Marmalades for Obama

It’s offishe. Marmalade-colored kittehs have officially endorsed, paws swingin’, for Obama. We’ll keep you posted on more pet/election coverage as it HAPPENS!


What’s next? birds for Nader? I think so, Mary R.



  1. Kittehs for change!

  2. Aww, that’s so cute! I’ve also seen Obama doggies at rallies. There was a seeing eye dog with a ‘Follow Me to Change’ sign. 🙂 Wish I had snapped a picture for y’all.

  3. Obama is the #1 choice of kitties!

  4. My orange baby joined the Ron Paul revolution.

  5. I am a supporter of Hillary. I like her, she is smart and tough and gentle all at the same time. Kittens, prairie dogs, and all of the other critters will most probably have Mr. Obama as their next President, but I hope that Hillary goes into a position where her ideas can flourish and her creativity is used for the public good. You’ve run a good race, my dear, and you have my admiration forever. *sigh*

  6. Seven Paws says:

    The question is…which candidates have pets, and what are they? Cats, dogs or what? Of course, Hillary used to have the famous Socks, but I’m not sure if he’s still with us. The heck with the rest of the election issues, the real question is…will there kittehs in the White House?

  7. ThreeCatNight says:

    I run the Brooklyn office of Cats for Clinton, because they can appreciate an intelligent woman, and smell the opponent’s b.s. a mile away.

  8. So you’re saying that the senator from Chicago has a lock on the Mid-American critters?

  9. lol the kitteh fits into a dog shirt.

  10. chats for change

  11. snoopysnake says:

    Pawrack Obmeowa!

    Fired up! Ready to go!

    The McCains used to have a couple of snakes. They have lots of other pets.

    Last I read, the Obamas don’t have pets but the daughters want a dog.

    I suppose cats would tend to prefer Obama over Clinton because the Clintons gave Socks away. I think Socks is still alive, though.

  12. Cuuute!!! Are marmies going to be the swing vote? Will we see the candidates courting the marmie (and kitty) count in the upcoming months? That would certainly make those televised debates so much more interesting to watch. “Live from the PetSmart adoption center and hosted by Chris Matthews..”

  13. Socks is still around, yes. He went to live with Bill’s secretary who he had taken a liking to in the white house.

  14. Uh, my marmalade-colored cat is way too smart to endorse an empty suit internationalist non-American cipher like Obama.

  15. Yaay! The kitteh is all “Yes we can! Si se puede!”
    I never realized kittehs were so politically astute!

  16. Seven Paws, along the same lines, some candidates (Romney) maybe shouldn’t have pets …

  17. Carrie - CO Look-upagrapher says:

    Socks (born c. March 1991) was the pet cat of Bill Clinton and the Clinton family. After the Clintons left the White House, Socks was given to Clinton’s secretary, Betty Currie……….In October 2004 Socks made a now-rare public appearance when Currie was guest speaker at an Officers’ Spouses Club luncheon at Andrews Air Force Base. Socks accompanied her and took part in a photo op. In mid-2006 Socks was in good health and still living with Currie and her husband in Hollywood, Maryland, about 80 miles from Washington.[3]

    Socks the cat update for those who care. 😀

    Just another perk of being unemployed – I’m free to look up trivial cat information!

  18. Silent Meow says:

    If I had a kitteh, she would be dressed up in an itty bitty Ron Paul shirt.

    Vive le revolution!

  19. Awwww I wish we got cool kitteh guest speakers at MY Officers’ Spouses’ Club meetings!

    Very cute picture – now, if it were, say, a kitteh in a McCain ’08 shirt… NOW we’d be talkin’!

  20. looks so soft and snuggable wuvwuvwuv

  21. It’s a con, Cats can’t read, why else do they lie on my newspaper when I am trying to read.

  22. Hon Glad: They lay on your paper to absorb all of the informations with their tummies. Duhh!

  23. Hon Glad, they soak up the news through their fur!

    Hoooray! My kitteh’s for Obama, too, even though she’s not a marmalade.

  24. DarrylsMama says:

    Brooklyn Cats for Obama here. My calico endorses Obama; mabye it’s the multiracial thing.

  25. My cat would throw herself in front of a bus before endorsing that empty-headed windbag. No, thank you!

  26. …and EVERYBODY knows that marmies know what they’re talking about 🙂

  27. SPARKYSMOM says:

    coo-coo’s 4 Nader !

  28. kittehs for change!
    change the litter box!
    change our food!
    1 can of tuna for all american kittehs!
    and an extra can for each bebeh kitteh!

  29. sorries, but Solomon is still undecided and he’s been chatting with Miss Huggums whose all “hilary, hilary”

  30. Sabrina/Zeldapie, thanks for the info.I now realise my cats are very well read.

  31. Um, why is there a mailorder bride ad on the side of CuteOverload? Creepy.

  32. My cats are definitely Libertarians. They want full control over their own food, and the opportunity to work for their own biscuits. Ron Paul ’08 baby. =-D

  33. mansfield park says:

    my maine coon endorses obama. we don’t like ladies who get their panties in a bunch and make false silly accusations at debates..only to be pwned a second later. happy voting and kitty owning everyone. btw how in the world do people get shirts on cats? i cant imagine mine sitting still

  34. I know all peeps are welcome to their own political opinions, but all the talk about Obama being empty headed and un-American is just a bit too much. Empty headed he is not. Before his run for IL legislature, he was a constitutional scholar at U of Chicago Law school. Unlike our current leader, he is a very knowledgable and brilliant man. I wouldn’t call any of our leading candidates empty headed or un-American. Even if I disagree with McCain or Hillary’s platforms, they do deserve respect.

  35. That mailorder bride ad is def inappropriate the more I think about it. Ew.

  36. Wow. “we don’t like ladies who get their panties in a bunch and make false silly accusations at debates” Misogynist much? I’m not sure what gender has to do with that.

  37. Seven Paws says:

    Thanks so much for the Socks update! I’m glad to hear he’s alive and well.

  38. Since no one mentioned it, didn’t the Clintons also have a dog named Buddy that I remember them adopting during the presidency? I wonder if he was given to someone else too.

  39. Hillary Clinton is in fact, a lady, whiskas. Not misogynist at all to say that a female is in fact a female.

    On topic, my orange kitteh fully endorses Barack Obama and he is excited for tonights debate!!

  40. possumpiratess says:

    We covered the Clinton pets previously, but sadly Buddy was hit by a car when he ran past security at the home. Thanks much, Carrie, for Socks’ update. I still have his souvenir postcard on the fridge. I used to tell my kitty “That’s your president! President of the Cat United States of America!” He seemed pleased.

    There is one youngin here for Obama, but since he’s only 4 months old, the others will forgive that. 😉

    Respect for all! Florida Brown and Gray Tabbys for Hil!

  41. I must get one for MY orangey. Even though he’s a Canadian orangey.

  42. I thought Hillary wore boxers.

  43. berthaslave says:

    How did I know this post would prompt negativity from non-Obama supporters?

    There are two things I am increasingly nervous about: 1) Obama becoming president (which I want to happen, I’m nervous about the whole process because I think it’s very important) and 2) waiting to hear about a very important job that would require me to move a long ways away.

    The other day, I told Bertha that if we move, we were probably going to adopt a marmie kitteh.

    So, this pretty much seals it. When I get the job and Obama becomes president, we get a new marmie. Thanks for helping clarify everything, Meg!

    P.S. It is possible to be opposed to someone politically or prefer another candidate and express that difference without hate, bile and rancor. I could make a million nasty jokes about Clinton (or Nader or McCain or Huckabee or Ron Paul), but you know what? I have no real desire to. I respect all of them, and I respect their supporters. What I DON’T respect is people who think that name-calling and fear-mongering and self-victimizing is a way to frame intelligent political discourse. Make your point, talk to your friends, keep an open mind, and VOTE when the time comes. But please, please, please, there is absolutely no benefit in expressing how much you can hate or denigrate others. Certainly you’re “allowed” to — that’s what free speech is. But it doesn’t speak well for you or your candidate, particularly when you do so from the relative anonymity of a largely non-political internet bulletin board.

    Thank you. I am Berthaslave, and I approve this message (and so does Bertha, who incidentally is a proud medium hair domestic who thinks that Obama’s work in increasing transparency in government is a significant accomplishment that continues to have major positive ramifications on the way we rule ourselves).

  44. berthaslave says:

    P.S. For those of you interested in joining the cause:

  45. ButtaRumCake says:

    *stands & applauds Candace* Very well said. Let’s show some respect to all the candidates, no matter who everyone votes for.

    On Topic – I’m LOVIN’ the kitteh in the shirt, but, em… is it that it isn’t splattered in human blood? I tried to put my Tika (striped Tabby RIP 9/1999) in a sweater once and she nearly eviscerated me LMAO!!!

  46. ButtaRumCake says:

    …*stands and applauds Berthaslave*


  47. Politics on CO?

  48. Birds for Nader? Why not? Nader is for the birds! 😉

  49. Momof2kitties says:

    Marmies are teh bestest.

    RIP Trevor (1977-1993), 22 pound blob of snorgalicious lap cat.

  50. Cats think “change” means fresh kitty litter! Oh they love that! Someone should tell the cats, before they get their hopes up for a clean litter box.

  51. Aesthetica says:

    That is one politically savvy kitty.

    My kitties want me to vote for whoever can provide crunchies and snorgles for all kitties, not red state kitties or blue state kitties.

    A cat condo divided itself cannot stand.

  52. Here’s a quote from Obama on animal rights:

    “I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other,” he said. “And it’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals.”

    Here’s a link to more:

  53. My dog is for any candidate who promises meals 24/7, lots of tummy rubs and a world free of ferrets. (He’s terrified of my ferrets.) Anyone know of a candidate with that platform?

  54. As someone pointed out, there is:

    And of course, how can you leave LOLCATS behind??:


  56. Actually, if my cats can haz votez, they’ll vote me out of the apartment, then have full access to the food pantry, and the blanket shelves.

  57. Candace, you are aware that Bush graduated from Harvard business school, right? And that he did so BEFORE his father entered politics (it’s not like he was riding on anyone’s coat-tails!)? And that he has many credentials besides? Slander is just as unbecoming as insults. You lose a lot of credibility when you insult the current leader in order to show how insulting someone is wrong.

  58. lsuhillary says:

    I agree with Meow.
    WTF with the mail order bride ad? Are they in categories like cute or sad or interspecies snorgalinks? CREEPY

  59. Go kitteh! GO! My marmalade will not wear a shirt (without much complaing and yowling) but Rudy endorces Obama too *thumbs up*

  60. Just a random thought.

    As is proven by one of the partners right here in my office, a university degree doesn’t always equal smart. I bet every single one of us knows or knows of a person who graduated from university with an impressive degree, has credentials out the waahoo and is dumber than toast.

    (and please don’t take that as anything against the current US president. I am not an American, and so long as whomever is the US president doesn’t blow up their own country or another country, I actually don’t care. After all, I’ve got inane wingnuts and political dumbasses of my own to pick through, pick apart and consider voting for.)

    And this kitty is adorable!

  61. Someone defending Shrub’s credentials? Best LOL of the day!

  62. Thanks for that quote megus, I had never heard it before. I like this guy more every day.
    I have an Obama kitty too.

  63. theoneflyinvet says:

    Two things…

    1) To YesWeCanHas: ROTFLMBO (rolling on the yada yada my BUTT off!!)

    2) Has anyone followed the link at the bottom of the pic to Mary R.’s blog? I was in her situation (both kittehs have kidney failure) with The Boss (1990 – 2006) and to read her posts is absolutely heart-rending. Y’all should check it out if you get the chance and thanks for linking her blog Meg.

  64. my orange tabby has been canvassing for obama for weeks. he’s got callouses on his wee pink jelly beans. but he’s raised a bunch of support: about 83 cents, a taco bell wrapper and a dead bird! score!


  65. Wrench, I am well aware of Bush’s background. I graduated from his undergrad school Yale. I also know that for many legacies (and he was one, from at least his grandpa–you don’t have to have a dad as president to get undo advantages, you just need lots of money and blue blood)the Yale degree means little. His time there was less than stellar as well and a great portion of it was spent drunk and high. What I said about Obama stands, not only was he president of the Law Review while in school, but he went on to distinguish himself afterschool in the academic field. The other candidates have also shown themselves to be astute in their political careers. For Bush, the proof is in the pudding. I didn’t dismiss his brilliance out of disrespect, just stating facts based on what he has done in the 8 years he has been in office.

  66. My Marmie says that if he can’t be King of the Universe, he supports no candidate.

    He’s an independent, thank goodness.

  67. My kitties are for Hiwary!

  68. Wellll, we’re kittehs 4 Kucinich here, but seeing as he bowed out, I guess we’re comin over to the Marmalade Side

  69. We’re somewhat predictable here:

    Disabled girl dog and disabled girl cat like Hillary. Black dog and black-and-white kitty like Obama. Green-eyed tabby is for Nader. Gray-and-white kitty likes McCain, though I am trying to bribe him away from that view with tasty fish butts.

    Oh, yeah, and the wiener likes Huckabee.

  70. usually_lurking says:

    My marmie was for Romney… now he’s (settling) for McCain.

    I guess I never realized I was the only conservative on CO.

  71. LesbianNeoCon says:


  72. LesbianNeoCon says:

    usually_lurking, you are not alone!! I, too, will be holding my nose, as I vote for McCain – but it beats the alternative!!

  73. We’re with you on that, muh 🙂

  74. Very smart Kitty!!

  75. there shouldn’t be any political advertisements! how does the kitteh know there’s an ad on it’s back?

  76. Ugh…..I am usually pro Kitty but I would throw that cat outside…lol…

    Seriously though…kitties are not the only ones that love obama ….islamic terrorists the world over love obama too….

    God Help America to vote anyone but Obama in these dangerous times!!

    And I say this as a Canadian!! He is the only person that could possibly make look Hillary attractive as a Candidate!

  77. thank goodness hillary didnt get nominated. now mccain has no opponant. mccain will be your next president. he doesnt support keepin it real by robbing crackers.. nuf said

  78. @berthaslave: Right there with ya, buddy! Well said. (BTW, good luck with the job thing….trite, I know, but things really DO work out for the best, at least in my life!)

    I think mine would vote for whoever would make it ILLEGAL for their mama to work away from home during the week!!!

  79. Here, here Wrench this makes sense to rational folks—but we’re dealing with BDS here! Logic and facts have no discernable effect, no one else even exists! And of course, the only people capable of “negativity” are non-Obama supporters.:)

    And it’s totally ok wen, Obama supporters don’t know what’s on their back either. Shucks, they don’t even know what they’re so happy about other than it’s Change to…something. Oh and Hope too, lets not forget Hope, it’s just as non-specific as Change after all! 😀

    Oh, and by the by, The Clintons gave Socks away because the dog they bought didn’t get along with him—though they’d had Socks first. Then as you might expect they were too involved with other matters to notice when he ran out into traffic as was killed.

  80. She obviously hasn’t heard what sen. Clinton has to say.

  81. And now the not so nice folks hit their computer keyboards and start insulting other’s political choices in what SHOULD be a ‘free vote’, and concluding nasty things about perfect strangers based on how they say they will vote. Brava! Welcome to democracy, please to leave your nice side at the door, it might be intact for you when the election is over, but only if your candidate of choice wins.

    And I would like to disassociate myself, as a Canadian, from ‘Devon’. We’re by and large a rational, logical thinking people (excepting Leafs fans) who don’t fall prey to bizzare political conspiracy theories and the like.

  82. Awww. A cute kitty with excellent political views!

  83. @ sam and Devon. Please tell me that is not as racist as it sounds.
    Bigotry =/= cute.

    Candace- Well said. We can all be civil even in disagreement. Yay for democracy!

    Cute photo! I thought my kitty (also orange) was the only one who’d wear clothes! Must be a marmie thing?

  84. love the neck fat.

  85. Well of my three kitties… it goes like this Miss Little one(she of the tuxedo suite) is for Hillary.. She thinks Hillary dresses well and could be good for the cat food industry….

    Lilac The siamese calico mix is for Obama because she swears he has cat treats in his jacket pocket.
    Her election slogan is a kitty treat in every pocket..

    and of course Magneto the calico tortie is all McCain for the win.. she says he is mean and tough and she is certain he could take outa whole flank of mice in one fell swoop.

    I know who I am voting for but shh I don’t want the kitties to know.

  86. So, the Clinton’s gave Socks away….what does that tell you.

  87. Wow, that’s a dumb cat.

  88. Will you all just shut the hell up? It’s a cute cat, in a cute shirt. Isn’t that what CO is about? Look at the chubby arms and neck rolls. Get off your political high horses and LOOK AT THAT PINK NOSE!

  89. very cute cat bad politics

  90. My freedom- and peace-loving dog says, “Go Ron Paul!” 🙂

  91. Silent Meow says:

    I am an alternate delegate for Ron Paul, and I just found out that the chances are high that I will be bumped up to delegate at the County Convention.

    I wish I could see your dog there, and that he/she could become a delegate as well.

    Bow-wows for Ron Paul!

  92. I suppose I should preface this by saying I am, in fact, an Obama supporter, but would you check out how GORGEOUS this cat is?

    He looks so sweet and snorgle-able. I think it’s the way his shirt snugs against his little body. And look at his little white chin! And his perky ears and alert expression! I can’t look away from this kitteh. He is like the ultimate marmie. I never really understood the whole “I want to nibble this kitteh, nom nom!” vibe until I saw this picture.


  93. FYI Peeps — I’m leaving Sam’s & Devon’s comments intact, because maybe it doesn’t hurt to have a little reminder about the kinds of crap that some people believe (or simply attempt to provoke others with).

    Fortunately for THIS election, at least one of these two fine specimens of tolerance and modern-day enlightenment isn’t even American.

  94. Prawn Haul says:

    My cats are freedom-hating warmongers which means Ron Paul is their candidate of choice. Letters of marque and the gold standard all the way!

  95. [SNORT]

  96. Kitteh iz dum but qte.

  97. Silent Meow says:

    Prawn Haul,
    As a Ron Paul supporter and alternate delegate (and very likely to be bumped to delegate at the county convention), I believe with all my heart that Ron Paul most definitely is NOT a “freedom-hating warmonger” as you just stated.

    He wants us OUT of the Iraq war ASAP, and he is very much for the Constitution!

    And, Theo, thanks for the loud snort. That was most appropriate. Much appreciated. :o)

    Silent Meow refuses to stay silent on this matter.

    MMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!! (Kitty having a hissy fit)

    Choose who you will, but please don’t put down my candidate of choice. This is supposed to be a free vote and a free country.

    Not-Being-Silent Meow

  98. Silent Meow — I’m 98% sure that Prawn Haul comment was 102% tongue-in-cheek.

  99. Silent Meow says:


    It BETTER have been, ‘cuz THIS kitteh is for Ron Paul all the way and, well, I will say this: if it’s NOT tonge-in-cheek, this would give a new meaning to the phrase “cat got your tongue.” LOL!

    The Usually Silent Cat That Roars

  100. Ya see that marmie is per.. Umm I mean Purrfect to wear the Obama shirt… Look at his adorable optimistic little kitty face.

  101. ok my question here is, do your cats watch tv (including presidential debates)?

    i have seen many reports of cats watching tv and my cat just was never that into it. like, not at all into it. so i always wondered if that was very strange or are there a big contingent of luddite cats? oh wait nevermind she loves the computer so she is not a luddite. but anyway…

  102. ps: my (grey) cat is a liberty freak – she won’t even wear a collar. i guess she *would* vote libertarian, if she could bother to vote.

  103. Prawn Haul says:

    No actually it wasn’t tongue-in-cheek. Ron Paul actually supports using letters of marque for us to wage foreign wars and to return us to the gold standard. These are both positions of public record.

    Thus, warmongering and freedom hating. I’d rather not crucify man on a cross of gold while encouraging mercenaries to kill in our name, thanks.

    But it’s not really a big deal, he’s not a legitimate candidate; he’s just everybody’s crazy racist grandpa drumming up grassroots support so he can sit in Congress forever.

  104. Prawn. Dude. Do you *read* the words coming out of your keyboard fingers?

    Me, I carry big ol’ chip around on my shoulder which is engraved with the name of an equally illegitimate candidate, but I’m not about to start mouthing off about him here because
    1) It’s 2008 and I have my *own* blog,
    2) I know there are folks who forge whole careers this way, but I’m still not into coming across like a total political wacko, and
    3) Um, hello?? …”CUTE OVERLOAD”.

  105. Sorry about the poison pen, I’ve met far too many people who support Ron Paul without an inkling of his actual political leanings and it gets tiresome.

  106. WE CAN HAS CHANGE! Purrr….

    This picture is my new desktop background. So full of win! 😉

  107. My cat is way liberal. All he does is eat our food and sleep, and acts like his life is soooo hard while expecting us to take care of his medical bills.

  108. How did he stay still long enough to get that tee on?!