Hello, please check out my tiny gutulence

Oh, Hai. I would like to display to you my teeny gutulence. [Turns to the left, shifting tiny squeezable guts] OK? [turns to the right, displaying guts further] You may now resume your Caturday.

Cute overload, originally uploaded by keithicles.


  1. oooh, a doxie belleh! snorgle!!!

  2. excellent! i have the belleh all to myself, which is to say, BLEEN!

  3. Must plant wispiest of butterfly kisses upon teh tender belleh of teh bebbeh!

  4. My miniature Dachshund has the same kind of belleh, only with saggier boobies, cause she had pups once!

  5. you know, that is adorable.

    but i cannot help but notice there have been NO POSTS OF CATS FOR CATURDAY.

  6. berthaslave says:

    Belleh? I’m sorry, I got lost in puppers’ eyes…


  8. OK…let us never ignore the leg rolls? And the Princess Di eyes…

  9. Oh squeal squeal squeal squeak… breathe. SQUEAL!

  10. ButtaRumCake says:



  11. I spy tiny front leg chubbelence above the adorable dangling pawsies. But then I spy the adorable nawminess of the dangling ear. And then I’m drawn in by the bare tummy snorglabilty…and then again by the eyes!
    I;m ded I tell you, ded from the qteness~

  12. *blows razzberry on her belleh*

  13. Lookit teh bellehbutton! It’s an innie!

  14. She looks like those carnival dogs you try to win.. you know the ones.. you throw balls into a basket… 3 for a dollar.
    first you win the teeny dog then the little bit bigger one and by the time you have spent 35 bucks or so bingo you get this adorable little puppy.

  15. I would probably need to plant a raspberry on that belly!

  16. What a precious little pink belly! Must snorgle. I also love the pudgy little paws.

  17. It looks as though a well-placed raspberry on the center of that bellage would shake that puppeh from its toes to its flappy ears. But we’d better test it, to be sure.

  18. possumpiratess says:

    And don’t you know if you just rest your nosetip on the belly, it will be sooo warm.

    What a little beauty.

  19. Sunshine0460 says:

    Oh my GAWD,
    How SWEET can one puppeh get…
    (melts from absolute adoration into a puddle on the floor)


    [incoherent gurgling]

  21. bookmonstercats says:

    I note there seems to be emergency services, or something like, around in the background and puppeh’s support is wearing a uniform. Was puppeh rescued from somewhere? *worry, worry worry*

  22. Lovely pink belly!

  23. oh good lord

    {keels over from overload of Qte}

    when i regain consciousness, i will need to blow raspberries on puppeh belleh

  24. Um… I think she should have been posted on ‘Shund-day.

  25. AW. too cute. Doxe’s are the best pets…..

  26. Awwww, what a cute little pink tum-tum. Our Taco Terrier has a pink tum-tum, but his is somewhat larger than this one’s.

  27. The velvety droopy ears got me. Also note the chub bracelets around her paws. 😉

  28. PS Great hovertext!

  29. Zerbit da belleh, snarfle da chubber pawses, beep da wee nozie, stroke da velvety earses, kiss da Lady Di eyes…”sorry I can’t come to the phone right now – I’m very VERY busy…”

  30. possumpiratess says:

    bookmonstercats-I think that’s a Dale Earnhadt shirt and maybe our dachshund lady is a crossing guard?

  31. chet's momma says:

    I love doggies lil boobies. they just don’t care!

  32. Chubby puppy… ahnnngg…

  33. Haha, cute! I love the gutulence, but also the eyes and…itty bitty leg rolls! XD

  34. CheshireCat says:

    *poke-poke-pokes with cursor finger*

  35. YItzysmommie says:

    Oh the total adorableness. I wouldn’t know where to start with this bebeh!
    But I would end up keesing the schnozzle and inhaling puppy bref…..

  36. *WANT*

  37. EEEEE!!!!!!!
    Little belly welly!!!

  38. my friend has one of these adorable huggies. She had to build a barrier to stop him getting from kitchen to living room. The barrier is as high as a credit card. His little velvet ears are heaven.

  39. now I just needs a GREAT BIG SPOON!!

  40. everything single on the puppeh is cute… eyes, ears, paws, tummy, expression, rolls, folds, proportions, *everything!*

    :: shakes head in befuddlement ::

  41. Little tummy looks delicious like a slice of boloney.

  42. ButtaRumCake says:

    LOL @ Luvvy @ credit card!!

  43. Dude that is drop dead dachable. It’s like a lunchable but delicious and filled with snizzle. C:

  44. aww soooo cute!!!

  45. bookmonstercats says:

    Thank you possumpiratess (great name). I’m none the wiser, being a Brit,but as your post sounds reassuring, I’ll stop worrying.

  46. Momof2kitties says:

    Yipe! She’s got the puppeh equivalent of cataloons! Pupaloons?

  47. Juniper Jupiter says:

    **Steals pupling from Michele and blows even BIGGER RAZZBERRIES on tha tummeh!!!**



  48. ohhh, you can practically smell the new puppy smell on this one! I wants one, stat!