More pup torture—it never ENDS!



Even Heather over at is doing it.

I’m calling ASPCA.


They should make those mini Steak-ums for people, right Pamela D.?



  1. Bleen!

  2. Jupiter Star says:


  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Another HURRAY for another post! poor dogglet..he looks very woebegone at not being allowed to eat the treats. YET! I’m sure his folks will release him soon..

  4. I still feel bad for these puppehs… but as long as they get their just desserts it’s allllll gooood 🙂

  5. What’s next? Marilyn-esque naked puppeh on field of biscuits? I’m not complaining!

  6. berthaslave says:


    Okay, I know I’m supposed to follow orders, and I know that it’s good that you will stop me from eating bad stuff.

    BUT WHY MUST YOU TORTCHAH ME? And not even grant me photo approval?

  7. Poor McPuperson. I noticed there’s 11 mini-steaks. Methinks perhaps there WERE a dozen, but one might have “disappeared”, ahem…

  8. berthaslave says:

    One more thought: this category should be called “Wait For It….,” or else “The Pre-Nom.”

  9. Dooce has been balancing food and other stuff on Chuck for quite a while now. Check the archives for the “Daily Chuck” category. (My favorite was the spaghetti!)

  10. Mommie? Why are you doing this to me?

    Those sad, sad eyes!

  11. 2 words:
    NEW CATIGORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. oaklandcat says:


  13. First, mama sweeps SXSW and now we’re reminded who is the KING of all dog poses. Dooce fever!! Chuckarama! We love you, Chuck!

  14. metsakins says:

    This has to stop!!!

    it is really making me question my whole lack of self control with cookies in the house issue cause I know I couldn’t do that!!

  15. Puppeh is just steak-ing out his territory.

  16. eikoleigh says:

    oh, that expression is priceless, a little sad at the moment but OH, he knows he’s gettin’ lots of cookies for his patience!

  17. > it is really making me question my whole lack of self control with cookies in the house issue cause I know I couldn’t do that!!

    Metsa!!! this is an awesome idea for me to get WILL POWER to resist the diet breaking foodz! I just look at the patient puppeh and go “I KNOW how much that puppeh wants those treats… and yet…” and take that puppeh’s AWESOME restraint as inspiration.

    Brilliant! and anerable.

  18. Where’s the drool?

  19. I love it when my web worlds collide. Yay Dooce!

  20. CoffeeCup says:

    I think that poor pup was so distraught over the torture that he sold his right leg for one of the mini steaks… where is his leg?!

  21. Melissa H. says:

    It’s Former Congressman Chuckles! Oh Chuck, nobody understands you, emo dog!

  22. dharlan1too says:

    I would like to see the moment he gets the “go ahead” to devour!

  23. Is it weird that the first thing i thought when i saw that pic was, “OMG, I LOVE that floor!”?

  24. @taj: No weirder than me thinking that Meg’s got a great idea—little Steakies for peeps!!! It IS a nice floor, btw.

  25. personally, I’M more amazed that Coco (the other dog in the pic) didn’t ruin this gorgeous set-up…chuck’s an old hand at this kind of stuff. such a good pup.
    I <3 Dooce!

  26. I want little steak-flavored snacks for people too! OMG! That would be AWESOME.

    I mean, there are BBQ flavored potato chips and all, and you can get all kinds of starchy snacks that have like buffalo wing flavor or mesquite or whatever, but there are no tiny meat-flavored steaks.


  27. They DO make steak-flavoured treats for people. They are called Nuggets, and you meat-eatin’ types should try them.

  28. AuntieMame says:

    If they had Beggin’ Strips for people, I’d be all over it.

    Oh, wait…

  29. Just STOP the Madness! Canine torture must end! To quote Mel Gibson…”FREEDOMMMM!!!!!”

  30. meh. i know this could save a puppy from eating snakes or red hot pokers or babies, but this is too reminiscent of Sea World for me.
    just cuz it gets fed fish and people pet him and treat him well doesn’t mean he’s not being patronized.
    anyway, the first post was cute. and all the rest are a bit like SEE. I CONTROL MY ANIMAL. I AM IN CONTROLL!
    getting kinda weird for me. sorry.

  31. In Awwwe says:

    I think the 12th treat was stolen by the ‘other’ pup in the back

  32. LOL! Are those actual steak nuggets, or biscuits?

  33. In Awwwe says:

    I just came across this video … Totally unrelated but just as cute!

  34. another dog biscuit thing? ugh. it wasn’t cute the first time and gets even more tragic with each sad, posed shot. stop the abuse!
    i love cuteoverload, but this makes me wanna be on tmz instead

  35. dooce has been doing that to chuck (the brown dog) for a long time. check out her “chuck a day” photos. oh, other dog is a recent addition to the family, coco.

  36. I have one-Put a dog in rub my belly position-Put on treeat her tounge and place a pile o’ verious treats on her belleh and have her ‘stay’ like that for a minute! Imagine the tingle on her tummy as she smells thos treats…better make it two minutes…

  37. I'm The Decider says:

    I know just what you mean, fairy. Humans can be so controlling. Don’t you hate when they force a pecking order to make others in their family wait to eat, practice abstinence, submit to more dominant members? Those alpha wolve… (oh, I mean humans!) can be so damn patronizing. Why don’t they all just share a nice meal together and hold paw… (I mean hands!) and sing coombaya? Mother natur… (I mean people!) sure suck.

  38. luvs for decider.

    srlsy, fairy (and you other guys who confuse enforcing rules to ensure your spot as pack leader with torture): you DO need to dominate your dog and be the alpha – this is one way to do it. if the dog thinks its alpha you will be in a heap of problems.

    and i’m pretty sure the doggie did get treats after this ordeal ;3

  39. cheesybird says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this picture’s kinda pretty? It’s the combo of the colors and the composition. Plus I just want to kiss Chuck on the nose. (After he gets his treatsies, of course.)

  40. amelilaus says:

    I can’t believe this is cute to anyone, it damages the connection between the animals and people, and ruins the very idea of a treat for them, forever. its really messed up, and discussion won’t change that

  41. Actually, this isn’t even the MOST redonkulous picture of Chuck.
    That would be THIS:

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Look at me. Look into my big brown eyes! Do I deserve this, people? This is torture! Please make it stop!”

  43. Suda Nim says:

    I lurv my dogs to bits, but there’s also no question about who’s in charge. And one way to do that *IS* to control the food, This is what happens in the pack — the Big Dog eats first.

    I feed them by the following routine, which also protects them against bloat, because both of mine are total food-gobblers.

    They go on a down-stay, then I strew their kibble all over the place. I feed one outside, and actually throw the food in the grass so she REALLY has to hunt for it.

    The other one gets fed inside, with her food all over the kitchen floor.

    They have to stay on the down-stay until I say “okay!” Then they go to town.

    Not cruel at all, and healthy for their bodies and our relationship.

    The fact that it’s funny as hell is a bonus. *hee hee hee*

  44. Boundforglory says:

    I haven’t seen you in SO long; I love seeing your beautiful puppy face; even when it’s covered in torture! ; )

  45. God, Dooce is insufferable.

    [Wait wait wait — we’re not really trash-talking OTHER blogs now, are we?? – Ed.]

  46. hooray! I sent this in. I love Heather’s blog, and her photos especially. I’m glad you guys know Dooce already!

  47. Dooce!

    Go Chuck, go Chuck, GO!

    Chuck is an old hand at this. You want redonk, go back through her archives and find the video with the spaghetti.

    Oh yes, pure PURE puppy torture.

  48. “…it damages the connection between the animals and people, and ruins the very idea of a treat for them, forever.”

    Um, wow. Just wow.
    And um? No.

    Scares me to think that you might have a toddler… because, wow.

  49. cheesybird says:

    Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Dooce! Yet another way to procrastinate! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Who’s a good Chuck pupper? Who is? You are! Good Chuck!

  50. Chuck is the most awesomest dog who ever was or ever will be.

    That is all.

  51. twoflyingdogs says:

    Dogs love to learn tricks. I teach my dogs to do certain things and they train me to do certain things.

    It is not an act of cruelty. Do you remember being in school and performing in a recital or learning a role for the school play. You worried and practiced but finally on the night of the performance you and your parents were so proud. It’s just like that for the dogs. It is not teasing. It is kind of like their “job.” They do their assigned task and instead of a paycheck they get the dog treat.

    Sometimes I ask my dog to sit and sometimes she barks at me to get her ball out from under the dresser.

  52. These poor doggies. Someone please stop the cruelty!

  53. Those looks like Rooby Rax (Scooby Snacks)

  54. This is a great photo and I love Heather and Co., but it would have been SO MUCH BETTER without Coco in the backround.

  55. Chuck- is that you posting as M?? You are SO busted.

  56. PS Your nose is so beep-able!

  57. It amazes me that people find this funny. What a sad thing to do to a dog….teasing like this. I am embarrassed for the dog, and really embarrassed for the owner.

    hahaha. NOT.

  58. You’re right, Marcia; it’s NOT funny… it’s HILARIOUS.

  59. I’m not nuffing here… at least I hope I’m not, but this is really a bit… much. I’m all for training your dog to wait and everything, but this may be going a leeeetle bit overboard. Not nuffing, just a thought.

  60. I love Chuck so much it hurts. In every picture of him at, his eyes make me want to rip my heart out, throw it on the floor, and let him stomp on it or chew on it or whatever works for him.

    My dogs are sniffing suspiciously at the computer, as if sensing some serious dog adultery. But I can’t help it, I love Chuck.

  61. Hi Chuck! Who’s a good boy?? Good boy!!

  62. this is getting stupid lol

  63. huskyslady says:

    such disapline. How much obedience training did it take to do this or does he not like that brand of treat?