First, assemble your cheese slicer, corer, knife, apple, whole wheat and fromage.


Create hamster-lunch-sized buns, cheese and apple slices


Place Hammie-Sammies in stay-fresh powshe for lunchtime. [Table optional]


For more on Hammie Sammies and the wonderful World of Lucy, check out HamsterTracker.com!



  1. Adorabuhls!

  2. Hammie-Sammie definitely needs some tiny-tiny baggies; else Caramel won’t be able to bring his lunch to ham-skool 😉 Me was thinking some art-craft-beads baggies…

  3. bearlet says:

    ohhhh… you use those baggies for… arts & crafts. riiiight…

  4. And I thought I spoiled my pups! Maybe Rachel Ray or better yet Alton Brown can do an episode on pet lunches.

  5. I think Lucy is the most officially spoiled hamster on the face of the earth.

    Lucky Girl!

  6. That’s a yummier sandweesche than what I get in my college canteen! Barooooooo!

  7. Tigress says:

    But where is the photo of the hammie enjoying her hammie-sammie??

  8. berthaslave says:

    I’m with Tigress…I’m not signing on to be a hammie-sammie artist until I sees a Hamme enjoying the Sammie!

  9. Yes, I wanted to see the dainty little paws holding a hammie-sammie!

  10. cronite5 says:

    to Polly : Rachael Ray is doing a pet food speacial, or at least I’ve seen promo’s for it.

  11. ashagato says:

    bearlet, lol 😉

  12. I want to see them eating the sandwiches. That would make this much cuter.

  13. chanpon says:

    Yes, we need a picture of the hammie holding the sammich with two front paws and chowing down.

  14. No photos of hamsters enjoying those deliciously tiny sandwiches?
    Stop teasing those hammies and hand over the sammies!

  15. whimper…my hopes were raised…..and then dashed on the rocky shores of the missing hammie….

    who stole the hammie????? he wants his sammie!!!!!

  16. snoopysnake says:

    Dang! No happy ending? I was waiting to see the happy hammie with the yummeh sandwiches in its teensy paws and then in its mouf. Remember the kernel of corn hammie? That’s what I was waiting to see.

  17. I went to their website and they said they were waiting for Lucy to wake up before they gave her the sammich.
    Meanwhile I was on my run today when I came across a street named HAM HILL! It made me BLEEN. I took a pic of it with my cell.