Have you ever felt a horse schnozzle on your face?

No seriously, it’s not a trick question. Have you? You can almost see that lower lip flapping on your face.


Erin C., nuthin’ softer!



  1. Of course, of course! With a horse!

  2. Lovin’ the whiskers. 🙂
    I just wanna kees eet!

  3. Poooonnnnnnnyyyyyy! <3
    *MUAH* I keess you, I keess you!

  4. Yes, I have!

    cuuuute! lovin’ the freckles.

  5. OMGPONIES!!!11!!1!!!111!!ONE!!!ELEVEN!!!!1!!!

    p.s. I can see up your nose!

  6. I can feel his breath on my screen…its getting all fogged up!

  7. I can verify that horses Schnozzels are the most softish, kizzable things in the world. *mwhaaa*

  8. oh and btw the freckles usually mean that the horse is an appaloosa. 🙂

  9. kate Gardner says:

    OOooh, dee brefs. dey are waaaaarm.

  10. Yes I have! Horses give the best kisses with those soft, whiskery leeps. Warm puffs of breath against your cheek. Ahn.

  11. Sunshine0460 says:

    Ahhh, those soft,freckled,whiskered leeps..
    snuffling along your forehead and cheeks..

  12. ooh aah hmm says:

    horse schnozzles are surprisingly cute. i have noticed this before (not my pictures):

  13. Aragorn/Brego, anyone? (Please don’t tell me I was the only one to think of that!)

  14. Makes me wanna cover my face with sugar!

  15. Yes, that feels so lovely and soft…

  16. Yes I’ve been snuffled by a horse,and smelt its hay breath. Beautiful gentle creatures.

  17. I used to ride a horse named Marcus. When you said “Marcus, give me a kiss,” and made kissy noises, he would sloooowly bring his snozzle to your face, put his velvety, velvety nose to your cheek, and SNUFFLE. BIG horsey-sigh. It was adorzabull.

  18. All the time!!!!! 🙂
    It can really get quite wet and slimy.

  19. awwwwwwwww the pony i kees it! 🙂

  20. it’s such a cute pic…
    until you realize the craaazy eye on the left… XD

    no, I’m just kidding… not about the crazy eye though… but I still think its really cute 😉

  21. Freckles and whiskers and TEEEEEEF inside. Do peeps get bittenenenen? I’ve never gotten that close to something that could bit my face off- what is stopping them from chomplizing me? I fear horsies, obviously. EEK! Someone tell me that horsies don’t chompilize peeps, just carrots. I feel like a fearful carrot right now.

  22. They really like their gums rubbed. You should see the look on their face when you do that!

  23. Does pony schnozzle count? It was most keeeesable. and then Checkers would check my pocket for carrots. So cute. (and then he would occassionally wipe his nose me, not quite as cute)

  24. Katrina, most of the horses I met where like big puppeh dogs who want skritches and treats. With an apple the average horse will be your best friend.

  25. metaskins- thank you, I am calmed. I will try to think of them as large puppeh dogs,
    really large puppeh dogs I can’t put in my lap. I think I might like baby horses, I think I’ll start there and work my way up. When I was really little some man put me on the back of a horse, against my wishes. I tried not to scream because I didn’t want to scare the horse as badly as I was scared. Ever since, I see them from the eyes of a four year old, I don’t know why. I’ll work up a mantra and see how that helps me have grace under pressure! Thanks again.

  26. If a horse wants to bite, Katrina, it lets you know! There’s no way a friendly, puffing, ears-forward horse like this is going to go for you. Besides, there’s quite a lot of floppy lip before you get to the teef. 🙂 If you’re feeding a horse by hand, do it palm-up and the chance of accidental chompage is nil. Horses are generally extremely gentle.

    Am I strange that I find the cutest thing about this picture to be the way the downy snufflehairs radiate from a central point??

  27. Further PS for Katrina. Sorry you had that experience! That’s never how it should start. 😦 Try asking your local stable if you could say hello to one or two of their friendliest from the other side of their stable door. Or visit a Shire horse centre… they might be huge, but they are the dopiest, gentlest things on four legs.

    Good luck. 🙂

  28. Eww, hay breath. But he looks very friendly, and I love his freckled pink and gray lips.

  29. CheshireCat says:

    I wanna give that horse snchozzle a big kiss. Mwa!

  30. theoneflyinvet says:

    iron clad proof that kittehs and puppehs are not the only ones who love some snorgling. hands down, without a doubt ponehs have the tickling snorgle copyrighted, and good smellin’ breath to go with it. 🙂 much better than fish/bird breath or…poo breath(for puppehs who get nasty) ;). with ponehs, snorgling n’ snuffling ala Snuffalupagus(Sesame Street) go hand in hand…so most times there’s some schnoz blowing in there too. 🙂

    oh i NEED to get out to a barn, STAT!

  31. I indeed have been snufflekissed by a horse! I adore horses they are so like big dogs that eat hay.

    I used to make my neighbors horses oatpie snacks with peppermint or licorice! They love both flavors

    4 cups regular oats
    1 cup honey
    1/2 cup applesauce
    a drop or 2 of peppermint or anise
    Bake until they feel done at about 320 – you can go chewy or crunchy! The LOVE these things.

  32. Would I be bad if I pointed out that this is a llama schnozzle, not a horse?

    [Yes, I’m afraid so… – Ed.]

  33. paulajeanne says:

    aktully, I haves. Like velvet, snuffle, snuffle, warm, huffing. Loved it when my Pesco would tug at my hair too.

  34. Llamas have cleft lips, Kari. This is pure dee-vine equine!

  35. Horses get to know you through their noses and mouths, so let them schnuffle away. Well-socialized horses should be trained not to be too “mouthy.” Annoyed or crabby horses want you to leave them alone, so they put their ears back and show their teeth.

    I used to have two stables in my neighborhood! I would visit the horses in the morning, and they were so different in personality, it was amazing.

  36. Man, this makes me miss horses. I’ve been professionally “cleaned” by a horse once: was a hot summer day, wearing a tank top at the barn, watching a horse get re-shoed, when Pepper started snuffling, then leecking my shoulders and back (I must’ve been quite salty/tasty). Gross at first, but I let him go for it. It was hilarious 🙂

  37. snorglepup says:

    Yes, he has found my axis of snorgltood. Nawm-nawm-nawm.
    We both laugh as he rests his head on my shoulder. Love horsies!

  38. Llama?! That’s no llama, ya great narna!

    Half a llama, twice the llama, NOT A LLAMA, farmer, llama, llama in a car, alarm a llama, llama, duck

  39. Yay!

    I have always thought horse noses were exceptionally cute. So floppy, so velvety…


  40. I dont even LIKE horses but this pic made me go AWWWWWWW ^_^

  41. VELVEET. Their noses and lips are VELVEET!
    snorgle snorgle snorgle

  42. see now you’re making me miss the horses that i got to play with every day. thanksa LOT, man. ::grumble::

    ok yeah they’re super soft and i love them lots…!

  43. Yes I HAS had a horsey schnozzle my face…I love horsey leeps. They’re soft and rubbery and flexible and soooo funny. I like to play with them 🙂

  44. astrogrrrl says:

    so when my parents were married but before they had kids, they went on a vacation to Canada. My parents were driving and there were horse-drawn carriages in the streets. They were stopped and my mom had her car window down. A horse that was next to the car bent its head down and slurped my mom on the cheek.

    When I was younger, (~6 maybe?) we took a family vacation there and I was convinced we would run into the same horse and the same thing would happen and I’d get to see it. Alas, it did not come to pass.

  45. SPARKYSMOM says:

    duz nebuddy c da teeny-tiny leetle smile on da softee horsy lipz ?

  46. Astrogrrrl, sounds like America’s Funniest Videos. Or Planet’s Funniest Animals. 😉

    A great place if you like horses is Mackinac Island, MI. No cars allowed, only horsies.

  47. horse schnozzles are the softest of all schnozzles.

  48. Awww hello sweetheart. I dig the whiskers and ever so attentive perk of the ears.

  49. OK. I stand corrected! Either way, it’s so cuuuuuuute!!!

  50. THIS is a llama face, silly

  51. Well crud… here is the llama llinkkage…


  52. Velvet nose rubbing up against your cheek, then snuffling in your ear. Progressing down your neck all the while warm horsing breath going down your back. Yes, yes I have.

  53. berthaslave says:

    “Well, I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name.

    And I’m gonna ride my Llama from Peru to Texarkana,” she ran calling “Wildfire!”

    P.S. From my excursion pony trekking in Wales, the one thing I remember is “Never ride a horse named ‘Surprise.'”

  54. Momof2kitties says:


    Yipes!! A little warning is in order-I just about fell out of my chair! Holy crap is the horsie face cuter than that!

    Anybody else out there wanna hear Berthaslave’s story? Hmmm?

  55. Not a llama! Their noses are way different see?

  56. AAAAGH! Skeery, Gail!!!

    I’ll keep the horse nose. o.O

  57. Sharon Wilson says:

    Never been snuffled by a horse, but I have had one snort in my face!

  58. That is an AWESOME picture!

  59. In our household we call that patch the moof-moof. It’s cute on puppies too 🙂

  60. Pfffrrttt.
    Can’t you hear this horsie snorting? XD

    I’mma put a horn on it in photoshop and pretend it’s a unicorn XDD

  61. …an’ don’ forget da camelz!!!!

  62. I wish everything could me made of horse schnozzle.

    Er, well, not literally of course – I’m a vegetarian. But can I have a faux-horse-schnozzle blankie? Pweeeeeeeeze!?!

  63. all those whiskers! i have never felt a horse schnozzle, but I wll put it on my todo list!! 🙂

  64. Is that Patches again? Where’s the beer and cheeseburgers?

  65. Gail-the old one says:

    Yes, LEEPS just like VELVET!!!!!

    And no, I don’t think it’s a llama!

  66. I am not sure this is as cute as it is frightening

  67. leeps.

  68. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I got to meet a Shire up close once. His head was as big as my torso, but he was so gentle and careful. Lots of horses seem to know how big and intimidating they can seem, but the draft breeds seem to be especially aware.

  69. Yay for horse muzzles!!
    There is nothinks better than to snuggle those snuggly nostrils and the supah-soft little “air-channels” just above the actual nostrils 😀
    Extra-credits-snuggling is to catch eet in mid-yawn because then the nostrils go all wrinkly!

  70. I really like how the little hairs on his upper lip radiate out. 🙂

  71. Ok…. Who else tilted their head to look at that adorable muzzle?? I’m missing my equine babies!!

  72. *faint*
    i just died and went to heaven! TY sweet horse!

  73. Yes. Yes I have. I’m fortunate enough to work with 65 beatiful and amazing horses each and every day!

  74. …make that: beautiful…

  75. [uncontrollable giggles]