Unbelievable amounts of PURE torture CONTINUE

The hilariousness continues with this TEMPTING, TAUNTING Japanese show about placing foods in front of Puppehs and a Chimp.

Ruby G., you have REALLY outdone yerselfs.



  1. R. Moore says:

    We need a bleen torture category.

  2. Give that poor chimpanzee a banana already! So cruel!

    Also, why is this not in the “Cute or Sad?” category?

  3. R. Moore says:

    He he he, I have to send this to Schwester. Not only is she allergic to bananas, but she hates monkies and chimps!(Don’t ask–she’s crazy :P)

    It’s like those chocolate clothes that designer made…

  4. biscuithead says:

    So unkind.
    Yet hilarious.
    Still, would never do that to mah pooch.
    Prefer to snorgle mah pooch without letting him overeat.
    Or be tortured.

  5. R. Moore says:

    Well, technically they WERE giving the chimp a banana… A LOT of bananas. I love the little hand snagging one at the end. I don’t think s/he minded at that point. Got the banana.

  6. Personally, I think this is cute. And it’s not like they were denied treats for being so patient.
    Although I think the Shibi Inu (I think it was, anyway) covered in bones eventually fell asleep. ^_^

  7. Pure masochists. LOVE IT :d

  8. OMG that first dog has talking eyebrows. And the arrow for the droool drop…..so cute.

  9. eikoleigh says:

    only the Japanese would make a show out of this…too funny….!

  10. Caroline says:

    This strikes me as pretty mean, & not at all funny. Worst of all, it’s BORING. If you stop posting these, people will stop sending them, & then we can maybe see some actual cute stuff & not the same boring schtick day after day.

  11. oaklandcat says:

    Ooooh, Roger got a bleen! Nice work 😀

  12. Emmanuel Lamy says:

    you guys are nuts! the poor dog is drooling seriously. Torture maybe not, but cruel, yes!

  13. >Crazed

    they’re called “Shiba Ken” (^-^) you do not read it “inu” for dog here since it is a breed of dog
    “shiba ken” is the typical Japanese dog )excuse my English)
    The show is about the command you give to dogs called “mate” (= wait) which dogs usually learn like “sit”, “give your hand” etc (sorry, I really do only know these in japanese, I don’t know the commands in English) and it’s often trained with patience concerning food
    when the little chimp “tastes” the banana the man asks him “you just licked it, didn’t you?” etc, until he asks “you did not lick it, right?” and the chimp nods. and at the end he says that he did so well
    is there a command in English that equals to “wait”? I heard you usually use German or French commands, too, with your dogs. Is it true??

  14. OMG, that is even torturous to WATCH!! Poor doggie!

    I hope get munches up ALL 32 doggie snacks at once!

  15. marissposa says:

    Kind of disturbing, like a pg version of […]. Poor babies! Especially the first dog.

  16. OMG! 800 bananas! I wouldn’t last that long! Even at my current non-chimpy state. 😛

  17. Michelle says:

    See I feel bad for the doggy in the beginning because of the drooling and awwwwww, but I mean I think he knows that if he’s patient he’ll get more, so it’s not really that mean.
    Especially the Chimp! He’s smart, he knows he’ll get more bananas all to himself the longer he waits!

  18. That was so horrible to watch!!

  19. Happenstance says:

    I don’t know…the chimp seemed scared once the stack got high. For all he knew, he was being buried alive.

    The dogs were fine, God. That this should be the WORST thing to happen to a dog.

    A little anticipation makes the treat sweeter–and discipline and self-control is something a few humans could stand to learn. (Tom, the second dog, seems to have been asleep. Cruel? Psh.)

  20. This is not cute. It is mean.

  21. It’s puppy torture Jenga!

  22. @mari: Thanks for translating! No need to apologize for your English–it’s great!!

    In English (or maybe I should say, American), we say “Stay” as well as “wait”. “Shake” is for “shake hands” or “give paw”.

    As for German commands, some people do what’s called “Schutzhund” training with their German Shepherds. I don’t know much more about it except that the commands are in German.

  23. rubypearl says:

    Where did they even find that many bananas at once? That must have taken forever!

  24. I couldn’t even watch all of that – it was ridiculously cruel and not at all funny. It’s the kind of thing that puts me off these cute sites – no more please!

  25. That chimp one was the craziest.

    I doubt the animals thought it was cruel – they could have stopped it at any time with their safe words.

  26. Wow, I am really not amused by all these “puppy torture” pics – I find them boring. Having a series can be a good idea, but come one now, this has really gone on long enough. And then to top it all off – this video is awful! Not cute in the least. Cute Overload has really gone down the tubes, sad to say. 😦

  27. Tom Sawyer says:

    I worry about people sometimes. Especially after watching things like this…

  28. Terrible.
    Animals trained like that is abuse.
    I couldn’t watch it.
    I would never subject my pet to that treatment.

    take it off. please.

  29. RallySally says:

    I agree with miyo. This is just cruel. There is nothing cute in abusing innocent pets who are trained to obey.

  30. RallySally says:

    I agree with miyo. This is just cruel. There is nothing cute in abusing innocent pets who are trained to obey.

  31. RallySally says:

    I agree with miyo. This is just cruel. There is nothing cute in abusing innocent pets who are trained to obey.

  32. oh come on people – it’s not cruel, nor is it actual torture. The animal wouldn’t do if there wasn’t a “reward” in the doggie sense of the word. Temptation is just darn annoying, not torture.

    just a lil concerned about the chimp tho, have a problem with them being in tv-shows… in clothes… :/

  33. >Gail
    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain it to me!! You’re too kind!

    I don’t knwo why people say it’s cruel? You can’t force ananimal to do that, nobody would have minded if they ate it right away.
    I think if there’s anything cruel to showing trained animals, it would have to be circuses…
    and not having an animal have a little patience for food, which they could go and eat right away and nobody would mind (it would have been cute and funny if they hadn’t waited, too)

  34. It’s not about the animal having patience, it’s about them sitting there doing something pointless that could cause them distress (I went back and watched the chimpanzee section – unbelievably harsh) for their owners’ amusement.

    Dogs are obedient, generally, but taunting them with food is never a good idea. We had a dog who had been mistreated when he was younger – his former owner would remove his food or keep him away from it. He turned into a dog that would snap at or bite anyone who came near him when he could smell food and we had to have him put down when he bit a neighbour’s kid. So I’m really not laughing – animals aren’t toys, they’re not playthings and that video is just not funny.

  35. For everyone thinking this kind of training is cruel, you people probably have dogs that are ill behaved and untrained … but hey, at least you love them, right? Your dogs would probably bite and attack you for lack of training if you so much as did something they disliked… and they are probably a nuisance to society. Take a moment to re-evaluate your own issues because right now you’re humanizing a DOG.

    That also probably means you are obsessed with food yourselves and probably overweight for the love of it.

    Either that or you don’t know the meaning of the word patience.

    The stupidity of some people is astounding.

  36. This treatment of animals is disgusting and makes me want to punch the perpetrators in the head.

    Look up the words mean and cruel in the dictionary and you’ll find videos and pictures like this.

    Unnecessary and demeaning. Not cute.

  37. Okay, Chris. Give us YOUR meaning of the word patience. Does the human in the video have patience? Are they attempting to teach an animal patience? Ummm….that would be attempting to HUMANIZE it. You make some pretty strong ASSumptions in your post. Got proof?

    Animals share our planet with us and provide us with countless benefits, not the least of which are joy and companionship and beauty. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Anyone who cannot do that does not deserve to be in their presence.

  38. What a wonderful thing to wake up to: people complaining, and while all the usual anti-nuffers are asleep. That really is unfair. I mean, this isn’t commentroversyoverload, so stop trying to make it that. This is Meg’s blog and she is free to post whatever she wants.

  39. This reminds me of an Upright Citizens Brigade episode when Adair (Matt Besser’s character) talked about collecting these types of videos with an almost pornographic fascination.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s cute. It’s not really cruel but just not cute.

  40. Being walled up in a banana fort is kinda mean… but, I am going to build an oreo fort around myself and see if it helps my diet. Wish me luck.

  41. I made it to 682 oreos!
    But then I ate them all.

  42. Ok people…let us all take a moment to truly evaulate the word cruel.

    Burning animals? Cruel.
    Beating animals? Cruel.
    Animal testing? Cruel.
    Cutting animals? Cruel.
    Throwing animals? Cruel.

    Anyone disagree with the above?

    Now let’s see…the dogs weren’t whimpering, crying, or moaning in distress. They were waiting for the treat. It’s a very literal use of patience getting what you want in the end. Why do you go to a job you hate? Attend awkward family functions? Events you would rather not be at? Because you will be rewarded with your endurance and patience with a paycheck, gratitude from your mom and etc.

    There is no cruelty! If they did not let the animals devour those treats at the end and instead took them away, then it would be cruel. Honestly, get out of your little bubble and read the news about REAL animal cruelty.

  43. Okay, I watched the first minute or two, and I really do think this was cruel, far crueler than the pics that have been posted. This dog is drooling buckets and BEGGING to have these treats. It’s not nice to tempt them like that. The treats placed ON the dogs, though, were there very temporarily and none of those dogs were drooling uncontrollably.

  44. The dog did get the treats. And probably all of them.

  45. Do not want

  46. How the hell can this be considered cruel? For a few minutes of drooling and waiting, they got ALL those treats, and I’m sure they considered the waiting well worth it!

  47. momof2kitties says:

    Ummm…yeah. I am over this. Bring on the kittehs and the disapproving buns. Although…if these keep up and I no longer feel compelled to check CO 500 times a day, maybe I’d get more done. Hmm…something to think about…

  48. >>Jordan
    “Do not want”

    Well, that’s certainly not what the dogs or chimp were thinking.

  49. LOL@fuzimom! Good girl, yes you are a good girl! Who wants a cookie?

  50. momof2kitties says:

    Do they get to eat all the treats? Seems like that would make them sick? Can someone enlighten me?

  51. madeleine of the dogs says:

    I couldn’t watch even the finish of the second one; sorry, don’t think this is cute or funny or anything. I’ve a friend who puts down treats and his dogs won’t go until he says “Go” – but he doesn’t wait that long. This is just mean, sorry. The pix of pups with treats on their paws is cute, but this? uh-uhm.

  52. Oh, for god’s sake, people. My dog drools more than that when he’s watching my family eat dinner. Is eating dinner in front of him cruel? No. This isn’t either.

  53. Thank you, Alex, for saying it better than I could.

    This is not mean, it isn’t abuse, this is not cruel, and this is NOT torture.

    Have any of you calling foul actually seen abused animals? This isn’t them. These animals are well cared for and extremely well trained. Not to mention that they got to eat treats!

    IDK, but I think that if more people were as well trained as these dogs are, maybe we wouldn’t have such an epidemic of obesity in America.

  54. ameliaus says:

    that’s fucked up

  55. This is called sadism. The woman’s singsong voice having fun at the expense of the dog salivating was repulsive to the nth degree. I kept thinking that someone ought to subject her to some sort of hideous humiliating unmentionable frustration. Truly pathetic that this is what these ugly small-brained people find to do when animals all over the world need help.

  56. lol, my hamsters wouldn’t have the patience! I like how the chimp just burst through the bananas at the end. Like ok Iz bored I eats.

  57. “I kept thinking that someone ought to subject her to some sort of hideous humiliating unmentionable frustration.”

    Like walking by a bakery when you don’t have any money?

  58. Hey folks, me again.
    In my opinion, the way people treat their animals might just indicate how they will treat people. I don’t like being teased, some people don’t care if I like it or not. I notice that the people who value “training” also have the most colorful and vociferous vocabularies. I have, in my opinion, an idea that when people tease their animals and don’t know it, they won’t be coming to any of my birthday parties. Just ignore them, and watch out for any strange dogs, always. You never know if they have been “trained”, they can always say whatever word they use for when the dog can act badly, after all it is ‘their dog’ and ‘their right’ in my humble opinion.

  59. Awww, that’s really unkind to the chimpanzee. Baby chimpanzees are often stolen from the wild and their mothers are killed to get to them. Chimps are often beaten in entertainment until they are too old. When they are old enough to be very strong, they are often shipped to dirty sanctuaries where they are neglected or abused. This chimp is clearly very unhappy and SCARED of the host. That grin is a fear grin.

    (A dog, on the other hand, is fully domesticated, eager to please its human, and are usually trained without the use of punishment. Still… sure wouldn’t do it to my dog!)

  60. I think the pups and chimp could stop and eat the treats whenever they wanted. Maybe the pups wanted the fame? I know my hamster Smoothie is a real HAM for the camera : )

  61. lurkingsmirk says:

    I was at petco where there are open bins of doggie treats within doggie reach in several aisles. A woman brought her mastiff in and he started drooling buckets, sniffing the delectable kibbles and chewables. But he sat obediently and didn’t whine or seem at all put out that she didn’t buy him a treat. I think what it boils down to is training and understanding that the dog will always be provided for, and that comes from a loving family.

    If someone besides the owner tried that with these dogs, they probably wouldn’t get farther than two snacks. I think the dogs understand that this is a sort of game and enjoy reaping the rewards at the end.

  62. alright. go to peta.com. or something. watch videos on slaughterhouses.

    now watch puppies being covered with treats, and the more they wait, the more they get.

    hmmm. blood, gore and pain… or covered in treats?

    get a life. this is not cruel. they actually get the treats in the end. it would be cruel if they were made to sit through it and then NOT have gotten the treats. but this is a DELICIOUS GAME to them. and to their humans!

    now shut the eff up and stop ruining everyone else’s stress relief time with complaints on meg’s PRIVATE BLOG that we get to look at.

    bottom line, you don’t like it, go somewhere else. we don’t want to hear your ridiculous complaints.

  63. Courtney says:

    Wow, look at all these nuffs!

    I think this video is funny AND cute. These dogs are very well-behaved and smart — they know that the longer they hold out, the more treats they can have (although I hope they didn’t eat all the treats afterwards).

    The chimp is cute. I’m not a fan of chimps being used in the entertainment industry, but I wouldn’t call this cruel. He seemed perfectly content to wait for a banana. Try doing this trick with a three year old and some cookies and see how long the kid lasts. 😉

  64. Courtney says:

    Oh, and also — a well-behaved dog needs to learn to wait in order to get a treat. You don’t want a dog with food aggression issues. What if your dog gets a hold of something he shouldn’t eat? You need to be able to take it away from him. Honestly, there’s a million and one horrible things people do to animals every day. Try concentrating on stopping that instead of nuffing all over a video featuring stupid pet tricks.

  65. Oh my, that black lab was so cute! And so well behaved, I can’t get my Daisy to do that. Or my uncle’s yellow lab to do that.

    And for you who think this is torture, it’s about as tortuous as being well-fed and having someone stack chocolates in front of your nose. You’re not hungry, you’re not being beaten and when temptation gets the best of you, you’re not punished.

    WHERE’S THE TORTURE? Go hug a honey locust tree.

  66. aw… first doggie, i just want to give him a big hug & snorgle. something in his eyes, hes just a patient, kind, awesome doggie. i can tell. i don’t care if i get doggie slobber on me, i’m going in!

  67. *readies pudding

    Yeah, seriously people, let’s get a grip. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, the price our pets pay in return for getting free room and board and medical care is the occasional humiliating stupid pet trick. It’s definitely not a bad price to pay. Dog and cats are domesticated animals and have definitely learned to put up with a lot of humanity’s crap, including being put in stupid costumes, cat leashes, and being forced to do stupid pet tricks. I’m not sure about the chimpanzee though, while it didn’t look like it was having a terrible time, chimps are still wild animals, and haven’t signed the social bargain with us humans.

    Now, what I’d like to see is a cat do what the puppies did. THAT’d be a good video to watch.

  68. Thank you Ender! And yay! More people who realize there is no cruelty!

    Trained dogs are safe dogs. You can trust them to not attack a child who may start playing with the dog’s food.

    An abused dog, as many have attacked to vid to contain, would be acting very differently.

    BTW, these animals act better than most children I see at the mall and other places.

  69. At worst I would say the video is a lil’ mean spirited, but definitely not cruel.

    The first doggie was so cute. I was really happy when he was finally able to eat up those treats.

  70. Well done, Angela, for noting the sickness of the soft, teasing voice in the video. It’s reminiscent of Rosa Klebb, the KGB torturer in Fleming’s “From Russia with Love.” She would watch a victim’s torture with satisfaction, then mop his brow & speak soothing words as she cajoled him into revealing his information.

    Props also to Valerie & a few other dissenters (or “nuffers,” in the idiotic language of this site) who correctly view this kind of human behaviour as offensive. Yeah, yeah, we all know that dogs appreciate understanding their place in the hierarchy, they like being dominated, etc. But this carries the teasing & control way too far. It speaks volumes about the petty tyranny of the owners & handlers.

    I’ve had mixed feelings about Meg, but this is the end. She should be ashamed of ruining the site with this garbage. Save it for America’s Home Videos & other examples of human stupidity & vulgarity.

    Thank you again, Angela & the other few, for your kindness & sanity. You tower like colossi above the bullies, lackwits, and simpering cutesie-wootsies who defile this site with their blather.

  71. This is not cruelty. It’s not anymore cruel than giving a dog a treat after doing a trick. Some animals like to perform just like some people do.

  72. eh, all these “horrifying” posts do is weed out all the “i’m never coming back to CO again!” people. fine with me; we don’t want them here anyway 😛 although I doubt they’ll actually be able to resist the cute for too long.

  73. You people make this site unbearable, not the videos and pics that are posted. Get a life.

  74. um..my case in point (see a couple comments above mine)

  75. Wow. Food or not, I can’t imagine many dogs just sitting still like that while you pile stuff on their head and muzzle.

  76. Additionally, I hope they didn’t let him eat all of those at once :/ Poor puppeh.

  77. Well, you know, I’m a little tired of the “PUPPY TORTURE” thread, because the joke’s pretty old now… except then, seriously, it is a HOOT and a HALF to read some of these comments and reactions that people have. It’s like we’ve found a litmus test for modern mental coping skills. And I tell ya, the one or two folks here that are so stinkin’ proud of their seemingly-limitless capacity for failure, who make such a point of flaunting it before everybody else? …they just make my day.

    Schadenfreude, I know. But dude, it works for me. (Well, that, and a really good mocha.)

  78. I came to comment because this video made me LOL and I thought it was awesome, and I am SHOCKED that so many people objected to it so strongly. Cruel? Torture? You have got to be kidding me. Our troops overseas should be so lucky to have to WAIT FOR TREATS rather than being waterboarded or god knows what else. Get some perspective people.

    Also, I LOVE when the chimp is all “I didn’t eat it, I was just touching”. So cute when being sneaky. Say what you will about chimps in captivity, I agree, but at least it was obvious that his owner loved him.

  79. Ms. McPantiesInaBunchnuff says:

    Oh! this is like the game my dwarf hammie and I play! “Carmen Miranda”

    One time I got 5 apples, 3 grapefruits, 4 bunches of grapes, 10 kumquats, and 9 oranges all balanced on her head.

    She’s really good at it! 😀

  80. Hey, Teho, I hope I pass the test. >>;; X3

    But srsly, there are so many more important things to get worked up about than well-fed, patient doggies.

  81. “You tower like colossi above the bullies, lackwits, and simpering cutesie-wootsies who defile this site with their blather.”

    Hmm…I wonder what I am then?

    Honestly though, I must admit to being a little jealous of those who are so enflamed with the vid. If the worst act of cruelty I ever saw was this, animals waiting for treats, my life would probably be much happier because of the lack of knowledge of what cruelty is. Instead I have two dogs who were rescued from homes where they were BEATEN! One has recovered physically and mentally. The other one still has a long way to go mentally. They would not have needed to be saved if all they did were silly pet tricks because they would have been HEALTHY dogs.

    And the lady, “torture voice” as some say, is telling her dog good job and other positive things. A desperate dog would not allow one treat a moment on its face before it ate it.

  82. Vick — heh, so far so good, except *maybe* for the reference you’re making with your screen name, intentionally or not…

  83. Theo, erm, I’m tired and I forgot the last “i”. I would never EVER dream of being a “Vick”.

    Damn. That was a mistake.

  84. Two things: 1) The “Lisa” that posted how uncute this is was NOT ME, and 2) do I a smell a “comments closed”?

  85. /blush

  86. haha, sneeky monkey! :)he’s like “can’t tolerate it any longer! too tempting”

  87. @ Gail – just a quick little bit of random info following up on your mention of Schutzhund training (in case you’re curious): Schutzhund training is generally for German Shepherds and trains them specifically for protection. There are some other components (tracking and obedience) to it as well. Other high-endurance breeds (Rottweilers, pit bulls, Dobermans) often excel at Schutzhund as well. It’s pretty amazing to watch, although some people don’t like it because sometimes the training can be seen as cruel (although many elements of Schutzhund have evolved over the years to respond to these concerns).

    Here ends my random post of trivia for the day.

    [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schutzhund – Ed.]

  88. Lisa — re: #2 — not yet.

    Vicki — heh! OK.

  89. Most controversial post ever! Except maybe the pomeranian puppy vid. Now that was a flame war.

  90. Typical. We Americans take something cute and crank it up to level 4 or 5.

    Then the Japanese come along and take it to level 100!

    We are no match for their cute.

  91. I don’t think that there is anything cruel about having a well trained pet, unless they weren’t able to eat all the things put on them in the end. As for the chimp, he didn’t look to be in any distress.

  92. Just to make it clear.. my only concern above when I said “poor puppeh” is about how sick they’ll get if they were allowed to eat all of those treats. Certainly, they should get a couple for being so patient and well-behaved, but I hope they scooped up the rest to save for later!

  93. Alex — oh ho ho ho ho, if that’s #1 on your personal Commentroversy Top Ten, then you ain’t seen NUTHIN’ yet.

  94. @Pauline

    TYRANNY of their owners?? Don’t make me laugh, that’s ridiculous. The only thing going on here is an extremely well-trained dog. Which I say kudos to the owners that they have spent so much time and work earning the love and obedience of their dog. I don’t see any of these dogs cowering in fear, as if they had been abused and coerced into it. If that were the case, I would agree with you. However, all I see is happy dogs.

    By your reasoning, ANY training of a dog would be cruel. Training always starts with trying to encourage a dog to do something they (in the beginning) might not want to do (like sit still, or not chase the cat). With enough treats, rewards, praise and leadership you can EARN the obedience of your dog. However, you seem to suppose that any such treatment is cruel. We should just let them run wild then?? Only let them do what they WANT to do, and not what they NEED to do. Yes, NEED! Training and obedience can save the life of your dog (telling them to “Leave” something that maybe be poisonous or harmful to chew/eat… telling them to come to you when there’s traffic coming, etc.)

    By your standards and such training would be deemed inhumane, and, quite frankly, I would NEVER want to be around your dogs. They are likely spoiled, ill-tempered, and a danger to themselves and people around them.

    I see dogs like that at the dog park all the time… running wild and nipping at other dogs/my dog/children while the owners have no control whatsoever. I’ll take a little “tyranny” over that any day.

  95. ok, the singsong voice of her’s is cruel with the first dog? When you are giving your dog encouragment dont you get a higher pitched voice? Yes, atleast i do. When i am telling them they are good i get all singsong sounding. And also this is a Japanese show. Some people said that they should make these ppl be humilated in front of people, well who knows at the end of this program they owners may have had to do the same thing. Japanese games shows are crazy and humiliating. mostely to ppl. All of their shows involve humans doing redicoulous things for money or other rewards. People in Japan are humiliated for the publics enjoyment way more than these puppies. This is not torture. Some people teach their pets special tricks and this is just one. The dogs are happy to please their owners and get lots of yummy treats. Get off your high horse and stop being ignorant. Go watch a realy animal cruetly video if that makes you feel better since you seem to like throw the word animal cruelty around like dog treats. haha

  96. It’s certainly no flying hamster or surfing rat commentroversy. Those were crazy.

  97. Hehehe oops, sorry Theo. I seldom read the comments. I just remembering reading the ones about the pom and thought, “no matter what I post…I feel like someone will show up to my door and stab me.” It was so angry!

    And I propose a compromise to everyone on both sides of the debate…

    GO HUG AND LOVE YOUR PET RIGHT NOW! Unless you’re at work. Then you have to wait. Or you could go out for a lunch break… 🙂

  98. I hated this video. What’s funny in exploiting animals’ natural instincts? I love your site and I hope you don’t post stuff like that any more. Thanks!

  99. this got less and less cute as it went on, and was not at all funny. just cruel, especially the chimp.

  100. Redefining “cruel” won’t take away the fact that you have a creature, driven by simple pleasures such as food, comfort and companionship being emotionally tortured for a human’s benefit. Where is the joy in that? In your own home, one treat, maybe as a way to teach a dog patience, but continuous mounting of items on a dog until it drools?

    Whatever. I’m done with CruelOverload.

    [Until your next you-guys-suck comment, which I’ve noticed is the only kind of comment you’ve ever bothered to post here… – Ed.]

  101. Aluriaphin says:

    I thought that there was nothing wrong with the owners balancing the one treat on their dog’s head, but this is too far. That poor black dog was salivating so much, it was painful to watch. And the look on the poor chimp’s face was heart-breaking! Not to mention the fact that when someone builds a tiny fort all around you until you can no longer see out of it, that’s scary. And I mean, COME ON, 800 BANANAS?!?!? Too far… Waaay too far.

  102. “[Until your next you-guys-suck comment, which I’ve noticed is the only kind of comment you’ve ever bothered to post here… – Ed.]”

    Oooohkay. Smartass. God forbid anyone give your site a second chance. It’s plainly evident you don’t deserve anymore chances to actually LIVE up to your site’s name. Fine. I’ll be one less visitor for yah…oh, and many more after I quote you elsewhere. Delete Bookmarks…engage.

  103. Oh, how I love the way they just keep taking the bait…

  104. Emotionally tortured? Hahahahaha!

    Sorry, had to laugh at that.

    To all the nay sayers and “I’m done with this” people, I urge you and everyone else to volunteer at your local humane society. Those are the animals that need your time, concern, and help. Stop complaining and start doing!

  105. @Alex

    “To all the nay sayers and “I’m done with this” people, I urge you and everyone else to volunteer at your local humane society. Those are the animals that need your time, concern, and help. Stop complaining and start doing!”

    I second that!!!!

  106. snoopysnake says:

    Why don’t the animals just start eating the stuff as soon as they begin wanting it? What do these people do to train the pets to go through this?

    That poor black pup looked like he was going to cry. But I don’t understand what makes him just lie there and endure it.

    As far as George W. Bush and the bananas go, why would he wait? He was going to sneak a banana.

    Those orange sherbet colored dog biscuits were starting to look very yummy… to me! I’ll pass on the kiwi green ones, though.

    What’s next? Showing Bill Clinton a Playboy till it “gets a rise out of him?”

  107. Alex — re: “I seldom read the comments”

    …can’t imagine why not…

    [single sarcastically-arched eyebrow]

  108. black lab to owner: “this degrades us both…” 😉

  109. To echo someone above me, is every form of training torture?

    Is it torture when I have my dog sit and stay until I tell him he can before he’s allowed to eat? He’s even been well trained enough that if I tell him to sit in the middle of his meal, he’ll do it. Good thing, too, cause once I noticed something foreign in his food. Was it torture for me to stop him from eating?

    Is it torture when I’m eating and I don’t give my dog any, despite the fact he’s gazing at me sadly and sitting oh-so-politely next to me? Sad and pathetic, perhaps, but better that than having him eat unhealthy human things or jumping all over me and my guests. But of course, it must be torture.

    Or training him not to jump on people? To not howl at everything that passes by the apartment? Or eat anything that smells? I’ve got a beagle mix, and believe me when I say that if you don’t train them NOT to eat something they so desperately want to eat, they’ll eat anything and everything, and often get sick in the process.

    Please, people, grow up. This is an example of good (possibly an unneeded, though amusing, extreme) training. Nothing more.

  110. @Theo

    “It’s like we’ve found a litmus test for modern mental coping skills.”

    aaahahahahaha! roflmao! it’s funny cuz it’s true!

  111. SnoopySnake… LOL… egad, where to begin?…

  112. Anonnymouse, I sympathise with you; I try to be done with this site, too, but keep coming back to see the cute animals. If only the site were run by people with better taste than clods like Theo!

    Susan, your dog-training rant is absurd. Initial training must be firm, but teasing with treats-deferred is solely for the amusement of the owner. I admit I laughed the first time I saw a friend do the treat-on-the-snout trick with his dog, and then even tried it a couple of times with my own dog, Ralphie, but I did not prolong the teasing & stopped doing it because it just got old. Ralphie is well-trained & polite & friendly with strangers. Your assumptions are weak-minded. I also have a cat, Dagmar, who views training as a joke, unless she’s the one doing the training. She has never been on a leash, and when she must be bathed on a rare occasion (for getting into something sticky & dreadful) I don’t find her distress “cute.” I suppose that makes me a “nuffer.”

    To those who don’t like to see negative comments: Tough. It’s a free country. Look at the pretty pics & avoid the comments, if you can only dish it out but can’t take it.

  113. I volunteer at my local shelter and I have a well trained dog. i don’t think this video is cruel, I just think it isn’t very appealing to see people doing annoying crap to animals for no reason.

  114. Pauline — the difference is, you may live in a free *country*… but this is a private *blog*. You are a guest here. It might help you to think of this site like it was a dinner party at Meg’s house. There is a bouncer at the door (hello!) and little basic courtesy is expected.

  115. Please pass the Purina Troll Chow…

  116. OHMYGOD, when did they lower the bar for cruelty without telling me? I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS. I mean, I never would have known that training an animal was evil if I hadn’t come here to be enlightened. It’s a good thing they don’t train service dogs like thi…uh-oh.

  117. Vicki not Vick says:

    Pauline, if you can create a blog that shows no animal suffering, I promise I will visit it. I’m not being sarcastic or cruel. If you believe that you can do a better job and remain P.C. (Petlitically Correct) then kudos to you.

  118. ‘amember this poem, graciously composed and posted by A Thinker? i think it’s time to read it again. (A Thinker, hope you don’t mind!):


    (This was inspired by recent commentroversies…)

    There is a website called CO
    And to its pages thousands go
    To get their sure-fire daily fix
    Of kits and puppies, hams and chicks

    The place is frequented by Peeps
    Who often lose much-needed sleep
    With pudding fights and awful puns
    And pirate talk and snorgling buns.

    The Peeps are known by “Aww” and “Squee”
    And some excel at poetry
    They all engage in happy banter
    They’re quick to slap the off-track ranter

    But there’s another, darker crowd
    Their voices ring out long and loud
    Not on every posting, mind
    But only ones in which they find

    Some hint of hidden danger there
    Of which we all were unaware
    Until they kindly pointed out
    What we should all be freaked about.

    No picture’s ever simply cute
    Its testimony speaks, though mute
    Of untold suffering and pain
    Occurring just outside the frame–

    The Dark and Awful consequence
    Of our lighthearted ignorance
    Of all the dreadful things that happen
    To Cats with Birds, and kittens nappin’–

    The blood and mayhem, goo and gore
    We didn’t understand before
    These solemn pundits let us know
    Yes, we can’t see it, but it’s so!

    There’s tragedy in every pic
    Oh no, watch out, the dog and chick!
    The baby’s play is cat abuse
    The cat and bird–well, it’s no use–

    They chorus all in tones of gloom
    About each picture’s certain doom
    And those of us who think it’s cute?
    Naive, uncaring, harsh to boot.

    The kittens now are surely dead
    That baby’s got a squashed head
    The bird is suffering bad infection
    We know thanks to their skilled detection.

    It’s up in arms! We must react!
    And everyone should form a pact
    Avoid CO from past today
    And call the good SPCA

    They’ll surely stop this awful stuff
    If we all storm off in a huff
    CO will lurch on in control
    Of Nuffinghams and Cute Patrol

    No pics with kids, or double species
    No cats ‘n’ racks, rude words or feces
    Be careful ’cause we’ll analyze
    And cut your picture down to size

    Those silly folks who think it’s cute?
    We’ll harsh their mellow, down we’ll shoot
    Lightheartedness or hint of glee
    And anyone who dares to “squee”;

    The world will be a better place
    For kittens and the human race
    We’ll sit back and enjoy the fruit
    Of our do-gooding: safer Cute.

    Beware lest you should give a squee
    You’re just not thinking carefully
    Watch out, examine, look again:
    For danger lurks, beyond your ken…

  119. anner, if only A Thinker were here. I’d commend her/him? in person. ‘Cause that was brilliant!

    [She’s here, Vicki… http://plousia.org/ – Ed.]

  120. Oh my poor animals… very funny though…

  121. Lilianna says:

    Pauline… you say “Look at the pretty pics & avoid the comments, if you can only dish it out but can’t take it.”

    Apparently YOU can’t even take the pretty pics, so why don’t you avoid CO since YOU can’t take it?

    That seems logical to me, don’t you think?

  122. I think a lot of people are right on this one – I am tired of these. Doing one treat is a testament to the training and trust of the dog and owners, but that video wasn’t even training – the dog could eat them when they fell off. It’s not cool to humiliate these animals by teasing them with food just for our enjoyment.

  123. all you “this is animal torture” responders are the reason that I absolutely adore animals but could never be interested in something like PETA… if they were *hurting* the dog it might be one thing, if they were *starving* the dog it might be another… but neither of those were the case. It was a stupid Japanese game show and I think some of us need to learn to laugh a little. *hands out chill pills*

  124. “You tower like colossi above the bullies, lackwits, and simpering cutesie-wootsies who defile this site with their blather.”

    oh, DO get off your self righteous horse, for goodness sake. “…tower like colossi…”????? REALLY???

  125. What an amazing poem! No, I’m not being sarcastic. The rhyme & meter are really, really good, and it’s funny. A few misses, sure, but I think it would make Alexander Pope smile. (And use a diacritical mark to indicate that “squashed” should be two syllables.) Of course I disagree with the message–that “nuffers” are just dour folks looking for cruelty in every pic–but who could wear a frown while reading that poem? thanks for posting it, Anner.

    Vicki, it would not be hard to create a cute site with no animal cruelty. Just use common sense & ask yourself, “Would I want to be that critter?”

    You should create such a site!

  126. I just think it’s funny that people think these dogs are humiliated. Embarrassment, I suppose, can arise in dogs when they misbehave and are caught by their owners. But these dogs are far from misbehaving.
    This article says that dogs can feel jealousy and anger, but not embarrassment. If any of you can show me a study that says dogs can be humiliated, then I will recant my argument.

  127. the pictures of the doggies with treats on their noses are really quite cute. they make you think “awwww what a good doggie!” that is basic training, including potty training and “sit” commands and that sort of stuff.
    but i think this video and some of the other pictures where the doggies’ bodies are covered with treats is venturing in to the crazy territory. it’s one thing to teach your pet how to swim (life-saving!), and another to train your pet to swim across a river with a ball balanced on his nose.

  128. This was a disgusting display of human indifference, selfishness and cruelty. These animals want nothing more than to please us. And this is the thanks they get? Disgusting.

  129. oh but to all of the people attacking meg or theo personally, SHAME ON YOU!
    have you forgotten all the wonderful things posted on this site?? how ungrateful. people may have differing opinions on these past few pictures (remember the commentrovery over having humans in the pictures? i thought that was the stupidest thing) but we cannot forget how this site has buoyed us through tough times at work and life in general!
    ok that is all for now.

  130. It is really about giving everyone and in your household dignity. I too rescued an abused dog, a Corgi, and she is now a much healthier, happier pooch. We all have different dogs and different styles, but we can all be careful not to tred on anybody’s dignity. When I understood how important that was to every creature, our corgi came along beautifully.

  131. Pauline, I’m actually quite happy with CO. I can’t recall a single time when I’ve “nuffed” (except, perhaps when I said that adult possums aren’t cute and they’re actually kind of scary, but then, I was agreeing with Meg in that case). Now, if every other post made me hot with rage, then, yeah, I’d go ahead with petliticallycorrect.com. However, as it stands, I think Meg is doing brilliantly and I wouldn’t want to give her any competition.

  132. The only thing I could think while watching the chimpanzee portion was to wonder what kind of punishment they had shown that chimp to make him not want the bananas. There have been plenty of scientific tests that show chimps are smart but have a hard time understanding things like this. (Get none now get many later). It leads me to believe the poor thing was somehow scared of them. I hope thats not the case. Either way though, chimps are not made to wear clothes and amuse humans. 😦

  133. @ Pauline,

    You said, in your first post: “this carries the teasing & control way too far. It speaks volumes about the petty tyranny of the owners & handlers.”

    Yet, you just admitted you laughed the first time you saw this trick AND tried it on your own dog. Are you then, by your own standards, cruel and tyrannical as well?

    Yes, this video is over the top, and they could have stopped at 10 treats, but the point is the treat on the nose trick is simply evidence of how well trained the dog is. When you trained your dog, did you entice and “tease” him with treats to encourage him to do what you wanted? By your standard, such a thing is cruel. Anytime you are eating and your dog looks up at you pleading for a tasty bit of your human food, and you give him nothing, are you just “teasing” him then? Is that cruel as well? You imply that. You need to pick a standard and stick to it.

    And as for “amusement of the owner” lots of people teach their dogs to do all sorts of stupid tricks. Is every roll-over, beg, speak, or play possum distressing or wrong? No, like the treat trick, it’s only a testament of the obedience and respect between dog and owner that comes from training. It’s not such a big deal. It’s not absurd to want your dog to obey you.

  134. To everyone freaking out about the drooling lab:

    As the owner of a beautiful four year old black lab I can tell you with absolute certainty that labs are the master of what I term the “starving dog” look. They look at you with their big, soulful, sad brown eyes, they furrow their brows, tilt their heads and beg their little hearts out. My dog will do this immediately after he’s eaten his own dinner, it doesn’t matter, a lab will eat till it barfs and then it’ll eat some more, it’s just their nature. Relax!

    They also drool when they are begging, it goes with the whole “starving dog” package. I tell my boy that the look would be far more effective if I didn’t know that he weighs 110 pounds and that our vet would like him to loose about 3 of those pounds.

  135. This isn’t abuse, and I’m not sure I’d even go as far as cruel. The animals get the food in the end, and lord knows they have the patience of Job, so someone has loved them enough to teach them to be well-behaved critters.

    That said, it’s not particularly cute either. Bring on the belleh chub and the disapproving buns!

  136. i am willing to bet money that many of you people who are complaining about how “cruel” this video is, are also omnivorous [or at least, not vegan].
    thus, you believe training dogs to wait for food is cruel and “torture”, but drinking a delicious milkshake or having a chicken sandwich is okay.

    for the record, i found this video adorable and funny.
    it’s not as though the animals weren’t rewarded for their patience, and it’s not as though they’d have been punished if they didn’t wait.

  137. Hey, Mary, can’t I have some fun with words?

    I know I tend to be insulting…sorry. But apparently some of the posters here also have issues, judging by the virulence of their replies.

    Vicki, show me a study that is absolute in its understanding of what other species think & feel, and I will bow to its wisdom. How can such a thing ever be known? We make educated guesses about emotions, loss of dignity, etc. that our pets feel, and for the most part they’re probably accurate. But it’s still just the projection of our humanness onto other species. How about just practicing the Golden Rule in regard to our animal brethren?

    Lilianna, you obviously possess the thinking skills of a paramecium.

  138. Meredith says:

    While the discipline exhibited by these animals is impressive, I don’t like the lack of respect this shows for them. There’s a definite line between doing a trick and just being humiliated (whether they can actually experience embarrassment or not).

    I also have issues with the chimp…should not be wearing a shirt, or performing for people’s entertainment…but that’s a whole other issue.

  139. Lilianna says:


    You obviously only can insult when you don’t have an argument on your side.

  140. I also don’t think this is funny or cute(not to mention it’s getting old, can we move onl please?). I especially felt sorry for the chimp. At one point he made a sound like wailing, especially when the bananas were piling up.

  141. I’m vegan. I think it’s unintentionally cruel. Satisfied El?

  142. totally cruel. that poor dog was drooling!

  143. I don’t think this is funny at all, it’s cruel and I would never do something similar to my dog or my cat. Sorry, but I believe this doesn’t belong here, it’s not cute.

  144. Even though I don’t think this video shows any sort of cruelty at all, and I totally laughed when the chimp came bursting out of the banana dome, I am kinda getting tired of the stuff on my pet series. Just my two cents.

  145. Pauline, http://www.pleasurablekingdom.com/ this book gives a very good argument that animals feel emotion. That wasn’t my argument. I agree, yes, animals feel emotion. But there are two levels of emotion, personal and social. Humility is a social emotion, and that IS debatable as to whether or not animals can feel at that level. I’m not uneducated on the subject, but I am always willing to learn more.

    Hey, at least we’re discussing intelligently instead of lambasting one another for not agreeing.

    See people, we CAN be adult about this. =D!

  146. Susan, I wash my hands of you. I’m sure your intentions are good, but you’re just not getting it. Only a robot would never engage in some gentle teasing. Putting a treat on Ralphie’s snout does not mean I lack standards; it just means that I succumbed to a foolish & relatively harmless prank, which may have injured Ralphie’s dignity, although I’m sure eating the treat took care of that problem. But I would not cover every inch of his fur with dog biscuits & forbid him to move, and think it cute. My point is that such domineering behaviour by humans is sick, and does not belong on this otherwise lovely site. The vehemence of your protestations suggests underlying guilt. One can only wonder what humiliations your pets must endure for your amusement.

    (I’m kidding, okay?)

    Vicki, I’m sorry I tried to drag you into my circle of crankiness. Back away with my blessing. You are not the first to be intimidated by Theo’s thought police with their cugels & staves.

    To the few who despise this video & others like it…Carry on the fight!

  147. theotherjc says:

    Since when did salivating indicate cruelty? It is a natural biological response to the presence of food. Think back to a time when you smelled cookies baking in the oven, and I guarantee your mouth started watering too.

  148. maybe it’s that i’m a cat person… but these post are not cute, fun, or interesting. at all. normally i wouldn’t make a point of saying it, but there’ve been so many of them!

  149. I’ve seen this before and thought it was hilarious then and still do now.

    Some of you people saying this is cruel need to lighten the hell up. It’s not like the dogs and chimp were totally denied eating the treats afterwards. It’s not like these people were yelling at the animals scaring them into not eating the treats.
    These animals were trained to be patient and they showed just how far they were willing to go before finally breaking down and getting some of those tastey treats (although the 2nd dog just fell asleep :P)

    Anywho.. it’s a very cute clip. And people would see that if they took that big holier-than-thou stick out of their butts.

  150. I’m tired of all these “there’s no blood or screaming, it can’t be torture! justifications. No, the dog isn’t being TORTURED, but what’s going on is still mean and unnecessary. Clearly, the dogs in this video are not being “trained”; they’re being exploited by people who think it’s cute or funny to tempt them beyond reason. And for those who argue that “they’re not being forced; they can eat the treats whenever they want”…well, no, they can’t. They’ve been trained to wait and that’s what they’re going to do.

    There’s a lot of complaints here about “nuffers”…frankly, I’m tired of the “anti-nuffers”…exaggerating what we “nuffers” mean or blowing us off immediately just because we disagree and that makes us automatically “obnoxious.”
    We’re here because we care about animals and want to see them treated well.

  151. Caroline says:

    I still think it’s a bit cruel, or at least it makes me uncomfortable to watch, but that’s an OPINION & I’m not going to insult those who have differing opinions because decent people DON’T DO THAT…

    Anyway. My main problem is, it’s really old. I really like this site, but I’m totally over these “lolz dogs being tortured by balancing puppy treats!” features. Really? We need one EVERY DAY? It was barely funny the first time. Variety is what keeps this site fresh & interesting. Plus, it’s obviously offending some people so why not just MAKE IT STOP. It’s sooooooooo painfully dull.

  152. “Theo’s thought police”? THEO! Stop policing people’s thoughts by simply sniping at them and not actually doing anything to inhibit or control them…

    [I’ll consider it… – Ed.]

  153. Since when is drooling a sign of cruelty perpetrated upon a dog? I guess anytime people fix dinner in front of their big drooly dogs and don’t give it all to them, they are guilty of such cruelty. I guess everytime a big dog comes up and drools on me, I’m being cruel to him somehow? (I say big because the larger breeds seem to be more prone to spontaneous drooling)

  154. “i am willing to bet money that many of you people who are complaining about how “cruel” this video is, are also omnivorous [or at least, not vegan].
    thus, you believe training dogs to wait for food is cruel and “torture”, but drinking a delicious milkshake or having a chicken sandwich is okay.”

    “That also probably means you are obsessed with food yourselves and probably overweight for the love of it.”

    So, apparently I am a fat meat-love because I disagree with this video? Wow…the blind defensiveness on this thread is disturbing.

  155. AuntieMame says:

    I think it’s hilarious that people are really worried about the dogs being “humiliated.”

    They lick their own butts, for crying out loud!

    I don’t think self-image is a big concern for dogs…

  156. I don’t think I should ship Kitty Wigs to Japan anymore. heh. Dooce and Chuck did this a long time ago – remember? http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily/08_16_2006.html

  157. Thought police…

    Theo, stop policing my thoughts, RIGHT NOW!

    [Fine, fine… putting the badge away… – Ed.]

    But really, my opinions are my own and do not in any way represent those of the owner or moderator of CO.

    p.s. Hopefully this clip is the Grand Finale of the “Putting treats on doggies” series.

  158. I don’t find it cruel, per se. The animals got the treat in the end and commands are an important part of dog training. However, enough is enough and I’m getting a tad bored with the, “torture” theme.

  159. Catsquatch says:

    Wow, I cant believe I saw something at CO that disgusted me…..

  160. i was actually wondering…
    do people train their cats too? or is it just the poor loyal dogs that get into this sort of predicament?

  161. Pauline, I guess we must just agree to disagree. I don’t think it’s domineering, just an owner with an obedient dog. I also don’t think you can apply human emotions and reasoning on a dog. And actually, I don’t teach my dog amusing “tricks.” The only one she does is “spin” and that’s only because I picked up on her natural inclination to spin when she gets excited. Otherwise, I focus my efforts on useful skills.

    And I agree that the sheer number of treats in the video is ridiculous, but I would never attack those people and say it was cruel, because it’s not. It’s just silly, like like any other trick. And I would never attack Meg, because I don’t have to come here if I don’t like it.

  162. I rather suspect that there have been so many of these posts because so many people are being so obnoxious about them.

    After all, what’s the fun of having a blog if you can’t exact amusing revenge upon all the whiners? 😉

  163. “I think it’s hilarious that people are really worried about the dogs being “humiliated.”

    They lick their own butts, for crying out loud!

    I don’t think self-image is a big concern for dogs…

    Hahahaha… so true so true.
    It is funny how people think this is some how humiliating to dogs…
    NM that they poop and pee in front of anyone and everyone.
    NM that their way of getting to know another animal is to sniff their butts.
    So I guess training a dog to beg for a treat is humiliating them as well. Or maybe making a dog eat on the ground is humiliating! YEAH!

  164. Theo’s got thought police? Dang! Nobody tells me anything.

    Tonight I’ll have to ask him why isn’t he using it to make our teenagers do their chores, or stop the Evil Siamese from shredding the toilet paper.

    The man simply must start using his powers for GOOD!

    [must!… CONCENTRATE!… ommm… nommm… – Ed.]

  165. “I think it’s hilarious that people are really worried about the dogs being “humiliated.”

    They lick their own butts, for crying out loud!”

    LOL, I agree! Uh-Oh! We insulted the dog’s “dignity.” Uhmm… yeahh… if that’s the case my dog must have no shame, because she does enough on her own, without my help, to “humiliate” herself!

  166. THOUGHT POLICE!!! Wow Pauline, I had no idea that anyone other than YOU was trying to tell everyone what to think. Seemed to me that Theo politely asked you to behave yourself since this is, after all, NOT YOUR WEBSITE. Gawd. You nuffs are driving me nuts today. Meg, can you please repost that pic of the baby chewing on the kitten so that the nuffs really do leave for good?

  167. cheesybird says:

    You know, there are a lot of sites out there on the intertubes with content that I find disturbing and offensive (and for the record, this ain’t one of ’em). You know what I do when I run across them?

    I choose not to visit them.

    As has been mentioned umpteen times, this is Meg’s PERSONAL blog. She has been kind enough to allow public access to it, enabling – and I do mean ENABLING 😉 – a WHOLE LOT of people to get daily joy from it. But as Theo has pointed out, we’re guests here. If you find the content objectionable, no one is forcing you to come here.

  168. (jingles car keys at doggeh, holds up leash, tennis ball, frisbee…c’mon! Gives ball to chimp who jumps up on shoulder to throw for doggeh.)
    I like games where everybody has a real good time.

  169. Mary (the first) (not the other one) says:

    Sorry y’all, I’m an animal lover and the chimp vid. made me lol. I can’t imagine why anyone thought it was cruel. I could see him thinking “My dreams have come true. They’re building me a house out of bananas!”. The black drooling lab looked a little forlorn but that’s it. Tortured?! puh-leeze. The other dog just plain fell asleep, that’s how racked with stress and pain he was.
    As for training cats, sure you can. My cats were “trained” to come when I call them (by doing so they were rewarded with snorgling.. didn’t even have to give them food) and to fetch (reward: ball gets thrown again! yay!). I never tried piling food on them but only because I don’t think they would have cared.. unless I interrupted a nap, of course.

  170. I think I’d only make it to 5 bananas…then I’m grabbing all of them.

    and ONE piece of chocolate and I’m goin for it.

    IMHO not so cruel, doggies, and Chimp get their treat after all. CHimpmeister looks like he won the lottery or something seeing all those bananas.

    A less extreme version is a common pet trick around here.

    Mari: in English “Matte” is “Stay” and also we’d say “come”, “sit”, “fetch” (bring something back), or “shake” for “give paw”.

    It kind of depends on the dog and the trainer. Police and military dogs often are commanded by signs or foreign language commands.

  171. “I think it’s hilarious that people are really worried about the dogs being “humiliated.”

    They lick their own butts, for crying out loud!”

    LOL, I agree! Uh-Oh! We insulted the dog’s “dignity.” Uhmm… yeahh… if that’s the case my dog must have no shame, because she does enough on her own, without my help, to “humiliate” herself!

  172. yumyumjanitor says:

    How many of these pictures/videos of balancing biscuits on noses/floor/paws are we going to see?

  173. Happenstance says:

    Dear GOD, there are some unbelievably moronic nancies in this thread…

    Forcing dogs to wear collars
    Forcing dogs to eat meat
    Forcing dogs to eat out of a bowl
    Forcing dogs to walk on a leash
    Forcing dogs to stay off the dinner table
    Forcing dogs to refrain from jumping up on people, attacking people, or humping people’s legs

    Won’t someone PLEASE think of the puppies?!?

  174. Jess e’s comment says it all. He/she actually WANTS to see the pic of the baby chewing on the kitten. Thanks, Jess. You’ve given us a clear glimpse into the mind of the typical anti-nuffer. Anything goes it if makes me & my cutie-pie pals laff. Nothing else matters.

    I think this is really the heart of the controversy. Nuffers are thinking of the animals. Anti-nuffers are thinking of themselves & what they regard as cute.

    Is A Thinker here? What’s his/her deal? That poem was great. But is he/she really an anti-nuffer? (which means, closed-minded) Say it ain’t so!

  175. It would be different if it were humans (who are on the whole much more able to speak for themselves than animals).

    This is torture because it involves and jeopardizes – to the animals – the basic needs for their survival: food and protection.

    I’m very surprised and disappointed that this has been allowed to go so far on this website.

    And to those who feel I should “lighten up”: have one of the animals tell me to do so, and I will. Not before.

  176. Oh, the drool was so cute in such a sad way. Poor puppeh!

  177. Dog Lover says:

    Re: the dog portion of the video- while I found it personally distasteful the longer it went on, I have no real complaints about it. Dogs love to please us, so I doubt they were hurt in any way at all. However, I have a dog rescued from euthanasia and I would never take advantage of her loyalty in that way, just to laugh at her. And yes, she is trained not to snap at or steal food.

    But the chimp portion made my heart ache for the chimp. Chimps are not dogs, and they are not bred to want to please humans the ways dogs are. The chimp did NOT seem happy in that video, in my opinion. If there is a primate expert out there who feels otherwise feel free to correct me. I would like to be wrong.

  178. bisciroaches says:

    What a disgusting way to treat the chimp!
    Apart from those animals that have been domesticated for centuries, no wild animal should be kept as pet and no intelligent animal like a chimp should be treated like this – would people still laugh at the video if they had done this “experiment” with a mentally impaired child?
    Also, dressed up pets are NOT cute! And what a waste of food!

  179. Pauline,

    Now you’re just being rude. The name calling and the holier than thou attitude should stop. There are far better ways to make your point.

    Your claim that “nuffers” are the only ones thinking of the animals is patently ridiculous. You have a different opinion, that’s fine, but your OPINION is not gospel.

  180. wow, someone is unable to read. i said “many of”… does that mean i was directly calling you a meat-lover? i’m sorry, i thought that meant “many”… not “all”…

  181. Theo;

    You have my deep, deep sympathies. For serious.

  182. Pauline> To the few who despise this video & others like it…Carry on the fight!

    Yeah, do! Seriously, do. Email your friends and tell them to pile on!

    Mo’ traffic, mo’ revenue. Right Theo? Meg/Theo, honestly, you should stack the ads 100 to a side on threads like this. Thseriously!

  183. G.H Waite says:

    Well, the dogs were cute. Balancing a treat on a dog’s nose and teaching them to “wait” is common practice. It helps when you want to keep them off the dining room table. I’d have been really really angry about the chimp, but there was one point where I could see that the chimp’s canine teeth were intact, so I will give them that. Lots of trainers pull their canines out. The chimp really should have been with mom, though. That was a really young animal.

  184. G.H.Waite says:

    BTW – re reading. Hey, Theo, if this is a *private* blog, why do you guys keep flogging it for the webby awards. This is not a private blog. It is public and has received millions of hits.

    Just sayin’

    [OK, to be more linguistically precise, this is a PRIVATELY OWNED blog. It’s Meg’s. Use the dinner-party metaphor, or if that doesn’t work for you, think of it like a nightclub, only without a door charge. Um, so, maybe not Studio 54 circa 1979… – Ed.]

  185. MamaLana says:

    Sorry! This is mean and cruel and ugly. Shame.

  186. I will always come back here… I love this site. I just won’t read comments anymore 😛

  187. wow this is the most entertaining thing ive read all week.

    in fact im gonna add fuel to the fire:

    jeez Pauline you are so rude! jump off a bridge! (;D)
    Geez Theo, way to tell me what to say. you are responsible for all of this!
    god all you anti-nuffers way to be cruel to animals. go hug a slaughterhouse!

    there! MORE COMMENTROVERSY! you are soo making my day.

  188. IMHO, The dogs and chimp could have ate the treats at any time without any harm to them. The fact that they didn’t shows that they were well trained to overcome their instincts and wait. This is not cruel, it is a sign of good training and they were rewarded in the end. My friend has a peke who will wait with a treat on his nose until given the command to eat and then gobble it up. It is a sign of good training for a dog. So I agree with all of you who don’t know the meaning of the word cruel. If you want to really know what cruel is, look for dogs tied to trees in any rural area or visit a shelter on delivery day. Don’t get your hate on here. Just shut the hell up, go look at stuffed animals, and let us enjoy the cute here without your constant crap.

  189. Lissabear says:

    The part with the bananas reminded me of something I tried to do to my little brother once…

    There’s a reason I don’t go to conservababes.com, I don’t like the content and it makes me a little angry. If the content on this site offends you and makes you a little angry, don’t come here.

    And if you are concerned about animal “torture” I’m sure you’ll get better results by volunteering with an animal rescue group than making comments on CO.

  190. Katiedid says:

    awwww.. that second puppy is soooo cute. Hes like “This is the last time I fall asleep at a Frat party” hehehe

  191. I can’t read all of these comments.

    In my mind, animals not being harmed + treats + no look of distress in any way = not cruel.

    The only thing I didn’t like was when the banana fortress went higher than the chimp’s head, but he busted out and took one with him, so all was good.

    I didn’t see any look of fear on his face at all.

  192. Oh dear. I can’t handle the puppy torture! The poor lil salivating labbie! The “i shall sleep thru this” doggie. And the “I have a banana cave and you don’t” chimp. It’s just too cruel. 😉

    But, seriously, I’d like to see more adorable kittehs and other nanimals. Can we go on to other cute posts now, please?

  193. This is NOT cute or funny! You are supporting animal abuse in not removing it from your postings. This is extreme cruelty to the animals.

  194. All of this talk about cruelty is ridiculous, in my opinion. These are incredibly intelligent creatures who would run or fight if they felt threatened. Most animal training uses food as reward. None of these animals looked malnourished or abused, and the chimp, especially, obviously loves his owner/trainer and knows that he’ll get a delicious banana at the end. It’s not hurting them in any way.

    I, however, was killed ded by the lab’s sweet, sweet eyes. What a muffin.

  195. i just thought this was cruel. they will not run or fight their owners, who probably are the only ones they trust, because they are trained not to do so. Comedy is not a good enough excuse to taunt these animals.

  196. Ms. McPantiesInaBunchNuff says:

    *moans* oh……my……dog……oh …long john……oh ..long …..john..son……..oh don..peeeee ano……:O

  197. all of us says:

    Agreed, DejaMew, *all of us* want to see more cute too. Has anyone (other than *all of us*) noticed the correlation between the insane number of comments and the long lag times between new posts? – witness yesterday’s cuteness drought caused by (1) a Boston terrier, (2) someone who thinks that bug-eyed (fact) = ugly (opinion) = something that *all of us* are interested in hearing about (not), and (3) everyone else piling on to comment about that. Maybe if *all of us* would STFU, the cuteologists would be able to get out from under their pudding-smeared sofacushion forts and get back to posting cute stuff and being worshiped for it. PPPPPlease? Just a suggestion, folks – it worked last time.

  198. For those who think these animals are being treated with cruelty, obviously are just a bunch of whiny twelve year old brats who never experienced any REAL trauma inducing cruelty in their lives. This video just displays good example of discipline and loyalty by the animals..which unfortunately is lacking in most humans around here. >>

  199. Nicki, wrong. Bad poster!

  200. That’s gruesome!

  201. this whole site is cruel. how dare meg/theo post pictures of animals simply for our own personal satisfaction.
    petxploitation at its best… um, i mean, worst.
    for shame. why i eyes ya…

  202. Why, I eyes ya!

  203. WOW! I can’t believe some people here take the video sooo seriously. I think some people here really need to get a grip on priorities. For the record. It was kewt. End of story.

  204. alllll the live long daaayyy

  205. I find the attitude of anti-nuffers like Renae very illuminating. Their defensiveness indicates deep-seated feelings of guilt. At heart, they know they’re wrong. I pity them.

    Hey, thanks a bunch, you guys, for a real humdinger of a day! I was greatly satisfied to see that among the gibbering masses who clog this site like lemmings on a plateau, there are a handful of animal lovers with beautiful minds. Of course, even some of those will prefer to disengage themselves from my imperious, annoying persona, but who cares. I’ve had fun, and will await the next questionable pic before wading in again with my broadsword.

    Hasta la vista, punks!

  206. The doggie in the beginning was so cute! Drooling madly, expressive eyebrows…XD

    The second one looked like it had fallen asleep!

    The monkey…well, he’s a patient one, apparently! Haha. I loved how by the end you saw bananas and a teensy bit of monkey poking out of the top. Like a banana-monkey volcano! XD

  207. I don’t enjoy cruelty or humiliation of animals.

  208. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:

    So, Pauline has admitted above that she has fun fueling or even causing these ridiculous arguments, that she uses and annoying “persona” and can’t wait to get into her next fight. Is this not the very definition of a troll? I highly doubt that she actually cares about whether or not these animals are being treated humanely – she just sees an opportunity to cause a ruckus and jumps on it.

    What is CO’s policy on trolls? I think she is here less for the enjoyment of the cute and more for the commentroversy and would suggest a quick bannination.

  209. That first dog is all, “Lady, you need to go out and get a boyfriend, or a hobby. Your pick.”

  210. lol. I just realized that my poem was re-posted here, ironically enough, because Pauline emailed me to tell me so. Of course, I don’t mind. I’m glad it’s being enjoyed…

  211. 300 treats?? REDONK!

    However, teasing the monkey and trapping it in all those bananas – that’s just meeeeeaaaan.

  212. geez calm down people says:

    this is not torture.. it’s like being at a dinner and then having your food set down in front of you first.. of course you’re hungry, but you wait until everyone else gets their food. are those few minutes staring at your food this so called “torture?” NO… these animals are probably well fed anyway!!

  213. All of the uptight people saying that this is ‘torture’ or ‘cruel’ need to yank the giant sticks out of your asses, and lighten up. Seriously.

  214. Pauline… you’re ridiculous. You’ve a right to express your opinion on the video, but don’t react with ad hominem attacks that are based on absolutely nothing more than the fact that someone disagrees with you. They are not proving their “guilt.” They are just expressing their opinion, just as you have expressed yours.

    Frankly, I think you are proving to be nothing more than a TROLL. You obviously dislike this site, it’s choices in posts, the people who run it, and the people who visit. You only return with your “broadsword” in order to stir up arguments for your own amusement. You aren’t just expressing an opinion, you’re resorting to name calling and personal attacks. You are a TROLL.

    Get over yourself.

  215. Pauline… you’re ridiculous. You’ve a right to express your opinion on the video, but don’t react with ad hominem attacks that are based on absolutely nothing more than the fact that someone disagrees with you. They are not proving their “guilt.” They are just expressing their opinion, just as you have expressed yours.

    Frankly, I think you are proving to be nothing more than a TROLL. You obviously dislike this site, it’s choices in posts, the people who run it, and the people who visit. You only return with your “broadsword” in order to stir up arguments for your own amusement. You aren’t just expressing an opinion, you’re resorting to name calling and personal attacks. You are a TROLL.

    Get over yourself.

  216. Pauline… you’re ridiculous. You’ve a right to express your opinion on the video, but don’t react with ad hominem attacks that are based on absolutely nothing more than the fact that someone disagrees with you. They are not proving their “guilt.” They are just expressing their opinion, just as you have expressed yours.

  217. I just had to watch the talking cat to get all of this commentroversy out of my head.

    Oh Don Piano…

  218. As expected, a […]storm.
    LOL @ bearlet (why i eyes ya…)

  219. MegIsAGenius says:

    I can’t believe all you crazy people are still here squabbling over this.

    I’m not even gonna say which of y’all are the crazy ones.. the “that’s torture” or “that’s cute” peeps. ALL of ya should get a life!
    I’m going to go look at dolphin bubbles or that dancing horse or something for awhile until I feel better. I suggest anyone else can do the same.
    Oh wait. Maybe bubbles are disgusting and forcing a horse to dance while waiting for his reward (applause.. maybe an apple) is too gruesome. My mistake!

  220. You’re right Pauline! I’m a lemming! All this time I thought I was a university educated, intelligent, gainfully employed adult! Thank you so much for opening my eyes.

    Now that you have opened my eyes I’m finally free to freak out over harmless pictures on the internet! Now maybe I too can call people names and act like a jerk for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of other people. What a huge relief.

    Calling me an “anti-nuffer” is a laugh. I don’t begrudge you your opinion in the least, Meg and Theo are perfectly capable of defending themselves and don’t need me to do it for them. You can do or say whatever you please, I honestly don’t give a rat’s hind end. However, in the same way the rest of us are free to label your inane, petulant, self important, attention seeking ramblings for exactly what they are: pure bull crap.

  221. Wow! over 200! Is this a commentroversy postinks record?! Sure made the video way more popular, thanks nuffs!

    Personally I’m amazed at the discipline these dogs have learned. The “leave it” command is very useful, specially when your dog has something in their mouth that they shouldn’t eat, so it’s important they learn it. Treating your dogs like a retarded baby does them no good, they need to learn as much as they can!

  222. bcteagirl says:

    LOL! Very funny…. The comments? Even more so! I wish this was ‘torture’.. do you think this is what they use in the middle east? If you do not talk… I will pile haagen-dazz in front of you!!

    Please! I just wish the ‘had enough’ and ‘will never come back’ would actually do so. However, I have the distinct impression that this is the only way they can feel important or ’empowered’ in their lives…. I know I should be very mad at the nuffs (And trolls, I agree two categories of nuffs in this thread).. but frankly I am feeling a lot of pity…. must be kind of sad? To say you are leaving and then come back again (and again and again and again) must be humiliating? Do we have any proof that nuffs feel humiliation? 😉

  223. Don Piano says:

    OK. I’m going by a new name instead of G.H. Waite. I hope it fits.

    Thanks a WHOLE LOT, THEO for those flashbacks to 1978. That’s cruel to Disco Era New Yorkers. Going to go find eye bleach and brain wash now.

    BTW – I volunteer with animals at an SPCA and the local zoo and some of the things I see are not kosher. But I soldier on and continue to read, hoping the Cute But Sad stuff gets neglected and overthrown by Disapproving Rabbits, LOLcats, Cursday, and baby lion cubs. KTHXBye

  224. There is just no WAY the chimp (or the dogs, actually, but the chimp in particular) would have put up with that if he felt honestly scared or humiliated. That was the body language of a chimp who was initially kind of curious, and then patient, and then bored enough to decide the game was over.

    People need to chillax.

  225. guadalupe says:

    horrible! I hated this video!

  226. I’m half with one group, half with another….

    …I didn’t see much of a problem with doing this with (note: not “to”) a dog, because the dog is indeed domesticated and designed to please.

    But please, please, folks do all you can to discourage use of chimps as “entertainment.” By definition, any chimp with a pale face is a baby — an adult chimp is a huge, nearly gorilla-ish beast with a black face. Said baby has been taken from parents, with good odds that the parents and other members of the “tribe” were killed in the process. They don’t surrender their babies easily.

    And yes, when a chimp bares its teeth, that’s most likely fear/defensive aggression, not a smile.

    No, we can never truly know another animal’s emotions, but *I* wouldn’t go near a wolf with bared teeth, would you? See — you DO have an idea of its emotions!

    ps. — vegan here.

  227. I said it before and I’ll say it again…go volunteer at a humane society or animal shelter or whatever to help tortured animals. You know, the ones that have actually gone through pain. Have any of you seen actual animal abuse? The scars, mentally and physically from such torment?

    If you have then you know that this is NOT animal cruelty. I could only wish the depth of animal cruelty reached to animals doing silly tricks and getting all the treats in the end, eating them happily and not in a starving rage.

    Sorry to say, but some of the “cruelty” people probably have the bad kids that run around in resturants and malls and such, screaming while the parents sit there going, “dear…don’t do that…come back please…”

  228. This is deplorable, Meg–not cute. Since when is it cute to display such disrespect for a sentient being? Oh… but it’s for our entertainment. So it was for dwarves in the royal courts and sideshows. We know better than this.

  229. This just about made me sick. It may not be cruel in terms of injury and health, but it is definitely cruel otherwise. The dog drooling was horrible…. this is teasing in a really nasty way. And chimps are so intelligent, this one must have known that he was being made the butt of someone’s sick joke.

    this is enough to make me not visit this site any more. What an absolutely shameful way to treat animals.

  230. @ Suda Nim

    I agree about not using chimps.

  231. OH MY GOSH! I am SO with Alex on this one!
    My parents made me wait until the end of the meal to eat my delicious, delicious dessert. They made me wait until they had finished their coffee on Christmas morning before I opened my gifts.
    And you know what? When the time came that I could enjoy my reward, I ENJOYED IT MORE.
    It’s called delayed gratification.
    Not cruelty.

  232. Aheeheeheeheehee. Oh, Meg. Why I eyes ya.

    (And HOLY CRAP thatsa lotta banana!)

  233. P.S. I can has banana cave?

  234. Holy gucamole people, dogs drool! Some more than others! It’s an uncontrolled response to a stimulus. Humans salivate too. Babies drool, sometimes adults drool.

    Hungry and see something delicious? Know what you do? You drool.

  235. And another thing… To the people who think this vid is awful – READ THE FREAKING TITLE OF THE POST. Unless this is the first CO post you’ve ever looked at, you knew exactly what the vid was gonna show. So why watch it if you know you’re gonna hate it? Why torture yourselves?

  236. @ Nakey

    Hehe glad a few people understand my point. Delayed gratification…that’s what I was getting at!

    Banana cave? Hahaha I wanna make one!

  237. More than anything what bothers me is the low quality of snacks that poor dog has. Ugh! I can see they are cheap biscuits and most likely super high in sodium. That’s so not cool.

  238. Dog Lover says:

    Interesting. I’ve never paid much attention to comments on this site before. (Why would I? I come here to see cute pictures, not commentary.)

    What it interesting is how people will argue over something as subjective as “what is cute”? Just because someone does not find something cute, that means they have, as one so eloquently put it “a stick up the ass”?

    Odd to find that kind of rhetoric on a sight dedicated to “cuteness”.

    A comment section is so that people can voice their opinion about the subject. If the opinion given is not the same as yours, why feel the need to argue? Again, cute is subjective. Accept this and respect other people’s opinions, and the comment section need not be so ugly.

  239. naturebunny says:

    Anyone who finds this amusing is perverted.

  240. the stupidity of the “this disgusts me” people are more off putting to me than any of these videos/pictures on this site.

    there’s fighting for animal rights and there’s being over protective of animals.

    the people who find this disgusting are probably the same people who sue schools because their precious snowflake didn’t make the cheerleading squad or sue because their child skinned a knee while playing a torturous and vile game like tag.

    and don’t even get them started on dodge ball. that’s not to be done in schools. in fact, even hitler would find it disgusting.

  241. goodness gracious, peeples. relaaaaax. they all got their treats, and no damage done. just a bit of delayed gratification.

  242. at first i thought it was pretty mean, but i realized, the dog was gorgin on all of the treats.. so.. the dog obviously knew that the trainer would treat him for his patience. the chimp was just HILARIOUS.

  243. I found the comment about the lady with the first dog using a “torture voice” to be highly amusing.
    1) She’s speaking Japanese. It’s obviously different to English, and different languages have all kinds of weird intonation/stresses/accents/spitting. For the most part, she was just doing the equivalent of saying “Wait… wait…” while counting off the number of treats and praising him. At no point was she like “muhahahaha, I shall extract the locations of your last pewps in the yard with this excruciating torture.”
    2) When I took my puppy to puppy preschool, we were specifically instructed to use sing-song voices with our puppies to get their attention and keep them interested/responsive. How malicious.

    My dog recently turned 1. We stuck a party hat on him and made him wait for his juicy birthday steak “cake” while we took a happy snap. He may have drooled copiously. Clearly, my family are a cluster of savages!

  244. Pauline,
    You are the definition of a person who needs to get a life or get laid or both. Seriously you might want to get some anger managment courses if you actually hang out on boards looking to start a fight for jollies.

    Frankly it’s really sad.

    As to the video, I can see it as teasing to a degree. The same teasing my parents would do to me by offering me a treat when we were out if I behaived myself. So teasing, yes, to a degree. On the other hand I have seen the results of real animal cruelty. Using the word in this instance delutes its meaning, which in the end is harmful to those trying to stop real animal cruelty.

  245. Springwood says:

    Shouldn’t this be a new catagory thing by now? Sorry if someone has already said this, by the way. I don’t usually read or post comments. ^__^;

  246. It’s quite a torturous process to read all those comments… so I didn’t. I stopped about halfway through.

    I lol’d at the video and I will continue to do so. Ok, maybe the not at the chimp after the 100th banana, because that’s just ridiculous.

    Still funny, though. And none of those animals were harmed in the making of that movie, so where’s the beef (treat)?

    Btw, a cat would NEVER do this, not even just after she’s been well fed. I vote more cats!

    [Kudos for the correct & appropriate use of the word “torturous”… – Ed.]

  247. Oh, the caninity!

  248. Wow. Some of you have a serious problem. I found the video to be cute and it shows how much patience the animal has. The first lady in the video is counting. In fact, all of them are counting the treats. The first lady is telling the dog “One more! It’s okay! You can do it! Wait, one more!” Not once did she tell the dog that it was bad. The tone in her voice is as if she’s talking to a child.

    Before you go and berate someone, at least ask for translation of what the video contains. Of course, no one should keep a primate as a pet, but you don’t know how the chimp was obtained. Don’t go rushing into conclusions without knowing the facts. In fact, he could have saved the monkey from being a test subject. The monkey looks like he is being taken care of. Also, if the monkey was uncomfortable, he would have left his spot. In the end, you saw how easy it was for him to topple the bananas over. Geez people. Give it a rest and enjoy the cuteness of the video.

    Japanese to English Translation
    Sugoi – Awesome, Great!
    Ganbatte – Good luck, You can do it, Go for it!
    Motto – More, Longer, Farther
    Matte- Wait
    Jotto Matte – Wait a second

    You can count how many times the above words were mentioned in the clip.

  249. OK, let’s see someone get a CAT to do that!!!

  250. To Dog Lover:
    The point that I was making with my comment was NOT that everyone should find the same things cute. Meg happens to not think that opossums are cute, while I happen to think they’re adorable. We all have differences in opinion on what we find appealing, and that is fine. I was targeting the individuals who are comparing making a dog drool in anticipation over a treat to REAL animal torture, such as [graphic descriptions removed – Ed.] These are examples of real cruelty that really happen in the world, and are totally different than what we see in this video.

  251. Awww…poor puppy. I couldn’t do that to a dog, or really any animal. It’s just, well, mean once he starts to drool. I hope he got to eat whatever those things are after they got done. What ARE those things anyway?

  252. Pearl Ostroff says:

    It is all right to find something not cute. We all have our own tastes, but it is NOT all right to tell people they are disgusting, perverted or whatever because they find it cute when you don’t.

    Just in case anyone is interested, I don’t particularly find the dogs behaviour cute, I did like it when the chimp broke out of its banana fort.

    Here’s a site on chimp behaviour: http://www.lessonsforhope.org/abc/show_description.asp?abc_id=50

  253. jazmella says:

    LOL Wow, I absolutely LOVE this video! So funny and so cute! Those animals are really well trained!

    Hahaha, they even lasted longer than I could if you started to pile chocolates around or on me. 😀

    LOVE IT!!

  254. I like lemon pudding, by the way. :3

    I think the video was cute. And don’t assume, kiddos- that guy could have easily been a zookeeper.

    And please stop trying to shove your opinions down my throat. D: It’s more cruel than stacking chocolates on my head.

  255. If you don’t think its cute, LEAVE. You’re not paying for this site, you’re not funding its operations, no one really gives a dang what you think.

    Its kinda sad and it makes me want to hug the puppies and the chimp but to call it animal cruelty? To call others perverts? Really, do we have that many posters out there that were traumatized by playground bullies?

    Pathetic excuses of human beings. *eyeroll*

  256. That adorable black puppy was so drooly by the end! Loved him.

    After the guy got through the first ring, I wanted to get up and find a banana but alas I had none in the house. Does that mean the chimp is better trained than I am?

  257. Catsquatch says:


    Wadda conversation!

    I just have a few things I would like to say, not that my opinion matters to anyone at all 😉

    1. Meg and Theo do a bang up job on this site, its why I come here every single day rain or shine or sleet or hail, I just GOTTA HAVE MY QTE!!!!!!
    So even though I personally did not enjoy the video, it will not stop me from coming back day in and day out, nor will it cause me to stoop so low as to insult our hosts who do so much to BRING ME MY QTE!!!!


    2. Yes, I did have a problem with the video.
    One treat to train obediance is normal, and is a good training tool.
    The amount of treats was rediculous however, and amounted to nothing more than teasing for the sheer fun of teasing.
    Even though this is a show from the same country who brought us MXC, and is produced with the SOLE INTENT of providing entertainment to HUMANS, I did find the excessive teasing and baiting to be distasteful.
    Unlike MXC, the animals do not have the choice to participate or not.

    3. To the person who asked if it would be ok to do that to a retarded child, excellent comparison, I couldnt have said it better myself.

    4. To Pauline, who caused SUCH a RUCKUS today, chill out babe, everyone heard your opinion, some agree, others dont, such is life, but I would love to see you with your broadsword 😉


    5. I was unable to watch the entire video, as so often happens, it ceased playing at the 20th treat on the labs nose, so I did not see the chimp portion of the show, and Im glad I didnt.
    Someone else said chimps are not dogs, and that is absolutely correct.
    Chimps are our closest living relatives, and should not be subjected to teasing and baiting like that anymore than our kids need to be subjected to it on the playground at school.


    But, to Pauline and a few others who have deemed this video cause to stoop to insults, Meg and Theo did NOT produce this tv program, there are many people who DO find this sort of nonsense to be cute, and Meg and Theo are merely doing what this site was intended to do in the first place, and that is to bring we the people THE QTE!!!!


    So in conclusion, (after the thesis), even though I personally find the video to be distasteful, I see no reason to become angry at Meg and Theo over it.
    Indeed, if I experienced enough emotion about it to become angry, I would have emailed the tv station that produced the show instead.


    The End



  258. I felt so sad for these animals, especially the black dog (those eyes) and the chimp. I am very sensitive, so I didn’t think the video was funny at all. It was, like others have pointed out, the taking advantage of these animal’s loyalty through training. I don’t know what people in Japan think is so funny about exploiting animals. Different senses of humor, I guess. I’m glad the chimp busted out of the banana tower, though- good for him.

  259. Dog Lover says:

    To Jenny: Thanks for taking the time to fully explain your position. Your point is valid and worthy of consideration.


  261. Nancy: so if I don’t like something I should just leave, rather than speak up? Sorry, but I will ALWAYS speak out against what is wrong and if you don’t like it you’re a Nazi scum.


  262. If you don’t like it, then make your own cute blog. I’m grateful for CO and all the work Meg puts into it, even when she posts things like snakes and other (arguably) uncute things.

    Anyhow I laughed outloud and then kissed my rabbit. No balancing raisins on his head though.

  263. Aaaaaand Godwin’s Law strikes again!

    Theo? Cleanup on aisle Redonk?

  264. PS. Nazi scum eh?
    HAHA finally Goodwin’s Law sets in.

    Godwin’s Law
    “As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

    There is a tradition in many groups that, once this occurs, that thread is over, and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress. Godwin’s Law thus practically guarantees the existence of an upper bound on thread length in those groups.

  265. I agree with Redonk…give it a rest with all the “OMG IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK.” That’s a great attitude, if you’re a second-grader. Life isn’t that black-and-white. Controversial subjects come up and people disagree and discussions are had, and we’ll all just have to deal with that.

  266. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Not cute. First time I ever stopped watching a CO video in middle. Cut it off the second time that poor pup drooled. What the hell would you do that to a puppy for? I totes understand the training purpose of the exercise, but this overkill just to entertain the humans is regrettable.

  267. @ Redonk

    Please take your swearing somewhere else. If you want to make a point, be mature and explain it. And yes, I will be “a nazi” about that. Keep your swearing out of CO!

    Also, a lot of the leave comments are directed towards those who feel the need to attack those who find nothing wrong with the video.

    No one needs to know that you’re fed up and going to tell everyone not to come to the blog. Just move on to another web page.

    Everyone, go hug your pet!

  268. If you watched the vid, you can see the puppy counting those treats. He’s fighting temptation…seeing all those treats he can enjoy! Really people, dogs are smarter than you think. No, they aren’t writing doctorates on the molecular basis of plastic…but they can count! I have to give both my dogs equal amounts of treats. If I don’t, I get the evil eye until I even out the number.

    An abused dog wouldn’t wait. The first treat would be in his mouth, not on his muzzle.

  269. bcteagirl says:

    Still don’t think the mere presence of food is ‘torture’… My grandmother had a cookie jar full of cookies but I was not permitted to access (Although I could reach!) until certain times of the day… I will have to tell her she is a vile vile woman! (Some of my cousins are special needs, she did that to them to0! Btw, comparing special needs children to dogs?? = NOT cool. NEVER. Clear?)

  270. I didn’t like this. It made me feel horrible. I think it was when the audience laughed at the poor pooch drooling. That’s so cruel. That dog deserves better.

  271. Ms. McPantiesInaBunchnuff says:



    *screams in pillow*

    ah..that felt good 🙂

  272. the drool….haha.
    poor puppeh

  273. Catsquatch, Bravo on being mature in your dissent. I wish everyone could be so cordial.

  274. 😦
    I stopped watching because it was so cruel and I couldn’t stand it…

  275. geneticlemon says:

    I have the perfect solution to all this! So this is a website, right? And every time you want to visit it, you have to type in the link/open your bookmark, etc. …

    … so if you hate it so much here, why don’t you all just stop clicking on the link …?

    Free speech and free will work both ways, people. Get over it, move on with your lives, and stop being so self-righteous. Because I highly doubt the majority of you complaining about this innocent internet video are completely free of sin.

  276. I’m in between. I wouldn’t say it’s cute, I wouldn’t say it’s cruel, but either way there’s no need to go to the level of nastiness some posters have gone to.

    “I would never take advantage of her loyalty in that way, just to laugh at her.” < -- I like this quote. I think it sums up how I feel pretty well. They just seem like they're taking advantage of animals' patience and training to laugh at them. Taking advantage of. Perfect wording. Can't believe I didn't get there myself.

  277. Nope. That’s just mean and I don’t like it 😦

  278. I started near the bottom and got all excited by j echo’s reference to Godwin’s law having been fulfilled above, so I went back to the top and read through the WHOLE commentroversy, only to discover that Theo’s Thought Police (TM) had deleted that post. Probably for the best, but… wahhh!

    Now it’s the middle of the night, and I’m delirious and not looking forward to a tired tomorrow. Why do I do this to myself? Why I eyes the commentroversy, all the live-long night?

  279. I figured it out. It’s all about the pudding. Mmmm….

  280. Good thing I didn’t comment yesterday, it would have got lost in the ruckus. Seems quieter now (YAY time zones!)

    Jaye – The Evil Siamese shredding the toilet paper warrants a video, don’t you think? 😉

  281. yankeebird says:

    Wow, 270 posts and not one mention of the awesome Gumby/Pokey shirt on the baby chimp? Color me stunned!

    And I can has banana cave?

  282. Well, I guess I must be torturing my weimaraner by eating cereal in front of her, because that’s all it takes for her to start drooling from both sides of her mouth. Anyone remember Pavlov? Once dogs associate a particular action with food, they’ll start drooling before they ever catch a whiff of actually foodstuffs.

    I really admire people who can train their pets to have such patience with regards to food. My dog has to be told “easy!” with each treat because she’s so eager for cookies. I’d imagine training a dog to do this with treats takes the same kind of patience (and disposition in the animal) as guide dog training. In order to get a dog to balance thirty treats on his nose probably took months, if not years, of practice. This means the dog trusts its owner and *knows* that it will get treats in the end. If the dog thought that it would be cheated out of treats, it never would’ve consented to waiting like that. To me, there’s no cruelty in this exchange.

  283. marissposa says:

    Cruel may be too strong a word. But it certainly is humiliating and kind of disgusting that a person would feel the need to do this sort of thing to place her/himself at the top of the hierarchy. If it would be an abusive thing to do to a child it is abusive to do to an animal. This is beyond training. Training is teaching an animal or child the rules they need to get along with others in their environment and to keep themselves safe. Training is not demeaning a creature for a small reward and your own amusement.

  284. Catsquatch says:

    “Catsquatch, Bravo on being mature in your dissent. I wish everyone could be so cordial.

    Vicki | Mar 13, 2008 at 08:35 PM”

    Oh wow…

    Someone read my post….

    And responded even!

    Why thank you Vicki 🙂

    I love Meg,Theo and the rest of our posters, I come here every single morning, and even if I dont have anything to say, I still oooo and aaaah at the pictures and crack up on the comments ;D

    So BRING ON TEH QTE!!!!!



  285. Look! I have a thesaurus too! says:

    Oh Pauline.

    I have no opinion of the cruelty (or lack thereof, as the case may be) presented in this video, but you’re one of the most pretentious assholes I’ve come upon this week…nay, might I say month! Words like “imperious” and “colossi” are unimpressive on a site like CuteOverload, where you know most people here do not use such language. I can only conclude that you’re trying to sound /smart/ in an attempt to win your argument, instead of laying out an actual argument in concise terms… ones your intended audience are more likely to take to heart, and therefore be able to counter.

    You’re either blind to effective methods of debate, or don’t really have an argument at all. I suppose there’s a third option – that you’re a troll. That seems pretty likely too, hmm, since you just admitted you like to stir up shit.

    Didn’t watch the video, but your posts make me laugh almost as much as inane cutesie speak. Talk about overcompensating!

  286. cheesybird says:

    ss, dodgeball IS evil.

  287. ok…. to the prat named Chris who insulted those of us who feel offended by these videos: first of all, I DO have a WELL-BEHAVED and well trained dog. She is calm, good tempered and a good companion. I would NEVER treat her like this, as I still believe it is inhumane and cruelly teasing. And secondly, no, I am NOT obsessed by food and NOT overweight.

    I would dearly love to see these videos removed, but I really doubt that some people here want to give up their ‘fun’, nor would they want to give up treating their ‘pets’ in the most disrectful of ways.

  288. This isn’t funny. It’s cruel. And it is really wrong to dress up chimpanzees like fake humans.How long was that infant chimpanzee forced to stay in that pile of bananas, denied the right to behave naturally? And don’t forget that baby chimps are ‘acquired’ by dealing with poachers who murder the mother. I love Cuteoverload, but this is just childish nasty bullying. I think some cultures have a long way to go before they are capable of understanding the difference between humour and humiliation.

  289. I agree totally with the person who said unfunny and boring as well. It does not speak well at all of the people who find putting them in those prolonged situations funny. Cruelty? Maybe not, but the animals were not happy, and to enjoy that is a statement about what the people find fun.

  290. jackie31337 says:

    OMG! I know exactly how these animals feel. This one time, I went to this fancy dinner party for my company. I was so hungry, and I could see and smell the delicious food on the buffet, but I had to listen to a long, boring speech from our CEO before they would let us eat! And even then, we had to *stand in line* to get food. It was so cruel. 😛

  291. This is not cruel…it’s more of teaching animals to behave. The animals we’re spoiled like heck after that =D

  292. Placing *1* biscuit on your dogs nose is cute and possibly a trick – placing 32 treats on your dog while it drools and obviously frets about it – isn’t cute much at all. At least to me.

    #2. We are not related to chimps or any part of the ape family – but then again I don’t want to get my obviously unwanted Christian take on things stabbed to death, so I won’t say that.

    #3. I live chocolate pudding.

  293. Well, I do live for chocolate pudding, I love it too.

  294. My labradorables:

    have weighed in on this important issue. They have TOLD me in no uncertain terms that they want to be buried in 300 dog biscuits.

    They drool copiously while we eat dinner, but they have to wait until we’re done until they get the scraps from it.

    They are happy, happy boys.


  295. catladyK says:

    I don’t know about chimps, but dogs can be embarrassed when people laugh at them, and hurt their feelings. The black dog,(lab?) looked humiliated to me. It is the same for animals who might get a bad haircut, they sense when someone is making fun of them. Enuf, Meg, please, no more doggies humiliation

  296. @mari
    Thanks for your translations.
    Yes, Germans of course train their dogs in German.
    But the “Schutzhund”-training is a special training used for dogs which protect people or buildings or work with the police. This special kind of training is not only for German Sheperds, but they are bred for these protecting-purposes.

    “Normal” dog owners who just want to have a family-dog train their dogs the basics like “Sitz” (sit), “Platz” (lay down), “Bei Fuß” (walk beside me), “Komm” (come) and so on – just the basics.
    And of course funstuff – our dog does “dead dog”, barks on command, waves with the paws.. to amuse us and her. 🙂

  297. stop it stop it stop it

  298. Oh Carrie, no one will mock your Christian beliefs. You’ll just be mocked for being an idiot who doesn’t believe in Evoltion.

  299. Come to think of it, I don’t believe in Evoltion either.

  300. blah blah blah. My schutzhund dog is my house dog. And schutzhund it a german dog sport and a qualifier for breeding the titled specimines. Prey drive dogs can excell at the sport and the defence drive dogs are best for the police.

  301. Evoltion — men’s hair tonic or energy beverage? I can’t decide.

    [Why, it’s all that and MORE! See how it dissolves the mineral buildup from around your drain? – Ed.]
    [*sizzling noises*]

  302. Pheas – i think it’s a sniglet for being revolted by the thought of being related to apes. i think i suffer from this even though i wholeheartedly believe mr. darwin.

  303. jackie31337 I bet there were little pools of drool in front of everyone at the end of teh speech too ; D..
    BTW excellent example of human delayed gratification.

  304. LOL@Ed., but not planning to accept any beverage offered Chez Teho.

    anner — it’s revolting enough being related to some of the human ones!

  305. Pheas – good poing. i think there might actually be some baboons in my family.

  306. Excuse me? Angela showed kindness??? After the nasty, bigoted comment she made about asian people? Who’s the mean one here? There’s nothing cruel in this video and you people need to grow up! Angela, YOU need to take a course in behaving like a decent human being. Sheesh!

  307. ahaha! poing! i meant point, of course, but i think i just found a onomatopoetic word that might come in handy at some point. or poing.

    are we at 300 comments yet?

  308. Oh silly people. Don’t you have better things to worry about? 😮

    Love you all anyway. ^.^

  309. I have never understood why regulars at this site find it acceptable to namecall or insult those who do not agree with them. Seriously, I find that more offensive than the opinions themselves. If Meg didn’t want comments, she’d close the comment section like the Daily Coyote siteowner did. Since comments are open, it’s reasonable to expect that a variety of opinions will be expressed. To call people names because they don’t like what you like is sad, not cute. There is a tendency to gang up on people here that I find really creepy. It reminds me of grade-school bullying. It’s possible to disagree in a civil manner, and I wish folks would stick to making jokes and cut out the meanness.

  310. It’s the internet, please don’t take it so seriously. There are far more important things in life than someone calling you a “dink” from a thousand miles away.

  311. I have to kind of disagree with Karen a little bit. I say “kind of” disagree because it’s true, there are more important things in life than what a stranger thinks of you.

    But I also disagree because I believe there’s nothing more important than how we treat one another, be they one mile away or a thousand miles away, a friend or a stranger. And as the power of the digital world makes all parts of the world grow every closer, a physical measurement like a thousand miles away becomes irrelevant. The internet is a community – a virtual one, but one that functions in many of the same ways a physical community does – it’s a place where people go to connect, communicate, and feel that they are not so alone.

    That’s why I think it is tremendously important that people not name-call and insult one another, just as it’s important in the physical world. It’s been said it before – if you wouldn’t say it to somebody’s face, you shouldn’t say it on-line. (Of course, there is always the response, ‘But I would say this incredibly rude thing to somebody’s face,’ which always boggles my mind.)

  312. not turture! says:

    so cute!

    and that’s not torture… look how well fed and clean the animals look! if they were being so “tortured,” they could’ve just escaped since they weren’t shackled to anything.

  313. Wow.

    I really don’t find these funny at all. If you love your pet, just give him/her a treat already!

    For now, I’ll take a break from this site. Maybe these posts will be gone when I come back.

  314. “Pauline — the difference is, you may live in a free *country*… but this is a private *blog*.”

    Actually this blog is public – open to anyone with an internet connection to read. The owner also chose to allow the public to comment quite freely. There is hardly anything private about it. Personal, yes. But hardly private. You seem to be getting the two confused.

    One silly photo of this sort of thing was amusing, but it’s really gotten tired. The discussion about torture vs. not is as equally as tired and boring.

    I love the *unstaged* photos on this site. I find the staged ones uninspring and well…obviously staged. It’s the some of the ignorant and misinformed comments I can’t stand, particularly when people presume to comment about care, health, or issues of whether or not a pet is being treated well.

  315. I thought this was cute. And I have to say, as far as the dogs at least, I in no way remotely find it cruel. I have a rescued dog who was very shy and nervous when I adopted him, and we took several training classes together, including a trick class – not only did he really enjoy them (especially the trick class), it strengthened our bond and significantly helped his confidence. No, I haven’t piled hundreds of treats on him, but that’s just a more extreme version of some of the tricks we have done. And the dogs get tons of treats at the end. Of course they want treats during. But they know there’s a reward, and they’re willing to wait for it.

    Obviously everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but I thought this was a cute video.

  316. Cruel??? Not in the slightest. I only got to watch up to number 20 on the black lab, I want to see the rest though. Its no different than when I make my dog wait to eat her food while I fill her water bowl (oh, how cruel). Dogs NEED to be dominated, otherwise they try to become the dominate one and that causes problems with the family. Dogs have a pack mentality and if there is no clear dominate leader, they go nuts. And as for animals being humiliated, yeah right. If they could be humiliated, my cat would never show her face again as she is the most ungraceful cat ever and “humiliates” herself all the time by falling off the couch. No, animals dont suffer from humiliation. That is a human emotion, and animals are not humans.

  317. Catsquatch says:


  318. Catsquatch says:


    I missed it by that much!


  319. Catsquatch says:

    “No, animals dont suffer from humiliation. That is a human emotion, and animals are not humans.”

    Um, I disagree, animals do suffer humiliation, as well as anger, frustration, happiness, love, and a myriad other emotions just like we do.

    We are all basically the same, made from the same molecular structure, and operate on the same chemical exchanges.

    Brains absorb information from the 5 senses, then translate the information into chemical response combinations causing the emotion required for appropriate physical response, IE:
    The brain sees a big mouth with teeth coming, it secretes the chemicals that produce the emotion of fear, the body reacts to that emotion by physically running away from the mouth with big teeth, thus insuring the survival of the brain.

    All animal life works like this, even us.

    There are varying degrees to which each species experiences the different emotions, but this does not equate with emotions being solely a human condition.

    Emotions are a condition of all life.

  320. yankeebird says:

    Huh? Daily Coyote? Was there really a large group of people clamoring for a daily picture of a coyote?

    Of course, I could probably answer this myself by checking it out, but that would probably spoil my amusement.

  321. Catsquatch says:

    Here ya go 🙂


    Enjoy 🙂

  322. Catsquatch says:

    Morning Theo 🙂

    I just wanted to give you and Meg (((BIG HUGS))) for how well you handled the feces forced through the ocillating rotator yesterday, nice work 😉

  323. Karen – not that you’ll read this – but you show me one good solid thing that shows me that I evolved from slime, I will let you call me an idiot all you want. I mean prove to me, without one singly solitary doubt, real, hard proof. In my hands, (I’m in Indy today btw) and you can call me idiot all day long.

    Until you can do that, kindly, shut your pie hole. I am NOT an idiot. I don’t believe in evolution and you can’t make me by calling me an idiot. Nothing raises my ire more than being called an idiot for believing in something.

    Please note, that I am not calling you an idiot for believing in evolution. I do think you’re wrong, but you are totally allowed to think what you want to think and by golly – guess what? So am I. I also believe in God and good people and miracles and blabbering on when I believe in something.

  324. And I meant “shut your pie hole”, to her as “don’t call me an idiot”, not that she or anyone believes in evolution.

    It’s a free world huh?

    [No, it really isn’t. – Ed.]

  325. You’re breakin’ my heart Teho…

    you’re too young to be so sensibl

  326. Everyone’s still flaming over this post? Seriously, there’s better things to flame about. Like making a poor cat parachute with its owner. And I won’t be visiting comments anymore either – I like to see cute, not read flames…

    [link deleted – Ed.]

  327. marissposa says:

    My cat gets humiliated. when she slips and misses a jump even she wo’t make eye contact with me. and even if nothing on her is tender afterwards she still goes someplace to be alone. granted this is only for about 2 minutes, then she is back at it. but she takes time to mend her ego. maybe you are just not so good at reading body language? lots of humans have this problem.

  328. marissposa says:

    I’m going to also reference my first post. About this being reminiscient of […]. the point in those videos is to humiliate a woman the point of this video is to humiliate an animal. It is kind of beside the point wether the animal feels humiliated or not. It is gross that a person gets enjoyment from the act of humiliating another being.

    [edited – Ed.]

  329. FYI, if you’re at work, don’t do what I just did – a transcript of my brain follows:

    “[…]? What the heck is that? I don’t remember seeing that in her first post. Let me go to Google … okay, typing it in … doo dee doo dee doo (that’s me waiting for the results) … Ack! Eek! (quickly closing window).”

    [Edited, obviously… – Ed.]

  330. marissposa

    What’s with the bukkake obsession?

    My dog licks her snatch in front of the whole family. How’s that for dignity:D

  331. Wow. Do we ever have a frontrunner for Commentroversy of the year. I’m just tickled we even got a little creation/evolution in there! And how often does Godwin’s Law get invoked on Cute Overload?

  332. marissposa says:

    for the adults here:
    the edited out bit refers to a form of japanese “film” that is particularily humiliating for the female “actress” and involves an overload of the multiple male “actors” “treats”. I think that should be a pg enough defintion.
    Both kinds of entertainment feature the overload factor the humiliation and the japaneseness.
    sorry, I thought that word was not one the kiddies would be familiar with so I thought it would be ok, I didn’t even consider that the adults may not be familiar with it as well. Didn’t mean to embarrass you at work , megusmaximus. Please forgive me. I just like analyzing tredns in pop culture.

  333. Wow, glad I wasn’t checking these comments a few days ago.. whew. I thought the funniest thing in the entire video was the blinking arrow pointing at the dog slobber. If that’s not the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.

  334. Check this one out….



  335. lurkingsmirk says:

    I’m amazed they got a shiba inu trained to do that–they’re supposed to be quite the independent spirits. Perhaps it thinks it has trained its owner to give lots and lots of treats!

  336. not funny

  337. Animal cruelty! I bet they would HATE it if someone did it to them!

  338. “Cruelty!” XD
    Can’t you just *imagine* this on Animal Precinct?

    “The officers are heading to the Bronx after receiving reports that an owner is balancing food on a dog’s nose before allowing it to eat.
    It may take MONTHS before this pudgy shiba inu is rehabilitated.”


    “In Detroit, neighbors have reported a baby actually NIBBLING on a kitten’s tail. The officers will have to take the cat from its owners.”

    “Meanwhile in Houston, a chimp is being made to sit still in a giant circle of bananas before being allowed to eat one.”

    “After the commercials, the officers seize a dog whose collar has become embedded in it’s flesh after not being adjusted for two years.”

    Oh, hm…it’s not as funny with the serious one in there, is it? =/

  339. I really what kind of issues the people who consider this “cruel” have. And if they survive as much as a second in the real world.

  340. jazmella says:

    I laugh at all of you guys here who are crying “cruelty” and “torture”. Probably the same people who’re scarfing down a hamburger at the same time.

    Want to see cruelty and torture? Go see where your freakin’ dinner came from. THAT is cruelty and torture.


  341. LoL nice one Zeki! So true… wouldn’t have the same feel to it if they did visit these cases of “cruelty”

  342. you people are seriously insane if you think this is TORTURING a pet. GET A LIFE.

  343. Amen Zeki! They’d freaking scoff at this. Making animals fight, starving them, beating them, leaving them without shelter exposed to the elements, burning them, now those are all horrendous forms of torture but putting thirty odd treats on them and making them wait until you’re done for them to eat them…that’s not.

    If you’re disgusted at this then you obviously need a lesson about animal cruelty…go watch Animal Precinct. These dogs are probably loved, they look well fed (they even get to consume the treats!) and well taken care of, there is no cruelty going on here.

  344. Dog Lover says:

    Still going on!? OK, then I’ll add my final two cents (not that anyone should care, but here goes) 😉

    Why should anyone be surprised that very sensitive people who care about the well being of animals would come to a site called “Cute Overload”? And what type of person feels the need to mock and laugh at another person’s sensitivity? And those who insult others for finding this video amusing are taking things too far, IMHO. Cute Overload ironically attracts some ugly-spirited people.

    I suspect this is just a playground for some of you, and that a lot of your mean-spirited comments are meant in jest (at least I hope so); but be aware that there are folks for whom animal welfare is a serious issue. They know about the ugliness, trust me. Which may be why they are hyper sensitive to anything that even remotely hints at animal abuse.

    As for Animal Precinct, and shows like it, I found them too painful to continue watching. And yet I still suspect there is the possibility that the chimp in the video is being emotionally abused. Again, I hope I am wrong, and that he/she has a wonderful life. But I have lived long enough to know that wild animals in captivity rarely have optimal existences. Let’s hope this little one beats the odds.

  345. Dog Lover says:

    BTW – I’m not a hyper-sensitive person. This is the first thing I’ve ever had an issue with on this site, and I’ve been a daily visitor for over a year. I love this site and will continue to visit.

    And I had no major issues with the dog portion of the video. But I respect the opinion of those that do.

    I’ll go away now. G’night.

  346. hehe, that chimp is all like “heck yeahhhhhh this is so fricking awesome!!” and that first dog is like “ok ok ok, if i hold out longer i get more more more.. ok ok ok.. holding… holding OMG i can’t hold anymore!! EATZ!” Very amusing 🙂 You can tell that the trainers have worked extensively with these animals to get them to put up with this. That must involve a lot of love and patience on both parts. Heck, I would love to have *my* favorite food piled up in front of me in massive quantities and I got to eat it all when I finally couldn’t handle it anymore. :3

  347. possumpiratess says:

    Funny. I coulda sworn I’d commented on this thread. I also coulda sworn my comment was about a hundred percent less venomous than anything Pauline wrote. Weird.

  348. It’s not actually funny at this point. It has been taken too far and the joke is lost. Humour is never a linear response.

  349. Humour isn’t a linear response. The joke went too far and it isn’t actually funny any more. It’s completely overdone.

  350. The first dog almost made me cry… but the second dog and the chimp didn’t hurt me. At least they didn’t seem to mind.

    I about lost it when I saw the lab drooling… and I don’t mean laughing. In fact, I had to pull it to the end I was that uncomfortable. :S

    But at least he was able to eat them in the end.

  351. Meg (not the Meg) says:

    I know I am late to the discussion here. But does anyone know what kind of treats/food was put on the black dog? What are those things that look like limp french fries? I have never seen dog treats like those. Maybe I will look for them in the Japanese grocery store.

  352. LBD — yes, yes. We’re done with this one now. Really.

  353. Was LBD making a joke by posting the same idea in different words in a row? Like “humour isn’t a linear response, but disapproval is, wink wink”?

  354. Dog Lover says:

    BTW – I’m not a hyper-sensitive person. This is the first thing I’ve ever had an issue with on this site, and I’ve been a daily visitor for over a year. I love this site and will continue to visit.

    And I had no major issues with the dog portion of the video. But I respect the opinion of those that do.

    I’ll go away now. G’night.

  355. Dog Lover says:

    Whhaaa? Sorry for the post above. Stupid browser buffer! I clicked on a tab and it posted something I had typed in already last night.
    Too bad there is no delete option.

  356. Dog Lover, your comments of the last two days have been right on. Thank you.

  357. How is this different than baking a cake, leaving it on the counter, and then not letting your kids have a piece until dessert?

    I think those were some very well trained animals, and they got treats in the end for it. And I thought it was adorable at the end when the chimp finally got a banana and settled down into his fort to enjoy it.

  358. hmm…I just read another comment and saw that the chimp was grinning near the end. If so (I couldn’t stand to finish watching), then that pretty much proves the chimp was afraid, or at the very least, distressed. Grinning is a terrified/fear ‘face’ in chimp language.

  359. Catsquatch says:

    Wow Doglover, that first post was just awesome.

  360. LadyIslay says:

    This clip made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

    These animals are well-loved and well cared for.

    Lighten up, people.

  361. Dog Lover says:

    Thank you catsquatch (cute name BTW!) & Marcia for the kind words!

    Have a weekend filled with cuteness!!

  362. starling says:

    Training dogs to be obedient is very important.

    Teasing them is not.

    This idea is an essential part of training, but there is no reason whatsoever to pester an animal like this for pure entertainment.

  363. *Taking giant flan from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and dumping it over enitre crowd*

    Start watching at about 3:40

  364. Just get someone to show you dish after dish of nice food without you being able to taste any when you are hungry to see if you like it.
    and that’s even if, unlike the dogs, we can rationalize it’s a game.

    this is plain ANIMAL TORTURE.

    please ban this kind of thing.

  365. Clarissa says:

    OMG, Alvaro, you’re right! This happened to me just the other day.

    You see, every time I go to a restaurant, I have to watch waiters go by, one by one, with awesome plates of deliciousness. Ooh boy, it’s complete and utter torture, let me tell you!

    And then, eventually, I get a plate of food! OMG! Why did they torture me so!

    It’s the same thing here. Get over it. It is NOT torture.

  366. I agree with the others who find this kind of teasing of animals to be cruel and insensitive to their feelings. It’s not funny and it certainly isn’t entertaining.

    I’m just sick of it.

  367. This is abuse. If your genetic makeup was such as to grab food as it was available (it’s a survival instinct), and then not be allowed to eat when surrounded by food, it is indeed abusive and torturous.

  368. This is not cruel, a dog’s genetic makeup isn’t to GRAB FOOD when it was available, they have a pack system. The pack leader or Alpha Dog gives the good to go to eat. You guys are just a bunch of over-sensitive Peta softies. It’s one thing if they were smacking them around with a cattle prod while doing this but they were trained to hold off for as long as possible. Did you see them beat the dog? was the dog harmed in anyway? If I sat you down and put forth a banquet full of food for you and told you, that you couldn’t eat it for 5 minutes is that torture? Get real people geeze..

  369. omg those poor dogs.. and you know in asia they eat dogs right? how sad to be a dog born in asia!! tortured and eaten!! please bring them to america!!!!!

  370. Whatsername says:

    They weren’t taunting they were just counting.
    Anyways, this video is uber cute.

  371. Huscheli says:

    @Jared: No, only in some parts of Asia, they eat dogs and cats. And even in Switzerland it is said that in Appenzell people eat dogs. And tehre’s nothing wrong with it.

    I think the video is inetresting – not really cute but cool to see how obedient and loyal those dogs are.

    But I am VERY opposed to the thing with the Chimp. Really – chimps are not dogs. They are very close to us (comparing intelligence etc) – even if he got lots of bananas (which he surely liked) he looked quite scared from what I know of chimp bodylanguage. Do not like.

  372. This is absolutely disgusting. Animals always seem to be the victims of people’s stupidity and cruel behavior. It’s not entertaining…it’s inhumane!