Watch this bebe koala eat leafs

Just before you go to lunch today, check out what’s on the Bebe koala menu; a mini salad.

Tiny Baby Koala

Laura T., read the title of this post in an Australian accent for the complete experience.



  1. OUTRAGEOUSLY precious. 🙂

  2. stubbedoo says:

    Must. Have. Now.

  3. just hanging with the girls and having lunch

  4. I found baby koalas a lot less cute after seeing the nature documentary where it showed how they eat their mom’s poo to build up their immunity.

    However, I will make an cuteness exception for this little nibbler.

  5. Kristen Hagen says:

    Nearly a “Koala-n-Racks” post!

  6. Hon Glad says:

    Kristen: I second Koalas and racks, and on the video it doesn’t eat the leaves.

  7. Kristen: just what I was thinking!

    He’s so tiny, I don’t care if he does eat poop.

  8. ; ) I am a koala fan… Admiring Koalas since 1965.

  9. 260Oakely says:

    “She’s still not got all her bum-fluff.” I had to listen twice to make sure, but that’s really what she said. Bum-fluff: cute on baby koalas, not on humans. tee hee

  10. Koallys have a special place in my heart: the Australian bushmen believe koalas are the spirits of lost children. Ahhnnnn….

    I find the Aussie accents quite charming too. 🙂

  11. so tiny!

    also there are lots of racks flying aroud in the background haha!

  12. In Awwwe says:

    Poor lil fluff ball -having one heck of a hair day

  13. looloopoopie says:

    Must.. have… snorgle-thon!

    Too precious!

  14. That teeny tiny little itty bitty toungue! 🙂

  15. Aussie Tour guide:
    “And heahs the famous Koala Beah? Which as you may know isn’t a beah atall, but a mahsupial? It’s a little-known fact that we Aussies ah bawn with an immunity to Koala cuteness? Oh struth– it’s a BABY koala– LOOK at the tiny, fuzzy buggah- SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

  16. I’m on board with Koalas ‘n’ Racks too. Kristen beat us to the punchline, so we support her efforts.

  17. *quites job*

    *applies for zoology degree post haste*

    *looks forward to the day she can be the lucky lady who takes care of baby koalas*

    *feels satisfied with life*

  18. Video not long enuff…must have more baby koala now.

  19. Isn’t this the 2nd video of baby koala nonchalantly chewing on leaves? *nomnomnom* Who is part of this evil conspiracy to kill me with this cuteness? *nomnomnom*

  20. I just get a sad face that says “error.”

  21. has anyone tried ? that site is cool i saw a squirrel get in a dustup with a pheasant this morning. daybreak there is 230 am in the u.s..anyway cool site

  22. I remember a lot of koala themed shows when I was growing up. Whatever happened to all those? There was Little Koala, Noozles, umm, Crocodile Dundee…

    We need more koalas, even the name is cute!

  23. Furbabies says:

    My kids used to watch a show/movie called “Dot and the Koala”. Anybody remember that? There were several “Dot” shows.


    *gets up to clean brain matter off the wall*

  25. Cathryn Bauer says:

    So are we up for a new section, Koalas and Racks?

  26. Cathryn Bauer says:

    So are we up for a new section, Koalas and Racks?

  27. omg, the cuteness factor just exploded across the screen! bad hair day non-withstanding this is too fricking cute. wasn’t even distracted by all the bouncing boobies in the background, hehe.

  28. berthaslave says:

    Well, koala me ded.

    :: thunk ::

  29. Muffy: I saw the same documentary, I think. I try not to think about it. 😀

    Furbabies: Thank you! Now I remember the name of that movie I used to watch with a girl who had an Australian accent and a koala! I’ve been trying to figure that out forever.

    I remember the Noozles, Don!

    *ah, 80’s memories…*

    Well, this cutiepie has most DEF. overloaded me!

  30. I can’t see the video! Barooo? 😦

  31. Chinese prostitute ads, still appearing on the sidebar. What a shame even the cutest of web spaces aren’t immune to deceitful advertisements. Meg should get new ad hosting services if her site is polluted by sexist ads that insult her readership. Making money shouldn’t come at the expense of the community’s better senses.

  32. yep – as an Aussie let me tell you it is all about “bum fluff” and we are immune. We had a very famous incident yrs ago when our Tourism Minister was holding on to one for a photo shoot and the K started peeing on him and as he panicked the K scratched him and he was caught on tape saying “dirty, peeing, scratchy, stinky, beasts”

  33. @Leanne: LOL!! The Koala probably picked up on his “vibe” and that’s why he peed on him in the first place!!!

  34. I get all excited hearing Australian accents on Cute Overload, only to hear the woman talking about “bum fluff”. It’s like an embarassing relative in front of your school mates. :-/

  35. re: Dot and the Koala, I think it started as Dot and the Kangaroo.

  36. Theresa, brilliant Aussie accent impersonation I must say.

  37. Kimski, I had two Aussie boyfriends, although I couldn’t tell you why I had the second. 😕 Anyway, I took away from the first relationship, an appreciation for Australian wine, and a good Aussie accent imitation.

  38. ThreeCatNight says:

    Real tasty, Mate! Beats shrimps on the barbie any day!

  39. I just love his precious bad hair day look oh and eanne Snicker.
    WOuldn’t we all like to pee on a politician some days.

  40. Aren’t koalas actually vicious killers or something? That tiny little nibbler could EAT YOU ALIVE! Its cuteness is its greatest weapon!! Run!!

  41. Awwwww. Those lucky girls… I would have been squeeing like a fiend.

  42. Furbabies says:

    I hope her bum fluff grows quickly. Nothing like sitting on a bare bum! BUM FLUFF, outrageously cute.

  43. I can see the video now – what a precious little munchkin!

  44. Oakling, i think you are mistaking them for the drop-bears.

  45. Kimberly says:

    I just got back from 10 days in Melbourne. Didn’t see any baby koalas in the wild, but did see full-grown ones. They do indeed just hang around in the trees there, like squirrels do here. They’re something of a sacred nuisance there, as their pee is quite toxic from all the eucalyptus and it’s apparently a dangerous idea to plant your tent underneath a tree full of them. But they are cute little buggers!