Puppeh: "I’m on it! The balloons! They will pereeshe!"

Bane, that took a lot of prep work on yer part, didn’t it.



  1. lol! go puppy go

  2. Nawt second! Nawt second!

    Oops, wrong site…


  3. Darn! I WAS second!

  4. neptune says:

    Can you imagine if that dog were in a ball pit?!

    I wonder if he also tries to attack floating balloons…

  5. Lollerpup!!

  6. He’s a balloon popping machine!

  7. whoa

  8. Eau! I take bites out of zay POParazzi types! Always hounding moi, dogging moi, for peektures! Autographs! I need privacy!

  9. Anne Boleyn says:

    That little buddy deserves a LOT more praise and reward than he was getting!

  10. Desdemona says:

    I love it how he went after the two that got away. Balloons shall not BE! Stherious.

  11. hipcheck says:

    A cosmetic surgeon’s worst nightmare.

  12. Under a minute!

    Tail trying to wag the whole time!

    Gooo puppeh goooo!!

  13. Princess and the Popper?

  14. kit kat says:

    latex poisoning much? What if cute Mcpuppersons here swallowed some ballon?

  15. Jo-Lynn says:

    Aww its puppeh poppit!!! thats just like the game @ pogo!!!

  16. 4pp73b0t says:

    that was cute but he could choke :[ if balloons can suffocate/choke a baby I’m pretty sure that the dod could too

  17. “Pop pop shoo wop everybody talk pop music…”

  18. Cute, but dangerous. :/

  19. Theresa says:

    Whew! Thank you so much for destroying the latex enemy!!

  20. Bocepus says:

    Hooray for deaf doggehs! He likes the sound of ringing in his little ears, we swear!

  21. Michelle says:

    You don’t get latex poisoning from swallowing balloons. ;p

  22. ‘Ello, Poppet.

  23. bcteagirl says:

    Just sitting back and waiting for the ‘puppy will die a horrible death if it does not go deaf first’ nuffs…

    Oh wait! They were already here! Ok then.. no need for further nuffing along the same lines (Unless you want to prove you can’t read 😉 ).

  24. What a go-getter! I thought he was going to forget about the two that got away, but he took them all out!

  25. AuntieMame says:

    I didn’t see any “OH MY GOD THAT PUPPY’S GONNA DIEEEEE!!!”

    Just a couple of folks expressing concern. Nothing wrong with that.

    I think I’ve seen this pup on America’s Funniest Home Videos. They used it to do one of those “how many crotch whacks can we show before Fido pops all the balloons” or something like that.

  26. Jewelz_4_U says:

    Woah! Too cute! For the negative nellies, the puppeh is supervised, and not chewing on the balloons – just popping them! :Þ Live and let live!

  27. Jewelz_4_U says:

    This would also be awesome to watch in reverse!!

  28. Now lets see a cat do that . . .


  30. I think that dog could seriously make it as a performance artist. Hee!

  31. That was cute says:

    A dog like that was on Live with Regis and Kelley the other day to beat it’s own world record of balloon popping. She was adorable.

  32. Oh, so cute. I love how everyone involved is spastically enthusiastic about the whole thing – the dog AND his humans. 😀
    (I won’t lie, though, I was a little paranoid about the puppeh swallowing some balloneys accidentally or something. I think he did it fast enough to avoid that, but. Eeeee. Am I overreacting? Sorry!)

  33. Riggsveda says:

    Doggy bubble wrap!

  34. I saw a lady on the Maury Povich show once who had a balloon phobia. She needed protection like this doggy could provide!

  35. He could get them stuck in his (cute widdle) airway. On the other hand, the video wouldn’t be here if it did so at least we can relax as viewers 🙂 Meanwhile, you can forward the video to the SPCA!

  36. @pyril—LOL!! (as usual!)

  37. OH LAWD—I meant “pyrit”!!!!! Sorry!!

  38. I’ve watched plenty of babies die strangling on baloons, and not once was it because it popped! It only happened after I handed it to them, uninflated, and they tried to chew and suck on it.

    So just relax, the doggie will be fine.

  39. herzliebster says:

    “I’ve watched plenty of babies die strangling on baloons”


  40. browngrl says:

    I hate to be a nuff and yes others have said it already BUT the problem is when you pop balloons with your mouth a piece of the plastic can be ejected to block your airway. Getting the block out can be very difficult and sometimes impossible. Guess what a blocked airway means – death or worse permanent severe anoxic damage. I hope the guy that did this to his dog has the dog taken away and given to a family that will actually care for it.

  41. That was mesmerizing. I was cheering for the little guy. Death to all balloons!

  42. Ha! Ha! Dogs way of saying it’s new Doggie POP music!
    POP! POP! (so cute)

  43. You people complaining and saying the dog should be taken away are fascist pigs. Really, time you took your heads out of your a**es.