Tiny gutulence the size of your hand

Will you please check out this tiny gutulence, which is JUST RIPE FOR DEE PICKINGKS [Holds own hand back from squeezing tiny kitten gut]


Nice little "Jaws" mouth hinge too, RPHilli…. 😉 P.S. Rule 38



  1. crescentstreet says:

    Bleen! fuzzy bliss.

  2. Must…. resist… SNORGLING!!!

  3. bookmonstercats says:

    I’m on ur keyboard, warmin’ mah ribs.

  4. very belleh nice.

  5. Kitty needs some attention, so no surfing for you today…

  6. Ripe for attack by… THE CLAW!!!

  7. snnnnhhhhhhh!
    ( snorgling sound )

  8. who’s sleepy? who’s little?

  9. Kitteh is “helpingks” with work!!

  10. Sunshine0460 says:

    Kitteh says:
    “just so’s you know who’s REALLY the boss in dis house..”

  11. This is me, alternate life.
    Non-Dell laptop, non-briefcase laptop bag, Ikea chair set, scanned Sonoran desert wallpaper photo from college program. Also, toasty pawses.

  12. diddleymaz says:

    pink paw pads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. “Quit playing games or teh internetz and scritch me! Scritch me NOW! I am cat and monarch of all I survey (In addition to being ubercute!)”

    Many cats seem to like to sleep on top of the monitor.I’m afraid kitteh might not find that as comfortable when he’s bigger ;)…..

  14. Nicolletta says:

    The tummy is just asking to be rubbed!!!

  15. i want to use kitteh as an applicator for my powder makeup. poof poof poof

  16. Noone seems to think my gutulence is quite as cute. But then again – mine is a bit more like white paws up kitty below.

    I’d love it if a kitty laid on my laptop! Although, my background is the ultra prosh baby opposum from a few weeks ago.

  17. What is it with kitties and laptops? One of my kitties does the same thing – those keyboards must be real comfortables…

  18. revolution724 says:

    Wow, those are some big paws on that little kitty. I think he’s not going to stay quite so tiny for long.

  19. littleword says:

    My kitteh’s love CO. I come away from the site with a desperate need for a snorgle fix!!

    Luv that belleh!! Let me go find one of my own – NOW!

  20. Sweet kitty’s exhausted after working on his powerpoint presentation. :resists urge to tickle his belly:

  21. Ohlookachicken says:

    MINE!! Pleeease?

  22. nothink like a nice snooze while the (virtual) sun goes down

  23. snoopysnake says:

    b-e-l-l-e-h-r-u-b spells


  24. Anasztaizia says:

    All I can think of when I see that is how hard it is to get cat hair out of those keyboards >.<

  25. Don’t even THINK of working today. Keyboard unavailable.

  26. Watch out, kitteh! Before long your tiny gutulence will be great masses of gutulence, like kitty in previous post, if you’re not careful 😉

    In all seriousness, snorgling kitty > work.

  27. *looking at desktop pic*:
    “Im on ur keyboardz, soakin’ up ur fake sunbeemz.”

  28. Aww…I wanna pet that tummy 😦

    But, I can’t help but cringe at the fur that will now be in the keyboard.

  29. berthaslave says:

    Creamsicle Kitteh is dreamin’ of megabytes.

  30. Erm…I live with four cats and have no idea what it’s like to have a computer keyboard that DOESN’T have cat fur in it.

    Is that wrong?

  31. anomalous4real says:

    “stoopid peeps tinks dey can foolz meh. lol. sun shien is teh fake. but puter iz teh rael warmz. so i iz sleeps on it. so tehre. kthxnitey-nite. honk-shus, honk-shus…..”

  32. No! Don’t squeeze the chubbeh tubbeh belleh! Stroke kitty gently, give gutulence a little extra attention, the PICK HIM UP AND SNORGLE SNORGLE SNORGLE! FACE TO FACE! HEAR THE PURR! MUST DO IT!!

  33. i would purchase a lap top specifically for my cat to lay on if he didnt weight 22 pounds.
    i wonder if he would fall for a non-working one? kinda like a prop-laptop?

  34. LizO — agreed… it’s the loose paper clips, pulled staples, and spilled Dr. Pepper that really cause keyboard problems.

  35. I weelll close him up in the laptop and carry him around in my backpack.

    Why kitteh fat belleh so cute? People fat belleh not nearly so attractive.

  36. If you have a cat hair problem in your keyboard – get one of the tiniest crochet hooks to dig it out with. That’s what I did when I had 10 cats.

    I tried to make my gutulence look this cute today – not happenin’

  37. Awww. Zees bebeh MUST have a combustible name beekaws zee fur eees de color of orange like in a FLAME! Like “Firecraker”, or just ‘cracker’ for short. Just pondering whilst ah type.

  38. Omigod this would annoy me to no end. I love my pets, but draw the line. Dander and fur in my keyboard. No freaking way!

  39. HAS TO SNORGLE. HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO! And den has to get a desktop laik that wan. Dezcats LURVES CAT-kti.

  40. omgs so I think that the visible V jaw should be a new rule..


  42. A kitten with a large stomach could actually have a parasite of some sort in their stomach. I don’t mean to down the cuteness, but I hope he has been looked at by a vet recently…

    [Actually a large stomach on a young kitten is usually a sign of health, Mekkin. Look also at the state of the fur coat — no patching, no thinness, good color. Paw pads don’t look dry or cracked, either. This is one happy, comfortable tiger tab… – Ed.]

  43. Sharon Wilson says:

    Ohh, I just wanna pick him up!!

  44. Whut Teho said about happy, comfortable kitteh, plus also, mebbe kitteh just has a happy tummy-full of milk and needs to sleep it off. On the nearest surface available.

  45. DaytimeDeb says:

    Kitteh says: I just ate the mouse and I’m all fulls up. It’s the tryptophan or something in the mouse that makes me sleepies.

  46. No worries. He’s up to date on da vet and healthy as can be. Kitteh’s name is Puck, after fairie in midsummer nights dream.

  47. Belleh fluff + fake sunlight = flamey halo of cute. awwwwhhhh.

  48. OMG TELEPORTING SUNSHINE?! What next? Teleporting kittehs straight to your home via CuteOverload.

  49. CheshireCat says:

    ‘Tis the fabled Celestial Kittayn come down from the heavens to bring love and joy into the hearts of men. ^_^

  50. rphilli3 your Kitty is adorable and the toal most awesome and appropriate name for your kitty… Puck, I love it.

  51. Aww, Puck is such a cutie! I love the wee wittle belleh! XD *snorgles*

  52. wee little belly…….wee little nose…..boop boop!!!………wee little paws…..with wee little pink paw pads!!!!!

  53. Nice tab key!

  54. OW!!!!!!!!
    Just smooshed my nose into the monitor trying to get a snorgle on that belleh!
    (walks away rubbing nose and muttering to self)

  55. AuntieMame says:

    rphilli3, is your Puck as full of mischief as the original? He’s a floofy lil’ cutie.


  57. AuntieMame, he is more Puckster than Puck himself. He’s now about 4 times that size (just long, still lean), but still has a thing for lappys. See? http://themercied.blogspot.com/2006/10/some-things-dont-change.html

  58. Ginger tom GINGER TOM??? so much to be said for working from home. Am gonna get me one of these kitty add ons tomorrow

  59. I know it, and it’s everyday ! xD