Beckoning Beacon Belleh

This just in from Daily Puppeh. This belleh is UNSTOPPABLE. It is like a BEACON, aimed at you, magnetizing your entire BEING to come towards the light, snorgleable poochiness action. I just saw your nose hit the screen.


Tabbeh, we have reached new bellular levels.



  1. superchub!

  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    Is that poor puppers shaved for a procedure? That belly needs lots of rubbing.

  3. Anybody else misread that title as “Beckoning Bacon Belly” ?

  4. O.M.G. That looks like my bebbeh, jeez, EIGHT years ago now. Same white diamond, same little tuft on the toes. And no, his belly may just be that way. Our lab/dalmation’s belleh looks just like that. Always has. If Draco wasn’t neutered, I’d wonder about this pup’s parentage!!! It’s a mini me!!!!!!!!

    And theo, yes.

  5. belleh fulla momma milk!

  6. Yeah, I read Bacon Belleh too.

  7. Dude, I saw that pic yesterday and I almost sent it in myself but didn’t know if it was cute enough! I guess I underestimated the hypnotic, snorglicious power of the warm, hairless puppeh belleh. *kneels in supplication* I will accept whatever punishment is required.

  8. Yup, another Bacon Belleh here.

  9. ehhhh, I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!

  10. CHUB!!!

  11. I, too, saw “Bacon Belleh”! Must have been cause of the porky little belleh!

  12. Hay, I read bacon belleh _twice_.

    Late workings with master thesis does that to a mortal i guess.

  13. Ooh, he probably has puppy-breath too and with that belly? An unbeatable combination of snoogly wonderfuls!

  14. :-O

    Between that belleh and the inviting front paw, I cannot take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. This puppy looks pregnant…:-P

  16. OMG, I can smell the puppy bref from here! YAY!

  17. This pup is the spittin’ image of my sister’s long departed Pear, who was named for her distended belly at time of purchase, the sad runt of the litter in an SF pet store window back in the ’60’s. It turned out that Pear owed her distinctive shape to a huge mass of roundworms and tapeworms that exited upon being treated for intestinal parasites. She led a long and happy life, and among other accomplishments nursed a stray kitten that they adopted years after getting Pear. (hopefully this pup’s gutulence is due to less icky causes than worms)

  18. charliewabba says:

    yup, I also read bacon belleh.

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes this is one of the cutest, most snorglable belleh in years! Today’s daily Puppeh is also cute. In fact, they all are. I love the cute!!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    p.s. I didn’t see either “bacon” or “beacon”. They had me right at “belleh” and I didn’t see anything else…

  21. I rarely REACH OUT at the computer monitor in order to feel the velvety guttular smoothness of puppeh belleh, but today… I couldn’t help it.

    It felt warm, soft… a bit like an LCD monitor.

  22. Momof2kitties says:

    Another Bacon Belleh here.

    Bacon. Beacon. Whatevs. He’s still teh qte.

  23. Aw, put some PAAANNTS on!

  24. I'm The Decider says:

    ALL puppies have worms. Everyone who has ever owned a puppy (the vast majority of us) knows this fact. Honestly, I don’t ever see the point in nuffs posting absurd, alarmist, cute-killing comments that are typically masked as “concern”. If you really look at that photo and see worms, you need to re-evaluate your reasons for coming to CO.

  25. berthaslave says:

    Why am I not into dog bellehs? I don’t think anyone can answer that. Enjoy.

  26. ButtaRumCake says:

    *sigh* I read Bacon too LOL

    I’m calling first dibs on the ‘tocks…nomulance multiplied to the ehn’th power!!!!!

  27. Guttular goodness!

  28. That belleh needs a zurbit. I can has?

  29. Owww. Now I need a nose job!! I wonder how many nose-to-monitor accidents result in nose jobs??

  30. CheshireCat says:

    LoLz, I read bacon belleh too. I was like okaay, a bald pink belleh stuffed with bacon, not ezzackly my cup-a-tea…but the ear-flaps do look fairly nibble-worthy.

  31. so ded. i am so ded.
    [keels over ded.]

  32. get this: when i was a very little girl, i was actually AFRAID of our new (corgi) puppy’s pink, furless belly. then again, i was also afraid of large mushrooms and rhubarb leaves…anyhoo, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

  33. Bellybellybellybellybelly bellybellybellybelly bellybellybellybellybellybelly bellybelly

    Yaaarg! Cannot rezeest! *zerbert* *pat**pat**pat**pat*

  34. Well, gee, I guess if you decided I was nuffing, that is obviously the final word, since you are the Decider, but I really somehow thought I was just remniscing about my sister’s dog from many years ago, a dog who had a very tough start but grew to be a great mom and allaround cool dog. The cuteness of that pup’s belly reminded me of all that, in a very sweet and nostalgic way (I was 12 at the time and very impressionable). I had hoped that my comment at the end would DISPEL any suspicion of my being a nuff, since I was aware of the possibility, but obviously not – my apologies. Maybe I just needed to put in some “squeeeee”s and “awwwwwww”s and baby talk (sorry, I may think those, but they’re just not in my normal writing style – if that disqualifies me from posting on this site, please let me know).

  35. Puppeh looks like my brother after Thanksgiving dinner. Get him some alka-seltzer!!

  36. Can someone tell me what kind of puppy that is? The face looks like a bunny to me. Which way is she facing?

  37. Also: puppeh has very shifty eyes.
    Puppehs always have that tummeh. They don’t know when to quit eating, so their tummeh get all big, then they must sleep.

  38. Cathy — Daily Puppy (linked from the post) says Marley is a “Boxer/Lab mix”

  39. I saw this yesterday too, and also thought about sending it in. 🙂

  40. Nipples akimbo.

  41. That belleh is begging for a zurbert!

  42. Hon Glad, you’re gouging out my mind’s eye. Please stop. Ow.

  43. @bsnist: You’re weren’t nuffing. Ignore Knee-Jerk Jerk.

    I dunno, guys. My immediate reaction is like we’re violating the pup’s privacy. I know no naughty bits are showing, but still… (take with grain of humor, peeps).

  44. Yep, “Bacon Belly.” And I laughed, because the puppy DOES look awfully satisfied, like she’d just eaten a pound of bacon.

    I think that’ll be my new pet phrase for fat dogs. Thanks, C.O.!

  45. Hah! she knows what she’s doing, look at that eye in the corner, spying at us looking’

  46. I think the phrase “new bellular levels” is the best thing about this post. Hee!

  47. I saw “Bacon Belleh” too!