Oh, this is really going too far

The PURE TORTURE CONTINUES over at Sender-Inner Marc and Gabrielle’s house. They SPECIFICALLY wanted to "push it further" and show that their puppeh can withstand UNBELIEVEABLE amounts of pure torture.

Are you happy now guys?


[Shaking head] I’m sorry, Zahne puppeh. They know not what they DO.



  1. Oh god, I can already picture the next submish — we won’t even be able to see the dog I’ll bet. Just a huge pile of biscuits with a dog buried beneath them

  2. ashagato says:

    amazing! he has the strength of ten pups!

  3. This dog is AWESOME. I can’t even get one cookie on one paw of my dog. So zen.

  4. I like how the dog’s eyes are ever so slightly crossed. 🙂

  5. That is one patient, sweet, gangly puppeh!

  6. cheesybird says:

    The Force is strong with this one.

  7. lol, you people are crackin me up!!
    I love doggehs, but have just always had kittehs – and this whole concept of teaching an animal to wait for something they want is UN-freakin-BELIEVABLE…

  8. That poor puppeh better get ALL those treats in the end!!

    He is gangly, isn’t he? What a cutie!

  9. Brilhasti says:

    Willpower: I has it.

  10. OK, maybe it’s time to turn this photo series over to the specialists…


  11. 260Oakley says:

    Good puppy! (pats patient pooch on the head) Now you have my permission to bite the hand that feeds you.

  12. Did this all stem from the multi-talented Chuck over at the Doocery? (www.dooce.com)

    He’s always balancing stuff on his head.

  13. mamarosa says:

    Biscuit boarding. How cruel!

  14. charliewabba says:

    I believe this goes against the Geneva Convention.

  15. be strong puppeh!!!!!
    dis is evilll…puuuure evill!!!

  16. I hope shortly after this picture was taken, this doggy got to eat ALL those biscuits. It’s only fair!

  17. ThreeCatNight says:

    Please, please STOP THE INSANITY!!! I can’t take it anymore! *collapses in a heap*

  18. http://www.stuffonmymutt.com/index.php?itemid=1574

    this one kind of freaks me out a bit – I can’t figure it out in my head!

    I had a puppeh that looks like above puppy – she was beyond gangling! I can’t imagine any dog I ever owned being this patient. Sheesh – but lovely dog.

  19. Hon Glad says:

    Just this once, then revenge shall be mine.

  20. From what I’ve gathered so far about these perpetually patient pooches, who are willing to REZEEST the TEMPTATIONS, it seems these are extremely well-trained critters. Their humans have lavished them with a LOT of attention and training. Like I’ve said in prior comments, I don’t know much about dogs, but this good boy has probably been trained well by hundreds of prior treats, right?

    I hope the doggie here is thinking, “Am-I-doin’it-rite? Am-I-doin’it-rite? The Hoomans are happy when I do this right! Then I get snacks!” …At least, that’s what I hope. 🙂

    There is also a biscuit precariously balanced on a HAUNCH. That’s REDONK.

  21. That is one very well trained puppy!!! Wish mine could do so well. Also thanks Teho for the Stuff on My Mutt link – that is great also.

  22. Fuchsia says:

    This should be a new obedience class at Crufts dog show – “treats on my puppeh”

  23. Katrina says:

    Does anyone remember the Gary Larson series of cartoons with the pet alligator?

    The owner says proudly to his bystander friend Earl,
    “He won’t eat that till I tell him to, hey, Earl, you want to tell him to? And Earl looks terrified.

    And the cartoon with the pet dog with the cookie on his nose and owner is oblivious to the dogs’s annoyance level, the dogs thinks, “This time, I’m gonna kill him.”

    Please stop annoying your pets. Teasing is another form of brutality and bullying. ‘Playing with’ is not the same thing. This is a power trip-don’t we have enough of those I the world?

  24. What a sweetheart dog! Looks like its got some Lab in it, so natch those types seem to endure all sorts of foolishness from their humans. The owners better have given it all those cookies — even many more!

  25. circuscake says:

    oh, the humanity…

  26. The dog looks to be just zoning out. “I’m not here. There is no treat.”

  27. T
    Yes you are correct – this is a very well trained dog and you would not believe how many treats you have to go thru in order for them to be able to it to this ability. Our instructor said it takes about 500 times before a dog will respond. This trick is taught so that the dog will not take something until the owner has given them permission to take the treat so that they cannot get into something that is not good for them – it is not torture

  28. This has nothing to do with the dog above, but I saw this one yesterday on swedish television. You should really see it!

    My god, that’s the cutest!

  29. Haha, poor dog, but it looks funny…

  30. warrior rabbit says:

    Katrina, it’s called training. And a small child with food will be able to walk by *this* dog without being bit or startled, because this dog knows not to eat until told it’s okay. Like the PetSmart commercial with the Great Dane and the girl with the ice cream cone. And I disagree that teasing equals ‘brutality and bullying.’ As with most things, it depends on the source, intent, and context.

  31. He’s the Sphynx of Milkbones!

  32. I would really love to see the video of the dog being released on those biscuits and having a hay day getting them all!

  33. Training a dog to “leave it” is essential to doggie’s health — it is not a power trip (although it is redonk to see a demonstration). Telling a dog to “leave it” in the case of an unidentifiable lump of smelly stuff, or (WORSE) a piece of sugarless gum (Xylitol KILLS DOGGEHS, people!!!) could save their life.

    Train your doggehs! It is their place in the pack to follow your lead. It is in their doggeh DNA to expect hierarchy and they find it comforting, so don’t anthropomorphize about that.

  34. Awwww. I hope puppy got to chow down on every single one of those biscuits afterward.

  35. P.S. I actually think Katrina is right. Training is one thing, but this is getting into teasing.

  36. Traci R. says:


  37. Well, Fegli, that would make you as wrong as Katrina. This is acceptable training despite your opinion.

  38. brinnann says:

    Dang, I can barely get my dog to sit. 😕 I’m a bad doggeh mommeh ‘cuz I spoiled her instead of training her. But she’s so precious I can’t help but love her anyway.

  39. Beautiful beautiful dog. I have cats now but I would LOVE to take a dog like that for walks and let him sleep on the bed with the cats. Beautiful!

  40. Shannon says:

    Beautiful Dane/Lab??

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. It’s a wonder we don’t peed on in our sleep more. *shakes head*

  41. berthaslave says:

    Well, the training behind this trick makes sense, but I do slightly agree that this LEVEL of training is probably more for our amusement than the doggeh’s edification. I’m not saying that makes it bad, but I don’t think it’s necessary to train the doggeh to resist six different tasty treats at once each located conveniently on doggeh’s person, because how often does that happen in real life?

    Very pretty doggeh, even more so because of the patience being shown.

  42. ok one more time cause I’m slow: HOW is this cute? Or to be more specific, how does this *not* cross the line between good training and sadistic/crazy? I’m half expecting the next dog paw biscuit photo to include Lyndy England pointing at puppeh parts…

  43. …Making a dog refrain from eating something is sadism now? Wow. The bar’s gotten a lot lower since the last time I looked at a dictionary.

  44. Jeeze people, lighten up. My dog will balance treats on his nose/head (haven’t tried putting stuff on his paws yet). I tell him “Wait…wait….wait…OK!” and he flips the treat in to his mouth, it’s hilarious.

    Sometimes he gets a little too excited and he flips the treat across the room, he runs to get it then he comes right back to me and sits like “Ok, I’m ready, do it again!” if he didn’t like it would he come running back to me unpropmted? I don’t think so.

  45. dammit sami says:

    This dog looks JUST LIKE a more grown up version of my new puppy, down to the white patches on the chest. The Humane Society told us ours is a Lab mix, but mixed with what, I don’t know. Mark & Gabrielle, if you are reading, do you know what kind of dog you have? He or she is absolutely gorgeous, in my unbiased opinion! 😉

  46. cheesybird says:

    I can’t believe anyone’s nuffing this picture. That dog is clearly well-trained, well-fed, and well-loved. I’m sure he got his treats as soon as the shutter closed. Ye gads. There’s enough real animal cruelty in the world to get upset about. Putting a few doggy biscuits on your dog for the amount of time it takes to shoot a picture? I don’t think the SPCA’ll come out for that call.

  47. Thank you, cosmiquemuffin for the lesson on doggeh DNA… I totally agree! Dogs are not humans or children, people! They love and thrive on training and pleasing us, it’s the pack mentality and helps them feel valued within the pack.
    They also like to have a little fun! Always endulging your pet with everything he/she wants is not valuable to the pet.

  48. AuntieMame says:

    And remember, people.

    Dogs can’t count.

    He has no idea that he has one or three or twelve treats on him. He’s just happy to be doing something fun and getting praise and treats from his family.

  49. “Biscuit-Boarding”—
    LOLZ that has got to be the BEST EVAH

  50. mamarosa, “biscuit boarding”

    That’s a great one. LOL!!!!

  51. Katrina says:

    My point is that the dogs I have had in my life were all very sensitive creatures, who took their ‘training’ seriously. This is their ‘work’. Dogs know when they are the object of ridicule.
    Whose anthropomorphizing when you expect you dog to have a sense of humor?

  52. Um, Katrina, YOU ARE. Dogs don’t know what “ridicule” is. Gah.

  53. Anasztaizia says:

    I hope he got to eat ALL of those afterwards!

  54. Michelle says:

    Katrina, this is not teasing. This is obedience training, and it has a point as well as being silly/cute. The point is to teach a dog patience and to wait for permission to eat. It could very well save a dog’s life.

    While I agree with you that dogs can be sensitive and know when they’re the butt of the joke, they also have a sense of humor, and love being the center of attention. My dogs always absolutely loved this lesson because it was such a challenge. It requires dogged (heh) concentration and willpower, and the rewards (attention and high praise) were much better than just the treats they received.

  55. It amazes me that people that have NO IDEA what they’re talking about will insist on nuffing/arguing. And yeah, Katrina…I’m talking to you.

    I’m guessing (not having been there) that this wasn’t done for the owner’s sh**ts and giggles, but rather as part of the puppy’s training. Do you even OWN a dog??

    Truly sorry for the anti-nuff nuffing. Comments like that just piss me off past the point of endurance, and politeness.

  56. Kristina says:

    lol. if you’re arguing that this is cruel, you could also argue that making a dog do ANY trick to receive a treat is also cruel. sillies.

  57. Sam888… are you kidding me?

  58. Another sweet shiny puppeh!

  59. when you give a dog a few cookies …………………all hell breaks loose!

  60. elledoubleu says:

    Katrina -Dogs don’t have a sense of humor? You’ve clearly never played with a corgi… But really, this is hardly hurtful to the dog. It’s starting to sound like the people on the dailypuppy saying the ratings hurt the dogs’ feelings.

    This really is no different than making the dog perform any trick in order to get a treat. We make our dog dance, give high fives, play dead, roll over, etc. to get his. He loves it. Making the dog “wait” is the same thing — it’s a trick. They still have to perform an action in order to get the treat, and this one actually has some uses, as others have pointed out, than just making it be cute somehow.

    If you think it’s so horrible, go ahead and call the SPCA and direct them to this link and ask them to investigate the cruelty — when they’re done laughing, I’m sure they’ll explain that this is hardly considered animal cruelty.

  61. elledoubleu says:

    oops, ASPCA, that is.

  62. Love the dog love the photo and what a good puppy. Training is crucial in the socialization of every dog.. It is much more cruel to not train a dog at all. training is a puppy manners class. for the puppy or dogs safety and mental well being not to mention making life together with humands a more enjoyable time for all.

  63. Michelle says:

    I can’t tell you how many owners I’ve seen bring their out-of-control dogs to obedience school… at their wit’s end simply because the dog was raised dotingly and treated as an equal or better.

    The peaceable kingdom is a lovely sentiment, but it’s an idealized human fantasy. In the real world, a dog’s definition of respect and dignity is very different than yours and mine. Most animals don’t thrive on being spoiled, pampered, and overprotected. In many cases, that kind of treatment gives dogs a inappropriate sense of place, and can make them impossible to live with, not to mention potentially dangerous.

    Obedience training is NOT cruel, barbaric, or brutal. Especially positive reinforcement training.

  64. Michelle says:

    One example of how “leave it” kept my dogs from getting hurt:

    I was at the stove, frying sausage. The dogs were standing in the doorway drooling. I stupidly rested the spatula on the pan handle and turned away. The spatula fell, flinging sausages and searing grease onto the floor, within a few of feet of the lunging dogs.

    “Leave it” made them freeze in their tracks, nostrils quivering. I cleaned up the mess, and once the sausages were cool enough, they each got one as a reward.

    I know dogs, and I am pretty sure untrained dogs would have endured some nasty burns in a dog-greed grapple over spilled sausages. This wasn’t the only time this sort of thing happened, either. Just one example. I am sure glad I “teased” my dogs “brutally” with the Leave It command.

  65. One of my (food-obsessed) lab’s favorite tricks is “belly rub?” We ask him this, and he rolls over on his back so fast he almost gets rug burn, and wags his tail a mile a minnit…


    It was haaaard work for him, to be trained thus, eh? 😉

  66. No Riley, I was asking for a serious explanation, because to me this seems unnecessary at best, cruel at worst. But apparantly on this board, civilized discussion is not the norm, and asking a question equates with “Clearly you hate dogs and want my dog to die, you whore.” Good luck getting whatever you’ve crammed in your asses sideways out. Maybe your dogs can help you.

  67. ….aaaaand Sam888 wins the “Most ‘Noying ‘Nuff” award for the thread, beating Katrina by a biscuit-topped nose!

    The puddins are in the trebuchet…. LAUNCHING…. *splet*

  68. Oy!! My doggie has never been taught the balance trick, but we play “drop it” when he gets a rawhide and he has to wait until I say “okay”. (He can be food-aggressive.) HE LOVES IT!!! It is the best time EVAR!!! If I give him one without “playing”, he’s all like “Hey!!! Where’s my fun??” and he is SO PROUD of himself, showing off to the kittehs!!

    That said, I’m glad that there are tender-hearted people here who are concerned about whether this is teasing or not. Your hearts are in the right place.

  69. Thank you Michelle, for your explanation. I very much appreciate both the content and the tone. Sam888, I thank you. Theo- if ‘rising to the bait’ is what I did, I’m sorry, but I truly never saw ‘the hook’ in this website before. It is usually a cute website, I’ll just leave it at that.

  70. Meriweather says:

    Katrina, people tried to engage both you and Sam888 in discourse– people who know more about the subject than you do. You continued to flail along with your animal-psychick ‘I have seen the rolling tears of the puppies’ idiocy and got laughed at. Tough noogies.

    Back on topic:

    Aw, what a patient puppeh it is. 🙂

  71. ilikepie says:

    Side 1: This is cruel and humiliating torture that will give the poor defenseless animals lifelong emotional scars!! People that do this are evil!!

    Side 2: You are a clueless idiot. Dogs that aren’t trained like this will run over toddlres to pick up and eat used heroin syringes the first chance they get!!

    Both sides: You’re being unreasonable!!

  72. Beautiful doggeh!!! I want to give heem a belleh rub!!!

    Except that he doesn’t have much of a belleh!

    [rubs doggeh’s back instead]

  73. Oh come Katrina, and friends. Lighten up.
    That dog looks healthy and happy. My cats tease me at times and I tease them back. It’s called FUN! That dog looks like it can handle being tortured with milkbone, just fine.

  74. Michelle says:

    lol@ilikepie ;D

    pudding syringes

  75. wish my pups would do this.

  76. Just one more comment, then I’m out…

    For thousands of years, doggehs and their wolfeh ancestors live by the rule of the pack, which is to WAIT to eat the foodeh until it’s “their time” (according to their rank in the pack).

    Doggehs TOTALLY understand being told to wait to take something. It is baked in their doggeh souls for thousands of years.

  77. Wonders who thought this was an uncivilised dscussion as I have seen some really horrid things out on the interwebs…
    Discussion .. equates to two or more people stating their opinion on a topic. Because you have differing opinions there will be some terse discussion…

    And since you don’t agree both sides are going to be telling each other they are wrong for all these reasons…

    at least people get to point out their reasons here and there is very little #$%^&* involved.

  78. lurkingsmirk says:

    I think this puppeh knows he’s just going to get WAY MORE TREATZ in the end ZOMGS and it makes it all the more fun. Same amount of patient waiting, more reward.

  79. berthaslave says:

    I am not a dog owner, but I have learned a lot about dogs here.

    The line between “teasing” and “playing” is very ambiguous in humans, which I think is fuelling the discussion here.

    I only think it’s cruel if the dog is NOT allowed to eat the treat. Being made to wait, or asked to do a trick, or whatever, is part of the animal’s operant conditioning mechanism.

    It’s not like Pavlov didn’t feed the dog.

  80. elledoubleu says:

    “Not like Pavlov didn’t feed the dog” – great line, Bertha. And good point, cosmique — I had an aggressive-breed mix doggie (dobie + aussie cattle) who was also very skittish and that’s a dangerous combination. One of the things I did to stop her from worrying so much about her “sister” the pointer stealing her food was to pretend to eat the food myself (a trainer tip) for a few minutes, to establish myself as pack leader and not her. That’s about the same as this — making a dog wait until you say “Eat.”

  81. This was my doing and yes, of course she got to eat all them treats. Plus a few extras.

    Someone asked what she was — my normal response is “black.” When we adopted her we were told “Shar Pei mix,” which our vet agrees with (have a look at the ear shape). Other than that, dunno. She looks labbish but has a much leaner build than labs typically do.

    As far as this being mean, we always make her sit and wait for food, there’s no real difference here. She knows that any food i put on her ultimately ends up in her tummy, and she’s happy with the arrangement.

  82. *Singsong* New catigory!!!!!!!!!

  83. Marc, she’s a gorgeous girl, well-trained, and well-loved. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  84. You may want to ask your owner–Cant you be a little more original?

  85. momof2kitties says:

    Being a card-carrying cat person myself the very idea of getting either of my kittehs to do this makes me laugh!

  86. Watch these three cuties out-do everyone!