Bear census: +1

Bear Weigher Guy: "We got another one, he’s about 9 pounds, blue eyes, cute as a button."

(The Boston Globe says there is a bear census going on and this new little guy was just added.)


Very nice find, Bobbeh A. 😀



  1. can’t go wrong with a bag o’ bear…

  2. soft ursine cuteness or *softest* ursine cuteness?

  3. The bebeh is all “What’s happening?”. 😀

  4. He has no limbs!!

  5. Lucky scientist — I wish *I* were loaded for bear!

  6. its a bear-ito. =D

  7. Sunshine0460 says:

    Now aint that somethin’ to find in your sock! Luv the blue eyes..

  8. Sunshine0460 says:

    Hmmm, on second thought, looks more like he’s in a winter hat…quite the ear warmer!

  9. First time commenter (long time lurker) says:

    I love how his expression is all “I have conquered the Human Sock. A small step for me, a giant sock for bear-kind.”

  10. Dr. Awkward says:

    Hmmm. Commentroversy about handling wild bears? Not trying to incite, just idle speculation. Not sure how these censuses… censi? work.

  11. That little bear looks pretty confused. I can imagine him telling the story to his grandchildren later in life, and they’d be like “no way.”

  12. How many in your den? Mmmmm-hm.

    Annual income?

  13. LOL, Turtle!

    Wow, I didn’t know bears could have blue eyes.

  14. “Friday on “Bear Planet: “Abducted by Aliens….”

    “So at half past February, there I am, hibernating and all of a sudden, some guy pulls me out into the bright sunshine and sticks me into some kinda sock thing hanging from a tree or something. Next thing I know, I wake up back in the den and it’s the end of March.

    “I’m still having nightmares about it.”

  15. Bear: Mm not really my colour and where’s the sleeves.

  16. acelightning says:

    Definitely an inside-out knit hat. This may be a completely new discovery in the field of “novel uses for cheap knit hats”.

  17. I predict that “Baby-Bear-In-A-Bag” will be THE toy this Christmas.

  18. BEARRITO!!!!!!

  19. kinda looks mean and ready to strike

  20. knitting rat says:

    So where I can I get the knitting pattern for the baby bear bundle bag? Does that come in different sizes? I’d need a “mama bear” size….

  21. ButtaRumCake says:

    LOL @ Gail’s comment!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!! I can *so* see the bear giving that interview on GMA!! HAHAHAAAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

  22. There’s a whole slideshow of this cutie and his mommy and siblings at The Boston Globe:

  23. (in John Cleese voice) You can’t beat me! I’m invincible!

  24. what a beauty, i really luv his eyes…

  25. I was wondering what they did with the mother bear, as we all know that the metaphor, “fierce as a mama bear” comes from. Thanks to Theresa for solving that question with the slide show from the Boston Globe. Whew! No animals — including human scientist-type animals — were harmed in this experiment!

  26. holy %^&*^(*** that is a cute picture!

    I have two questions: is it/should it be a rule of cuteness that being immobilized makes you cute? and if that’s true, how disturbing and creepy is that?

    nevertheless, oh what a cute picture tee hee

  27. or perhaps this is a different rule of cuteness:
    If you wear a shaker knit turtleneck, you become cute.
    b/c that happened to Matt Damon in the first Bourne movie.
    Seriously, remember that sweater?

    I shall now proceed to get a life. . .

  28. Aww, I sent this shot in too! I’m glad it made it up here. 🙂

  29. I shall name heem Stephen Colbear.

  30. hehehe Bearrito
    Bucky, u are ingenius

  31. That sideshow helps explain how they count bears… they wait until winter when they are sleeping.

    Another of life’s mysteries solved!

  32. I giggled when I saw this in the Globe too. 🙂 But why are they rousing them up from hibernation for this? Let the poor bebeh get his sleep.

  33. “That sideshow helps explain how they count bears… they wait until winter when they are sleeping.”

    Slight correction: when MAMA is sleeping. Lil’ guys like this stay all bright eyed and bushy tailed, drinking their weight in milk and wrestling every day until mama wakes up to dig them outside. Bear researchers are always happy to dig out a family den, because someone gets to snuggle a cub in their coat while mama is measured and tagged.

    I’ve worked a fair bit in bear country, so I’ve had some bear training, but nobody ever told me they weigh them in a TOQUE! A TOQUE, people!

  34. scuze me miss, can I have the BearWrap in pumpernickle with lettuce, tomato and onion? Oh, and a side of salmon for my little friend, here? Thanks.

  35. Bearsockbearsockbearsock!

  36. It is a sock as that is the title of the video at the link Theresa posted

    did I mention it was video with sound of cute bear calls, and gratuatus bears snuggling in biologists coat

  37. And the clown sez: “Ah, FINALLY a pair of size 26 socks – what the hell?!”

  38. ernie banks says:

    Go CUBS!!!!!!!!!!WOOO!

  39. Did you guys follow the link?? Are you all aware that there are THREE baby bears! THREE People!

    Just thought you should know.

  40. K. O’Dee– you mean the babies are up and jumpin’ on the bed all winter?

  41. Momof2kitties says:

    Gaaah! He had me at hello!

  42. *looks inside hats* I don’t have any baby bears in my hats. So unfair. He’s super duper cute.

  43. Little Bear Cub: Doot de Doooo. I am just hangin here in mah Sock.
    Baby bear lifts nose and sniffs the air…

    hmmm do I smell cookies.. One of these guys has cookies in a pocket.

    Just wait till I get free.. I am gonna get those cookies. Baby bear cub drools just a little in anticipation.

  44. berthaslave says:

    LOL Gizmo…”It’s just a flesh wound.”

    This is ALMOST suitable for a “pocket pets” tag.

  45. Mary (the first) says:

    Looked at all the pix, SO cute! I love how they wrapped the mom in a hat to keep her warm.. and there there’s a guy with no hat in the next photo and you know he donated his hat to the mama bear or maybe to the weigh-station effort.

  46. “K. O’Dee– you mean the babies are up and jumpin’ on the bed all winter?”

    Yup. For a few months, anyway, between being born in mid Jan. – early Feb., and tumbling out in the spring. They grow really fast – at the expense of Mama, which is why mother bears are known for being so cranky. She’s starving, and her kids have been beating her up while she slept!

    (My favourite bit is the peenk nose!)

  47. ThreeCatNight says:

    Why it’s the famous “PortaBear” bag!
    Bear baby is all: “What am I doing here?”

  48. That was lol-worthy. Love how the little guy’s all “Hm. Not sure what’s going on, but it’s comfy…”

  49. exceedingly cute find, when the black bears, they are tiny, the lttle shiney pink noishes just push me over the edge into a pit of adoreable-ness. Gentle Ben, is your mudder out of the picture, hypodermic dart entre ‘tock, mouth breathing away zzzzz, while they are weighing your adorable girth? I hope you haz one!

  50. ” Researchers sedated the mother bear for safety, as they get very protective — and potentially violent — when humans approach their young. “

    Ummm. No kidding. Hence two of the scariest words in hiking terminology, MAMA BEAR. Especially if she’s got those red, the-younguns-been-up-all-night eyes.

    Thank heavens for Visine!

  51. Thanks for posting the link to the photos, Theresa!! So cute with the little pink nosies!!!!

    But, I’m not buying the whole “put a hat on the mama bear to keep her warm” story!!! I’m thinking the hat was to give them an extra 10 seconds to escape in case Mama woke up!!!!

  52. Aww – doubletime. Don’t feel bad Laura – I submishied this one too. Must a been a passel of us Boston folks who saw that bearsock and clickety-clack – CO submish!

    BTW – Don’t you think science dude’s blue hat would go so much better with little bear’s eyes? He should really switch hats.

  53. What are you talking about, pny? He looks like an itty-bitty bundle o’ fluffy sweetness to me.

  54. I bless these people who work so hard monitoring and caring for wildlife, I do. I just worry so much about the fear and stress put upon these poor babies. I wish there was animal whisperer present who could communicate with them that it’s okay and we mean no harm. Then the worker could kiss the cub’s fuzzy head, give him a treat and send him/her on its way. I wish.

  55. dopey panda says:

    Someone didn’t watch the video! The bear cubs are 4.5 to 5 lbs…

  56. Daphne Moss says:

    *Baby bear in a bag is dazed and confused*

    “Hopin he puts me back with mom…it’s soooo eaaarly….”

  57. ElizabethW says:

    Well well well, nary a nuff in sight. I’m glad all of the commenters so far have recognized how important this work is for the li’l guys. It’s as heartwarming as that time there was a political post on CO and all of the nuffs stayed out of it!

  58. Tooo cute! I want a bebeh bear!

  59. Maybe the bear won’t eat him.

  60. EEEEP!!! Bebeh bear in a stocking!!!

  61. I love animals says:

    Is the big man choking him a little bit? The baby bear has a scared look in his/her eyes. but you never know, maybe he/she was just pooping.