    LOL, I was thinking the same thing. I just imagine flying cheerios when he wakes up, too.

    So funny!

  83. 260Oakley says:

    Thanks for all the info, kind house bun folks. I’d love to have a bunny… just probably not while the elderly grumpus cat still rules this roost. I’m sure she’d highly disapprove.

  84. berthaslave, your wish is my command:


    (There is NOTHING Chuck cannot do.)

  85. omg! i never knew you could do that with a bun….i guess you learn a little somethink everyday 😉

  86. For some reason the nostrils just scream “DISAPPROVAL!!!” to me. It’s Cheerios on an Oreo bunny. And Meg, Theo? We _tewtally_ need a category for this….

  87. Hilarious! When I saw this I immediately wondered how many people out there think this bunny is being abused. Huh? Huh? Anyone? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  88. Egad! Some camel is missing its nostrils!

  89. bcteagirl says:

    Hee hee heee… taken in context this is hilarous!!! Will have to see if I can find that tip jar on the main page because this made my day 😛 😛 Hopefully it works! May I suggest a pet in a costume next…. (Evil I know lol)

  90. bcteagirl says:

    Fyi the tip jar paypal appears to be experiencing mechanical difficulties.. perhaps overload of tips?

    Btw, has anybody considered just how humiliated this poor bun will be when he sees his pic here? Anytime he tries to be cool by disaproving something with his friends they will just call him ‘cheery ears’ 😛

  91. ashagato says:

    saw the pic and laughed for 5 minutes. looked again, saw meg’s title, and laughed for another 5 minutes 😉

    i love CO so much!

  92. heather, Nilla's mom says:

    whoa, first of all, MY BUNNY MADE IT ON THE SITE! i’m such a proud mom! Nilla is the sweetest bunny ever, we treat our bunnies better then we treat ourselves.

    She goes have a fatnose! that is why we love her SO much.

    She wasn’t sleeping, she just plops down, she got to eat all the cheerios after, i got lots of kisses and nudges after this pic was taken.

    her ears are like tv rabbit ears, i can put one up and one down and she’ll just stay like that, its SO funny.

    I’ll have to submit more of my bunnies (i have 3). Hope you guys enjoyed this, i know Nilla did too!

  93. Raemie L. says:

    LOL@ Annie’s “Tower control to bun one, you are not clear for take off…” and “de-cereal treatment”
    @cheesybird: I think the flotation devices can double as emergency food supply as well. =D

  94. Just to add to the House Bunny comments, when bunny-proofing you have to also cover the telephone cords. They are an especially tasty delicacy to a bun. I had to replace my phone cords 3 times before I got wise.

    “260Oakley” – if you are serious about maybe getting a bun, be sure you research thoroughly. Check out those two websites that “arifa” mentioned. Having a rabbit takes as much time & effort as a cat or dog –of course it’s well worth it. But some people mistakenly believe that it’ll be just a little more than taking care of a hamster or other little caged animal. They definately need lot’s of room and lot’s of attention (you know… of the snorgling kind). Also try to adopt a bun that’s already grown up a bit rather than a little baby. That way you know what the personality will be. Besides, they stay little baby buns for about 3 minutes — then poof you’ve got an adult rabbit.

    And by the way, you might actually find that your elderly grumpus cat might not mind so much.

    Heather, thanks for sharing Nilla with us. She’s a doll.

  95. warrior rabbit says:


    I’ve had two bunnies, consecutively, for about 16 years (just lost my Anna Bunana in February to heart disease). Both she and Radar were litterbox trained (came that way from the HRS) and had free range (they had to earn that). Rabbits really are very smart, very sociable, and very funny.

    If your rabbit isn’t trustworthy (yet) for free-range living, just make sure the cage is super spacious. Condos are best. You can make one out of NIC cubes, or get one from Leith Petwerks. A condo combined with an x-pen is good — then they get some room to run, but are still constrained to a part of the house they can’t decimate.

    Also, for the person that asked, I wouldn’t feed cheerios or other cracker-type foods to your bun. You’d be better off with a tiny chunk of banana or something similar.

    Phone cords, yes, and speaker wires are especially tasty. I used to have surround sound…I also used to have raised buttons on my TV remote…Sigh.

    P.S. — Only chocolate bunnies for Easter, please. 🙂

  96. CoffeeCup says:

    Also want to add that bunnies chew on EVERYTHING, so if you are looking into getting on, mentally prepare yourself, make sure that you absolutely won’t fall to pieces if bunny experiments with chewing on the heirloom table…you can protect against that (put the legs in PVC pipe) but you have to prepare yourself to sacrifice a few things to accidents. My rabbit chewed a hole in a shirt – no biggie, I didn’t like the shirt anyway, but what if it was one of my favorites…I’d probably be horrified!

  97. That bunny is passed out so bad. I’ve seen my rabbits close their eyes like that maybe.. twice. Ever. Usually involves prolonged petting sessions 🙂

  98. CoffeeCup — since you seem to be checking the comments, just thought I’d let you know: Litter training is really pretty easy barring bladder issues. You really just have to lock them up for a week or two until they pick a spot ~in the cage~/pen area, and then stick a box there (full of paper litter topped with hay). It’s their natural inclination to go in one place. Helps if the food bowl is only accessible by the box. And put bricks in all the corners of your room(s), esp. behind doors. It may be easier to train when you move since you’ll likely have to keep your bun locked up 24/7 until you get most of your unpacking done, which will likely take about a week 🙂 My rabbits have full control of my bedroom, and only leave “presents” on my bed if I get home really late and they sit on the bed waiting for me (Awwww— I mean ewwwww lol).

  99. how did you do that!? our bunnies would never let you do that! I don’t think they’ve ever sat still for longer than 30 seconds!

  100. 260Oakley, your cat may not mind a bunny as much as another cat. We have three cats, and they are cautiously curious about the rabbit when he’s out but have never hissed, growled, or jumped him. Even our oldest cat, who was *furious* when we added the youngest cat to our household, has never been bothered by the bun. It’s like they have just enough instinct to recognize that a prey animal is no threat, but not enough to start seriously stalking him. We don’t leave him out with the cats when we’re not home, though, just in case.

    Another bunny tip: Be sure to seek out a veterinarian who really knows rabbits. You wouldn’t expect it, but they’re actually more like an exotic animal, in that you can’t just go to any vet and have them understand rabbits. I didn’t know that with our first rabbit, and the vet I took him to for an abscess gave him entirely the wrong treatment for a bunny. By the time we got him to a rabbit expert, he was very ill.

  101. >>May I suggest a pet in a costume next…< <

    bcteagirl, here ya go (at the bottom of the post):


  102. CoffeeCup says:

    ariel, I’ll be able to litterbox train more after I get into a new house. At this point, I’m pretty content on having him inside the cage for most of the day because he gets plenty of exercise in the mornings. Even when I do litterbox train, I doubt he’s going to roam around the house when I’m not there because there are a number of things he could eat…like upholstry.

  103. bcteagirl says:

    Lol Thanks J.Bo! 😛

  104. CoffeeCup — lol yeah there are a few things that you have to give up if you want a rabbit to have a free roam privileges. However, it is often possible to set up one room to be completely rabbit proof/friendly and then just put all of your special items in a different room. I’ve found that my Sina doesn’t chew on my wood furniture if I put lots and lots of yummy quartered sticks next to the offending objects. I’ve sure similar things can be managed for other types of furniture as well 🙂

  105. MareMcCheese says:

    Omigoodness! This bunny looks like my bunny, Peter (may he rest in peace). His ears used to flop down like that too.

    Also, this photo reminds me of the bunny with a pancake on its head:


  106. CoffeeCup says:

    Oolong the bunny! Loved the bunny with pancake phenomenon…I had a homemade tshirt with that picture on it.

  107. He looks ready to take off into the wild blue yonder.

  108. Maerlyn99 says:

    Awww. He looks like my Bump, rest his soul. Broken chinchy, Very sweet. He loved to flatten out on the ground when he slept. Those Cheerios never would’ve made it into the photo, though; he’d have eaten them too fast.

    *sigh* I miss my bun!

  109. Stop torturing Chreerios!!!