Come back to bed

…there’s a warm puppeh waiting for you.


Holy Massive Snorgling Situation, WIlliam C.!



  1. Dewd, you don’t have to ask twice!

    And bleen.

  2. Well, you don’t have to ask me twice! *Dives back into bed for snorgles*

  3. meowandwoof says:

    best invitation i can think of!!!!!

  4. Hey Kar – great minds think alike!

  5. greenighs says:

    Mmmmm. puppeh snorgle.

  6. Michelle says:

    I’m drooling over the pup AND the sheets. I love that color!

  7. Bonus points for cute bow!

  8. tarzankun says:

    dude, you turn head. Just check out the owl below you.

  9. Uhhuh, tell the bartender to prepare for MOJITO MADNESS. Once one person orders one, everyone has to have one!

  10. Hon Glad says:

    Reminds me of the warm spot for my feet that my cat made on the bed.Body warmth lovely.

  11. mmmmm that looks so comfy.. and checkout his teeniest of puppy smiles.

  12. StormCat says:


    *wraps puppy in bathrobe and sneaks away with her*

  13. Why would anyone ever leave a bed with a warm pup it in?! What is this world coming to…

  14. I just puked a rainbow. <3

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh,what a soft and delicious little pillow. I’m diving in!

  16. eikoleigh says:

    So cute! What kind of dog is that?

  17. That baby puppeh would not have to ask me twice
    I have already dove into the bed

  18. peaseapea says:

    As IF getting out of bed in the mornings isn’t hard enough already…

  19. Daphne Moss says:

    Da fuzzies….da face…wait…what’s da wet spot??

  20. I need to rest my head against his fluffy tushie right now!!

  21. I have actually called in sick because I could not leave the warm bundle of fuzzy puppy snuggles in my bed. *nuzzle nuzzle*

  22. Carolyn – I just bet the human has gotten up to get breakfast in bed for the little puppers.

    I know I would. “What’s that you say? You want your kibble in a golden bowl? But of course…your wish is my command, bebeh.”

  23. that doggie totally has bedroom eyes.

  24. Holy pup tocks! Is that puppeh wearing a BOW? And her name is MOJITO?? I think I just died from the anerable redonkulousness of it all..

  25. berthaslave says:

    Her Royal Highness of Fuzzitude,
    Princess Mojito,
    Invites You to Join Her
    Among the Lime Colored Beddingks
    For Snorgles and Siestas

    BYO Squees

  26. I would never leave the bed. NEVER!
    Also, best name EVAR.



    Hooz a pwetty puppy? Who? Yesh, yew ah. Goochy goochy goo!

  28. AuntieMame says:

    I b’lieve the sheets are what’s called “chartreuse.” Or used to be, anyway.

    And the pup is over the top. Absolutely.

  29. I seriously considered leaving my wife just now because she said that this puppy isn’t cute.

    I strongly disagree.

    I think this puppy needs to be cuddled severely, taken on long walks with many fun things to smell, and later, given two…no AT LEAST two…biscuits.

    That is my position on the matter.

  30. How does one cuddle “severely”?

  31. @Edward: Hear, Hear!!

    I, too, like the bow!! If it’s a girl puppeh, should she be “Mojita”?? Or with the little cuteness, “Mojitito”???

  32. Even if one doesn’t like dogs, this little guy is cute, and has a nice face. It’s eyes are deceptive. It tries to tell you it’s a sweetie but underneath is a little terror but you don’t suspect it because it’s so cute.

  33. Awww, what kind of puppy is this? ^^ He is so cute!!

  34. Aesthetica says:

    the best part is the fuzzy yet meaty drumstick leg. nom nom nom.

  35. Sigh dreams of Mojito Salmon.. totally yummy by the way..
    although not as nom-able as this little Mojita. muchacha

  36. Furbabies says:

    What do you have to leave under your pillow for the Puppy Fairy come? I must know!

  37. Victoria says:

    I think that puppy’s in the dictionary next to the definition of “bedroom eyes.”