It’s OK, It’s OK lil’ Puppeh. Once you realize it’s actually YOU that’s running the place, there’ll be no need to whimpères.

Hannah B., nice submeeeeeeshons! [singsong]



  1. Someone needs to hug the stuffing out of that puppy! I think that someone should be ME.

  2. Won’t someone pick up that poor little puppeh an snorggle him!!!????

  3. AWH!! <3 I will snuggle hims happy

  4. someone should take the invisi-weight off the fluffiness so she can stand up and look around!

  5. Somebody peek heem up – STAT!

  6. Poor puppy, he needs to be petted and snuggled. Awwww….

  7. Emily Anonymous says:

    That cameraman is clearly a robot. I would cave after one second and pick the puppy up if I was behind the camera.

  8. theoneflyinvet says:

    time for snorgling an’ nosicle snuffling an’ eye cap plinking *plink plink*!! 🙂

  9. omg!!!1! How could you listen to that for 27 seconds and NOT PICK HEEM UP????

  10. ITA with Chocolate Chipped. I couldn’t stand more than 3 seconds of that whimpering and would pick the fluffball immediately and cuddle him in my bosom! *sniff*

  11. revolution724 says:

    Oh, he’s so roly poly, he looks like a big fuzzy caterpillar.

  12. Since that pathetic-voiced kitten got to be under “Cute or Sad?”, I think so should this pup.

  13. Michelle says:

    is that a pom?

    I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy…

  14. That is a living squeaky toy! Someone hug him!

  15. Hahahahaha… when I played this, 3 German Shepherds and a lab came running to help the puppy in trouble and were all “baroo” at me trying to figure out where the lil puppers was and why I wasn’t helping him. My pups love the pupster.

  16. Scoobie says:

    I predict a commentroversy coming soon to this thread

  17. zeldapie says:

    Awwww. Poor lil bebeh.
    He looks and sounds like a stuffed toy.
    I’d say it’s snorgle time for him.

  18. My face just crumpled watching that. SO cute and so sad, I just wanted to grab her up and love her!

  19. Really, how can you just film and not cuddle? This is akin to the person who films someone being attacked by a bear but doesn’t call for help.

  20. EaterofShades says:

    my gosh!!

    he (she?) looks so squeezable!!!

  21. semanticantics says:

    A little WD-40 would take care of that.

  22. Agh! He sounds like a tiny, fluffy, beady-eyed baby chick!

  23. Tricia Garrett says:

    Poor fella wants his mummy!

  24. chanpon says:

    Oh dear god – this goes right up there with Tabitha’s merciless mewings at the door to be let in. Kills me. Someone pick him up and give him some kisses right now!!

  25. You’ve all been had. Either I’m hallucinating or it clearly winks at the camera at around 23-24 seconds in.

  26. OMG, Juv3nal, you’re right.
    I mean about the winking part, not the hallucinating.
    Unless we both are.

  27. Ahahaha, awww. The sad effect was ruined a little for me, as I’m so used to my full grown doggie crying for pets like that… while you’re still petting her!

  28. Not very articulate here, but WANT! NOW! GIMMEE!
    (scoops up puppeh and runs to hide in closet)

  29. Katrina says:

    What IS that? Well yeah, a puppy, but what IS it? I felt my chest tighten the whole time — PICK HIM UP! Poor little pupper-wupper. Then place him right over your heart and snuggle his nose into your neck- ahhhhhh, that’s better.
    Thank you.

  30. Michelle says:

    ehehe. Is it any wonder that half the dog owners that resolved to never allow dogs on the bed cave after a day or two of having a puppy? By the time the pups are full grown, 2/3 of the bed is claimed by sprawling dog. Ain’t it wonderful?

    Sigh. I miss my beautiful dogs so much. Losing two in one year is almost more than I can take.

  31. berthaslave says:

    Actually, the dog is saying, “Don’t pick me up, don’t snorgle me, I’m making a statement! I can turn on the waterworks like Liz Taylor at a benefit! If it worked for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, it’ll work for me! Vote sad pommy puppeh!”

  32. That right there is a Weapons-Grade Cuteonium-239 100-Megaton AWWWWrhead. Faer Teh CYOOT!!


  33. OMIGAWD someone PLEASE snorgle the poof of pom! NOW! 80ccs of snuggles, STAT!!!

  34. Jacquie says:

    Sounds like me when I wake up in the morning and realize I have to go to work.

  35. lurkingsmirk says:

    That’s not a dog! That’s a fluffy cushion stuffed with seagulls. Srsly.

  36. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Yup…juv3nal’s right. You’re all being duped!!! Tha puppeh is winking atchy’all and y’all’s just hearing the “poor pitiful me” squeals!!


  37. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Jacquie-!!SNORT!! Me, too…..

  38. Aww, is that a little chow chow?

  39. morticiamom says:

    I can no longer watch with the sound on, it stresses out 3 of my dogs as they try to find and help the puppeh! The huskie on the other hand, just lays there like an old curmudgeon doggie.

  40. Hee, morticiamom! My sister just emailed me about it (she and I both check this site like fiends) and said that her Doxie and her Dobie both flipped their shit and started getting antsy/whiney as soon as she turned up the volume. 🙂 AWWWW.
    (Her cat, on the other hand, hissed in the vague direction of the computer and ambled off). Naturally.

  41. Michelle – Aww. *hugs* That’s horrible. I’m sorry to hear about your puppies passing. 😦

  42. DEAR. SWEET. GOD!!! This made my uterus hurt! Why, WHYYYYY, in the name of all that is puppy-ish, didn’t the camera-person pick up this ball of fluff and snorgle him/her senseless? We’re dealing with stronger minds than mine, people!

  43. Before you play this video again, imagine being at the beach. Hit play and close your eyes. Sounds more like seagulls at the beach than a pup’s whimper, doesn’t it?

  44. micheller says:

    WHYYYYY, in the name of all that is puppy-ish, didn’t the camera-person pick up

    Perhaps that’s why it’s such a relatively short video.

    Loved the wink at the end. He had me til he winked. Well, he had me then, too.

  45. I was thinking that he looked like a fox with static issues.

  46. Poor guy. Someone lifted him up onto a bench or table, and he’s scared because he can’t get down.


  48. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!! It’s a pom.. they are my puppy weakness.. I lof them….

    I don’t get to listen to this for a while yet but one only has to look at that adorable face and those sad eyes to know this pommie wants to be snuggled STAT!!

  49. My dogs were worried about him, they were all “baroo?”

  50. yankeebird says:

    That is it. I am now kilt ded from teh qte.

  51. Anyone else notice that this little dog is approximately 70% head? What has science done?!

  52. I wants a cute fluffy potato to snorgle!! Please? Pleeeeeeeeeease? (I asked nicely!)

  53. this is a potato.

  54. Watching this was breaking my heart!!! Pick the baby up you heartless cameraperson!! I can’t take it!

  55. Too Many Maureens says:

    Lisa: That’s my line!


  56. Aw, po’ widdle tribble.

  57. Anasztaizia says:

    It needs huggles and snuggles! OMG put down the camera and pick eettt uupppp!!!!

  58. I NEED him.



  59. That there is pure distilled 120 proof cuteness. It’s so cute it’ll tear a hole in your heart with just one swig.

  60. Swig? I mean snorgle. X3;;;

  61. jazmella says:

    “…a fox with static issues.” LOL! That was HEE-LARIOUS!! Hahahaha!!

    By the way, you people have 2 seconds then I’LL be the one snorggling him.

    2…1…MINE! MINE! MINE!! <3

  62. That’s no puppy–that’s a fluffy doomsday device.

  63. Oh, don’t blame the cameraman for not comforting the baby; our Corgi used to do that when she was a baby, whenever she was left alone in a room for more than .03 seconds. Eventually you get used to the “crying as though someone was killing her best friend right in front of her” sounds.

  64. ” Once you realize it’s actually YOU that’s running the place”…absolutely, when I got my poodle and the household was adjusting, things became so much simpler when we accepted that the universe does revolve around him..

  65. halblingefrau says:

    My pup came running when I played that, and she kept sniffing and licking my speakers trying to comfort the puppersons.

  66. I cried. Well not really, but stheriously, i wanted ta pick him up and snorgle and comfort him and pet the fur off him. yeah.

  67. It says the video is unavailable! What will I do without my puppeh fix?

  68. Clearly that is no puppy! That is an anerable, walking loofah! Why, just listen to that squeaking (whimpering)! It’s CLEARLY just recently swallowed a chewtoy! What’s next for the anerable, walking loofah with eyes?! It will TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

  69. awww! this puppy is in need of a great big hug and i wish i can just literally grab him from the computer screen and give it to him.

  70. meredith says:

    My heart just broke a little 😦

  71. Are you SURE that’s a puppeh? He looks like a little bear to moi!

    Teho and Juv3nal – I saw the wink too. He clearly has us wrapped around his widdle paws.

  72. A puppy crossed with a guinea pig? It’s genius!

  73. I want to snuggle that little baby! I love puppies and I’d love on that cutie and let him or her fall asleep on me.

  74. Daphne Moss says:

    You peeps aren’t seriously thinking a puppy winking is the same … as a human?? And sly? No, didn’t think so…
    This baby wants mummy…desperately. Too little even to walk…
    I would love to see this bebeh with his sibs/mom…

  75. Aaw. It looks like the little fluffy potato is crying. 😦

  76. mandykw says:

    How is that person still holding the camera?! I want to him and squeeze him all better

  77. mandykw says:

    *kiss him and squeeze him all better

  78. pommies are the cutest puppies ever

  79. Awwwwwwwwwww squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)))

  80. just me says:

    *dead*… slain by the qte.

  81. Ppattibpatt says:

    I’m melteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeng!!!

  82. Definitely a pomeranian. Our little pom did the same thing when she was first brought home (before she realized that she was running the place).

  83. As far as the “what is that?” question goes, I think it’s a sapient twinkie.

  84. jennifer Fritz says:

    That whimpering puppy drives my dogs and cats nuts,.. They even want to cuddle with him.. 🙂

  85. Catsquatch says:


    Was that a Pokemon?

  86. My two poms went CRAZY trying to help the fluffy pup! Ahh.. remninds me of when my pommies were babies… I could just snorgle that baby fluff puff forever!

  87. claudia says:

    I said to myself when I watched it before looking at the comments “Ok.” steeled myself… “Here we go!”

    Luckily for me I needn’t have worried.

    That Pup is totally tha BOSS already!

  88. Selianth says:


    Everyone talking about your pups coming running? My HUSBAND just wondered where the dog was!!!

    He kept looking out the window. 😉

  89. …Heart Melts…

    Pick that poor pup up and CUDDLE IT, already…!!!

  90. Oh! The fluff needs love. He needs the cuddles for sure!

    – The cake is a lie!

  91. me-me-me says:

    Hahaha! I call my pom a “sweet potato”. That poor little baby needs to be held and hugged and kissed. I must take him with me because clearly he is not being paid attention to in that home. In my home, the world revolves around my little pommie.

  92. oh NOES!!! Whyfore is the baby puppy sad?

  93. I am overloaded. This is the cutest/sadest thing ever.

  94. @selianth: LOL!!! Bet your husband is a sweetie.

  95. mnrhyre says:

    I have never nuff’ed anything here (or anywhere), but this just makes me frustrated that I cannot I cant pick him up and hold him close and pet him and call him George…ahem.

  96. Selianth says:

    Oh yes. Very big hearted man. Love him to pieces. He’s always making me laugh (on purpose, most of the time. ;))

  97. mnrhyre says:

    I have never nuff’ed anything here (or anywhere), but this just makes me frustrated that I cannot I cant pick him up and hold him close and pet him and call him George…ahem.

  98. polinium says:

    I played this and my cat stopped everything he was doing and came to attention. He was very worried about the pup.

  99. I came. I saw. I “HO GOD I WANNA PICK IT UP”‘d.

    The hubby has explained to me that the pup is fine and all that, but! I feel very strongly about the puppy/whining:hug ratio. :Nod, nod.:

  100. angelstar says:


    (two minutes later) OK, OK, i’m fine now, except that mah nose is *LITERALLY* glued to the screen.

    JMoczy, i agree with u completely!

    I feel like nibbling those nobbulicious ears!


  101. I seriously started tearing up when I saw/heard this… That puppy is so cute!

  102. Seven year old son watches this with me and says, with tears, “WHY doesn’t someone one pick him UP? THEY NEED TO PICK HIM UP NOW! He needs a Mommy!” (solid proof he has been RAISED right!)
    I agree. Pick up the pup.

  103. ::sigh::

    please… please… sumbunny tell me that he was promptly picked up after the makingks of this filmz….

    crying lil behbeh?

  104. Holy Beejezus… must control urge to snorgle. I think the wink at the end is the best! Pompom here totally knows he is the top boss.