Tubes Anonymous

Everyone knows hedgehogs are prone to tubaholism. They can’t help it. They get their little moist nosicles wedged into a toilet paper tube and they CAN’T STOP.


This one’s a goner.


Quentin and Jessica D., you should really get some help. Just sayin’.



  1. Kinda makes you wonder what they’re looking for…

  2. That second picture cracks me up so much!

  3. LOL! Love the little hedgie’s exasperated expression in the second pic. His cute little toesies say it all!

  4. “ya, i’m just gonna plop mahself down heah and enjoy the tunnel-vision view”

  5. Oh yes. That CO video with the Sonic music had a hedgie loving a tube as well. It’s as natural as cats going for tight spaces.

  6. Heeheehee. Zee second picture just made my morning~

    “Oooh, I geeve up! ;(“

  7. Hysterical! That’s his best giraffe impression. I love him sitting on his tush just totally at a loss as to what to do, but thinking ooh the clouds look totally tubular through this thing!

  8. Now for a short rendition on the Tubaphone.

  9. Awww, poor bebeh. Someone get him de-tubed, stat!

  10. Awww, crazy little hedgie!

  11. Does the Boxhab facility have a Tubaholics Anonymous group?

  12. I was just about to inquire about tubehab…I know some gerbils who need to go.

  13. I’d love to see a view from the other end of the tube–a tiny nose and a couple of beady eyes peering up out of the darkness …

  14. You can almost hear him saying, “Oh, bloody hell!”

    Total exasperation. Snoopy little guys.

  15. berthaslave says:

    By sheer coincidence, “White Punks on Dope” was recently voted the official anthem of Hedgehog nation.

    (Anybody? Anybody? Oh, here…

    Re the pics: somewhere, Salvador Dali is smiling and sawing a tuba in half with a ham sandwich.

  16. berthaslave says:

    By sheer coincidence, “White Punks on Dope” was recently voted the official anthem of Hedgehog nation.

    (Anybody? Anybody? Oh, here…

    Re the pics: somewhere, Salvador Dali is smiling and sawing a tuba in half with a ham sandwich.

  17. Momof2kitties says:

    I just about peed myself laughing at the second pic. Priceless!

    And The Tubes rock. (Well, at least they did 20-mumble something years ago)

  18. ButtaRumCake says:

    LMAO @ Beth’s “Oh bloddy hell!”

    PERFECT caption! LOL

  19. My hedgie isn’t allowed to have tubes in his cage anymore, because he always leaves them in his water bowl and it becomes a wet, soggy mess. But outside…man are they great! Jsut like a cat in a basket of clean laundry, the pig will always stick his nose in a tube!

  20. Awright, who’s just seen There Will Be Blood…two quotes in two days? 🙂

    I would *love* to see what this little guy looked like from the other end of that tube.

  21. possumpiratess says:

    What IS it with these little dudes? Hi-Larious!

  22. His vids on Youtube are adorable too! I hope this link works and he’s the quentin I think he is..

  23. Lol.. that 2nd pic is hilarious!!
    I can totally hear it saying w/ an echo in the room…
    “A little help please?” ehehehe I want one!

  24. if you ignore the feets, I think the second picture looks like a funny little bird with its beak in the air 🙂

  25. How can you ignore the feet?? They’re precious!

  26. He may be exasperated, but better to have your head in a tube than your head up your…

  27. BTW, I loves him!

  28. People, please! Tubaholism is a serious problem. This obviously requires an intervention. Call for help. Call a doctor. Heck, call Dr. Phil!

    Don’t laugh at the afflicted. They deserve our help, not our humor.

  29. AHHHHH…zees teleescopersons allows moi to see zee reengs of Saturn so cleeeeeeerly!

  30. OMG!! The hedgie on his tushie is classic!

  31. We all know the Internet is a SERIES OF TUBES, so it’s obvious this little guy is just trying to get on the ‘net!

  32. My Buns gets paper tubes all the time. When they’re brand new, he gnaws blind because he can’t stick his whole head into a tube. I “gave” him an old wrapping paper tube for Christmas though. Wrapped it up in a bow and everything. He looked at it with big, wide eyes. And he ignored it because it was too heavy to throw. 😛

  33. With me it wasn’t a hedgy. I once had a cat who loved to stick her head in things and get them stuck…or I think she loved it since she did it ALL the time…lol.

  34. It’s okay, hedgie, your not alone! I wonder if they think they can shrink down like a mouse or if they just don’t think they’re that fat. 😀

  35. McDonalds Germany announced that they will change the design of their McFlurry icecream cups, because several Hedgies died after slurping the dee-liicious icecream. They could not free themselves because they stuck in the plastic ring cap, and died long and painful 😦

    Now the hole will be smaller, so they cant get in so deep anymore. it took McD two years and some dead hedgehogs for this decision.


    German news:,1518,537845,00.html

  36. lol @ him sitting on his little prickly behind, with the tube sticking up. Pictures like this convince me that someday, I must have a hedgehog.

  37. I feel like this almost every day of my life!! hehehe

  38. pleez-a no squeez-a da charmin

  39. HedgieGrammaw says:

    Aaaw! cute! looks just like my grandhedgie aka as Stompy! Just adorable!

  40. ohmygooness that McD’s story makes my heart hurt

  41. And, that second pic looks like he’s surrendered to the tube…

  42. @Beth: ROFL!!!! “Oh, bloody hell!!” That’s it exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. So funny!!

  44. What are they looking for

  45. My old hedgehog would do this. The thing is, he’d fret and run around and you’d take the tube off for him – and then he’d immediately shove his head back in it. A serious problem indeed.

  46. Sunshine0460 says:

    I hedgie would do the same thing..and as soon as you “rescued” him, he’d do it again..silly critters!

  47. Shhh… he thinks he’s playing the didgeridoo.

  48. Antonia Mochan says:

    Have you seen this King Charles doing tricks. Look like the little hedgehog has some way to go…

  49. David Harmon says:

    Oh, I think we can do better than “Oh bloddy hell!” That second picture deserves a caption in the style of !

  50. David Harmon says:

    I brought this into my local pet store … the clerk promptly gave the desk-ham a paper-towel tube!

    Pushers everywhere, aah!

  51. The second pic is BRILLIANT! Love the exasperated posture!