OK, People, bear with moi, this movie is like the worst qualiteh movie you’ve ever seen, but the audio is worth it…

Nikki, file this one under ‘REDONK’.



  1. OMG… yummy, yummy, yummies.

  2. YUMMIE!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m on board with that.

  3. This lil pugly almost sounds like a chicken, too.

  4. Gremlins!


  6. Yum yum yummies! rotfl!!!!!! That was sooo cute

  7. I want some yummy yummy pugs for ear kronche-ing!

  8. OMG, that was awesome! Towards the end when you couldn’t really see anything but still hear them, that made it even funnier! And they do sound like chickens, except that one part that was more like a squished cat.

  9. Oh good lord! That LITERALLY made me lol!!! SO precious and silly! Just what I needed today. 🙂

  10. And i always thought it was “peanut butter jelly time … peanut butter jelly time … peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat … peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat…”
    But I guess I can get on the bandwagon with yummie time …

  11. i dunno what is funnier…. the doggie gobbling like a turkey or the grown man going yummyyummyyummys!

  12. OMG!!! TOTALLY REDONK! I agree, its yummies time, and TOO CUTE!

  13. Juniper Jupiter says:



    TOO MUCH!!

    i pee’d a li’l!!


  14. OMFG! this is possibly the most ridiculous thing i’ve seen/heard in my whole life…. i’m going to be laughing for days/weeks.


    xoxo pho

  15. Bwahahahaha!
    SO good.
    the little whine at the very end KEELED me for good.

  16. Wow, that is poor video quality. All that gobbling and I didn’t make out one turkey.

  17. ChitaDenita says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! This pug would make a PERFECT Muppet! Only it’s fur would have to be blue, or green, or pink.

  18. For crying out loud!!! Give him the yummies already!!!

  19. The fade to black as the pug’s final “yummie” trailed off into silence was what sent me over the edge completely! I’m so glad I’m home alone so noone was here to witness my mirth!

  20. Oh my gosh, get that baby some treats and fast!

  21. lol-ing.

  22. Wow! Hilarious!! =D

  23. Thank you!
    That’s just beautiful.

  24. crying with laughter. Can you imagine hearing that everyday? I’d just laugh constantly and never get any work done!!!

  25. Uh, it sounds like the Pug’s daddy has had a few, uh, yummies himself.

  26. hahahahahahahaha awww… yummieyummieyummie

  27. This video just makes my day great…

  28. Do you think I shoulda said Joe DiMaggio?


  30. Catblob nailed that one.

    I love how Angel just looks at him. It’s like she’s saying, “Just shut up and get your butt to the kitchen, you dingbat.”

  31. Oh man! You Tube took the video down! WTF???

  32. oh yeah, i’d like some of what daddy’s been having…

    very adorable video- somehow the bad quality seems to enhance the moment.

  33. I’m not into the whole people thinking their puppies are talking thing.

    But I love the second pug who’s just whimpering while his/her human is like ‘You don’t want to be filmed huh?’ So cute. He’s like Daddy put it AWAY what is that thiiiiing?


    He sounds like the Cheat from Homestar Runner.

  35. Does anyone else have to spell the word treat instead of saying the word? Unless you want to actually give the sweeties a treat that is. My cat even knows which plate I use for her so when I open that kitchen cabinet she starts meowing like crazy at me! Yes, she is spoiled, why do you ask?

  36. this is seriously, the DEFINITION of redonk.

  37. schrafinator says:


    This totally dates me, but does any one else think that the noisy one sounds kinda like the Hamburgler?


  38. Holy crap, this man is raising ewoks!

  39. JarethsDreamer says:

    LMAO @ schrafinator! i do love ewok ref’s.
    And yes, catablob, i’m glad someone else mentioned that! he sounds aussie, or maybe kiwi…
    cuteness and hotness. who doesn’t love this site, REALLY?!?

  40. JarethsDreamer says:

    o crap, i meant fang… sorry, idk how i managed that
    o well….

  41. Pugs. Can. Talk.

    This is the only reasonable conclusion I can come to.

  42. omg.they sound like tribbles or something!!!

  43. Learning our language is just the first step in the quest for world domination.

  44. sounds like either a disgruntled gnome or a turkey……

  45. Olof Moleman says:

    This is just one of the many reasons why pugs are awesome 😀

    Cute Overload needs a redonk catagory pronto!

  46. There I was all In-O-cent-ly clicking on the video.. wondering what could be so cute about this video when I could barely see it …

    Then hehehehehe… YaummyYummyyummmy is spoken from puppy lips.
    Needless to say I am still giggling.

  47. I swear to cuteness that pugs make the most redonk noises EVER!! All the snorting and growling and many more indescribable noises. Plus they have the funniest personalities! I LOVE them!!!!

  48. L O L!!

  49. They sound like ewoks.

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    This really is too much and that final whimper/sigh was o.t.t. I am almost ready to get a pug!

  51. That was soooo cute! I could totally hear him saying “yummy” lol!! And that final little sigh in the last second of the video was awesome!!!

  52. Crap. You’re not supposed to make me howl with laughter when I have bronchitis… came close to blacking out on that one.

  53. i like how the guy is from canada or something and kept saying ‘eh’ haha

    and those were the roliest poliest of pug puppehs. put some butter on the rolls, i’m going in!

  54. HAHA I love how people talk to their dogs, that was so bizarre and that dog can say “yummy”

  55. This is so disgustingly cute

  56. Triptaphane says:

    Pugs are both the ugliest things and the cutest things on our planet.

  57. erynwithaY says:

    Everyone’s fave part is the sigh at the end…but my personal fave is the first time the guy says “is it time for yummies?” and the puggie does a “baroo???” (*did i just hear what i think….YUMMIEYUMMIEYUMMIE)

  58. ROFLMAO.
    I can’t stop laughing, seriously.

    That was great =D

  59. “worst qualiteh movie you’ve ever seen”

    When I read that, I thought, “Well, clearly she’s never seen my cell-phone video of the sparkling lights on the Eiffel Tower.” You’d think that something as iconic as the Eiffel Tower would be recognizable in any format, but no, not on my cell phone.

    This, however, may actually have beaten that.

  60. ‘i like how the guy is from canada or something and kept saying ‘eh’ haha’

    Based on the combination of accent and frequency of ‘eh’ I diagnose him as a New Zealander. Seriously, you think everyone who ends sentences in ‘eh’ must be Canadian?
    The unexpectedness of his accent was the best part of the video for me 🙂

  61. Yeah, Sarah, it’s hard to tell whether he’s an Aussie or Kiwi because he’s doing the baby talk (pug talk?) thing, but he definitely isn’t Canadian!! Too bad he never says pen or Pepsi…then I could tell!

    After watching a couple of the other pug videos, I have come to the same conclusion as some of you: Pugs can talk.

  62. OMG! LOL! Can’t breeve! LOL! Temporary blindness! No it’s just the video. “yummy, yummy, yummy!” I gotta stop before I get a concussion or somethin’! “yummy yummy yummy!” There’s poultry in my head now!

  63. The guy filming is tewtally drunk…but those pugs are TOTALLY speaking English when they say, YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!

  64. LOL!!! Oh my god, that was hysterical. What a thing to teach your dogs to say!! I can see them telling him it’s yummy time in the middle of the night.

  65. AuntieMame says:

    My guess is New Zealand, based on the way he said keetchen. 🙂

    And Charmaine’s big yuuuu-UUUUUUMMM! right in the middle just about did me in. LMAO!

  66. HAHAHAHAHA. Yummyummyummyummyummy! ROFL. I love pugs so much.

  67. Cloudberry says:

    Yes Auntie Mame, the “keetchen” nails it. The guy is definitely a New Zealander – (I’m a Kiwi also.)

  68. According to his youtube profile:

    Age: 32

    Country: Australia

    I’m thinking the baby talk disguises the real accent…lol. Mind you, he could be a Kiwi living in Australia… 😛

  69. Sunshine0460 says:

    Now that was just…REDONKULOUS!!
    Still giggling here…

  70. Yes, sunnymum, I can totally sympathise with the spelling words thing. My parents’ toy poodle, Pierre, loved ice cream. It wasn’t long before we had to spell the word, and *then* he learned the sound of the freezer door!
    How he knew the difference between the fridge and the freezer, I’ll never know.

    On the subject of talking dogs, my fiance swears he had a dog who could say “I want one.” No audio or video evidence, though.

  71. *sobs with laughter*

  72. My cat is trying to learn to talk. He thinks he’s my baby. The word he wants to learn is “ham”. That’s the word we use for treats. The “ham” he gets is usually really turkey now, a pinch of nitrate-free lunchment. He’s managed to say “momma” a few times, but it’s not consistent.

    Great video! LOL at talking pugs.

  73. LOL@RevWaldo!

  74. Oh.My.Gosh. LOL! Too freaking cute!!!

  75. do these pugs sound like turkeys to anyone else?

  76. omg lololololol. hilarious.

    i guess puppeh didn’t get the memo that dogs go “bark” and “woof”!

    now all i can hear in my head is yummieyummieyummie!! ack!

  77. My puppeh is staring at the puter in full head tilt position alternating with growls. I’d better get her some yummies before she tries to eat the monitor.

  78. That’s just… insane.

  79. i think i just found the silly stoner man with an accent i could spend my life with. and he comes prefurnished with a flubbery pug that yells for yummies!!!

    it reminds me of my childhood cat who could say his name, “meeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrlle”
    (named for merle haggard)

  80. A redonk category is THERIOUSLY called for.

    Redonk is brilliant. 😀

  81. I giggled… big time.

  82. ka9q's wife says:

    The profile for this guy gives his locations as Australia. I think he is just talking like that because he is getting the pups all riled up.

  83. that is BORING

  84. Silent Meow says:

    I just about died laughing!

    Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy…

    LOL! Too cute! LOL!

  85. CalicoCupcakes says:

    I lived in Melbourne, Australia.. and he sounds like boys I knew there… so I would guess Aussie. And Its almost as cute as the puppys saying yummieyummieyummie…

  86. omg I am seriously crying with laughter here

  87. AW. SUM.

    The pop culture references that popped into my head upon FINALLY being able to view this:

    Pug1 – waiting for his head to spin around and pea soup to come spewing forth

    Pug2 – Randy whining at dinner in “A Christmas Story”

    Pugs have to be the most entertaining dogs ever.

  88. Oh GOD. I’m dying of laughter!!! I’m helplessly giggling like an idiot. I’m

    And yes, love that guy’s Aussie/ Kiwi accent.

    Now I’m going to walk around all day squealing “YUMMYYUMMYYUMMY”!!!