Bunday, sudsy Bunday! [Sing in Bono voice]

Please check out the head fluff/wet pawsitude combo. He’s prolly like 2 pounds after all is said and done.


Bunday, sudsy bundaaaaaaaaaaay [repeat 15 times]


This bun is even surprised at his own lack of bod, once his furs get wet. He’s all; "Where AM I?"


Kriszta (from Hungary) Moe’s lil’ wet paws up are the best. Nice work.



  1. skinny little guy…

  2. ohhh that poor bun looks scared, just look at all the white you can see in his eyes *want to cuddle the poor thing*

  3. snorgler says:

    I had a bun who looooved her bath! She’d float around in the sink like Esther Williams. We both loved the cuddling after, too.

  4. Magyar nyuszi! Yay!

  5. Janice the "8 is WAY Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    Augh! That second picture, it keeeeels me! Could anything in the wurld be more of teh qte???

  6. What a cutie, look at those blue eyes….

  7. aww~ what a baby… ^_^ the contrast between his head and the rest of his body is too funny.

  8. ashagato says:

    snorgler: “she’d float around in the sink like esther williams.” LOL!

  9. Khadija says:

    not supposed to bathe rabbits!

  10. Poohbear says:

    The bather got pretty scratched up, hee! (arms in first pic)

  11. Christine H says:

    I see there’s already been one “not supposed to bathe rabbits” comment, and there probably will be others. These comments are correct, but presumably the bun is okay or the pictures wouldn’t have been sent in, and it is cute :).

  12. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Sometimes, buns get stinky! lol Needs a bath. Baths are okay for buns. Let’s not start the buns and baths debate again. Let’s just all appreciate bunday! 🙂


    I wonder what kinds of colors he’s got when he’s dry! What a cute little bun!

  13. Patricia says:

    You can bath bunns… some of them love it like my sisters who is litter trained and lives in her house. She can’t keep the bunny out of the bathtub when my sister fills it for her own bath. Anyway the most important thing is to dry them immediately after and keep them warm till they are fully dry.

  14. charliewabba says:

    Number 2 is the one that keeeels me with its cuteness.
    As to buns and wetness – what do they do in the wild when it rains? Leetle ‘brellies and wellies?

  15. Fluffeh bunneh in the tub. SQUEEEEEE! No, Buns shouldn’t really be bathed, but sometimes they are unable to groom themselves and therefore need a wash otherwise they can get urine scald and other nasty things!

  16. that is AMAZING!
    …and also creepy…
    :)and amazing!

    Bunday has just become my favorite day of the week!

  17. Shannon says:

    I love the second pic!!!

    I was going to comment about bathing bunns but it’s really not my place. I still say cats don’t need a bath unless it’s something drastic so I’ll just keep my mouth shut on this cuz the cute is too much!

  18. Theresa says:

    Blue-eyed bunny butt!

  19. I wish they’d submitted an “after” pic too, so we could see it in its normal, glorious floofiness!

  20. When my hammy Squeaky had a really bad allergic reaction my vet advised us to give her sponge baths. Little ham was like: “Do not want!” But after she was so happy to be clean and we gave her some yogurt. Her fur grew back thicker then ever!

  21. Oh how I love Bunday! Mah fav’reet!! Must kiss gigantic bunneh noseses!

  22. Kristin says:

    Mr Bunbun is so surprised he forgets to disapprove!

  23. That must be the most pathetic-looking bun I’ve ever seen…Cute, but pathetic…

  24. Martha in Washington says:

    Why does this bunny remind me of Chocolate Easter Bunnies? The pose, the look, the size of that head, what? Maybe I just need chocolate?

  25. CathyDee says:

    “Tooooight. We can bathe the bun.”

  26. ElishaB. says:

    How ever did you get that bunny to stay so still? My kids and I were just having the bunnies and bath discussion last night and low and behold here is a bunny in a bath. How funny!!

    And how cute too!! Would love to see a “dry” pic of bun bun:)

  27. Please don’t bathe your bunnies, it’s not good for them and can be dangerous and harmful. Don’t torture your pet. Thank you

  28. I don’t mean to be a spoil sport because I love cuteoverload but I just have to strongly object to the title. If you don’t know Bloody Sunday was a day in Irish history when 30 defenseless spectators attending a football match were shot dead by British soldiers. Just a tad insensitive.

  29. AuntieMame says:

    “She’d float around in the sink like Esther Williams.”

    *considers the mental image this conjures up*

    Nope, can’t do it. LOLOL!

    Poor lil’ skinneh, wet bunneh!

  30. Please don’t nuff, it’s not good for your blood pressure and can be dangerous and harmful. Thank you!
    My bun had a skin infection once and the vet advised us to bathe her with a special desinfecting shampoo. The vet told us to do it, so I guess it’s okay, right?
    Besides, when your bunny has trouble, uhm, pooing, you HAVE to bathe them and keep its bunny bum fresh and clean, or else it will be eaten by maggots from the inside. Now that’s what I call torture.

    My bunny hates bathes, though, Oh the resentful looks we get afterwards. They go way beyond disapproval!

  31. *snort*

    Like this? I can picture Bugs Bunny doing this. He does love dressing in drag a lot. 😉

  32. Olof Moleman says:

    Those paws a just too much.

  33. K. O'Dee says:

    Hee! Yup, bunnies is 90% floof!

    Yes, buns are good at bathing themselves, but $#!† happens. Literally. May as well snap some skinny bunny pics while you’re at it!

  34. The floofy bunny head looks photoshopped into the itty bitty body. :-/ And I thought my kitties looked funny when they’re bathed.

  35. Yeah, it looks like the poor bunny got into something icky – you can see the dark smudges on his ear and along his left front paw and shoulder. If he managed to get something on him that it wouldn’t be good for him to lick off himself, then it’s bath time for the bunny. So yes, maybe it’s worth mentioning that most of the time, rabbits don’t need and shouldn’t have baths, but please don’t assume that the person who took the pics doesn’t know how to take care of their rabbit.

  36. Maerlyn99 says:

    My bun was never very good at keeping himself clean. He occasionally needed bathing to restore his floof. But he never sat up in the bath like this! He’d try to play dead, and we’d have to hold him up out of the water so he wouldn’t drown! We’d take him out and set him on a towel, only to have him fall limply to one side, hoping we’d just leave him be. Poor baby. I hated to do it, but his hiney’d have gotten awfully funky and yucky without the baths.

  37. That is the cutest thing ever.

  38. Uhm, Sharon? You’ve got your Bloody Sundays mixed up. (It’s easy to do; seems like every country has one, and Ireland/Northern Ireland has at least two.) The one meant in the song is the 1972 massacre in Derry, not the 1920 one in Dublin. So, 13 unarmed civilians in a political protest, in this case.

    Anyway, on topic: That second picture is walking a fine line between adorable and grotesque. I think it’s my favorite. It makes the bun look like some sort of bizarre experimental subject.

  39. berthaslave says:

    Rollover text is awesome, as usual.

    I think the bunneh has Liz Taylor eyes — they’re violet!

  40. Bunnies can be bathed if they absolutely need it, or if they’re the type who don’t mind water. Soap probably isn’t the best method, but as long as the bunny’s thoroughly cleaned and dried. He won’t suffer horribly.

    Cute little critter, too.

  41. Christine H says:

    Yeah, Sharon, you need to listen to more U2.

    There are ways of giving bunnies “dry baths” to get rid of urine scald–I don’t remember for sure offhand, but I think you use baking soda or something.

    However, the bunny is super cute and seems fine :).

  42. LOVE the little scrawny legs!!!! Don’t the eyes look like the fake eyes on some stuffed animals???

    Bet she was disapproving afterwards!!!! The indignity, you know.

  43. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    How long?
    How long must we suds the bun?
    How long?
    How Loo-ooo-ooong?

  44. moggyfan says:

    Where’s the adorable after picture?

  45. Leilani says:

    Seems to me that bun is saying “HOLY CRAP! What happened to my feet???”

  46. I feel a little disapproval coming on…

  47. Oh bun bun. You’re ridiculous!! 🙂


  48. Just thought of this one:
    Bunday..Bunday people..
    na na na na nana…
    Bunday…shines for you!
    Bunday…she is shining..
    For yoooouuuuu!!!

  49. That second picture looks like a disembodied bun head, with an unidentifiable “something” underneath it. It’s as creepy as all get-out, but yet funny at the same time.

    I’ve washed a bunny. It’s not a big enough deal to nuff over. He wasn’t crazy about it, but he went on to live a long, happy, healthy, spoiled life after the bath. That same night, he tried to steal a Shake ‘N Bake pork chop right off my boyfriend’s dinner plate, so he really wasn’t as traumatized as you would think. So I wouldn’t worry too much about bunny baths, just like I wouldn’t worry about cat baths.

  50. Another Pleasant Bathie Bunday?

  51. cute, but you shouldnt really wash rabbits (or any animal really)unless you have to wash poop or something like that off of their bums. its not good for their skin.
    i hope the little guy is spoiled.

  52. Infinity says:

    Totally REDONK. It’s like my piggies when I bathe them, and they’re all like, “ANNNG! Teh waters are trying to keel–oh, fluffy towel. Cuddeltymenao!”


  53. These are great!! 😀 Thank you for sharing, bunny owner.

  54. TRISH,, Bwahahahaha. Nicely done.

    Buntacular pictures too

  55. Selianth says:

    Hee! I luvs me a Bunday!!! I was just thinking to myself ‘I miss the bun pics’ and lo (the right lo, not low) and behold there was one!

    When I warshed our buns, it was because they stank big time right after they came home. After you wash them you have to let them drain for about five minutes and you STILL use about three towels. That floof holds a lot of water!

    And then there was the time Cass bun decided to investigate the toilet… Normally we keep the lid down, but my husband was USING it, and she took this neat little hop right into the middle. She sat there for about 1.2 seconds while the water soaked in. Then her eyes got huge and she practically levitated herself out. Got toilet water everywhere. We were both torn between ‘eugh,’ ‘LMAO,’ and ‘oh, poor Cass-a-bun!’

  56. Bunday Sunday BundAAAAAAY!

  57. Bobble-bun!


    Where the after-pic? I want me a Floofy Bunday!

    (Meh. It’s Monday already for me.)

  59. Bunny tongue!

    There’s a bunny tongue in the first pic!!

  60. You should never ever give a rabbit a wet bath, ESPECIALLY with that much of it’s fur drenched. F*ck.

  61. pengraffe says:

    As a bunny mom of three, I have to say that the bunny in question doesn’t look particularly freaked out, and probably needed a bath, because why else would they go to the trouble. Sometimes bunnies have bathroom problems or another pet brings in fleas and it is wisest to bathe the rabbit then. Please stop nuffing.

    P.S. Would anyone like some butterscotch pudding?

  62. Daphne Moss says:

    Again, no need to take all/nothing approach…
    I just worry about whether the detergent used was mild for tender bunny skin…and if baby was dried off..I’m with those who always want an “after” picture of restored floofiness and happy, dry bun…preferrably eating a piece of lettuce…

  63. Cute, but bathing is supposed to be REALLY REALLY BAD for bunny’s skin…..

  64. acelightning says:

    Aw, poor bunny got into something nasty… you can see it on his back and side and all down his left front paw. (Looks like used engine oil or something.) While bathing rabbits is *usually* not a good idea (their skin is very delicate, and they can also get chilled very easily), it’s better than letting the bun lick something poisonous off himself. I hope Mr. Soggyfur came out all clean and floofy again VERY SOON AFTER.

    p.s. – I love Bunday!

  65. I think pengraff has a good point: No-one in their right mind would bathe an animal without a good reason. It’s not cute enough to make it worth the scratching, biting, soaking, sulking etc.

  66. marmie_love says:

    Like I said in the Marma-Bath thread, nobody just bathes an animal because they’re bored. There’s probably a good reason for this redonk rub-a-dub-dub, and I don’t think these pictures are going to compel thousands of pet owners to irresponsibly dunk their pets in suds.

    I don’t know much about bunnies, but this guy doesn’t look too freaked out. Also I kind of love how he looks a little bewildered in the second pic. He’s like in a Bunnyspa, saying, “WHY’D YOU TURN OFF THE JACUZZI JETS? I’M NOT DONE YET.”

  67. Patricia says:

    Yeh, it does look like motor oil on the little guy. But I’m sure the don’t bathe bunny nuffers would rather he lick it off and die than bathe him.

    On a side note like I posted earlier, my sisters bun loves going for a swim in the tub, with out asking. She has to keep the door closed to the bathroom when she runs her own baths because he will shoot in and hop in the tub when he hears the water running.

  68. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Look at me. Look at my big baby blues. I’m too cute and sweet for this sort of thing. Please, please — somebody GET ME OUTTA HERE!!”

  69. bees on pie says:

    Sharon, you’re joking, right? You just have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, right? Because it’s just too ridiculous that anyone would complain about the freakin’ song reference in a post.

    I mean, yeah, how dare Meg post a video with a Queen soundtrack, callously reminding us of the AIDS epidemic? And awhile ago she made a reference to “Rehab!” How insensitive, when people’s lives are being destroyed by drugs and alcohol!

  70. I hope this bunny wasn’t subjected to this bath just for the novelty of these pics. Bunnies should be cared for and loved and not used for humor.

    [When was the last time you gave one of your pets a bath, you know, just for the novelty of it? – Ed.]

  71. Lindsey says:

    Aw, I wish my bunny was so calm when taking a bath. D:

    But super cute anyways! 😀

  72. Charlie says:

    i wonder if they dried him with a hairdryer and he turned into a big fluffy rabbit ball :O

  73. Cute photos–truly!–but rabbits should never be bathed. Check w. a good quality rabbit care book (Houserabbit Handbook works well) or your vet first.

  74. Luv charliewabba’s “brellies and wellies” comment….

    It is so amazing how the floofiest animals can look so pathetically scrawny as soon as they have their fur wet down.

    I wish there was floofulence as a 4th pic….[[sigh]] so much injustice in the world.

  75. I think it was a bloody Sunday, look at the bather’s arm in the first pic! Looks like me after kitten bathing!

    Also, if bunnies can’t get wet, do all the wild ones drop dead every time it rains?

  76. yay! two awesome things together! old u2 and BUNNIES! yay!

  77. K. O'Dee says:

    “Also, if bunnies can’t get wet, do all the wild ones drop dead every time it rains?”

    You’d think. It’s more that they can chill really easily, and bathing takes away the oil and the fluff that would normally keep bunny warm. Amazingly, though, that doesn’t mean “water + bunny = OMG!DETH!”

    Anyway. back to the cuteness of the bun at hand: I LOVE the lemon meringue coloured fur. In fact, my first toy as a wee one was a soft yellow bunny that my parents named, rather creatively, Yellow Bunny. Until this picture, I’d never seen a real bunny the same shade of yellow. I wants!

  78. I wonder if this bunny-bather survived the bunny’s post-bath wrath… If I tried to give Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq. a bath, I’d be a goner! 🙂

  79. none of these 3 are cute. sorry.

  80. wagthedogma says:

    Luv the bun, but the anti-bathing nuffers are giving me a headache. So bathing bunnies-cats-ferrets-orangutans-whatever is bad for their skin? Well, last time I checked, sitting in poo or pee wasn’t exactly a spa treatment. And sorry, my dry cleaner doesn’t take pets. So until then, I will continue, unapologetically, to give my elderly tabbeh a bath when he’s had the occasional accident outside the box. He hasn’t melted, had a heart attack, or died of pneumonia, nor do I expect that to ever happen.

  81. Normally bathing isn’t good for rabbits, but I’ve had to wash off diarrhea a couple-few times in my time. Travelling upsets my bunny’s delicate digestive system, and a bath is healthier than dying of flystrike because I didn’t clean her off. There might be such circumstances here, I won’t judge.

  82. Oh, and I should add: I’ve had my rabbit for nearly 10 years now, and she’s still in the pink of health, so I think I’m doing a pretty good job.

  83. Oh, for Pete’s sake, can’t someone take two minutes to read the other comments before posting? For cryin’ out loud, how many nuffers have to say the same stupid thing? Baths are not that big a deal! If you forced your cat or bunny to take ten baths a day, I might question your judgement and/or sanity. If you clean an animal with care when it needs it, it won’t be injured in the least, I promise. Please, just stop taking a piece of health advice to the extreme! Hey, cheeseburgers aren’t good for me if I eat them all day long, but from time to time, if I eat one, I ain’t gonna keel over. So just stop.

  84. KittehLover says:

    on another note, the Sat. 3/1/ “Oregonian” featured an article about how looking at cute animals is good for your health and they (of course!) mentioned Cute Overload! So .. honest, boss, I spend much work time here so I can stay healthy for YOU. That’s right. It’s a health measure.

  85. snoopysnake says:

    My husband thinks clean Bunos have The Edge over dirty ones. You Two?

  86. My baby bunny, Moe, loved his first bath. At the beginning he was shy and he had a try at escape of course, but it was not a torture for him. He’s OK, he is still happy, healthy, fluffy and cute 🙂 After photos are sent.
    Please relax, we didn’t harm this lil’ bun!

  87. Thank you, Trish 🙂 I totally agree with you.

  88. CathyDee says:

    I think Buno is Mullen over how he got stuck in a bathtub that he can’t get out of.
    (Bonus–bunus?–points to anyone who can come up with an Adam Clayton bun . . .uh . . pun).

  89. snoopysnake says:

    Bunneh will follow this unwanted bath with a damn clay ton-ing mask and a seaweed wrap.

  90. CathyDee says:

    Bravo, snoopysnake!

  91. *notices red scratch marks*
    Yep – I have had to bathe more than my fair share of angry cats and bunnies who either got into things they shouldn’t have, or had digestive problems. I feel your pain, I really do…
    Although Moe is being VERY calm. What a good boy! ^_^
    Ours always try to bolt, and spend most of their baths looking for an opening to escape out of, hence it being a two-person job here.
    It is AMAZING how much of a bunny is fur, even if they do weigh 15 pounds like our Sanjuro.
    Oh, and I can’t wait for the “after” pictures! I hope they’re up soon… I bet he’s a really handsome little guy.
    *waits patiently with lime pudding*

  92. “last time I checked, sitting in poo or pee wasn’t exactly a spa treatment”
    a proper owner should clean up after their animal right after if defacates. even if it is a rat of hamster.
    the thing about washing animals is not the water that damages them, its the detergent used. they have a different PH than humans, so to bathe them you have to buy a proper rabbit shampoo. and yes, you can find them in almost any pet store. and trust me wrong shampoo on certain types skin and hair/fur can be VERY uncomfortable. i have dreadlocks and normal shampoo makes my scalp itch and leaves alot of residue.
    only, your rabbit or whatever pet you may have cannot tell you how it is feeling.

  93. Meg, you need to warn people that your hovertext could make them spit out whatever they’re drinking. Like McDonald’s warning people that their coffee is hot. Someday my laptop will die, and it will be YOUR FAULT for making me laugh so hard.

  94. Kriszta, did Moe get into something nasty to warrant this bath? He’s sure a cutie.


    Can I have some pudding?

    (I’m a different Sharon…)

  95. Pauline says:

    Those of you who complain about the “nuffers” are missing the point. Of course rabbits and other pets occasionally need bathing if they’ve become badly soiled, but why would anyone who cares about a pet chuckle over its ordeal, and the unhappiness in its eyes? These photos are not cute at all, and the people who make baby talk about them scare me.

    The little dog surrounded by flowers–that’s beautiful! Why do you have to post pictures like this soaked rabbit? It’s tacky. Maybe even a little sick.

  96. CoffeeCup says:

    Pauline, obviously this bunny isn’t in danger, and just because you ascribe feelings such as “fear” and “unhappiness” to an animal does not mean it’s true. This is, after all, a photo. Because you speculate over a photo’s implications is no reason to say that those of us who DON’T do the same are scary. Why do you find us scary? We’re wonderful humans.

  97. I can’t believe how calm this bun is being! The few times I had to try to clean around my bunny’s hocks and tail (cause she’d had an accident, or gotten litter+poo stuck to her), I nearly lost my life! Or at least, the top layer of skin. I never put her in a bath, but would try and just wet the area in question in the bathroom sink. She would do anything to wriggle away from the water, and sometimes she’d wriggle right out of my hands. And then I’d end up with a damp, pissed off rabbit on my shoulder. And then I’d have to stoop to keep her from falling, making me look like the Hunchback of Notredame. Sigh… I miss her. (She lived to be 12 by the way.)

  98. Coffee Cup: This is not a matter of projection. I’m not “ascribing” bad feelings to that rabbit. If you think it’s not having a bad time, I just don’t know what to say to you. Many things are debatable; others are patently obvious. This rabbit is not happy, and I don’t know how a “wonderful human” could laugh at its distress. Just to be sure I wasn’t being extreme, I looked at the photos again, and grew even more disturbed than at first. Again, not because I think the pet is being abused (he/she will get over it), but because so many of you are laughing so hard at these pitiful pictures.

    God, just look at its eyes! And the poor scrawny body, helpless at the whim of its captor. I need to see that dog in the flowers a hundred times to neutralize these sad pics.

  99. Stand down, Pauline. You’re no more qualified to speak for me (or this rabbit) than I am to speak for you (or this rabbit). Same goes for everyone else commenting here.

    If when you look at these photos, and when you read these comments, all you can truly see are the worst & basest of possible interpretations… well, speaking for myself, I hope you find a little more joy in your life very soon.

    By the way, all rabbits have those big bulge-y sideways-pointing eyes. It’s a prey thing. For them, a 360-degree field of view is more important to their survival than sharp forward-looking binocular vision (which is to say, depth perception).

  100. Theo: You say that no one is qualified to speak for anyone else, yet you characterize my responses as base.

    You’re a hypocrite, and as an editor of this site, a joke.

    Nothing will change here. Pretty soon I expect to see photos from KFC chicken farms with the Cute Overload gang’s requisite, infantile comments.

    [Well, that’s about as rude as it gets. Go play at someone else’s house. – Ed.]

  101. LOL, we all see what we wnat to see. I see a rabbit who, with no physical contact by the bather, is sitting perfectly still in a pail of water. Not being restrained in any way, and not freaking out and leaping from the water. he actually look like he might be *gasp* ENJOYING himself!! But that’s what I want to see, I guess. Others might wan to see cruelty wherever they look. That’s really sad. I’m happier seeing happy rabbits everywhere.


  102. bcteagirl says:

    “LOL, we all see what we wantt to see”

    Well said Trish.. and for those of you demanding extra photos as proof that bunny didn’t explode, information as to why the bath was necc and the specific brand name of shampoo…. I am really sorry that you did not realize this by now, but CO and other personal blogs do not exist to appease any tortuous situation you can come up with. If you see abuse in what the majority of others (Yes I know there is more than one nuff) consider to be innocuous pictures of animals.. and it if causes you extreme anxiety.. seek help rather than trying to push it off on others.

  103. I go to this website every day (wayyyyy more than once a day) and the title of this post is my favorite title EVER. It makes me feel like the bunny is angsty about political causes. It’s just so funny and clever that I had to leave a comment where I fall all over myself about how funny and clever it is!

    My to-do list for today is complete.

  104. Kriszta says:
  105. K. O'Dee says:

    Aww, he’s gorgeous, Kriszta. I wish I could make the nasty people apologise, but I can’t, but as a fellow bunny torturer, er, I mean owner, I sympathise. Looks like you’re doing a great job.

  106. I didn’t realise my personal opinion would offend you so much.

    [I can’t tell which of us you mean by “you” here, but YOUR personal opinion doesn’t offend ME. I had scroll way up to find it, but I can see where you’re coming from, especially if either of those events happened in your time. But, y’know, Meg was only playing off the U2 song, not making light of actual historical facts… – Ed.]

  107. Kriszta! Is Moe a Lionhead? He kinda looks like one. He’s gorgeous whatever breed he is!

  108. Kriszta says:

    K. O’Dee: Yep, Moe is a glamourous, fairy and beauteous lil’ bunboy 🙂

    Tiberia: Thanks 🙂 Yes, he’s a Lionhead.

  109. Kriszta, he’s delicious. I love rabbits, they’re one of my favorite pets. Mine is a big mutt, but he’s a sweet guy.

  110. Bunneh says:

    “MY TRUST?”

    “You lost it.”

  111. Bunneh:

    “Bunneh snancks?

    “You haz trust again…luv you Mom.”

  112. Bunneh:

    “I smellz NIICCEEE.”

    “Toucha my furz…I iz beeoootifalll…thx MOM!”

  113. You’re not supposed to bathe rabbits, please don’t! The only time I’ve ever done it was when my bunny somehow ended up in a paint tray, and I HAD to do it. I hope there was a good reason you put your bunny in the bath, because it’s REALLY not good for them.

  114. anonymous says:

    It would probably be good to check an official source on rabbit health care to get a credible answer on whether or not it’s okay to bathe rabbits. Go check it out for yourself.

  115. Please see http://www.rabbit.org for good info. on rabbit care and health.

    Full baths like this really *are* a bad idea.

    As for the hollers of “nuff” over people objecting to the bun being bathed, well… the people saying that have a very real point. (That said, there are some rabbits that are calm enough to go through this, but for most, it’s a severely stressful thing.)

    This used to be a fun site for commenting (and reading comments) but now… not so much.

    e to the c

  116. Great info. on spot-bathing rabbits (a better, far less stressful way to help those who have difficulty with messy butts):


  117. Fabiana says:

    OMG Don’t do it
    He may get sick!
    Bunnies take their own ‘showers’

  118. Totalee Puppy says:

    The Saturday night bath so’s we can look all byootiful for BUNDAY!

  119. Totalee Puppy says:

    Sudsy promised Mum she would not leave the path on her walk to the meadow…She set off on her trip with the best of
    intentions…As she passed
    a walled garden, the scent
    of ripe strawberries invited further investigation. Finding an opening in the wall, she squeezed through. Sweet strawberries filled her wee basket, then her tummy. Pleasantly replete,
    she napped under a canopy of fragrant leaves. She was rudely awakened by a lad with a shovel tossing
    dirt onto the plants. Sudsy regarded her soiled fur, dress and pinafore with distress. She imagined the scolding she would get from Mum, but a
    warm lavender-scented bath might be a pleasant way to end her adventure.