THIS JUST IN: More puppeh tortures

People, you must stop the madness. This ‘Balancing a treat on a Puppeh’ must STOP. Think of the pups, People.


[Sigh] Yes Tessa the Puppeh, you must balance a cookie before eating it. That’s just how things work around here.



  1. Hon Glad says:

    This is getting dumb,thank goodness cats can’t be arsed with tricks.

  2. Maybe this is my new diet! Only eat what you can keep on your nose for 10 seconds!

  3. I love the look of resignation. “hoomins are dumb, but I get a cookie, so I guess its ok”

    Tessa is a bootiful puppeh too!

  4. katerpie says:

    This pup’s like “For stherious? *sigh* Fiiiiine. Check your shoes tomorrow morning.”

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    She definitely has that “here we go again.. the crazy things I have to do to get a cookie .. sheesh” look on her face.

  6. Good Tessa…(pets pup with mouse)

  7. “Puppy Thinks Of Nothing But Murder All Day.”

    ( )

  8. kariohki says:

    Awww, Tessa. What a beautiful name for a beautiful dog

  9. DawnOctopus says:

    Awww she looks like Lady Di!

  10. blueheron98 says:

    I love the look in this dog’s eye… talk about the “evil eye”… 🙂

  11. bored in philly says:

    Ok, Ok. Enough with the doggie treats balancing act pics. Once was cute. Now its just annoying. Move on.

  12. Katrina says:

    I totally agree- if you are annoyed, think of how the dogs feel- “you have to do this 500 hundred times before it works” said someone on the last submission- come on people, training to a dog is work. Play is play. It is important that dogs don’t eat something bad for them, but cookies are treats, and will be eaten, and treated like a happy occasion. Don’t kid around with what should be serious, that is teasing, and it isn’t nice to tease. Anybody.

  13. I can’t disagree more with “bored in philly.” I’m loving these photos!

  14. Jo-Lynn says:

    Bwahaha, you guys all slay me!!!! My puppehs are delinquents! they cant even look at these pics without losing their cool, let alone balancing a treat on their body!!!

  15. Suzy's Mom says:

    Tessa is so beautiful. What she has to put up with to get a cookie. Tsk. Tsk. 😉

  16. She’s beautiful. Looks really smart, too. Probably thinking: “Yes, ladies and gents, my owner is a dork. There you have it. *sigh*”

  17. MaskedGrammarian says:

    This dog is simply beautiful. I want to rub her ears!

  18. Good lord, the nuffing is killing me.

    Do you nuffs even have dogs? Have you ever been responsible for training a dog? Do you know anything about different methods for preventing food aggression and resource guarding?

    My guess is that they don’t.

  19. @Katrina: “‘you have to do this 500 hundred times before it works’ said someone on the last submission”

    Just to clarify – what that poster was referring to was the well-accepted concept among many trainers that it takes, on average, 500 successful executions of a command before the dog has truly learned the command. It’s not that it “works” on the 500th time, it’s that you can reasonably anticipate that after successfully executing the command you are teaching 500 times, the dog thoroughly knows it.

    And it of course varies from dog to dog – our beagle will probably never truly learn “come”, despite working on it daily for two years. Our pit bull, however, needs to hear and successfully execute a new command about 20 times and knows it 100% in all circumstances (including high distraction settings).

  20. peoples, do we need a new category?

  21. this is wonderful, it shows a well trained dog who loves the training… afterall, they do get a cookie for it, however sometimes it seems that they know the training is just a trick to amuse, hense ‘the look…’ *G*…

    my black lab puppeh is being trained for this, *okay puppeh in ‘tude’ as she’s 6 now* we have two different training tricks, work, *she’s a seizure response dog* and stoopid hoooman tricks like shake a nose for a treat. She can ‘leave it’ if something falls on the floor, in a restaraunt or in the kitchen, but food ‘on’ her has usually been fair game, she needs to know good distractions/bad distractions, play and work times… right now she’s all like “if you put sompin on my nose, its gonna be eated cause i’m hungry…” *again, this is regular thought for a lab, being hungry*

    right now she’s demanding me to use her as a pillow and go have a nap with her… okay, maybe more tempting me…

  22. This is true what megusmaximus says: the only “command” my cockapoo consistently executes is “do you wanna cookie?” (Which, to clarify, involves running into the kitchen and jumping up and down, and not any treat balancing.)

    And seriously, anyone who thinks dogs don’t like being trained to do tricks has never owned or trained a clever dog.

  23. It’s too bad kitties’ noses are too small for treats! I trained my cats to stand on their hind legs for treats (and used treats to train them to get down from counters and such), but that’s probably their limit 🙂

  24. Following up on TK – I should also have mentioned that our pit bull Petey LOVES being trained. When he sees the clicker come out, he gets so excited. It doesn’t matter to him what we ask him to do, as long as we’re training, he’s having fun. Whether it falls into the category of “stupid pet tricks” or important commands to keep him safe, he has a blast.

    This is experience makes me say that Katrina’s off-base when she says that dogs take training seriously. Petey thinks it’s the best fun ever and wags his tail the whole time and puts on his “happy face” (bright eyes, relaxed ears, tongue hanging out, loose body). Of course, Petey thinks life is the best fun ever, so his happiness during training isn’t that much different from his regular personality.

    I really don’t think dogs have a sense of teasing or being ridiculed or anything like that – I think all they know is “we’re doing something together and when we do this, I get treats and affection”.

  25. Katrina sez:
    “you have to do this 500 hundred times before it works” said someone on the last submission
    – come on people, training to a dog is work. Play is play.

    Okay, now I *know* you have never trained a dog as you claimed in the last thread, or if you did you did it very, very, wrongly. Training is a *lot* of fun for both puppeh and person if done right and with lots of praise and not getting negative if they don’t get the concept right away.

    I mean really. Is teaching a dog to fetch *work* for the doggeh? Honestly. Please.

    Teasing a dog is promising them something and then never giving it. My nephew did this once… ONCE… and was punished for doing so. He knows the difference now, you should too, if you spend any time with puppehs. Take a group class with a qualified trainer and you’ll see what I’m saying. Okay?

    Now who wants puddin’??? 😀

  26. Oh, I’m always up for teh puddins.

  27. (PS — Katrina, y’know you could always just stop taking the bait…?)

  28. Ms. Tessa is a boooootiful girl, isn’t she?

    Must add my thoughts to this debate. I have two Great Danes – one we got as a puppy, one as a two-year old. Puppy (who is now 4) can learn commands in a matter of minutes. He is wonderful at sit, stay, come, NOW (the emergency “get out of the street” or “get away from that wasp nest” command), etc. However, his best trick by far is the “leave it” command (OK, maybe not a trick, but a necessity). No matter what yummy it is, if we drop it in front of him and tell him to leave it, he will. Indefinitely. Until we tell him to take it. This works well for balancing treats on his nose as well, and I am willing to bet he could give Zahne puppy (from earlier post) a run for her money. Everybody wins – we have a well-behaved dog, he gets a tasty cookie AND gets to please us (one of his favorite things) at the same time. The only bad part is the river of drool that comes out of his mouth while he waits.

    Oh, he can also shake with the correct paw (our left hand, his right paw, and vice versa). We didn’t train him to do it – he just figured it out.

    Our 5 year old, on the other hand, is not well trained and is VERY stubborn. He is a love machine, but he definitely doesn’t listen well. He has learned “leave it”, but isn’t very good at it. : )

  29. Getting out teh puddin’ trebuchet! *huff* *puff* *drag drag drag* OK it’s ready!


  31. Sarah, did you buy it here?

  32. AuntieMame says:

    Oy, I can’t believe people are still griping! You know, don’t you, that the more you piss and whine about it, the more pictures just like it Meg is going to post. Just because it’s so easy to get a rise out of some people.

    This dog is not being annoyed, harmed, or tortured in any way. If anything, he’s wondering how the photographer would taste as dessert after he gets his cookie.

  33. when you give a dog a cookie……….

  34. temperance says:

    wow. i’m totally crying. she looks so much like my dog. (he’s been gone 5 years.)

    she’s very beautiful, and looks to be just as well-behaved as my own doggie was.


  36. I can’t believe nobody’s called “Princess Di eyes” yet!!!!


  37. This kind of fits in the category of treats on dog noses:

    Though the pup didn’t really follow the rules. He was just all “Oh, free food!”
    Smart dog.

  38. cookie_chaos says:

    What a GORGEOUS silky doggie! Her fur looks so sleek!

    The dog wouldn’t be doing this if it didn’t have happy connotations for her. The best way to teach a dog obey, is to make them LIKE to obey. She’s waiting because she KNOWS she’s going to get the cookie, and a lot of praise and petting.

    She only knows that from past experience, however–which means she’s had lots and lots and LOTS of praise and petting and treats in the past. We are looking at one goodnatured, pampered pooch.

  39. I am loving the “Boy, are you going to be sorry you did this to me” look!! 🙂

  40. Carolyn says:

    What breed/s is Tessa? Looks exactly like my Sweet Pea!! They could be related!! She loves the cookie trick too! It’s fun for us, fun for them, and they get the cookie in the end!
    People need to lighten up. If they don’t like what they see they can always leave.

  41. Melissa says:

    I can’t believe my girl made it on cuteoverload!!!

    Tessa is a 1 1/2 year old pit bull terrier. She is the sweetest dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And even though she looks quite bored in the picture, she loves to do tricks because #1: she love food of any kind and #2: she loves to please and be praised for her good work.

    I’m such a proud Mommy!

  42. thelizzy says:



    Jeez, people. Scroll key is your friend!

  43. Awwwww. She’s all “Oh, all right, all right, I’ll do it just for you. K? Sheesh!”

    Sweet doggeh!

  44. *reading commentroversy*
    I just want more sugar gliders and cute kittens. =D

  45. gravyboat says:

    I think a new charity is in order…Biscuits For Patient Dogs. The biscuit trophy should come with scratches behind the ears.

  46. Theresa says:

    Melissa, your dog is so adorable it’s killing me. Congratulations on such a deadly-cute doggie!

  47. Awww … what a pretty girl! I love pitties 🙂

    Btw, I think “leave it” (or whatever command you use to get dogs not to eat something) is incredibly useful and important. It could keep your dog from eating a pill or a piece of chocolate or anything else that could be dangerous for them … not to mention it makes it a lot easier to take CO pix 🙂

  48. cookie_chaos says:

    Melissa, you must be so proud of your gorgeous girl! She looks so glossy and lovely.

    It looks like she LOVES having a job to do–all dogs love praise and treats, and your sweet pup looks like she knows she’ll get plenty of both.

  49. Yay Tessa!!

  50. Noelegy says:

    I love dogs with “tortie” coats. And the EYES, the EYES. They cut right to my soul.

    In North Texas, we had an unseasonable flurry of snowfall yesterday. Three or four inches in my own front yard. And the dogs PUSHED past me when I opened the front door to check the snowfall level, and commenced to frolic all over the place (leaving tracks all through the previously pristine blanket o’snow on the front lawn).

    They did not want to come back in. I had to promise biscuits. Then I opened the back door (where the yard is fenced and they can frolic at will) and they went out AGAIN. Totally redonk. I got pictures but they’re all in motion.

  51. berthaslave says:

    :: haven’t had pudding in a while ::

    Umm…this is mean to the doggeh.

    :: ducking and holding up a spoon ::

  52. That’s three! we should have a new catigory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Definitely a new category with the four new photos! A sad sad category it will be though!

  54. SoIntoTorture says:
  55. I think we need a new catergory here… Stuff On Pups!

  56. These remind me of the dolphin show at my local aquarium. They open with a sea lion. One of the tricks the sea lion does is that he holds a fish in his mouth, then the trainer turns around, telling the audience he’s so well trained that she knows the fish will be there when she turns back. As she’s talking, he eats the fish and takes another from the pouch on her belt. Now THAT is clever!