The most cruel person ever did this

Check this hilariousness… You can almost see the nose quiveringks! Baroooooo! [whimpering sound]

Gracias Troy E. ;)!!!



  1. Such a glossy lil pup…

  2. I don’t get it. Are dogs unable to reach their paws or something? Someone enlighten me!

  3. Lucia Mendez says:

    I can’t decide, which one should i eat? ah!!!

  4. I think it’s the torture of choice: WHICH ONE TO EAT FIRST?!? 🙂

  5. DawnOctopus says:

    Daaannnggggg That’s one shiney doggie!! Are you using Pantene for Pups?

  6. Janice the says:

    That’s a training technique. Puppy doesn’t get to eat the treats until his owner says so. What a good pup!

  7. LAmonkeygirl says:

    This is just like that Devo song, Freedom of Choice!

  8. Make a choice! PLEEEEZE!!

  9. CrazyBunny says:

    “maybe if i look at it long enough……uh”

  10. Aw, I recognize him from the Windows desktop.

  11. That’s my girl! I’m glad you all like her. That’s her practicing her “wait” command. There are usually little pools of drool under her face when I finally say “OK!” and let her enjoy the fruits of her labour 🙂

  12. Tara

    That is one well trained dog you have – I am lucky if mine will leave something alone that is right in front of them. No way will she allow me to do that – but she is a beagle and they aren’t known for waiting for food.

  13. Tara What a beautiful Black lab and so well behaved.. you and she should be proud.

  14. Leave it to the Japanese to take it a step further:

  15. BWahahahaha Biscuit braclets.

  16. Not only is it a fantastically adorable set-up, this is also a gorgeous photograph! Kudos!

  17. Not only is THIS*

  18. …IT is also*

    Remind me to press “Preview” instead of “Post” next time.

  19. catablob says:

    OMG its the “borodin’s ass” paradigm!
    “Which bale of hey shall i eated? This one…no this one! No this one…”

  20. Tara, OMG, she is BEAUTIFUL! You must be such a proud parent. 🙂

  21. And how about her dear knitted brow??? I am a fool for a knitted brow.

  22. omg….blinded by the glare of the shiney!!

  23. Oh that is one glossy dog. I love new puppy fur.

  24. berthaslave says:

    Someone beat me to it — but here is the Devo for the record:

    In ancient rome
    There was a poem
    About a dog
    Who found two bones
    He picked at one
    He licked the other
    He went in circles
    He dropped dead

    Freedom of choice
    Is what you got
    Freedom from choice
    Is what you want

  25. Dianna Williams says:

    Must be the toughest decision all day!!!

  26. Poor puppeh!!

    This one or that one? This one or that one?? I’ll watch until one of them moves and then it is SO mine.

    This pup uses great product-I wish myb hair was that shiny!

  27. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    For hair that shiny, chew two biscuits a day.

    I think I’ll stick with flat dull hair, thanks!

  28. HAHAHAH! wow, that picture made me laugh out loud! but that video posted by Brandi made me laugh even harder! The woman encouraging her dog plus the dog looking so helpless and always licking his/her drool makes it even better!

    wonderful post! what a prosh puppy! very cute ^__^

  29. Aww. In that picture, she looks so much like my Alfie. Except Alfie’s part foxhound and has white paws. Also, Alfie would not be waiting to eat those biscuits. In fact, he’d probably chomp down on his own paws in his enthusiasm.

  30. I used to have a dog who would never tolerate this. She’d have eaten both biscuits and be looking for the rest of the box before I could get the camera out.

    The cat was worse…if we ate in the living room, one of us would have to physically restrain the cat while the other ate, and then we’d swap, or else she’d just eat our food. Naughtiest imaginable cat.

  31. Martha in Washington says:

    My husband kept trying to train our black lab mix to wait while he put a biscuit on her NOSE!! Talk about CRUEL! She never learned that one. But she does wait till we say “OK” before she goes for her food dish.

    Beautiful puppy, BTW.

  32. He’s at my desktop…:-

  33. Yay Tara! Nice job with the training!
    Dogs can (almost) always be taught such things. It takes patience and know-how and consistency and dedication and time. It’s so worth it. Well-trained dogs are such a joy!

  34. I love this picture! Your girl looks exactly like mine, they could be twins. but I found mine abandoned in the streets of Chania/Greece. She also is fine with our cats, actually she once saved one on the beach and treats him (“Beach Boy” of course) as if he was her baby.

  35. OMG, I love the sad pretty puppy eyes!

    Anerable, as Meg would say!!

  36. gooeyctr says:

    This is a very smart training choice — it’s an excellent way to poison-proof the dog, so that she never just gobbles anything that smells good. You are a great caretaker, Tara!

  37. The huge floppy ears! The glossy coat! The ‘omg please?!’ eyes! TOO MUCH!

    Very VERY nice job, Tara. 🙂 How did you teach her to wait?

  38. Michelle says:

    She’s lovely. I love her expression of anticipation and concentration!

  39. I love animals with shiny black fur. They’re beeewwteeful.

  40. ButtaRumCake says:


    An-ti-ci-pay-yay-shun….it’s makin’ me wait

    LOL @ Pantene for Pups

  41. K. O'Dee says:

    My pups only have to heel for their bikkies. No idea how good they have it!

  42. You know, when I make my baby Ash do this at work, people do tell me how mean I am. However, I have treats lined all the way up his legs. I think our record is 36 treats. He’s got kinda spindly legs, so we simply can’t fit any more.

  43. TARA;
    i LOOOOOOOOOVE black dogs.
    and cute training exercise.
    my dog kobe is trained to wait for “bikkies” unless i say, OK

    Did you know BLACK DOGS are the last picked in adoption?
    YES, it’s twwoooooo. *cries*
    PLEASe take a look at
    to learn more

  44. How DO you teach a dog to wait? Since the “treat” is right there in front of ’em, the temptation must be UNBEARABLES!

    Do you just pet them and fawn over them when they listen to you instead of chowing down? I really want to pet and fawn over this beautiful, shiny girl.

    I’ve never trained a doggie before, though, so I don’t know how it works.

  45. Awww. What a good puppy. Look at the screwed up eyebrows. You can see the effort. <3

  46. People, this is why you have to follow the directions on the shampoo bottle: lather, rinse, repeat. If you don’t REPEAT, your hairs will not be so shiny.

  47. T, you can start teaching “wait” by having the dog on a leash and the treat a bit farther away.

    Yay for black dogs! I have one myself, and he is the best.

  48. RevWaldo says:

    Hillary… Obama… Hillary… Obama…

    [LOL! Either way, it’s TREATS FOR EVERYBODY! – Ed.]

  49. RevWaldo says:

    I was a roommate with a black lab back in the day. She could do the “biscuit on the nose” trick. The amazing part wasn’t just the demonstration of patience (or blind obedience depending on your perspective) but when you said “get it!” she would {slo-mo} jerk her nose from underneath the biscuit then chomp it while it was still in mid-air. {/slo-mo} One of many tricks in her repertoire! What a great dog.

  50. What a beautiful photograph.
    And what a good puppy!

  51. Iz like leprechaun, cannot take eyez off for one second or it’ll disappear.
    at least that’s the way it is wif fud in our house.

  52. Melinda says:

    I just read something on the net that made me sad. Black dogs have problems being adopted. It seems that either they are overlooked because they aren’t flashy enough, and don’t stand out at shelters, or people harbor superstitions. This also goes for black kitties, too.

  53. Carl Jung says:

    Hmmm… methinks Ms. Frost is posting leetle passive-agressive jabs at people who are uncomfortable with her other posts that are oddly and subtly sadistic posts, showing animals in not-so-good-for-them situations.

  54. “Wait” is a great thing to teach your dog to help prevent food aggression. It’s pretty easy if you start early. Plus it can lead to really funny pictures like this one. My Grissom does this, only with lots and lots more drool.

  55. Awwwww. That is one loved doggeh!!!

  56. buddylea says:

    what are these things on my paws???

  57. Curlygirl says:

    Those silky ears! I just wants to touch them…

  58. My dog would be drooling Un contollably if there was treats involved of any nature

  59. Caturday says:

    What a beautiful pup, he should do commercials !!!
    His coat is spectacular!!!

  60. Nope…it’s the EYEBROWAGE…
    he’s waiting and I bet the sound track of this would be TORTURE…angle of head….gaa. >>
    Puppeh brows=devestation

  61. I love animals says:

    LOL! She’s just laying there staring at them little bones wondering ‘What are these?’


  62. what a great dog- it looks EXACTLY like my dog does-he’s even that shiny. do you know what breed it is? I got him from a pound and noone-knows what breed or mix he is- closest i’ve heard is some lab/ hound mix. I;d love to know (and get another one for my dog :))

  63. Our dog does the same. This one looks kinda like him, but ours has a longer coat. He is a flat coated retriever. Some pictures of him at our blog.

    Of course our dog is a LOT cuter 😉