The Slow Loris might be the proshest animule alive

Please check out the tiniest of tongue/banana action and the [plink! plink!] eye capsules. This is the Slow Loris, a nocturnal primate from Southeast Asia. They’re not meant to be pets, they prefer hangin’ out in the trees.

Wikipedia sez these guys ar "happiest at the top of trees" and "make slow, deliberate movements and a powerful grasp that makes them very difficult to remove from branches."

Apparently, they rarely eat fruit, so this banana feeding is unusual…

Don’t let the proshness fool you of course. Like all of the cutest animals, these guys have some serious teef. And as a bonus, they secrete toxins out their elbows. Cute! [head tilt]



  1. They secrete toxins out of their elbows?! I had a girlfriend who did that!

  2. I would like to nomnom his boday

  3. There is nothing cuter than secreting toxins out your elbows.

    He is cute though 🙂 He looks like he’d be uber soft.

  4. zeldapie says:

    The tiny peenk tongue in the first pic is so anerable I could SQUEEEEEEEEE!

  5. Hon Glad says:

    He looks a softie, just avoid dem elbows.

  6. Awfully cute! When left to their own devices, lorises only move around at night and sleep during the day, so it’s rare to see one at all. In the zoo, their displays are kept dark so you have to squinch your eyes to see ’em. Weird to see one as a pet! Never knew about their toxic elbows.

  7. Charlie says:

    why is he eating nanas and inside is he poorly? 😦 I love his little eyes and big fuzzy face.

  8. catablob says:

    Look how dinky he is compared to the finger in the picture.
    He looks like a drawing out of the Moomintroll series.

  9. Why I Eyes Ya

  10. Out his elbows?! Prosh, but totally weird!

  11. i love this website. it is SO CUTE!!! i always come here to make sure i am not heartless/too punk/too angry (being an adolescent and raised child of two inner punks, as in we don’t dress like it but get to know us and it’s clear). like, penance through extreme squee-ing. i like bunnies especially.

  12. Desdemona says:

    Pyrit — LOL! The Slow Loris has a worried look on his face — maybe that’s because we woke him up?

  13. He looks so surprised! And kind of sad. I want to snuggle him!

  14. lurkingsmirk says:

    He definitely looks a little concerned as he noms his banana. Like he suddenly realized the whole room has gone quiet and everyone is looking at him!

  15. gloom raider says:

    So cute! But I’m trying in vain to figure out what the advantage of toxic elbows is. Always getting the armrest in movie theaters? A little extra help during the holiday shopping rush?

  16. YAY!!! YAY!!! A thousand times yay!

    It’s a loris!

  17. They’re *wicked* in street basketball, Gloom.

  18. pyrit..bwahahahaha!

  19. Oh…he’s supah cute! He’s all like, “Oh…hai, I have a banana”.

  20. Leah B. says:

    pyrit you strike again you……..

    Cute and tiny but dem toxins in my elbows make HUGE in the animal worlds…

  21. O'Mufasa says:

    Smyoot smyoot, Muncherroo! 😉

  22. Such sad eyes!
    Ahh…(head tilt)

  23. Michelle says:


    For additional slow loris fluffitude:

  24. to answer the elbows question- they put it on their offspring to repel predators. they can also transfer it to their mouth so their bite becomes venomous.

  25. Welshcake says:

    Toxic elbows? That’s quite some super power. One for the next series of Heroes?

  26. micheyd says:

    I am the bananaman
    They are the bananamen
    I am the loris!
    goo goo g’joob

    [Don’t talk with your mouth full, it’s impolite… – Ed.]

  27. The welcoming committee realized their fatal flaw when they invited the new neighbors, slow loris Morrises, to the community square dance.

  28. Not a problem, Kar. Quick change of plan: TAI CHI

  29. So slow lorises can lick their own elbows? How flexible!

  30. that’s a 3 toed sloth I think

  31. Yep, that’s a post to feel good about. A rare animal out of his natural habitat eating food that he doesn’t normally eat and posted on a website for a bunch of gawkers like us to enjoy. ADORABLE.

  32. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Peg of Tilling

    The toxin dispenser is on the inside of their elbows. That’s easier to lick. I love the comment in the article that the toxin isn’t believed to be harmful to humans. I guess nobody’s tried it.

    We humans have some really interesting relatives.

  33. berthaslave says:

    The universal animal eating language: nomnomnomnomnom

    What about the Fast Loris? I knew a girl named Fast Loris in high school, and by graduation she was secreting some pretty potent toxins herself. “Ol’ Stinky Elbows Fast Loris” we used to call her, I tells ya.

  34. charliewabba says:

    they transfer the toxins from their elbows to their mouths? How??!!!?? That seems sort of inconvenient.
    I can’t lick my elbows. Then again, I am not a slow loris.

  35. I hope they aren’t calling him “Slow Loris” at loris school.

  36. I’m waiting for someone to complain about the child abuse.

    “They poison their own children!!”

  37. They’re so weirdly cute.

    Apparently the smaller species will eat fruit & insects (so pny, kindly shut your banana hole).

  38. toxic elbows is better than “cries black xfiles eyes and is annoying in 2 languages”


  39. Did anyone put up a “Slow Loris” sign in their neighborhood?

  40. I just died. Floating over my body and the computer right now… ascending into the clouds where I am being covered by these delightful creatures..!

  41. There are slow lorises at the Santa Barbara Zoo and they used to KEELLL me. Ded. They really do move in slow motion. It once took one an hour to crawl across its branch.

  42. I wish I could secrete toxins out of my elbows! It would be so handy, because who really uses them for anything otherwise? Besides bending your arms, I mean.

  43. go to the wikipedia article on venomous mammals. there are very few; the slow loris is one of probably less than ten.

  44. Wow, that would be great for when you’ve lot armloads full of groceries/kids/whatever and that rude person pushes by you without holding the door open… with the elbow. (no bitterness here…)

  45. I meant JAB with the elbow…the typepad sezs NEGATIVE to my unintentional tags.

  46. I would be so psyched to secrete toxins out of my elbow. That would have come in handy the day the guy groped me on the NYC subway.

  47. rocketpants says:

    OMG! The feets! The feets!

  48. rocketpants says:


  49. He’s adorable even when you’re blind drunk, which I am, and he is.

  50. oh my GOD! He is the cutest since Fluff Hed the baby cheetah. I think my heart just exploded!

  51. Elbow toxins? Weird, but cool. Will come in great handy for me when I’m taking crowded public transport!

    (LOL @ Gloom Raider and Teho)

  52. Oh my goodness! I’ve been trying to figure out what this animal was since getting back from South East Asia a couple of weeks ago. I was ambushed by a Thai woman carrying one of these guys. I just wanted to look, but it grabbed onto my finger with its strong little fingers and I couldn’t resist holding it. It’s those EYES! So cute! He/she fell asleep on my chest. I was very sad because I knew it wasn’t happy being passed around all day. It’s nice to finally know what it is though. Here’s a pic of the one I got to hold:

  53. has anyone noticed the teensy banana? It in itself is cute.

  54. Does anyone else think this little guy looks like an ewok?

  55. He’s a hat-wearing party demon at night:

  56. chanpon says:

    You forgot to mention their 3rd form of defense- the dreaded “banana breath”. Don’t get too close, people!!

  57. susanreneewa says:

    FINALLY!!! The slow loris is my favorite mammal in the whole wide world. I was mere inches from one during the behind the scenes tour of Woodland Park Zoo. I could spend hoooooooours just watching their little bowling ball butts.

  58. In re Loris, Slow: Awwwww. It’s like an exchange from Cute Overload from a different planet.

    In re Pny’s comments: Lame, humorless, meh.

  59. @ chanpon: I think I might rather like banana breath. At least Msr. Loris here doesn’t drink coffee (I think).

  60. Darlene says:

    Wow – that third picture just killed me! I’ve been tempted to post before, but wow! I don’t think I can come back to this site, there can’t be anything more adorable than that face! By the way, what the heck does “anerable” mean? Is there a guide somewhere to cute overload slang? I can figure out most of the words, but not that one!

  61. Uh oh! This is a comma splice: “They’re not meant to be pets, they prefer hangin’ out in the trees.” If you had a semicolon this would be correct! The way to remember is that if both halves of your sentence could be sentences on their own then you should use a semicolon. NOM NOM NOM!!!

  62. I love animals says:

    I let my cat see this and you’ll never guess what she did!

    She jumped off the couch and licked the screen! SHE LIKEY THE LIL’ MONKEY!

  63. The toxins in they’re elbows only activate when its mixed with saliva so the lick there elbows and get the toxins in they’re mouth so don’t let them bite you. The slow loris used to live in Singapore as well.