The torture CONTINUES

It’s an EPIDEMIC, People. Of epic proportions. These patient puppulars are doing their BEST not to rip apart the cameraman. Kudos, lil’ pups. Koo-dohs.


And now the ‘Tempting Fate’ pic:


Excellent torture, Christalynn D. That is if you’re still alive by the time this pic is posted.



  1. if they won’t eat the cookies, I WILL!!

  2. omg… lol…
    beee-uuu-teee-full puppers!
    and patient!!

  3. I love how one is staring cross-eyed at the cookie and the other one has his eyes focused on the camerman. LOL yummy!!

  4. We used to put a piece of popcorn on our Smokey’s nose and tell him to stay. When he was finally freed from this position, he would flip his nose and catch the popcorn in his mouth.

  5. Hon Glad says:

    Go on boys eat em.

  6. Radar would eat my hand as I tried to put the cookie on his paw. Or he would eat his own paw with the cookie…he’s not the brightest pup in the world.

  7. My Phoebe is FAR too dignified to put up with such NONSENSE. She would chomp the cookie outta my hand if it got within 3 feet of her paw. … Good thing she’s got teeny teefs.

    Om nom nom nommersons, pups! You earned dems!

  8. Aww! Yay! These pups have microchips! You can tell by the round yellow tags.

  9. Such beautiful babehs! I especially love the one with Kaleidoscope eyes!

  10. What GOOD puppehs! Somebody obviously has put in a lot of time with them, and loves them to pieces. Makes me feel all warm and gooshy inside…

  11. “C is for Cookie and M is for Murder” might be the funniest hovertext EVER.

  12. Oh man oh man oh Meg… I only wish those hovertexts had been mine…

  13. Does anyone else have the manic urge to just plunge onto that fat rug with the two mounds of warm doggie fur and just roll around until dinner time? You keep me drowning in your fluff..

  14. aren’t those just regular cookies? i’d be more impressed if they were actually dog biscuits.

  15. Jane — you go ahead; I’ll put a new bag in the vacuum cleaner.

  16. that there is some first rate trust betwixt dogges and their peoples.

  17. I don’t even think I could get treats near the paws before they were gone. Amazing.

  18. I fail to see how this is in any way cute.

  19. Internet Humor(TM)

    “It’s Not For Everybody!”

    [bouncy music plays]

  20. metsakins says:

    Jane! I’ll see you there

  21. Melinda says:

    The puppehs have a look like this is an every day occurence. They are so cute!

  22. tesstricks says:

    The pup on the left looks half-crazed with that eye, like he really WILL tear apart the cameraman and all he holds dear.

    Hilarious hovertext. Props, yo!

  23. smithers says:

    This is cruel and humiliating. Border Collies transcend our human foolishness.

  24. Will B. Labeled-Nuff says:

    Hmm, OK, more pics o’ making dogs wait to eat treats until owner deems it OK. I see lots of folks praising the owners for training their dogs thusly. And the point of such training is…..?

  25. …patience, probably. It’s part of how dogs get to be pets.

  26. WillB. – imagine you and pup encounter a snake (on a walk or in the backyard) if you tell pup to “leave it!” and pup does, training may well have saved pup’s life.

  27. Elizabeth B. says:

    It’s an excellent way to train “wait” or “stay” and having a dog who will sit someplace quietly even in the face of Delicious Treats can be extremely useful.

    Not, mind you, that my baby is this well trained.

  28. Will B. Labeled-Nuff says:

    All right, well, if you say so Stacy. I guess that would indeed be good, training your dog to protect them from harm…

  29. ThreeCatNight says:

    These are such gorgeous Aussies; so sweet and patient.

  30. twoflyingdogs says:

    Smithers how could you? Those are not Border Collies they are Australian Shepherds.

    I love how they are just tolerating the trick so they can eat the treat.

  31. Will B – You’re not a nuff! It’s a perfectly good question. I was wondering it myself.

    I wasn’t sure why this was cute and awesome before, because I’ve never raised or trained a dog (though I do love them!)

    Now I realize that this IS pretty awesome. These dogs are obviously pretty calm and patient, which means they have an owner who is conscientious and caring enough to train them. That gives me warm fuzzies. (I love it when you can tell that an animal is obviously loved and cared-for.)

    Also I hadn’t thought about it from the safety angle – but yeah, as Stacy said, I have a feeling that these Puppersons are less likely to chow down on things that are harmful.

  32. Desdemona says:

    Not sure, but I think guide dogs and rescue dogs are also trained in this way, to teach them not to be distracted while they are “on duty.”
    Since my own household is all cats all the time, I of course can’t even imagine such a thing. Except perhaps the other way around, with me trained to provide the food on their command. Oh wait, that is how it goes. . .

  33. Owner: ‘K boys, waiiiit… This is awesome!”
    Dogs: This demonstration demeans us both.

    Just kidding, of course. I just imagine the trainer is waaaayyyy more excited about this particular trick than the trainees.

  34. Anyone else reminded of The Far Side cartoon? Guy has treat balanced on dog’s nose and is saying, “Waaaaiiit! Waaaaaaaaiiiiiitttttttt!” and the dog is thinking, “I’m gonna kill him.”

  35. Did those pups move AN INCH between shots?! Holy willpower, Batman.

    A dog that is trained to wait for permission before eating is not only good if you need them to ‘leave’ something you don’t want them to eat, but also it can save a dog’s life if it refuses to take tidbits from strangers. It’s not an easy thing to teach because of a dog’s inclination to scoff a treat straight away. Personally I think the cutest thing is the WILLPOWER the dog uses to resist eating the treat, because that willpower can only come from love of the owner and a desperate desire to please them.

  36. That’s my puppy’s dad and big sister but he isn’t that well behaved yet:

  37. Des, Chewie will get there! I slacked on Reagan and didn’t even start training him till he was 6 months old (I was just too excited about having him as a puppy!)

    Also, everyone you can check out their blog at

    I use it for updates, pictures, and there are a few videos on there!!! Haha, see the amazing Reagan in action!!!

    Oh, and lots of pictures here!

  38. Des, he IS a little wookie. What a doll. Could you please kiss him for me?

  39. Ahahahaha alt text!!!

  40. What beautiful pups. <3

  41. berthaslave says:

    Ummm…DAVID BOWIE EYES???? Anybody?????

    I appreciate people explaining why you would train dogs to wait. Another reason I’m not disciplined enough to have a dog.

  42. Why do it? It’s fun for the dog. My old golden retriever used to balance bones on the nose. She loved the treat and she loved the praise she got for being a good dog and knowing how to do the trick.

  43. clifford says:

    A friend did that with roast beef. It was tortuous to watch!

  44. Dog on the right says: Pepperidge Fahm Remembahs…AND SO WILL I.

    Dog on left says: Mint milanos plz?

  45. Nay, they are actual dog cookies! They’re just the gourmet kind!

  46. Hey, wait, isn’t this a (flattering) rip-off of Dooce/ Chuck?

  47. Theresa says:

    Berthaslave, Aussie shepherds are among the breeds of dogs that can sport two different-color eyes. Some even have two colors in one eye– known as parti-eyes! 😉

  48. Theresa, if you look closely at this picture you can see that Madison’s right eye isn’t a solid color, it’s marbled!

  49. I would name the one of the left Bowie b/c of his eyes =D !!

  50. Very nice close-up, Crystal.

  51. chanpon says:

    Beautiful dogs, but I think the dog on the left with the one light colored eye has a little of a crazed look in his face. I can hear him repeating “REDRUM REDRUM” in my mind.

  52. Theresa says:

    No no no! Parti-Eyes mean PARTY Eyes!

  53. Patricia says:

    Training dogs can keep them safe, and it teached them patience. Learning that can be necessary espcially if they are going to be around small children. There are lots of good reasons to train dogs, and as long as it is done right they usually enjoy the rewards as much as their owners.

  54. Here’s a video (hosted on youtube) of Reagan doing some of his tricks!

  55. Dawn Octopus says:

    What pretty doggies!!

  56. Crystal — I grew up in the 80s. That video was not what I was expecting.


  57. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Yay!!! I had an Australian Shepherd growin’ up…named her Benita, cuz my sisters had a German Shepherd named Benito, and at the time I wasn’t good at naming dogs, turned out that Benita was a bastardization Spanish way of saying Beautiful!! How about that! Anyway, we lived with Benita in this alcove at the Lake of the Ozarks and she LOVED running around chasin’ cars with her best bud Bruno,(neighbor’s dog) who was a German Shepherd and that was one thing you couldn’t train them to do, was to curb them from chasin’ cars. Bruno died a few years later after my parents divorced and my dad stayed, and the alcove people buried him and Benita was so sad she was up there on the hill were they put him for a couple of days waiting for him. It was sad. But then Dad had to sell the house and let Benita stay at the alcove(don’t worry, the people there basically didn’t want her to leave, LOL!) She lived to be about 12 when she got hit, too. At least she died doing what she loved doing, and she didn’t want to stop!

    But a few years before that, a lady in a pickup came down the hill with Benita chasin’ her and she went under the pickup and the lady thought she hit her(Benita hit her tail on the bumper of the truck)…the lady panics and jumps out of the truck, runs around to look for her, looks under the truck…no Benita. So she goes back in the truck, and looks in her rearview…and there’s Benita in the back bed of the truck…smiling at her(she had that personality to do that)!!! The lady about had a heart attack, but laughed a good twenty minutes…

    Sorry for the ramble…but Benita was a good dog! I still miss her.

  58. Michelle says:

    For you nuffs that think this is unnecessary or cruel, there is actually a very good reason for teaching dogs to drop something they pick up or to wait for permission to eat. Dogs don’t typically have a very discriminating palate, so this “trick” is actually an obedience lesson that could save their lives if they ever get ahold of something that could harm them. Please don’t be so quick to assume the dogs are unhappy or being teased. They get their treat in good time, and the anticipation is part of the fun/challenge for them. Trust me.

  59. “These dogs are obviously pretty calm and patient, which means they have an owner who is conscientious and caring enough to train them. That gives me warm fuzzies. (I love it when you can tell that an animal is obviously loved and cared-for.)”

    T. – you said it better than I could. If someone invests this kind of time and patience in training their dog, chances are the puppy in question is very lucky and well cared for. As well, Aussies are “working” dogs, and love to have a task to perform. Bravo to the owners, and all the others like them!

  60. These pics are precious beyond belief. I can’t stop laughing! What a fun family!

  61. ashagato says:

    david bowie pup. first thing that crossed my mind.

  62. What GORGEOUS doggehs! I had no idea Aussie sheps had dichromatic eyes. Hee.

    And even their hair is better than mine! Barooooooooo!

  63. Des – Chewy is DARLIN’! Kees heem for me!!!

    And nice pics, Crystal. Thanks for sharing.

  64. doggy on the right is thinking ‘i am SO gonna eat your shoes when you’re sleeping’ and i support that action fully!

  65. bookmonstercats says:

    We used to do this with our dog when we were children. We never kept him waiting long and gave him lots of praise. One day, though, my younger bro’ put something down on his (the dog’s) paw, went to answer the door and forgot… We found the dog sitting in a pool of saliva an age later, with the biscuit still on his paw. Seriously, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, as long as not carried to extremes (deliberately anyway). Dogs don’t discriminate and need to know that an order not to eat something nasty is to be obeyed.

    Now to start training the cat….

  66. What well behaved fur-babies! Good doggies!!!

    bookmonstercats—let me know if you have any luck with the cat. 😉

  67. dogsleder says:

    There was a dog who belonged to a retired Drill Sargeant. He was very, very well-trained (the dog). Too well.

    There was a vacation; there was a mix-up. There was a dog accidentally left behind when the RV pulled away.

    There was a Good Samaritan who found the wandering dog, took it home, offered it something to eat. And the dog just sat and looked at the bowl.

    He refused to eat for several days. No amount of coaxing or alternative tempting food could convince him.

    Eventually, the dog was reunited with his drill sargeant person. When told of the dog’s food refusals, the man laughed and said “Yes, he’s one great dog! OK, boy, hit the chow line!”

    And the dog fell on the food bowl like the nearly-starved animal he was.

  68. Dear Will B and anyone else who’s nuffing on this:

    I once had a beautiful German Shepherd named Chem. Someone threw a poisoned bone over the fence and he ate it and died. (It was a thief wanting to break in to the house)

    I now teach all my dogs not to eat anything from anyone but me and the dogsitter. Teaching them to be patient for treats is the beginning stage of this training.

    I am saving my dogs’ lives by teaching them these things, so please… get. a. freaking. life.

    If you’ve never had to see the lifeless body of your companion and friend, you can’t talk.

  69. The eyes on dog-on-left are just beautiful… very patient little (ok,ok, medium sized) fluffballs, aren’t they? I wanna bluey dog…

  70. Crystal – that close-up of Madison is beautiful! And the video of Reagan was cute too. Lol @ Theo with his ’80s humour. I was in high school then myself…

  71. Des – I heart Chewie! What a little fluffball!

  72. im confused, are dogs not able to lick their paws there?

    these pics dont make any sense to me yet they’re up like every other day.