Kitteh on Ham action

The crafty Japanese Cuteologists are AT IT AGAIN. This time, it’s Kitteh on Ham action. Watch as this lil’ ham tempts fate crawling into the kitteh food dish. Marvel how the kitteh walks ever-so-daintily so his hammie passenger doesn’t fall off. Ahhhnnnggg [gurgling sound]

Katt, this is an encore presentayshe, so thanks (again).



  1. luckycliff says:

    uh, zero comments? how come nobody wants to comment?

  2. Aww, you see the kitty licking the little hammie… I love these Japanes vids!

  3. It must be nice under a cats’ tail! Any vids I see of kittehs and hammys the hammy is usually under the tail-o.

  4. Kitty probably thinks hammie is some sort of really small kitten… Absolutely adorable! 8-}

  5. ashagato says:

    this is a repeat, no? but i love it!
    w/ the volume off 🙂

  6. The japanese narration always kills me

  7. Elizabeth B. says:

    I’m secretly convinced that all hamsters are Japanese, anyway, so the narration on this just cinches that. Arigato gozai masu!

  8. m in athens says:

    Cat Bus!!!!!

  9. charliewabba says:

    Well, yeah, sure, Japanese cuteologists, you’ve handed us our butts on a platter once again, but I ask, can you write a sonnet about it? huh? can ya? Even a poem in rhyming couplets? Huh?

  10. I can’t picture WHO on earth is doing this narration? A man? A child? A woman? A freaky alien?

  11. Tigress says:

    That’s not a bus. It’s clearly a catsi-cab!

    I’d be curious to hear a translation of that narration.

  12. Shannon says:

    Ok. If the Japanese do not store stuff under their beds, where do they put their stuff????? I’d like you to name one American family where there isn’t stuff crammed under the bed.

    (Kidding. I’m sure they aren’t as materialistic as we are!)

  13. euh… i think this is a repeat, and I believe I translated what was said last time as well.

    “oh! here we see the hamster Lala! Mice and cats are ennemies, but Lala loves Belle, the cat. And Belle takes care of Lala like her own kitten.
    Belle: Sweetie Lala, you have to clean yourself!
    Lala: Oh thank you Belle, I feel so much better now!I love you!

    At first Lala was scared of Belle, but with time she learned to open up, and now is really attached to her.

    Belle: Today I’ll take you to my favorite place!

    Belle walks carefully so Lala doesn’t fall.

    And then even eat together! Lala goes in her food plate, and Belle doesn’t mind. What a good girl!

    When it becomes silent, we can see the two friends sleeping together…”

    yep. cheesiness at its best.

  14. Space Cowgirl says:

    Aww. Wuv, twu wuv!

  15. Ehem..(clears throat)…I propose to add this to the “I shall leeck you”-category. Anyone opposed, please raise your hand.

  16. Are they saying “hamusta”? Those Japanese. Even their word for hamster is cute.

  17. Sharon Wilson says:

    That cat walking with the ham on its back totally reminds me of the cartoon bulldog walking carefully with the little black and white kitten on his back!

  18. Don Paino says:

    Why is it that everything I see coming out of Japan is voiced by that weird, neotonized woman? Does every Japanese voice-over woman sound like her (like our movie trailer voice-over guys) or does only her stuff get posted on sites that I frequent?

  19. darkshines says:

    Hamster and a cat
    Not a good combination
    Well we proved them wrong.

  20. fish eye no miko says:

    Don Paino saked: “Why is it that everything I see coming out of Japan is voiced by that weird, neotonized woman?”

    I’m pretty sure that’s a guy. I think a woman doing this would be speaking in a much higher voice.

  21. Olof Moleman says:

    That’s not a ham, that’s a Gerbil. Wich means all the more cute!

  22. It’s obviously a voice over by the hamusta…

    (or some human doing “cartoon cute animal voice.”)

  23. Olof: No, definitely not a gerbil. Gerbils have long tails.

  24. It has been an exceedingly crappy weekend for me, and this just made me smile and laugh. Thank you so very much.

    And it’s a ham, note the lack of tail.

  25. ashagato says:

    just saw meg’s “encore presentayshe” note. sorry!

  26. berthaslave says:

    Strange video, what.
    Cat poops a talking gerbil.
    Maybe I saw wrong.

  27. Berthaslave–maybe the Japanese have advanced to that level…..even the kitty poo is cute!!

    Maybe that’s where all the Hello Kitty profit is going!!!

  28. javagirl69 says:

    I never thought I’d see the day when a real cat would do a Mark Anthony….

    Has anyone here ever seen the cartoon by Chuck Jones called “Feed The Kitty” ??
    There’s a BIG dog named Mark Anthony who takes home a cute widdle kitty.

    See it here:

  29. Is that the same neko mama that we saw taking care of the adventurous kittens a few months back?

  30. omg berthaslave…I’m cryin’, I tell ya I’m CRYING from laughing at your comment…omg…my neck glands hurt.

  31. LOL@ Berthaslave!

    I actually like the voiceover – it gives that redonkulous feel and goes well with the Japanese phoentics!!!


  32. Ms.McPantiesinaBunchnuff says:

    I know who’s narrating…’s the HAMMIE!!! 😀

  33. Ms.McPantiesinaBunchnuff says:

    I know who’s narrating…’s the HAMMIE!!! 😀

  34. OMG! They are the best of friends.

  35. Daphne Moss says:

    Sharon, I agree: “That cat walking with the ham on its back totally reminds me of the cartoon bulldog walking carefully with the little black and white kitten on his back!”
    That’s one of Chuck Jones’ most wonderful cartoons, of Marc Anthony (the bulldog) and his beloved kitten. I especiallly loved it when the kitten would “dig” herself a little place in his fur and sleep…this video is adorable!

  36. Hon Glad says:

    Hmm, Hammie in the cats bowl. I hope it’s not becoming a carnivore.

  37. Everyone must realize that the cat has got to be preeeeety small, right? I mean, that’s a 2oz hampeester! Aaaaangh, so adorabuhls!

  38. c in orlando says:

    crazy subliminal thing at 0:41 where the little girl pops up, lol

  39. It’s the end of the world!!!

    PS: Yes it’s a hammie.
    PSS: Katie has a point…
    PSSS: Don–it is definitely a creepy voice.

  40. RevWaldo says:

    Cute video narration is just like opera – it’s halfway enjoyable as long as it’s in a language I can’t understand.

  41. Ooops, didn’t realize it was an encore. Still… I wanna get my kitteh his own hammiefriend!

  42. Daphne, thanks for the flashback to the cartoon I watched as a kid. Marc Anthony was the bulldog’s name that I couldn’t remember. Upon hearing the name, I immediately remembered how cute the kitten was in the cartoon, and how the bulldog cradled the kitten even when the woman of the house was scolding him. Remember how he finally held it up for her to see just how cute it was?

  43. Mark my words: one of these days that cat is gonna snap.

  44. Wow, that gerbil would so be toast around my cats. Their prey hunting instinct is rather well developed … oh well, least they earn their cat food by keeping the mice at bay 😉

  45. Nads of steel? This guy’s got nads of … of … of … something harder than steel.

    […so, you’re saying Diamonds On This Ham’s Rear End? – Ed.]

  46. diamonds are a ham’s best friend?

  47. too cyoot for words says:

    can’t wait to see the sequel: cyooot kitty decides to be a cat and *splooooosh* Oooh! cyooot!! hamster guts all over the floor!