Got the snax ready for the Oscars?

[Jumps up on the couch] Come on! Javier is about to win! COME ON, FRIEND-O!


Do you think they could cut my hair like Javier’s Lori R.?



  1. eep! Broken image tag!

  2. let’s get physical!

  3. BLEEEN!!!!!!!!! AHH! Do want. *huge smile*

  4. “Hmmmph! They don’t give Oscars to dogs???!!!? That’s discrimination!!!!”

  5. OMG! so cute, its a Yorkie!! I have 2, Scooby and Tinker Bell are my loves.

  6. Did anyone see the Film Independent Spirit Awards? Poor Javier was the object of much lust and hilarity. He’s yummy.

  7. how do you tell the diff between yorkies and silkies?


  8. Posh spice doesn’t have a thing on this Posh Pup!

  9. So modelicious…

  10. phin, it’s not easy, especially if you’re looking at not-so-great examples of either breed. In the show ring, the Yorkie wears a bow and the Silky doesn’t. Yorkies in general are smaller and have longer hair..a shorter muzzle…
    This one is amazingly adorable.

  11. *explosive death by giggle fit*

    Stho cute, like for serious!!! JUST what I need to get me started on Monday morning! …Well, that and a good nose-lick’ums from my own prosh pup. Yaaaaaaaay puppies!

  12. i just wanna cuddle the little sqeeeeeshy face!

    but cuddling? psssh no way! that would mess up the hair!

  13. Awww, what a cutie.
    The silky breed was made from an australian terrier and the yorkshire. Silkies are bigger than yorkies and when in “show” cut, yorkies have the long, floor length hair, while silkies are kept shorter.

  14. Momof2kitties says:

    Oscars? I dunno. Looks more to me like he’s ready to watch the newest episode of Project Runway. Just think what Rami could do with this little bundle of proshness!

  15. Bring on the snausages.

  16. berthaslave says:

    From the Academy Awards:

    Best Actor: Daniel Dog Day-Lewis, “There Will Be Barking”
    Best Actress: Marion Cute-illard, “La Vie En Ruff”
    Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bark-dem, “No Country for Old Bones”
    Best Supporting Actress: Tilda Squee-nton, “Michael Stray-ton”

  17. yet another michelle says:

    Oooo…. Javier…. Yum yum!

  18. @Berthaslave. Stands up and gives a standing ovation.

  19. (stands up w/Annie & holds hands over head in O shape)
    (old camp joke)

  20. You mean can they cut your hair like Dora the Explorer? :0)

  21. Momof2kitties says:

    Berthaslave FTW!

  22. @berthaslave: You always come up with the best comments!!!!!!!

  23. berthaslave says:

    Well, none of this would be possible without the little people, and, of course, Meg and Theo, who remain an inspiration to us all.

    Now, onto Elton John’s party!!

  24. LOL! Diggin’ the pinkulence.