Could these guys be ANY PROSHER

Nyerhe. The answer is nyerhe. They COULD NOT be more precious. These behbeh sugar gliders are like lil’ mini love skunks.

Renée L., what little handfuls. Ahnnnn!



  1. TOO CUTE. TOO CUTE. I am about to pass out. And what is that SOUND? 🙂

  2. What the heck???
    What was that sound??

  3. Umm what is this creature? it’s part real skunk, part one of those little critter toys from the late 90’s

  4. I think we’ve broken through some new cuteness barrier. Seriously, I’m not sure I could take anything cuter without having to go to bed for a week to recover. I just hope the curious cat doesn’t have a hankering for a sugarbaby snack.


    But they smell like rotting fruit and pee.

    BUT THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!! And sooooo soft! Ahhhnnn.

  6. GAH!!!!

    gimmie some sugar, babies!!

    that noisy one is going to be a problem child.

    this is over-the-top cuteness. i don’t think i blinked once all of those 6 minutes.

  7. Awwwwwwwww!!!!! The toesies and finguz!!!!

  8. ok, one was cute, the other was just SCARY. When it raised it’s paw and made that weird… Noise.. *shudder* ALL I could picture was it pouncing on my face!! And I bet it would be faster then the speed of light too!
    I am scared.. Am I alone on this boat?

  9. “Lil’ Mini Love Skunks” — finally, I’ve got my band name!

  10. Andrea|Nash says:

    So tiny! So brave!

    Renee is the luckiest woman alive. OK, I’ve had a life, but if I had to live it over again, it’d have to have some sugar babies in it.

    May they live long and thrive!

  11. That loud one reminds me of the baby from Eraserhead.

  12. Wow! I think the loud one is part badger…although i don’t know what a badger sounds like. My friend has a sugar glider and i don’t remember it making any sounds at all.
    But i do think the markings are somewhat badger-like. Very cute, nonetheless!

  13. OMGIhadn’tseentheendwhenIwrotebeforeIlovethewiddletongue! Teh Tongue!!! The one that goes:

  14. Badgerettes! Day has dem. Sound just laik mai Baby Su. Look and ack laik her too. Baby Su is a kitteh, tho. Teh kitteh in teh viddy is SOOO Qte. Notice?

  15. Am I the only one who wanted to paint the little ones’ fingernails? Is there something wrong with me? For the record, I’ve never wanted to paint an animal’s nails before.

  16. Did anybody else hear the noisy one sayin’ “Talk to the hand!” He/she’s got some serious ATTITUDE!! LOL!

  17. berthaslave says:

    There are so many things about this submish…

    1) Really, what kind of animal is this?
    2) It sounds like a wounded squeak toy.
    4) Major BEF, and matchingks.
    5) PERFECT choice of song — “Bubbly Toes” is about the cute little co-eds who float around UCSB (where I teach). And, like their Gaucho counterparts, half of the super-cute animals here feature anerable looks and an annoying voice. (Sorry, it’s true).
    6) What kind of animals are these?

    Gauchos rule!

  18. The noise is called “crabbing”, and they do it when they’re scared or angry. I still think it’s cute, tho!

  19. circuscake says:

    crabbing, indeed! what a perfect name for it. she looked (adorably) cranky as heck, waving her little paw around… perhaps she has a problem with paparazzi.

    (does anyone else sense a possible commentrovery on the horizon? maybe i’m just paranoid but as i was watching this i kept wondering what kind of pudding lil mini love skunks love the most.)

  20. I nearly peed myself when it made that sound. I was so not expecting that.

    Cute.. but seriously… What is that noise it makes?

  21. Momof2kitties says:

    Oh Em Gee! I (almost) yelled at my boys for making noise whith their squeaky toys while Mom was on CO. D’oh! It was the critter! My bad.

    Was anybody else cringing waiting for the thumb chomp that never happened?

  22. They are sugar gliders, little marsupials from Australia. I had a student who had one once, it was cute as could be (she named it Gizmo) but she had a hard time socializing it.

    I agree, major BEF! And although I think that noise is cute for 6 minutes, I hope it lets up sometimes for the sake of the humans and the kitty (who I think feels ignored!)

  23. GAH! The impossibly beautiful markings! The adorable buggy eyes! The little pink heart-shaped nosies! The crabbiness! The claws! The claws!

  24. Omigod I just totally melted with the cuteness. I am dead, see what you’ve done?

  25. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    I’d want to lick them to see if they taste like sugar.

  26. Gliders are out…close the toilet seats!

  27. Hey Berthaslave!

    UCSB alum here. Loves widdle beasties, would never have a sugar glider tho ’cause i have 3 cats who are also way cute. Will come back to live in SB in a year or so. Looking for animal rescue place to volunteer.

  28. Another Angela says:

    For some reason they look like they have more than five digits on each little handsies.

  29. Loved seeing that, but personally thought that the music was a bit
    too distracting ..
    I would have preferred just the baby’s own sounds(scary as that sound was at first,lol)
    Nice to see them being looked after so lovingly!

  30. Loved seeing that, but personally thought that the music was a bit
    too distracting ..
    I would have preferred just the baby’s own sounds(scary as that sound was at first,lol)
    Nice to see them being looked after so lovingly!

  31. Insane amounts of cuteness!!

    Uh, did anyone else hear the eff word around the 3 minute mark?

  32. Is there a way for me to get this on my ipod so I can watch it ALL THE TIME?! lol I love them!!!

  33. Ok it’s cute but that one with the arm and the noise scared the hell out of me. Plus I think it was about to smack the cameraperson and wasn’t having any fun. But they are definitely cute. I just would sleep with one eye open.

  34. I don’t blame the noisy one for crying so much, it was trying to nap and it kept getting poked and prodded. Plus there was that kitty on the loose. Once I heard the cat meow I got worried for the safety of the little things.

  35. I vote that we have a new category. A category featuring the ultimate extreme cuteness and ‘splode-worthiness ever. That’s right, I’m suggesting a category exclusively featuring bebeh animals. Those in favor?

  36. Broken link!? NUUUUUUUUUU!

  37. That’s the noise ours used to make if he got woken up in the day. They’re nocturnal!! Of course he’s going to make that noise, it’s brighter than the sun in that room!

    BTW holy crap they’re so cute!!! =0)

  38. berthaslave says:

    Ann M. — check out DAWG and BUNS and the SB Humane Society. And the best vets in town are at Airport Animal Hospital in Goleta (off of Storke, kind of near the post office near FT).

    There’s also a lot of wildlife/coastal preservation activity going on!

  39. When i heard the noise, I actually thought that it was one of those videos where you are lulled into a false sense of security and then something scary jumps out and you scream and pee yourself and your friends have video taped you and put you on youtube videotaping you peeing yourself.


  40. chet's momma says:

    it’s okays lil’ sugar skunks, me no like jack johnson none neither! *covers earses* pwease…..turn it OFFF!

  41. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    please can you name the noisy one Furious George. (oops, girl… Furious Georgette?)

    so. cute.

  42. Someone please assure me that the “loud one” is not loud because he/she’s sick or in pain. Seems to recoil as if pain at the touch. I’m kinda freaked out…info from someone who knows would be cool. Thanks!

  43. Oh fricking “A” cute! Danged if they didn’t look like little skunkies and look at their little “flapper” arms. It was too cute when the two of them curled up in the woman’s hands, like it’s nap time my friend. Snorgle.

  44. Dear Meg and the CO crew:

    Not to be a tremendous wet dishrag, but please please please link to some info about care for these guys to help counteract their FTW cuteness. They need constant contact with their person, or they get depressed and quit eating. Which is BAD news when you’re like two ounces of fuzzy adorableness.

    Bottom line: I love ’em, but they’re wicked high-maintenance…so please do everyone a favor and post a link about that before we’re all so overcome by their snorgleability we can’t think straight. Pretty please?

    Thx, L

  45. Painfully adorable!

    Don’t rush out to adopt one though–they don’t make very good pets. As stated previously (and corroborated by the zookeeper I spoke with recently) they stink, pee a lot, and are weird about the socialization.

  46. Okay for those of you thinking you might want a sugar glider for a pet, here is a web site with info for you, including, pros cons and all about the care they require.

  47. Thanks for that link, Annie. We have gliders at SF Zoo and I was super sad to learn they’re illegal in CA. (Like ferrets, dagnabbit!) Then, I actually started working with them and cleaning their cage – ew. They’re cute as hell, especially their silly little faces when they fly and climb, but I couldn’t have one as a pet unless it wore a smell-proof diaper.

  48. Lizzy there are several of us bay area gals on here.. if we have a get together this spring do you want to come.. We did one last fall and went to a wildlife museum and filoli and had lunch.

  49. love squeeky sugar gliders.

    love jack johnson.

    love video featuring sugar gliders and jack johnson.

    think i will watch video every morning…

  50. FIRST – totally NOT calling into question how the bebbehs are being cared for! Just a thought!!!

    Maybe the camera is scaring Fuss Bucket? It could seem like a predator. And I am sure she can smell the kitteh too. A new place, big predator eye (camera), and predator smell. She is just a baby. I would be freaking out too.

    Nice that the other one is so calm, lol! I hope the entire family is doing well!!

    I also couldn’t help thinking – what would I be thinking if I was a sugar glider in that sitch? (The calm one – I think we get what the other one is thinking. LET ME SLEEP!)

  51. I just realized! That’s what I sound like when you wake me up!

  52. Fuss Bucket is the perfect name for her. OMGz, they’re so cute and tiny! Their tiny little faces.

    And I theenk the kitteh in the background wants some attayn-shun…

  53. Janet Weeks says:

    I got hit by a cute thing too nobody liked me for a week.

  54. Awww… so cute. I have three of these little guys in my house, and I love them to death. But as stated before they are high maintenance pets.

    Here’s another site to look at with lots of good information and a knowledgeable community who can field questions.

  55. Annie: Thanks for the link, I definitely would not own a Sugar glider, too much work and I need my sleep.

  56. Oh wow. How could anything that small make that much noise? Truly an Impressive set of tiny lungs.

    I don’t really think that The Loud One was really scared-hurt. It seemed to me she was just saying ‘hey there, point that camera at me. Not my sister, me!’

    Also I think they did a great job giving us some perspective on just how tiny these little sweeties are. A head the size of a man’s thumb? And two of them fitting into cupped hands? Sooo Anerable.

  57. Sunshine0460 says:

    TOO CUTE!!
    But yes, they are high maintenance pets…I have a Northern Flying Squirrel named Rocket..(not Rockie)
    We found him in the middle of the road, too tiny to be out on his own, and adopted him into our zoo..uh..household,I mean. He is tiny still at over a year old;(fits into the palm of my hand) but because he is so friendly towards people we don’t dare let him loose..we’re afraid someone would freak out and think he had rabies or something if he jumped onto them the way he does to us. And by the way, northern flying squirrels DO NOT carry rabies..but most people don’t know that..

  58. Daphne Moss says:

    Almost lost it when little grumpus laid down the law…
    Thanks for all the good info on deese behbehs…Adorable, but I’ll bet they wish they were in a forest…

  59. I never knew before that sugar gliders vocalized like that. Come to think of it, I’ve never even really thought about it before, at all.

    Cute little things! But that loud one troubles me, to be honest. When an animal is THAT upset ALL THE TIME, it might be a sign that something is wrong with it. Maybe it’s retarded, I dunno.

    Doesn’t matter – they’re still such teeny and cute little things. 😀

  60. My god, that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, even on CO. Gotta love the cat trying to get in on some attention but failing miserably. Good call by the people raising awareness on how difficult it is to look after these animals though, don’t want sales to go through the roof without people knowing what they’re getting into…

  61. I like Sugar and Spice for their names—You can tell which is which.

  62. Tigress: My exact thoughts…

  63. wiccanwoman1959 says:

    I am undone by their special beauty. Thank you so much for sharing.

  64. I think Fuss is saying “Nyerhe, Nyerhe don’t look at me you evil eye thing trying grab me NYERHE I SAY!”

  65. Random, you are not alone. I was totally skeeved and all I could say was EEEWWWWWWW!!! Gross scary thingies! Definitely could star in a horror movie.

  66. I used to work with a woman who carried a sugar glider around in her bra. There’s nothing more disturbing than being in a staff meeting and having your coworker’s boobs start making that “crabbing” noise.

  67. Very cute, but I’m constantly annoyed by people who can’t mix audio. The song was overly loud and obtrusive. They call it a BED for a reason, people! It’s supposed to be soft and restful! Jeez!

  68. Space Cowgirl says:

    Argh! Are they called sugar gliders because they’re so cute they cause diabetes?

    I like how the cat’s all “I can has snaker? Buhfalo sauce plz.”

  69. I had no idea they made that sound!

  70. nicefrenchgurl says:

    bad bad me
    I was mesmarized by the song …. so much that I actually had to watch this video two more times to pay complete attention to the behbehs.
    PS rushed to the nearest store and bought 3 CDs from J JOHNSON…

  71. that sound was soo funny! so cute and small. 🙂

  72. Ms. Crabbersons is all like, “Talk to da hand, mofos!!”

  73. I want a handful of these little guys, and a nice soft sweater, thus becoming a human sugar glider tree. <3

  74. way cool, love their floppy ears and flying flaps

  75. So So super uber duper absolutly (how many adjectives can I add) and amazingly CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *falls over dead*

  76. oh me god did you see his little bebeh tongue when he makes that noise?! it’s so cute! it’s like he’s having the tiniest of tantrums

  77. I miss my sugar gliders sooooooo much. *cries*

    But… I’m going to be the echo over here… they are HIGH MAINTENANCE and research needs to be done before going out and getting them before they are cute. I used to moderate over at Glider Central and I’ve heard it all and it’s sad to see all the homeless and in need of homes gliders because people didn’t research first.

  78. Amazing, adorable little critters. Loud, annoying music.

  79. Annie M. and Berthaslave–I got my PhD at UCSB in medieval history. Berthaslave, what are you studying?

  80. And the gliders are fantastic. I love the idea of wearing one in my pocket (don’t wear a bra) and letting it out to surprise people.

  81. And the gliders are fantastic. I love the idea of wearing one in my pocket (don’t wear a bra) and letting it out to surprise people.

  82. And the gliders are fantastic. I love the idea of wearing one in my pocket (don’t wear a bra) and letting it out to surprise people.

  83. OK, granted – they ARE adorable! No question there! But this was a missed opportunity – instead of the distracting soundtrack, how ’bout some info, like where are these critters from? How old are they? WHAT exactly, are they? (Lemurs, I’m guessing, but it’s not clear. . . ) Why do these people have them? It would have been great to learn something about what we’re watching. And BTW, IMHO, it’s just sloppy not to edit OUT the out-of-focus segments! C’mon people! This clip was plenty long enough without keeping those sections not worth viewing. Apply some standards here folks!

  84. Elliotte- It’s right up at the top. they are baby sugar gliders. google them or use one of the links our fellow commenters provided. CO is about CUTE, not snarking about “film quality”.

    These are really cute but also REALLY high maintenance, and their personality makes all the difference. my sister had two and one was sweet, and the other crabbed ALL NIGHT LONG! no matter what!

  85. Cute. However, in my opinion they should not be kept as a pet! These are exotic tree top dwellers, and that is where they should live!Where they need to live!

  86. My head nearly exploded when “the loud one” winked at the camera near the beginning. Also, that sound FREAKED my cat out. I haven’t seen her react that strongly since I last watched a Winston video in her presence.

  87. EaterofShades says:

    E-mailed this to my sister,

    Her response:


    I guess nuff said.

  88. Sorry about the triple-post, peeps. Did I like win the Triple Crown for that???? tee hee (even though I’m still sorry)

  89. violetgreen says:

    Beautiful, weird, wonderful little critters but Kitty ‘s saying, “Aren’t I still cute, too?”

  90. What song was that?

  91. Mary (the first) says: cute as they were I was also swayed by the music. Nice!

  92. Such a cutie

  93. I didn’t realise possums other than the ungodly brushtail ones we have in New Zealand made dreadful noises. A sugar glider doesn’t look like it should sound like that, goshdarnit! It should sound like Pikachu or something.

  94. well, the wee female has quite a bit to say….

  95. Sorry, but I could NOT watch that as soon as I heard it was that freakin’ Jack Johnson song.

    I hate that song. It would have ruined the cuteness.

  96. nidio cute. music awful.

  97. She may be cute but she’s about to lay you out! Look at her right arm pulled back, palm extended, ready to smack the cr*p out of you!

    And I don’t blame her. She’s clinging to you, trying to get your attention, and you’re stroking another girl! I’d slap you too.

  98. so jack was singing about sugar gliders all along! this explains the bubbly freakin toes! i was half-way out my door to petco until the 2nd one opened its mouth . . . thank goodness!

  99. I still want one as a pet! Mebbe for Easter!
    So small and cute and snugglie!!

  100. For all those worried about Ms. Grummpersons. She will be ok as long as she gets lots of love. My little sugar baby’s name is Tinker Bell (she is small, can be moody and flaps). When we first got her all she did was crab (that noisiness) for about 3 weeks. I was worried but we kept giving her LOTS of luvins and she came around. She is now a sassy little ball of fluff that absolutely LOVES to cuddle under blankies and get her little belly rubbed. Yep, she will lay on her back as we rub her fluffy little white belliness. Girls don’t stink BUT THE BOYS DO (it’s a *musk*). And they are SUPER HIGH maintenance, especially if you have 1 by themselves. You have to pay LOTS (2-4 hours a day of CONSTANT handling) of attention for them to properly attach to you and get the love they need. I would not trade my widdle Tinker Bell for anything though. They live like 12 years too.

  101. *squeak* Sugar gliders!!!! <33 ^_^ A copule of my friends have a pair of these little fuzzballs, too; they're like the cutest things ever.

  102. I think they look more like eensy badgers than anything, really, though I hear they have much friendlier personalities in general.

  103. SQUEEEEEEEEEE! What precious little butterballs!
    (And LOL at jealous kitty in the background.)

  104. Channy Burden says:

    Just to let you know…

    Sugar gliders are Australian native animals, and as such, it’s illegal to export them.

    Consequently, the only way they could have got out of the country wass by cruel smuggling methods. Plenty of mothers and babies would have died as they were stuffed into socks and cloth tubes, and sewn into the linings of coats and bags, in order to transport them illegally.

    As cute as they are, it makes me sad to see our native fauna kept as pets overseas, knowing the cruel trauma that they (or their parents) went through, whilst being smuggled out.

    Please don’t support this cruel practice. Don’t buy pets / animals that were obtained through this selfish and murderous trade.

    Australian Marsupials are protected animals. Let’s keep it that way.

  105. Crabbing? that’s exactly what it is! I’m just gonna gripe and I have the floor and you’re going to listen! TOO funny. Especially the little “talk to the hand” pose she did over and over. That just wiped me out.

  106. ugh god that music is literally terrible let me just hear the squeaks, yuppies.