Hamster with nads of steel

Brave Hamster: I know your schnozzle is as big as my head, but I call the shots around here.


That, my friends, is one brave ham.


Karen, Cocoa and Momo, I’m sure you have adventure stories to tell us about in the comments…



  1. tabbycat917 says:

    that looks a little scary!

  2. First the hamster that had a cat to ride around on, now a hamster with a dog-throne.


    [Nice try. – Ed.]

  3. What we don’t know is that he’s probably just frozen in terror.

  4. I had hamsters, and my dog used to get along fine with them. I also have a cat who gets along fine with the dog. And that same cat got along fine with the hamster, too. It is possible!

  5. Pup and ham have matching pointy ears! :::squee:::

  6. Wow, that ham’s snuggled quite nicely in there. What kind of puppy is that? Kinda looks like mine… Keeshond/Sheltie

  7. ROFL…that post title cracks me up. Its like Mr Hamster jackass.

  8. Talk about putting on the dog…..:D!

  9. Very Tom and Jerry, I can almost imagine a non plussed cat off to the side bewailing the hamdog relationship.

  10. And I will call him George!!!!

  11. Awwww!!!! Such a cute doggie!!!

  12. Awww, so adorable! My pup, a JRT, never really bothered my hammy … he does like to investigate my guinea pigs though!

  13. Haha, my dog is terrified of my hamsters. The hamsters? Aren’t worried in the least about the dog. It’s very amusing to me.

  14. That is a GORGEOUS dog! GOR-GEOUS!!!

  15. That’s so cute! Love the doggy and the brave russian dwarfhamster…

  16. I am positive that my dog wouldn’t know what to do with a hamster if she ever came into contact with one. She’d probably do what this dog here is doing, just sit down and look curiously at him!

    But kudos to the ham–he’s a daredevil!

  17. oh my LORD, that is a-DOR-able!!!

    We have a peacable kingdom in my house too – the kittehs get along with the piggehs – and while I had my foster bunbun, they all got along too.

  18. ButtaRumCake says:

    Who, Michelle? The dog? LOL0L

  19. Was I the only one to crack up over Meg’s term nads of steel for a hammie??

  20. Trinky dink says:

    Thank you for posting my thought out loud, Stormcat. Exactly what my tv-a-fied brain said after I read the picture rollover! So good to know (and a bit frightening too) that there are others “like me” out there!

  21. I showed my hamster to my dog, and he just about ate him! That is one well behaved dog.

  22. That doggie is so cute! What is the breed?

  23. “TV-a-fied”? On behalf of English majors everywhere (nods to Garrison Keillor) I hereby connect Meg’s rollover to John Steinbeck. Sigh. You young’uns.

  24. “Say hello to my little friend!”
    …says the *hamster*

  25. No, the TV reference is good, too–from the Bugs Bunny cartoon “The Abominable Snow Rabbit”
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Abominable_Snow_Rabbit. But that was obviously taken from Of Mice and Men.
    Here endeth the edumacational part of the day.

  26. StormCat and Trinky dink — you are not alone!

    I will also jump on the “gorgeous puppeh” bandwagon. Chow mix, perhaps?

  27. Ah, thanks for the hamhance – that is some glorious BEF going on there!

  28. aaah! don’t call him “ham” in front of the dawg!!!!

    lol. so cute.

  29. Momof2kitties says:

    @Stormcat & Trinky dink–

    I *always* think that! But then I live with a George who is tremendously squishable and huggable and squeezable.

    Love the hammie. I think teh doggeh is more scared than the hammie!

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Hammie: “I laugh in the face of danger!”
    Doggeh: “Smile when you say that!”

    That’s really one beautiful dog there,and you can see that he/she’s just regarding hammie as a curiosity with no harm intended.

  31. Oh, that puppeh is a dollface – he wouldn’t hurt a fly! Or a ham. They’re so sweet!

  32. I agree about the pup – but look at that ham face! “I RULE.”

  33. Emma – pointy ears! Pointy ears! Maybe it’s some kind of secret society! The Knights Templar of the Pointy Eared Masonic Lodge! Rule #1: Do not, I say do not, as in NOT to kronsche upon the pointy-eared brethren!

  34. that dog is gorgeous!!!

    my parents’ corgi always reacted to my ratties with something between indifference and disgust. we would very carefully hold them up to her to let her take a sniff, and she would look away with a somewhat pained expression. i always theorized it was because they smelled so nice (srsly!), and dogs prefer things to be stinky. or maybe, like many people, she just had a thing about keeping “vermin” as pets.

  35. OMG LOVE the confused puppeh attention ears! So cute and polite!

    Mister Hammie Pants is pretty cute too.

  36. I am in lerve with the dog. The fuzz, the paws, the sweetie-face!!
    And the hamlette is rocking some serious BEF.

  37. Hammie: now back off dawg, I don’t want to have to hurt you.

  38. And this totally reminded me of the dog at the barn where I used to keep my horse. He was a border collie and had been rescued from abuse, so he was sort of iffy about people touching him, and he tried to herd ANYTHING that moved, including barn cats and geese. But whenever one of the barn cats had kittens he would take breaks from his herding and just sit and stare at the kittens and wag his tail. It was so cute.

  39. What a beautiful dog. He looks like he’s protecting that ham. And such beautiful mittens on his hands. The dog has officially stolen the show.

  40. Dogs have long been used to guard the ‘family jewels’.

  41. berthaslave says:

    Hamhance! Hahahahahaha.

    Tell me about the hammies again, George?

  42. eeexxxxcellent.

  43. Aww, puppy looks enamored with the cutie hamster. Athough the does seem to spacing out a little there.

  44. I’m sort of in awe of that white, white muzzlepouf. I can’t help but wonder who was there first. Was that beautiful pup hanging out when his pal on him like a heated waterbed? Or was the hammie there and the pup decided to cuddle and lick.

  45. Hate to be a downer here, but that dog is displaying classic prey-response body posture (that ain’t “curiousity”). 🙂

    When a dog displays that kind of body language, you’re running a risk. People often misunderstand it, as it looks cute. But a safe body posture is entirely different – a submissive posture with the head lowered levelly from arching the middle of the neck down, as well as laying the ears softly back.

    The demonstrated body posture shows that the dog is struggling with its attack instinct so, if you ever see a dog in that position when facing your child or small pet, I wouldn’t risk leaving them together! Too many people have made that mistake, thinking this posture looks friendly.

  46. elliottsmommyandvalidationjunkie says:

    berthaslave, ahhhh haha HA! that’s the way john malkovich said it to gary sinise, where “george” came out like “dorge.” tell me about the hammies again, dorge? heh heh.
    funny stuff.

  47. Visiting CO (and reading Theo’s pic comments) is hazardous to my laptop’s health.

    First it was juice all over my keyboard, now it’s chocolate milk! Geez!

    Brave Ham indeed. Bravo, sir!

  48. I bet if that pup took one BIG deep breath thru his nose the hammie would stick to it like velcro?

  49. Hammy say: “Oh my Grandma, what a big nose you have!”

    Um can we get a confirmation that no hammies were harmed in the making of this photograph, nor afterward either?

  50. That dog looks like a Keeshond. They’re wonderfully kind dogs who are very peaceful. I’ve had three of them while growing up and we never had any problems with them attacking anyone or anything (besides the occasional shoe). In fact I had three hamsters at the time of our first Keeshond, Uff-Da, and Uff-Da would just sniff the little hams and ignore them. So while that may be the “classic prey-response body posture” the keeshond isn’t going to do anything.

  51. Uff-Da!!!!!1 (snort!)

    An aunt of mine had a shweet Keeshond, too. He used to dust the furniture with his tail. 😉

  52. *blinks at the Ed note*

    Did I reference something by accident or something? I’m genuinely confused.

  53. So, I was hoping to read some of the “adventure stories” for this ham and pup from Karen, Cocoa and Momo in the comments…Tell us the stories!

  54. Yubi Shines – you posted first and had “first” in your comment – usually that’s unintentional. The firsters are one of Theo’s pet peeves.

  55. Ha, hamster jackass!!

    IMHO, hamsters and other rodentia have had their prey-ness bred out of them. No matter how much my cats hungrily stare at our hamster, he couldn’t care less.

    In fact, I was cleaning our mice aquarium, turned my back on it momentarily, and one of the cats got IN the aquarium with the mice and the mice were all, “Doo-de-doo, la la la, who cares there’s a cat in here with us…”

  56. Awwwww!!! How cuteee…

  57. Kewl
    My Rotties best friend was a teddy bear hammy. Teddie died two months ago from old age and Tuka my rottie litterly cried for 4 days and wouldn’t leave Teddies cage or even eat till we removed Teddies cage from the house.
    Strange how larger animals will pick on something so small to be thier best friends.
    Animals rule
    Love em all

  58. Yubi – perhaps he’s referencing your comment’s proximity to the top of the page and your choice of initial word…

  59. Ha ha! Bo, are you scandinavian, or does uff-da have another meaning where you’re from?

  60. Yubi — so I gather that honestly wasn’t an attempt to “sneak one in,” then?

  61. Tuka – that is heartbreaking!! 😦

  62. That is soooooo cuuuuuuuuute!!!!

    I wants.

  63. Awww…my big German Shepard mutt killed not one, but two of my dwarf hamsters. He actually smashed my habitrail in order to get at them.

    Brave drawf hamster indeed!

  64. Well, first I have to say that that dog is absolutely gorgeous!
    And 2nd.. you are totally right.. nads o’ steel!

    ball bearings

  66. I was thinking this doggeh looks like my keeshond Kassie too.
    She’s more grey/black not so much brown tho.
    Pretty dog and sweet little hammy.

    This is one squeaky toy that’ll bite back. LOL

  67. pupster looks a little like a Belgian Shepard (?)
    nice, hammie

  68. cccchhhhhh [static] ….
    Calling Hammie, do you have your bearings?

  69. supid question: what does hamhance mean?

  70. very cute, did not read all comments but do agree dog looks like a keeyshond, like my fur child chewy. they are very gentle usualy but my vet clames my dog has ADHD for dogs. he still is very gental but hyper. he also loves my moms hammy and just wags his tail as the hammy runs around him in his ball.

  71. Heheeee! Teh cute!

    We have a ham tar, and when she’s in her ball for her evening run, both of our kittes are very afraid of her! RUN AWAY!

    When she’s out of her ball having couch time? Teh kittehs are STILL afraid of her! RUN!

  72. People, I hate to stir up trouble, but I smell a scandal:


  73. Perhaps the pup protects little hammy?

    Has anyone seen The Daily Puppy today? I think we’ve got a serious contender for some C.O. coverage. Some of the pics are… well, an overload of cute! And ripe for captioning as well.

  74. ahhh! That’s my doggie and hammie…on cute overload! Thanks everyone for the compliments 🙂

    Yes Cocoa is indeed a Keeshond mix. This is very normal for them and neither the hammie, nor the dog, were ever harmed. Cocoa is very patient with Momo. We actually have something called “hammie time” every night haha. They are very cute together and sometimes Momo even climbs on top of Cocoa voluntarily and it’s very funny watching Cocoa’s confused reaction!

  75. Super cute. Now I want a hamster to see how it will get along with my kittehs.

  76. I took one look at these two and immediately thought of Masterblaster from “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”. Anyone else?

  77. Mary (the first) says:

    VERY sweet and I think little Momo was there first and summoned Cocoa to come on over.. “peel me a grape and please provide large furry background for extra warmth, also, thx.” I second the “GORGEOUS DOG” comments. I want one!

  78. This is sweet! point one, you Americans do not speak English its American English, quite different!!Point two my late GSD Jet loved one of our hammies and spent hours watching her,he let us know twice when she escaped without harming her and once when a litter of little baby rabbits escaped from their hutch we found him trying to round them up!very gently!he was sweet all our dogs and cats usually get along fine with each other and our hammies, bunnies and ratties, although my cats love to watch the fish and hams/rats i would never trust them alone!!but as my daughter says family dont eat each other!!

  79. Hap, I’ve trained dogs for years and that is indeed curiosity and a very playful pose. I see no aggression in that dog. It wouldn’t be lying down like that if there was any kind of action intended. I’m no ham-wrangler, though, so I wouldn’t be able to speak to the look on his face, but the dog is quite safe. Dogs investigate with their mouths, so curiousity can change rather quickly if something is deemed “munch worthy.”

  80. Indeed, American english is different than English.

    We punctuate. 😉

  81. 1. Whut breed? Well, I reckon that’s one a yer Syrain Mountain Hamster Dawgs, long haird variety obviously. They work all day roundin’ up the hamsters for all the hamster ranchers out in Syria. One lil hamster goes astray, yer Hamster Dawg just heads it off and rolls it back down the hill to the ol’ Ham Corral with its snorglesnout, smooth as anything. I ain’t never seen it maself, but I hear it’s mighy purty.

    2.Karen, seriously?! As in: STOP! Hammie TIME! Can’t touch that.

  82. @SillyGirl: “Hamhance” is just one of our CO made-up words. A contraction (?) of Hamster and Enhance!

    I LOVE the herding stories.

    Around the time I adopted my 2 sister kittehs who were quite small, my doggie (Lab/Collie blend) came in the house with the teensiest baby bunneh. I am TOTALLY convinced he thought be was bringing Mommy a present—“Gee, Mom seems to like little furballs, so I found one in the yard!”!!! (Mom was able to find its little burrow and carefully put it in the opening….)

  83. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Loris-“SnorgleSnout”? How perfect! That would be my HoneyPup, trying to wake me from a nap, by snorgling my ear!

    Michelle-!!!SNORT!!! Scandal, indeed!

  84. Haha! Brave little man he is 🙂

  85. Arachnophile says:

    That is too cute. My dog is half terrier so… yeah. That picture would never happen. She sits in front of the rodent cages and just dreams of chewing them.

    I’ve known it to happen with others though.

  86. #1 Ham considers taking a flying leap out of danger – suddenly spies the two launch pads in front of him

    #2 Ham girds his hammie loins and prepares for take-off

  87. Cutie pie hamster!!

    I had a dog that got along fine with my son’s hamster, too… until he crunched him in his mouth.

    That’s okay! We bought another one the next day and he and the dog were fine together. Until the dog accidentally broke the hammy’s back with his big paw. Silly dog!

  88. Missy go troll elsewhere.

    The dogs and hamster make a darling pair.

  89. We have 4 cats, 1 dog.
    Guess who rules the house–
    it’s not our dog LOL
    Our dog by the way is a fifty lb teddy bear.
    Our cats hate the busy tail but looove the long furry coat on cold winters days.
    A sunny patch on the rug, dogs fur coat to snuggle in, heaven.:)

  90. That is seriously one of the cutest pics I’ve ever seen. Such a big fluffy dog! And a teeeeeny weeny little ball of hair with button eyes popping a tiny head up at the camera like “mmyuss?”

    They look like they’re enjoying laying next to the heater, too. Such a nice photo. 🙂

  91. That’s Two Socks.

    One of his white paws is as big as the whole Ham.

  92. Now if this lil ham really did have nads of steel it would be like a built in bell dingalinging everytime he moved. How cool would that be? He should have his own stunt show!

  93. I usually find, when the dog puts a bib on gets a plate and cutlery out,then sprinkles salt on its playmate, that chomping will commence.

  94. Oh!Dear; I forgot the rules of grammer in my haste to post a message? Eats shoots and leaves?*;)

  95. Stop!
    Hammie time!

    (doo doo-doo doo
    Can’t touch this!)

  96. @Theo, are you familiar with the classic “mouse balls” memo that made the rounds in the early days of the interwebs?

    “Please note that a customer without properly working balls is an unhappy customer.”

  97. Theresa — no, I wasn’t, but I’ve personally removed, cleaned, and replaced very many of them in my time. (Fortunately, optical mice have relegated that chore to the past.)

  98. My lab-boxer mix busted into our hamster’s cage so she could LEEK LEEK LEEK our poor little hamster. We found him soaking wet, huddled in the corner. We took him to the hammy vet who said “That dog must have a very gentle mouth, it’s amazing this hamster’s not dead.” All the little hamster had was an abrasion on his eyeball from the LEEKING.

  99. Awww! Awwww! Spitz-type dogs are seriously the sweetest. Doesn’t matter the actual breed or size–huskies, poms, eskies, samoyeds, keeshonds–they are all just sweet as can be. 🙂

  100. diddleymaz says:

    on the licking,our dear old English Springer Spaniel thought any other animal she came across needed help with “rear end cleaning” and basic mothering, no one was ever clean enough!

  101. LMAOOOO because in the 2nd pic the ham looks like he KNOWS he has nads of steel!

  102. Reminds me of this hamster and cat combination http://tinyurl.com/23lexe

  103. Hoarseman says:

    Theo: lolwut’s post is a porn link.

  104. GAAAAAH!!! What a gorgeous dog! And little hammie-peakins is sooooo TIINY.


  105. Theo: “Yubi — so I gather that honestly wasn’t an attempt to “sneak one in,” then?”

    Not a bit of it. Firsters bug me too. There was a bit of an “…aw” when I saw tabbycat only just get in before me, but it definitely wasn’t intentional.

  106. What a beautiful dog!! (and what a cute Hammie!).

  107. You don’t seriously think that this little hammy wasn’t victim of a soft doggie kronsche… The pup is practically drooling

  108. Judy Bolden says:

    I love this website and am trying to print out the pix of the dog and hamster but cannot. Is there help on this website? I love all the animal pix.

  109. thats so cool lol

  110. Anasztaizia says:

    “2.Karen, seriously?! As in: STOP! Hammie TIME! Can’t touch that.”

    AHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! That made my day!

  111. Chibi ham is standing up on his little hind legs and looking curious, so that’s not a sad hammie.

    I wonder how people get photos like this – do you just pose the hammie there, or do some people have free range hamsters?

  112. Squiddy says:

    My dog used to be cool with my hamsters. He’s a sheltie. I think since he was bred as a herding dog, not a hunting dog, he had instincts not to hurt animals smaller and more vulnerable than him maybe. He’d just poke the hamsters with his nose, and if more than one hamster was out and runnin’ around, he’d try to herd them back to their cage by walking behind them and poking them gently with his nose. it was really funny to watch.

  113. Weighing in on “what breed is that goggie”: looks like a Belgian Tervuren to me.

  114. Hams smell GOOD…used to hide in closet and smell my hammie…Sog is smellin’ ham. Ham is OK with that. Happy ham happy dog.

  115. lissalanae21 says:

    Its a germen shepperd mix i belive. I know that hamsters are alot like lemmings in that the are not as afraid as they should be of ominous situations. They will chew there way out of there cages to get a better look at things like the family cat or dog often to there determent. I have had 5 sucidal hammies.