Behbeh lemur leeps

Step aside, Flocke!* There is another Cuteness in town, this time in Paree, France, at the Vincennes Zoo. A behbeh crowned lemur named "Kibongo" (Great name) is all: "wash me cuddles wees zees fluffy blankie BON!"

Lemur300 <– (from The Guardian)

Then he’s all; "I drink your milkshake! I DRINK IT UP"


Thanks for the little red leeps alert, Sarah L.!
*Just got side-tracked on the Flocke site for 20 mins, thanks a LOT



  1. Oh my. It took a few minutes to see him as cute, but in the end I could not resist the second picture. His leeeetle hand!!

  2. In the first pic: Nice Tupe! Hair club for lemurs!

  3. What a sweetheart!

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    Awww…In the first one he’s all snuggled in, ready for someone to read him a bedtime story.

  5. followtheducks says:

    Is it just me or does he look like a stuffed animal or something in the first one? He kinda look plastic…it’s odd.

    Second one brings out the cute and ‘real’ in him. hehe

  6. I think the second pic would qualify him under the “small item makes you look small” rule, whichever number that is, I forget. Anyway, that syringe is like half the size that he is.

  7. Hahaha @ I drink your milkshake!

  8. First pic: I guess “Crowned” Lemur is code for “bad toupee”???

  9. Anyone else getting horrible pornographic sidebar ads??? A woman spreading her legs, another cupping her buttcheeks, wha???? This is definitely a kid-friendly site and that ad Has To Go.

  10. The top pic at first I thought was a close-up of a flea on a poodle!

  11. acelightning says:

    He looks like some sort of strange toy, or maybe a baby alien. His face is so shiny! (He also looks very cuddle-able.)

  12. nna- Yes I am seeing the highly inapropriate porno sidebar ad from time to time.

  13. LUKE this is your father!!!

    lemurs are prosimians—which means they are the root of our evolutionary family tree.
    Note ; the opposable thumb!!

  14. With all due respect to the babeh lemurs of the world, this little dude has nothing on Flocke. He’s cute, but Flocke has a, “bowl you over,” cute.

  15. It’s baby Zoboo!

  16. he kinda looks like he’s gonna say something intelligent in the first pic.


  17. Personally, I LOVE the green, green eyes! Wow!

  18. ZOBOOMAFOO!!!!!! The Bebeh version )’o'(


  20. Wow, these animals look so amazing!

  21. Dang. This bebeh looks like a bat!

  22. Don’t look into the eyes!

  23. Ah, mon petit chou-chou!

    Je t’aime, leetle cabbage!

  24. That first picture is unreal. Really, he looks fake! Little paws grasped around the edges of the blankie so tightly – adorable!

  25. DoodleyDog says:

    Cute, and yet, oddly creepy at the same time…

  26. I want to find him cute but he is just so… not cute. Woe.

  27. Seven Paws says:

    Not cute. Scary.

  28. on t’aime petit lémurien

  29. CheshireCat says:

    Very much the creepy variety of cute. O_o

  30. I personally *LOVE* lemurs and am glad to see a bebeh prosimian featured on CuteOverload.

    Here at Duke, we have a Lemur Center full of lemurs/aye ayes/bushbabies/lorises that are studied for various scientific purposes (namely for neuroscientific efforts, as their brains may be similar to our human ones in some regards).

    Anyway, lemurs are lovely.

  31. With all due love and snuggles and respect that the little guy needs, I’d vote for cute or creepy category. It’s eyes…..The EYESSSSSSS….

    I fear if he slept in my room, I’d wake super-glued to the ceiling or something.

    Re: Porno side bars. Haven’t seen that, but over and over there is this China Love site, or Russian Love…Etc. Basically ads for buying a female from another country. Um..not cute on that one.

    [Lola — we’re looking into the ad thing; please stand by… – Ed.]

  32. Madeleine– the Duke Lemur Center was the home of Old School Internets Star Nigel the Lemur!!!

  33. gollem, gollem

  34. Madeleine – At the Belfast Zoo they don’t enclose the lemurs. I think they were ringtails. They were leaping and climbing around free as the breeze; mamas with bebehs (ahh!), etc. Zoo staff gave us bananas to feed the lemurs, which was head explodingly cute and fun. The zoo staff said the lemurs’ homing instinct, or territorial instinct, herd instinct, I don’t know, was so strong they didn’t need to be enclosed, although a man in a nearby neighborhood once found one in his tree.

  35. I find him pretty scary actually…

  36. the red lips! lemurs are my favorite monkey. i volunteer at my local zoo and these guys are so fun to feed. they will eat little banana chunks right off my fingers or just let me put a grape in their mouths! love them!!!!!!!

  37. possumpiratess says:

    Lemur Leeps! aaauuughhllll! I love Lemurs!!!
    I guarantee if you visit with them at your local zoo, you will never be scared of them again-they are a riot!
    It’s hard for me to leave them.

  38. It’s kind of creepy looking… but it makes creepy cute.

  39. 0o Creepy!

  40. ….?!

    Wow. Strange.

    Cute, in a very alien-ish sort of way.

  41. Sounds like you guys have been phished, hijacked. Try clearing out your cookies…

  42. They’re not monkeys or apes–they’re prosimians. John Cleese did an amazing show about them on PBS some years back that’s available on DVD. You’ll howl along with these fantastic little guys. Then you’ll book a trip to Madagascar.

  43. Momof2kitties says:

    Yeah, I’m afraid I find him rather more creepy than cute. But Zaboo? He rocks. And Chris and Martin aren’t so bad either, if ya know what I mean.

  44. thechosenone says:

    Was i the only one who saw this photo and thought:

    “I like to move it move it.
    I like to move it move it.
    I like to move it move it.
    He like to
    MOVE IT!” ?

  45. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    thechosenone, no. No you’re not the only one. I’m just mad you got to it before me. lol

    Make way for the New York Giants! lol

  46. Thechosenone, I too thought about that movie!!! Love the scene in the crashed airplane!!

    *will now be singing that song for the rest of the day*

  47. Quality reference…
    This is right up there with that Black Flag tattoo in that wedding picture…

  48. He like to drink it drink it
    He like to drink it drink it
    He like to drink it drink it
    Your milkshake –
    DRINK IT!!!

  49. I think this is tewtally prosh. Fuzzy wuzzy head, hands (opposable thumbs!!), big beautiful green eyes! Want! He’s so small he looks like he needs be to be majorly yet carefully cuddled.

  50. berthaslave says:

    Caption is priceless. Somewhere, Daniel Day-Lewis is smiling and NOT just because he won teh Ocsar.

    Lemurs are DEFINITELY cute, look at those pretty green eyes and the li’l red leeps!

  51. I haz no words.
    Tooooo cute.

  52. I’m finding this one a little more on the scary side as well

  53. Not cute. Scary!

  54. And oh yeah –

    My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard….

  55. zank hevon for leetle lemurs! zey grrrow up in ze most unusual wayz.

  56. totally cute! (not remotely scary!) i could get lost in those green eyes. i wanna hold his hand!!

  57. Obviously anything so tiny and helpless must be cute.
    But I gotta say that he really reminds me of some leathery little ventriloquists dummy from a horror movie.

  58. kinda cute and kinda creepy. but mostly cute

  59. Oh man, I drink your milkshake. Awesome quote. The lemur did seem a little plasticine-ish in the first picture, but is actually adorable. Awwww.

  60. scary plastic creature, werrr


    pron-ad solution: Ad Block Plus

  61. Photo #1 was a little creepy, but #2 makes up for it. And the outrrrageous Frawnshe awccent puts him smack in the hilarious column. Bon!

  62. Otherworldly kind of cute.

  63. I work in a zoo and take care of Red Ruffed Lemurs. They are some of my favorites! Such incredibly beautiful and unique primates. The only thing scary about them is when they start to vocalize without warning! If you have ever heard them, it is no wonder lemur means “spirits of the night” or “ghosts” in latin. 🙂

  64. Squeeeeeeeeee!!! I is ::ded::

  65. I never thought there could be a post with references to Zaboomafoo and There Will Be Blood AND Madagascar? These are a few of my favorite things…

  66. Oh my gosh, it is only the second picture and I’m already overloaded with cuteness! First the baby sugar gliders and now a baby lemur with its spikey hair and googly eyes. Ahhh, and I still have more pictures to go. I can’t take it. No, no, no.

  67. I love how he’s creepy cute! He looks like a little gothlet. In the best way possible!!!

    (Beautiful eye color to boot!)

  68. That thing is HORRIBLE. It looks like Rosemary’s baby.


  69. At the zoo I used to go to, there was a young lemur who was just small enough to fit through the bars of the cage leading from the outside of his exhibit into the park. He always wanted to be outside.

    Unfortunately, once he was outside, he got scared and just wanted to go back in but couldn’t figure out how, so the zookeepers played this all day game of lemur outside — >lemur inside—> lemur outside—>lemur inside

  70. Shelly, I thought the EXACT same thing: Rosemary’s Baby. YIKES! First the sugar gliders and now this–I’m going to have nightmares tonight!

  71. I seriously avoided the site for a couple of days to make sure I didn’t have to see this again. Thoroughly disturbing. I get that a lot of people seem to think this is cute, but I find it nightmarish.

  72. Frightful.

  73. The lemur is a thing of grace and beauty – and wonderfully alienesque eyes!

  74. This is more sad than cute.

  75. It’s Michael Jackson and Blanket!

  76. LaurenAnabela says:

    It’s baby Meadhead from “Meatballs II”

    This lil guy is much cuter though!

  77. LaurenAnabela says:

    Opps meant…Meathead.

  78. Hee! What a hilarious little ragamuffin!

  79. And Flocke …. oh MY. She’s an adorable little girl!