Totally and completely outrageous! Buntastic! Rabbriffic! TOCKTACULAR! [Not to mention the disapproval on the left] 

WHAT CAN I SAY…., originally uploaded by jan2eke.

Exsquisite find, Johanna S.



  1. That is one disapproving bun.

  2. Look at the fluffy ‘tocks! I wonder, though, is this bun….asexual, or just really, really floofy?

  3. Barbara says:

    Whoa, one bun – no, two buns – that is better than an Escher drawing.

  4. Oh my. I thought the head on the left connected to the tocks on the right, at first!

  5. DoodleyDog says:

    He’s asleep, and I can still feel the disapproval boring a hole through my screen!

    All hail the floofiest bun evar!

  6. Left bun to right bun

    “For goodness sakes, man! Cover up those ‘tocks!”

  7. circuscake says:

    i’ll have my buns with a little mustard and a veggie burger…

  8. OMG. Look at those pawsies! Num, num, num! 🙂

  9. Theresa says:

    “Tocks and Disapproval.” A New Play.

  10. chanpon says:

    Whoa – is that a privacy nub/stub hiding the bunny bits? First time for everything! Even the bun to the left is all disapproving of his friend’s indecency.

  11. that made me smile today, MUCH needed… thank you bunneh ‘tocks!

  12. Loving the tockage and the Jackie Chiles reference, Meg.

  13. Pat Trenner says:

    That’s Joy and Joris, of previous CO fame. I believe they live in Japan, where the natives continue to hand us our asses on a silver platter when it comes to Teh Qte.

  14. Ooooooook, now I see that it’s a privacy tail hiding the naughty bunny bits.

    Those toesies are begging for a munch.

  15. Joris and Joy, yes, they were adorable…sadly they both passed away late last year, in very rapid succession. I believe their bunny mom lives in the Netherlands, if I recall correctly.

    But these two were full of cute overload, for certain.

  16. Omg, that little guy is disapproving so hard he’s practically turned inside out.

  17. Oh man

  18. Wow. For a minute there, I thought that that was one seriously flexible bunny. 🙂

  19. Glad I’m not the only one that thought, at first glance, this was just one bunneh. There’s enough disapproval there for several more, though.

  20. Bwahahah! This could have been my bunny. He does that all the time and lot’s the same!

  21. zeldapie says:

    Geez, I did a double-take on this one!
    Such serious disapproval! Such flufftacular buntocks!

  22. Ahhh, now I see the ‘tocks! I was confused at first.

    It’s like one of those optical illusion drawings. Look at it one way and it’s one bun laying on his side with a little tail growing out of his stomach. Look at it another and it’s 2 buns laying side by side, one forward, one ‘tock-ward. Oy, I think I’ve had my mental workout for the day!

  23. I had to count the ears before I could see the second bun. o.O

  24. So freaking cute.

    Aren’t disapproving rabbits like 2 years ago?

    Meg, pls. start writing comments again.

  25. Yah, I thought that was one twisted sister!

    I believe disapproving rabbits are a classic that never go out of style.

  26. I thought he was Super Yoga Bun until I realized there’s two of ’em. And you know what they say..Two buns are better than one!

  27. That’s on the scale of disapproval, that verges near Easter Island disapproval.

  28. MandaBain says:

    I too thought it was one bun. And I almost lol’d since it looked like teasing AND disapproving at the same time “Yeah. It’s there. It’s sexy. I DARE you to even LOOK, much less TOUCH!!”

  29. Jacquie says:

    Duh…I thought this one bun! “Tocks?” I thought…”this bun is an acrobat!”

    After about the 3rd peek, I realized it was 2 buns in the photo!

  30. Melinda says:

    Sweetly disapproving bun!

  31. Haha ahahahahaha YAAAAYYY bun tocks!

  32. Cricket says:


  33. Katrina says:

    The buns are the same dye lot, hence the confisticationalismistic ishciousness.

  34. CoffeeCup says:

    Bunnies’ ….private parts…aren’t really very visible anyway, but most buns keep their tails down when they’re relaxed.

  35. Leah B. says:

    that is one serious pair of bun tocks !!!!

    I wonder what the other one is thinking ?
    At least they took a picture of my good side !

  36. Oh, if I could just reach into that photo and squeeze those buns! It’s too much to bear! ;D

  37. thelibrarianne says:

    The bun on the left’s all “I GREATLY disapprove. Thoroughly. You disgust me. Hrrmph.”


  38. Hee! Tummy tail!
    See, you can do an ear-count to figure out how many bunnies you are seeing. One, two, three, four….

  39. I LUUURVVVEEE “Disapproving Rabbits”, so 2 years ago or not!!!

    “I disapprove of your relaxed posture, Alastair Hyde-McFluffington!”

  40. tell me it ain’t so that these two have leapt over teh Bridge! Such Qteness can NOT not be here anymore! :((((

  41. Daphne Moss says:

    *Don’tcha be lookin at mai butt, yo*

  42. sally-rah says:

    All of her pics are anerable. She’s got prosh pups too.

  43. jasonjason says:

    if you stare at the tocks long enough, you can almost make out a bun face. or am i the only one who sees that?

  44. chet's momma says:

    doze hoo smelt it, delt it, yo!


  46. That rabbit is the living embodiment of the word “harrrumph”.

  47. Disapproving rabbits make me think of Stanley from the office.
    I can hear him say “geeet your ‘toocks out mah face”

  48. ok
    I am SOOOOO happy with the amount of Bun this week.
    Meg, you have my complete approval.
    All others, send more Bun pics.

    thank you.

  49. I only saw one bun until I read the comments! Thanks, everybody, for cluing me in. Now if only I hadn’t been the last person in the world to see both buns.

  50. hahahahahahhahahahah – wicked!



  51. ritabby says:

    I disapprove of FLUFFY PORN!

  52. Janice the "8 is WAY Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    Someday I will have buns. And they will be enormous piles of floofiness that look at me with just this must disapprovality. And I will rejoice in the perfection that is my life.

  53. Selianth says:

    “Buttflap down, Captain, aye aye!”

  54. berthaslave says:

    bun buns puns!!! LOL!!!

  55. Elise – “I DO NOT THINK THAT IS FUNNEH” /Stanley voice

  56. Lawrence says:

    I disapprove of Meg showing so many bun butts. I simply will not stand for it! Disapprove, Disapprove, Disapprove! Huuurrruuuummmpppp!!!!!

  57. Hon Glad says:

    Martha! will you cover up,we’ve got company.

  58. There’s never enough disapproval! At least when it comes to bunnehs (and ocassional cats). So bring ’em on! <3

  59. acelightning says:

    Left bunny: “Harrumph! I disapprove of your sleeping position!”
    Right bunny: “Just stretchin’ out and gettin’ comfterbles… zzzz…”

  60. bookmonstercats says:

    I thought it was a seriously bendy bun until I counted the earsies. I’m sorry they’ve both gone to The Great Hutch in the Sky, but what happy memories they’ve left behind for us all to enjoy.

  61. lordxur says:

    I have never seen such complete and STONY-faced disapproval!

  62. good gawd. extreme bunnulence and disapproval. tewtelly prosh.

  63. Non-bunny owner here.

    I noticed on the flick page that they had number tattoo’s in their right ears. What were these for? Were they from the breeder or were these rescue bunnies.

  64. Selianth says:

    Especially in Europe buns with pedigrees get an ear tattoo. So that would be from the breeder. Or possibly from the vet if they were ‘fixed’ to avoid any repeat surgeries. Either way, the tattoo gives someone in the know info about the bun.

  65. OMG .

    The ‘TOCKS!!!

    [helpless laughter]

  66. Yay kate! I’m so glad someone else watched the office. The bunny makes me think of that quote everytime. “Is that supposed to be me?”

  67. Bunspace has a contest on right now for the cutest bunny buns, go check it out and vote for Velvet’s shiny hiney. (my bunnies entery

  68. (insert hip hop music here) “I like BUN BUTTS and I cannot lie…..those other butts are not fly, when an bun with tocks hops by I get STOOPID”