Can you find the TinTin haircut in this movie?

Holy Production Values, People. This one’s called: "Cat of 1000 Faces: Episode 1." Obvy, we’re greenlighting another 23 episodes.

Rys K., Nice YouTube-Pointer-Outering!



  1. Welshcake says:

    I think the best one was ‘cat with a rack’. A new category perhaps…?

  2. I could honestly watch cats bat at things all day. Is that odd?

  3. INCREDIBLY clever!


  5. amusing, not amazing. The boobies were funny.

  6. Also, “Rys K.” is a fanTAStic screen name.

  7. Nekussa says:

    A ha ha!! I think it’s amazing that the cat put up with as much of that as he did instead of batting at every dangling temptation. 😉

  8. Beth E. says:

    Awesome!! Highly amusing. Well filmed, great editing. I give it a 10. Academy Award material for sure.

  9. And it has a MOO Egg in the end!! i dind’t want to search for the moo eggs and here there is one just dropping on my lap. now i have to search the other 5…

  10. Marianne says:

    Wonderful! I love it.

  11. Melinda says:

    Really funny and slightly cheesy with the “I’m in the mood for love” soundtrack, I really liked it, and glad the kitty got some head scritchies for his participation!

  12. Theresa says:

    “Those Mouse ears are bad enough– but that TinTin hair– Up with that I shall not put!”

  13. eh….
    i think your all mercy lol’ing like when a retarded child ties his shoes

  14. Strong in The Farce is our Theresa.

  15. Seven Paws says:

    Poor Hugo! He has that sort of tolerant but put-upon face I frequently get from my own tabby boy. But I admit I was LOL watching this. Good thing no one else is in the office yet!

  16. DebbieH says:

    This cracked me up! Some people get such interesting ideas!!

  17. MandaBain says:


  18. tesstricks says:

    Certified grade A awesome.

  19. Hilarious. Well done.

  20. Haha, great video, love it…

  21. ThreeCatNight says:

    The Thousand Faces of Dr. Meow

  22. charliewabba says:

    OH, I Luuuuuuuuuuurve the Woody Allen face.
    Hugo is the Zelig cat!

    [Damn, I was kinda hoping nobody would notice that part… – Ed.]

  23. Micheller says:

    I laughed out loud. Cute!

  24. The pacing on this is perfect. Just at the moment I was thinking, “What a patient kitty,” Hugo decided he didn’t like the mouse ears.

    Awesome! I should’ve watched this two hours ago and improved my whole morning.

  25. I snorted while laughing at this one, in the office no less. Good thing boss-lady was on the phone at the time! 😉

  26. Oh, he was not down with the Tin Tin hair. :>

  27. Katrina says:

    Not funny. Not clever. Not entertaining. Annoying. Sad.

  28. Katrina is kidding right?

  29. Hon Glad says:

    Who needs CGI, cheapo production values rule.

  30. I’m sorry, but that was just plain stupid.

  31. I laughed so hard, I disturbed the cat sitting on my lap. She hates it when I go to cuteoverload! Cats with racks forever.

  32. HAhahahaha! *shriek* *gasp* Ahahahahaaaaa! Heheeheeeee! *gasp* *snort* Haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaheheheahahahohohaha!!

    Ow, stoppit, cramp, it hurts! Can’t stop laughing! Hahahahaaa!!

    “Mickey!? DO NOT WANT!”

  33. Katrina says:

    No kidding.I have a funny bone, but this didn’t get close. It just wasn’t cute.
    Just sad and well, annoyingly sad actually. I’m glad you enjoyed it, though.

  34. Sorry you didn’t get as big a kick out of this Katrina.. but I have cats Currently three and OMG LMAO funny. Okay and the rack on a cat was definatly the best thing and was anyone else thinking Monte Python?

  35. Annie — you speak as if it’s possible NOT to be thinking about Monty Python.

  36. OMG! my brother made this movie and I am freaking out that it made it to my mecca of cuteness- cuteoverload! To me, this is like the holy grail- yay hugo!!!

  37. “It just wasn’t cute. Just sad…”

    Please understand, this only makes it *funnier* for me. [g’SNERK]

  38. Shannon says:

    That ended funnier than it started. For some reason I liked the appearance of the human’s hand to show some loving. (begging?)

  39. Shannon — exactly. This clip might’ve been a “cheapie” (in the shoestring-budget, independent-film sense) but it was well paced & edited. It actually has a story arc, and without words, fer crysakes.

  40. Oh, and the acting? …flawless.


  41. Catsquatch says:

    SOMEONE has WAY too much TIME on their HANDS here pipples….


  42. like, oh, say for instance, *US*, CatSquatch?


  43. Hugo “zzzzz-wth? Dude. You are weird.”
    later, “DUuuude! Yer startin to annoy me.”
    moar later, “Will U stop? Gimme dat!”
    later still, “Sigh, Whatev.”
    Still ROFL and can’t stop watchin.

  44. Finest kind. Love it.

  45. kestrien says:

    This spread around my office like wildfire this morning – as more and more people were drawn to the gasps and snerks of uncontrollable laughter. This made my day – the patient, beautiful kitty, the equally patient, loving person!

  46. omg someone has waaaay too much time on their hands! lol. perfection, i must say – what a great production. adorables. i love the composition and lounge music, and letting the patient kitteh play with the cards.

    Luv the cheesiness.

  47. Everything was going good until the kitty started getting playful. Shame on him!

  48. That was the dumbest video I have seen! A total waste of everyone’s time, including the cat.

  49. daquack says:

    wihihihi .. so funny :] \o/

  50. BAHAHAHAHA. My favourite bit was the ‘you’ve GOT to be kidding’ look when the boobies come down. 😀

    I feel kind of sorry for people who aren’t childish enough to find this funny…

  51. Now THERE’S a back-handed compliment, if I’ve ever heard one.


  52. Greatest video clip EVAR!

  53. claudia says:

    In addition to the coolest, most hip kitteh around, the music is what cracked me up 😀

  54. caroline says:

    Too funny! I loved the background music!

  55. Sounds like sassi is a cat also. Everything NOT having to do with eating and sleeping is a waste of time to a cat. Not being a cat myself, I liked it.

  56. OMG! Cat-like typing detected!!

  57. Hahahahahaha… that was brilliant! I loved the cat bewbs 😛

  58. fish eye no miko says:

    Edward said: “I could honestly watch cats bat at things all day. Is that odd?”

    No. In fact, there should be a video-only cat-egory–“cats ‘n bats”… hmmm… “Batting cats”? ^_^

  59. OOOOH my goshhh! this was SOOOO cute and funny! the mickey mouse ears part was the bessst!! ahahha… what a nice kitty ^__^

  60. darkshines says:

    Absolutely loved the elevator music version of “I’m In the Mood For Love”!

  61. chanpon says:

    LOL!! Another example of the world’s most patient cat. Really, who por what are we going to see next irritating some hapless kitty?

  62. homer mariner says:

    Oh my god…. WOW. I laughed so hard at this. I’m so happy to see it in Cats’n’Racks. If it hadn’t been posted there… well, that would just be a tragedy of epic proportions.

  63. LOL too silly! love it 8D 8D

  64. Wonderfully weird! How do you get an idea to do that? Hmmmm, i think i’ll suspend various pic’s of eyes, moufs and bewbs in front of my cat, video tape it, and set it to some weird Ukranian version of James Bond music. Weirdness is the spice of life.

  65. Hah, that was brilliant!

  66. I see the cat is not a Tintin fan… >.>; *Is a rabid Tintin fangirl*

    [I bet kitty associates the hair with that Snowy dog… – Ed.]

  67. NotVerySubtle says:

    *snicker* That was priceless! Fun in the classic ‘what the heck were they thinking’ way, as well as fun in the ‘watching how much of this the cat will put up with’ way.

    I love the internet.

  68. @Onion: I mis-read your “8D 8D” as “8 Letter D” and I thought you meant 8D as in bra size, which struck me as perfect for the boobs disguise!!!

    Was anyone else reminded at the beginning of the theme to that old “Clutch Cargo (with his friends Spinner and Paddlefoot)” cartoon? Or is that strictly a Chicago thing??

  69. berthaslave says:

    Theo, I’m with you….the thought of someone watching this and NOT being amused even makes it funnier!!!

    “Hugo” is the very definition of non-plussed. Excellent performance skills! Super-duper neutrality!

  70. chet's momma says:

    those were clive owen eyes in first shot!
    who said bewbs? ROFLMAO!!!!

  71. Theresa says:

    Theo, my all-time favorite use of Yoda-syntax was in movie critic Anthony Lane’s review of Revenge of the Sith: “Break me a f***ing give.”

  72. DaytimeDeb says:

    Loved his look at :51 when, after much trying, mickey finally landed on his head. He was looking out at us as if to say, “somebody call KPS (kitty protective services)!”

  73. ashagato says:

    brilliant! so stylishly done, love the music!

  74. …well, obvy. Yez, teh myoozic eez GUUUUUUUUUUD!

  75. lol! Omg, at 0:54, that cat is SO UTTERLY DISAPPROVING! It’s amazing, I laughed out louded.

  76. AuntieMame says:

    I thought I was on Fark for a moment.


    Seriously, I guffawed. Out loud.

  77. AuntieMame says:

    And fact that they were dangling the eyes and mouths (and BOOBIES!!1!) from two little strings made it even more hilarious!


    This cat is identical to my cat!! THIS IS RIDICULOUSLY CRAZY!

  79. “Shoestring budget.” So to speak.

  80. bookmonstercats says:

    Great. Love the soundtrack. Hugo objected to the Mickey Mouse ears – dare I say I agree, MM gives me the creeps?

  81. @bookmonstercats: I’ve never cared much for the Mouse myself!

  82. That was brilliant. Hugo, what a character! 😀

  83. cheesybird says:

    Ahymmm… in de moooooood… for Luuuuuubbbb….

  84. episode 2 is now live! Yay!

    [added the “2” there… – Ed.]

  85. cheesybird says:

    OMG! Stormtrooper kitty! And once again with the brilliant music! Jonathan Howells is a FARKING genius!

  86. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    omfg. that totally cracked my s#it up. and it was ridiculously well paced… if only half of what comes out of Hollywood was this good, maybe people would start going back to the theaters…

    back to work, go I must.

  87. Sharon Wilson says:

    I loved it when the kitty started attacking the card!

  88. I love it lol xD

  89. OK that’s just wrong…love the 50’s themed tunes and look…
    it’s still WRONG tho, I peed my pants a widdle. Oof.

  90. Jonathan Howells says:

    Hey all,

    If you enjoyed Episode 1 of Hugo, Cat of 1000 Faces, here’s Episode 2!


  91. These are sooo awesome. Love the music. And the Teletubby head…

  92. The cat doesn’t like Tintin hair! :O

  93. Hee hee! So silly! All the while he was like “Oh, come off it” and in the end when he sees the boobies he’s like “What the- are you KIDDING ME?!”

    Beautiful kitty, by the way.

  94. This is, hands down the funniest thing I ever saw. I will share this greatness with the world. When the 3rd episode is released (a Star Wars theme), I can die happy. This filmmaker need to be given an award of GREATNESS. And the cat needs 40 straight minutes of scratches for his AMAZING work.

  95. Hehe, I totally forgot to check back and see if it was posted up! Then again I was sicky lately too, so I couldn’t be online as muchness. Such a good kitty. :3

    The last one was the best for me, always makes me giggle.

  96. I love animals says:

    A couple things made me giggle.

    The kitty is a very good kitty, my kitty would of thought the little thing-a-ma-bobbers were toys.

    I have been enjoying this site!