Let ME IN!

By the great Simon Tofield, the creator of "Wake Up Cat", it’s: "Let Me In".
[Pulling red curtain back for your viewing pleasure]

GREAT FIND, Mike 9 😉



  1. “Mike 9” ??
    Would that be Not That Mike The Other Other Other Other Other Other Other Other Mike ??

  2. We used to have a screen door and to let us know he wanted in, our cat would fling himself onto the door and hang there, Spider Man-like, until we let him in!

  3. This is amazing! Sacre bleu, such genius!


  4. metsakins says:

    another film not to show miss huggums…

  5. An instant classic. I’m not letting my cats watch this one, either.

  6. Reminds me of the old sesame street cartoon of the cat trying to open up a can of cat food. Adorable!

  7. Desdemona says:

    I was waiting for kitteh to stand there and decide he didn’t want in after all!

  8. lmao! i love this, and the first one. I was waiting for that too, desdemona! thats what my cat would do.. meow pathetically, smack the door, hang from things, then when i opened it he’d walk away.

    dang cats..

  9. darkshines says:

    I don’t think it was AS funny as the other one, because the other one was based on things cats actuslly DID, not many cats can lift a gnome, a plant etc.

  10. NOOOOOO not cute!

    Think of the poor gnome! This is a hate crime!

  11. Cricket says:

    Good. The Gnome is dead. The only way to really kill a gnome is to break its head off on a glass door. Good thing too, Gnomes are evil creatures sent from the firey depths to kill us all with their pointy hats!

  12. Darkshines — don’t forget the big ol’ baseball bat, for when all else fails.

  13. The best part is the me-hungry-feed-now gesture at the end.

  14. Yup, that’s cattitude.

  15. Nooooo! Now I haz nother addichun! MUST watch OVER and OVER and OVER and…

  16. Another great cartoon displaying a true knowledge of cats. Gotta love how they sit there once you open it (or run away like one of my cats).

    What would have made it better is a scroll over to the cat door right next to the human door. LOL

  17. chanpon says:

    Um, the cat in the other cartoon wielded a bat. Unless my cats are on the slow side, cats still can’t do that. Anyway, my cats absolutely pound, jump, and jiggle the doorknobs (I have the same type), except mine has figured out how to put his weight behind this and actually pop my bedroom door open. This just made me giggle non-stop. 🙂

  18. I’m sorry, but it should have ended with the human slave shutting the door and the cat immediately wanting to go back OUTSIDE.

  19. Tony James says:

    Darkshines – just because you’ve never seen a cat hurl a flowerpot, wield a baseball bat, or use a gnome as a blunt instrument doesn’t mean that they can’t. It’s well-known that cats have all kinds of abilities that we baldpinks no nothing of – cats are smart enough to figure out that if we knew that they could do certain things then we’d put them to good use. Thus they only do them when we’re not watching. For example, how did Mr. McGregor’s cat lock herself in the greenhouse in the thrilling denoument of Beatrix Potter’s Tale of Benjamin Bunny? How did Mac The Cat get into the fridge last night, locate a lasagne that was at least 5′ off the floor and put his footprints in it? And what of The Late Siouxsie Boots and her magic trick of making goldfish disappear?
    Oh sure, we *think* we know how these things happen, but we only come up with ‘plausible’ explainations because the truth is to uncomfortable for our puny human minds to accept: the cats are in control.

  20. Tony James says:

    to uncomfortable = too uncomfortable, of course.

  21. Nathan–agreed!

  22. This is why my kitties stay inside. Let the nuffing commence.

  23. my kittehs stay indoors 2.
    but that doesn’t mean the same ting don’t happen whenever there is a closed portal betwixt them and where they want to be. 😉

  24. Rofl… hilarious! I don’t let my cat outside, but whenever he gets stuck in a room, he’ll do that same exact thing.
    Open the door, he stands there unmoving even though he was scratching and meowing to get out a second before.
    Too cute and too funny!

  25. Dr Anne says:

    I am a massive fan of Mr Tofield. He is just brilliant.

  26. Seven Paws says:

    The best!I loved it when he came inside and was doing the old “campaigning for food” routine. I did think he was going to walk away as soon as the human opened the door though.

  27. Anne Boleyn says:

    Yes, Desdemona, I thought the cat either wasn’t going to come in or, would come in, wait for the door to close behind it, and then start begging to go out again. My kitties don’t go out without me, but my dogs want to be on whichever side of the door they are NOT.

  28. Seven Paws says:

    PS – I must say this has been a banner cat day, first Hugo, then the giant Orange Paw, and now this!

  29. Birdcage says:

    This reminded me of a poem – The Rum Tum Tugger is a terrible bore!!! When you let me in, then I want to go out. I’m always on the wrong side of every door!
    And as soon as I’m at home, then I’d like to get about. I like to lie in the bureau drawer….
    But I make such a fuss if I can’t get out!!!

  30. caroline says:

    I love it!!! I can’t wait to see more of these great cartoons!

  31. I, too, thought for sure Kitty would want right back out. But that made it even funnier when the glass broke.

    The meowing, paws squeaking on the glass, and leaping for the knob are all so true to life.

    Simon obviously has a big demanding kitteh in his life.


  32. thedistractor says:

    This cartoon has two of my favorite things: a slightly rotund cat and a garden gnome.

    We have cat flaps to prevent things like this from happening in our house. Though our last cat, Howard, would do this outside the side door anyway.

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    And then there’s always the other favorite.. you finally open the door for them, they sit awhile thinking (“do I still want to come in? yes? no? hmm”) and then finally take a step or two.. and then loiter in the open doorway while they think some more..”is this far enough in? should I go back out? I can’t decide….” meanwhile cold/hot air/flies etc. are coming through the door. But not the cat. OH no.

  34. Juniper Jupiter says:



    But that gnome should’ve called for backup!


    Love the cat!!! Reminds me of mah buddy boy Nermal…”food for me?”

  35. Desdemona says:

    I believe cats absolutely regard any closed door — inside or outside — as a personal insult. Especially the bathroom door, it seems. My kittehs have intense curiosity about what I could possibly be doing in there.

  36. Melinda says:

    My cat does this when I close the bathroom door. Honestly, what does he think is going on that he must be included in it!

  37. Bwahahahha. I love this and at work = no sound but could still hear in my mind the pitiful meows thru the window. and pawing at the glass.
    Oh and like Metsakins I will not be allowing my kitties to view this.. Fot the safety of my two gnomes dontch know!

  38. Tony James says:

    To a cat, a closed door = lack of options. If the door is open, the Cat can exercise his free will. “Do I want in? well, maybe yes, maybe no, but I’d like to make up my own mind in my own time, if that’s ok with you. Maybe I’ll just poke my head around the door to see if Inside offers more opportunities than Outside. Of course, my supperdish is Inside, but does it have anything in it? And if it doesn’t, what are the chances of being able to persuade someone to put something in it? Is it worth coming in if the dish is empty? Is it going to rain, and if it does how quickly will I be able to make them open the door? What are the odds of seeing that cute calico from next door? If I go inside then I won’t see her, but if I stay outside then she might not come out. And if I go inside then I might miss the opportunity to play cat-a-pounce with one of the baby birds in the nest in the oak tree. But inside has possibilities too – there’s beds to sleep on, rugs to sharpen my claws on, the opportunity to snaffle some scraps when mommy makes dinner, and I do have an appointment with the sunnyspot that cross the living room floor every day about this time. Decisions decisions…”

    When you consider that a cat has to process all of this in a brain that’s roughly the size of a chickpea, you can see how it might take a while for them to decide whether or not to come in. They operate in their time, not in ours 🙂

  39. Kitteh forgot, “then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff…”

  40. Ahahaha. The sesame street one brings back so many memories. This one is good too of course.

  41. HA ha ha. My family is always going around saying “Mow?” and pointing to our mouths from the last video. This one is just as good. I love it!

  42. Alice Shortcake says:

    I hope this film is the second part of a long, long series!

  43. Wrong. When a cat cries and wants in, when you open the door they just stand there looking at you, then decide they don’t want in.

  44. so cute. i love that cat.

    the hesitation to come back in after the owner opens the door is sooooo cat, lol. i love kitty’s chirping greeting bbddddeeewwpp!

  45. This is a great video!!!!

    Mine are indoors, too—but it has been made QUITE CLEAR to me that there shall be no closed doors between us. One of mine even meows and paws at the shower door when I’m in there…..!

  46. Furbabies says:

    AWESOME!!! And so accurate.

  47. thelibrarianne says:

    I think Tony James might secretly be a cat. Just a thought.

  48. great video!

  49. Laura C. says:

    Lol @ 1:13!! hahahaha

  50. Driver B says:

    love it

  51. sunnymum says:

    Like so many other comments here… my cat just wants the door open so she has the option available. She will even wake up out of a sound sleep and come and complain if she hears me closing the screen door which is normally left open a few inches for her! She says something along the lines of “The gall! You have the gall to close an option that was previously open to me?! Really?! Just whodoyathink runs the show here anyway missy?!” And then of course the screen door is reopened. The PG&E bills are outrageous! But anything for little Sunny 🙂

  52. Even I thought this was hilarious, unlike my earlier, other comments today. Nothing stays broken in the cartoon world,so the gnomes are not necessarily gone, just disabled in that cartoon.
    Brilliant presentation, I enjoyed it as much as the first one, I’ll probably watch it again, too! Thank You!

  53. haahahahaa!! That is hilarious! The things cats do to put food in their mouths. lol I love how the cat always has this innocent look as if everything is so normal.

  54. berthaslave says:

    Well, many have said it, but yes, cats don’t really want to go anywhere, they just want the OPTION to go somewhere. I haven’t slept with my bedroom door closed since 1991.

    And yeah, I have to leave the bathroom door open sometimes, or else Bertha starts scratching away.

    My previous cat, the late great Rider, was one of those cats who could open a door if he could reach the handle (and he’d jump if he needed to).

  55. Wbirdie says:

    ~Someones scratchin’ on the door
    Somebody’s starting to yowl
    Somebody’s scratchin’ on the door
    Heard something like a meow
    Do me a favor, Don’t open the door
    And let it freeeeeze~

    (Tune stolen ruthlessly from Sir Paul Mccartney):D

    (It’s a joke folks. I wouldn’t truly advocate cruelty to cats because of inherent dangers aka The Wrath of Bast).

  56. tmmkitten says:

    tony Jones- hilarious! for all i know, my cats have phds in physics and have spent time in the space station! they are definitely more intelligent than they let on!

    people- read the “silent miow”!!- great book about cattitude and their behavior. 🙂

  57. My cat throws *somthing* There aren’t any garden gnomes upstairs, but by golly she bangs around and pounds on the floor and shakes the plaster off the walls and then when I get up there she’s all: “Wha…? I wuz sleeping in this here sunbeam.”

    And she’s elderly. Maybe the guinea pigs are helping her.

  58. neptune says:

    Both of these cartoons are SO TRUE.

  59. This is exactly like my cat except after all the scratching and meowing, when you finally oen the door, he would immediately run away (laughing, I’m certain) only to return moments later to do the same thing. We could spend entire evenings like this. 🙂

  60. claudia says:

    That’s Maddy and I… if I were a guy.

  61. Eaglestar51 says:

    My two kitties have learned how to open the door, so I must lock it. Suki and Shiraz wail and scratch and throw stuff on the floor (including, more than once, my computer monitor) until the offending door is unlocked or one of their human minions shows up so they can act all sweet and innocent and ladylike.

  62. AuntieMame says:

    Simon Tofield is either a genius, or a cat.

    And the same goes for Tony James.


  63. What the !!!

    Folks, is no one else loving that rotund little kitty? All fun belly curves and mini ears!

    Yes, the behavior is pure cat. Especially the “oh, is that door is open?” Except mine would also have a couple of paws slipped underneath the doors.

    Between those dainty but powerful paws and plump tail, I could forgive those big eyes any number of smashed gnomes.

  64. The garden gnome totally gave the animator away as a Brit. Well, that plus the fact his name is Simon 🙂

    I had previously been fooled by the cat’s use (in his first cartoon) of a baseball bat.

    Anyhow, I had Garrison Keillor’s “The In and Out Song” going through my head the whole time. Anyone else know it?

  65. Hah, my cat is an indoor cat, but the minute someone is in the bathroom, suddenly HE has to be in the bathroom too. And the bathroom door has the bottom corner kinda chipped off, so it’s something like:

    “meow?” *thump*… kitty paw suddenly visible, toes up, under door….

    sometimes he gets it open! eep!


    AuntieMame – Simon Tofield could well be a cat. Tony James? I shudder to comprehend.

  67. Electra says:

    Yesssss. We knows all about it. My two cats work together to open my bedroom door after I chase them out for their “wake up” tricks. One reaches up and wiggles the door knob while the other one shoulders the door open. Clever devils!

  68. Hon Glad says:

    That’s why i have a cat flap (:})

  69. This is so true! Especially when they just stand there half in and half ou after everything they just went through. WHAT DO YOU WANT CAT?! IN OR OUT?! IT’S 3AM! omg hilarious!

  70. darkshines says:

    Thats my point, the baseballbat was the punchline of the joke in the other video, seeing it all the way through distracts from the funny. Theres no need for a 1 up video, the original was good enough. I have never owned a cat, maybe they do do all that stuff. Y’all haters.

  71. Oh noes! Where is MC2? She HAS to see this video!!

  72. Oh….my Kitter Kat (inside only) would do that for any closed closet door, etc just to see what was in there (like it had changed from the last time she looked in there). Also, I have a cat door between the “inside” house and the “outside” glass enclosed Florida room. However, she may “D-I-E” if the cat flap touched her back. So she would perform this act so I would open the sliding glass door and she wouldn’t have to use the cat door. If you didn’t look at her, she would finally concede and use the cat door, but if she saw you look at her and you IGNORED her…she would come in via the cat door and bite you in the calf!

  73. metsakins says:

    kk3 – I so agree. Hubby and I having dinner and he’s like, umm Huggy is out there and I’m Don’t make eye contact. For the love of G-d NO EYE contact.

  74. Fuchsia says:

    Brilliant – can’t wait for the next one!

  75. LOL Love it! Great video.

  76. Jennifer says:

    This made me laugh sooo hard… this is exactly how my moms cat is.. and by god if she could pick stuff up and throw it she would lol… and if she broke it.. lol she would not care, she would also just say “FEED ME” :o)

  77. Edmund Hon says:

    Julia wrote:
    >>> Anyhow, I had Garrison Keillor’s “The In and Out Song” going through my head the whole time. Anyone else know it?

    And I thought I was the only one who was thinking of that song!

  78. This is almost as funny as the first cartoon, which captured my Prissy perfectly! Now this one is Paisley. My cats are both inside but I shut them out of the bedroom at night so they aren’t climbing on stuff and waking me up. Paisley starts about 6 am butting against the bedroom door and putting his paw under the door to rattle it and make noise so I’ll get up and let him in. Cats are so much fun! Thanks for another great post, Meg.

  79. I LOVE these things. I thought at the end the cat was going to ask to go back outside two seconds later. My parents will love this – the cats drive them bananas.

    My kitty has learned to push my bedroom door open, so you have to leave it open a crack, otherwise he scratches on it all night while I’m trying to sleep.

  80. momof2kitties says:

    OK, I have watched this …umm…way too many times. It cracks me up every time. I am pretty sure Mr. Tofield is, in fact, a cat.

    And what’s all this fuss about closed doors? I can’t remember the last time I slept with my bedroom door shut. How else would George and Mia be able to walk all over my face to order their brekkies at 6:00 am.? Clearly, I was put on this planet solely to do their bidding.

  81. I’ve got a cat, Bacio (kiss in Italian) who can open doors. I’ve just spent £150 having all the door mechanisms and handles changed to put a stop to this: you’re fast asleep, and baddam! the door flies open. Enough to give anyone a heart attack.

    He is big and insists on sleeping across the bed, half way down, so you cannot stretch out.

    Only thing now is that he sits outside the bedroom/lounge door and cries in a high pitched voice for ages. I can stick it out, but my family always gives in and opens up for him to trot in and sit on my lap.

    Still, you have to laugh at the persistence.

  82. This guy is a certifiable genius.

    Somebody get him an award, stat.

  83. This cat reminds me of Garfield, except he’s cuter and more realistic. Same personality though.

  84. This very thing happened to me at 3 AM THIS MORNING! I was laying in bed, asleep, as you do, when I hear this banging and scratching and meowing against my bedroom door. I try to ignore it, hoping the cat will go away, but no…IT JUST GETS LOUDER. I do the little “psssshhhhttt” thing we do to get it to away, which NEVER works. This carries on for about 10 minutes until finally I’ve had enough and go to open the door. I climb out of bed, walk around to the other side of the bedroom and open the door and guess what? The cat had walked away and was nowhere to be found! Operation Wake-up Mom was complete.

    This video is hilarious. Not as hilarious as the last one, but still pretty damn funny. Had the cat refused to come in in the end, it would have been as hilarious.

  85. What Nathan said — I was waiting for the kitteh to come in (after making his/her human hold the door open for two years), and then decide she/he wanted back out immediately. Thus have the evil kittehs I have known through the years trained me! Proof that cats actually do use their brains when it suits them? — recently, my cat got his head stuck, viselike, between the garage door and an end table after being too impatient to wait for me to open the door all the way. It only had to happen once. Now he waits for the door to open completely! I don’t think it was the pain of having his head wedged in a tight spot that did the trick — it was the humiliation of being stuck looking like an idiot while I laughed uncontrollably!

    I have since been forgiven 🙂

  86. it’s kind of like winston the cat, if he were a cartoon. i love me some winston! brrrrmrrrow!

  87. Theresa says:

    The door that my cats really insist upon being open is the bathroom door. We have a motto in our house: “You’ll never pee alone.”

  88. I have four cats and it is usually like they are changing shifts at the door. If one goes out the other comes in. They all do the “I’m not sure if I need in right now”, thing at the door. I believe they are all ADHD.

  89. TRACI R. in Salt Lake City, Utah says:

    To the creator of these Cartoons…You are very, very good at what you do, and I look forward to viewing more of your work!!!!!!!
    P.S. If you haven’t already found your calling in life, I’m sure you’ll find it with these Cartoons.

  90. Arrgghhh!! Not the “nails scratching on glass” sound!! Can’t stop shivering!! But sooo funny. Point point… “Me want food”.

  91. I hate to admit it, but this is TOTALLY what my Pooh does! He knows how to open those horizontal lever-type doorknobs & I have to put something heavy (like the vacuum) against the door so he can’t get in and wake me up at night. But he will whine and bang at the door incessantly until I’m about to lose my mind. He’s also pulled down on the front door doorknob/lever which disengages the dead bolt! The maintenance guy was here lat week and witnessed him doing this and he’s ordering me new “Pooh proof” door latches. Now if he would finally give up on the banging on the doors! *sigh*

  92. Awwwww. I love the rotund figure and low-pitched meow on Simon’s cat. What’s the cat’s name???

  93. Oh!
    Thats soooo cute! I lurve it!
    It’s just like my cat, only he will put his paw under the door. ^^

  94. Hahaha! I love it. It reminds me of pretty much every cat I’ve ever had.