I’ll take the pink one…

You always *knew* Dachschunds were great, but HOW GREAT ARE THEY NOW!? [pan over to piglet in the nursery]









Tanks, Grabbui P.! [Cross-eyed head tilt]



  1. To quote the immortal Joey Lawrence, “WHOA.”

    We’re used to mother pigs taking in tigers, kittens, puppies, etc.

    But a doggie taking in a piglet? And a pink adorable one?


    And that paw across momma’s nose? Too much.

    Oh, and bleen.

  2. No, I’LL take the pink one.

  3. That is so sweet. I love how mommy is all protective of little pink piggy baby 🙂

  4. Peeegleet!!

  5. Wait, changed my mind.

    That one where Mom’s guarding her pink baby is too much.

  6. berthaslave says:

    Wait a minute…


    And Wiener Dog?



  7. eeeh!!! I love how momma is eyeing anyone eyeing her babies, pink and all! My doxie does that with her toys haha.

  8. i have wanted a little piglet since forever. this one is sooooo cute and the doxie mum deserves a million hugs for adopting the little pink one.

  9. wish I knew the story on this one. Why are they in a cage?

  10. OMG, I thought the little piglet was a stuffed animal at first! So adorable!!

    As far as the cage goes, it looks like the pups don’t even have their eyes open yet – not unusual to keep them in an enclosed area when they’re still that little.

  11. This is the cutest thing EVER!!!!!

  12. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I think I have finally become overloaded with cute.

  13. I have been killed by the cuteness. My head finally exploded. *poof*

  14. Oh.My.God. Beautiful…Brings a speck of sentiment to the eye.

  15. Is there anything cuter than piglet eye capsules?!!

  16. All are welcome at the milk bar.

  17. bookmonstercats says:

    I thought the piglet was stuffed, too, in the first picture. I had no idea they were so silky and shiny, but I’ve only seen them in farmyards, where they are covered in mud to keep their skin protected. Aaaaahhhhhn.

  18. Looks like these hotdogs aren’t kosher.

  19. Daphne Moss says:

    Oh. my. gawd.
    This is the most adorable thing…I sooo love this mom and little complex family. Animals rock!

  20. That is so sweet, I want that pink puppy…

  21. Awww! She looks like my dearly departed doxie Heidi. She never had a litter, but she was so fierce and protective I could see her taking on a bebeh piglet! They are good doggies.

  22. Such little sweeties!!!!

  23. I lofs that curved peegy tail!

  24. Sunshine0460 says:

    To quote my daughter, who is currently looking for a dachshund to bring home and love….
    As for me, my head just exploded from an overload of cute…excuse me while I clean the computer screen…:P

  25. anomalous4real says:

    Picture #4 totally kills me. Mamadog is just lying there with a piggie leg draped over her nose, and she’s like, “oy, dese kidlets……… deyz wears me out……….. wot has I gots mai self into……….”

  26. I just love the photos – what is going to happen to the pig?????

  27. This little piggy didn’t go to the market…he got a NEW MOMMY!!!

  28. Squeeee! So…cute…can’t stand…erk. *head explodes from cuteness*

    Just another example of how nonjudgmental animals can be.

  29. Well, peegs are the dachshund of the farm world, really. Only pink and mooooooooooishe biggur.

  30. Adoption is a beautiful thing. Interspecies adoption is glorious! Says someone who is adopted and adopted two of her boys.

  31. The Daily Dachshund and Dog News would love to know the back story.

    Hw did the pig come to be part of this Doxie family. Please come to the Daily Dachshund and DDog News and tell us.


    Daily Doxie

  32. OH

    someone peench me. i have been struck immobile by the Qte.

    redonkulously sweet and anerable. the pic with the piggy leg over mommy dash’s nose? aaaaa!!

  33. Eempossibly peenk bubble-gum peeglet!!! *oink*
    Goood momma Dachshund.

  34. I can’t deal with the proshness….what IS the story on this puppeh/piggy family?

  35. I had no idea that behbeh piggies had silky hair! So “awww” inspiring!

  36. Anne Boleyn says:

    The pinkness and, yes, silky hair! You obviously can make a silk purse….but harm not one silky hair of this behbeh.

  37. Nicolletta says:

    *dies from the qte*

  38. And this is part of the reason why I don’t eat pigs….too damn cute.

  39. PIG-A-LET!!!!!! OMG! That is it. I’m done.

  40. That’s a bebeh pink elephant if ever I’ve seen one (check out second last photo).

  41. Holy Moses! Erm erm erm. Speechless.

  42. How cute is that? Is there a story behind this?

  43. *officially* cuteoverloaded. thanks!

  44. The next time someone asks me about the Cute Overload live bookmark in my toolbar, they are getting shown THIS.

    I love this site…

  45. OK…I know theres a joke somewhere here about hot dogs…

  46. Gaaah….the cuteness is just too much for one person! I have a pet dwarf pot bellied piggers and she looks just like the one in the picture! So cutes! I want her to have a doxie mommy.

    Instead she has 2 crazy ferret sisters… ehn ehn ehn I want to hug my computer screeen!

    Ps. the quote goes, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” 😉 And its right, you cant…because piggies are the cutesh!

  47. Trisha, this is a kennel. It serves as a den for the critter within. We have one remarkably like this one- we got it for introducing a new cat to our household (containing one much older cat) and once we had both cats socialized enough, the older cat started having kidney problems, we used it to contain her (comfortably, mind) until we had the problem under control.

    In this case, I bet this is where Mama lived while the Primates were at work. small, cozy, and also keeps the dog from getting into bad things (ie counter tops, refridgerators, and electric cords)

  48. revolution724 says:

    What a good little Mama. Very clearly she would go after the jugular of anyone who tried to mess with her babies, including the fuzzy pink one.

  49. Haha..I wonder what the other puppies think when they look at Mr. Pinky there. “Needs more chocolate milk!”

  50. ShinyHappyGoth says:

    DKN – No, no, the joke is clearly about pork sausage.

  51. so the pig is actually nursing from a dog?
    That takes interspecies snorgling to a whole new level.
    Xtremely Cute but also a tad…Island of Dr. Moreau?

  52. Momof2kitties says:

    It’s so nice to see blended families get along.

  53. Theenk Peenk!
    I can hardly stand the cuteness here. Oh dear gawd!
    Meg, great hidden captions. Hee hee!

  54. Clare, how does a Cute Overload live bookmark in your toolbar work? And how do I get one? Plz to be ‘splainin. Kthxbai.

  55. Tewtally a real-life “Babe” sitch. Mamapup is all “I loff my behbehs all da same.”

  56. That can’t be a real piglet, it’s got to be a stuffed animal, it’s so perfect in it’s cuteness.

    Props to the kosher hotdog comment, very funny.

  57. This little piggy is adorable!! The puppies, too!! How anyone could ever harm an animal is beyond me~

  58. It… it is as if all my dreams have suddenly come through.

    Now all someone needs to do is to figure out how to mate the dachshund with the piglet and we shall never want for pork sausages EVER AGAIN!!

  59. snoopysnake says:

    Weiner dog pups, in beef and pork.

    Seriously, what a good mama she is! God bless her!

  60. Anasztaizia says:

    That first pic. is just too much! I love the look of mommy puppeh all “it’s mine babeh – what are YOU looking at??”

  61. Hello Kitty says:

    This towtawlly made my tgif…how gargeous!!! pigs are my favs…perfect shades of pinks!!!

  62. OMG !! a pink doxie

  63. the poopies and pig will be best friends forever!

  64. A Pink Pig-o-Pup…or is it a Pup-o-Pig? Either way, this gets the Oscar for Best Cuteness by a Group of Cuddly Creatures.

  65. this is so cute my head exploded!

  66. Piggers is going to crush his wee littermates before long.

  67. I am in love with the second to last pic. How flippin cute is that?

  68. Dachshunds+piglet=OMG!!!!!

  69. Piglets rule! More piglets on CO.com!

  70. “Now, that pig, he thought he was a hounddog. He didn’t know any better, bein as he was raised up with the other hounddogs…”

  71. Pooteysmom says:

    The most simple and wonderful example of life on this planet. Why can’t we all be like that and say “You know what? It doesn’t matter what shape, size or colour you are – if you need help I will help you.

  72. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    That is awesome! Favorite post EVA!

  73. The world could do with learning more from this mum.

    *dies from the cute*

  74. Pooteysmom says:

    The most simple and wonderful example of life on this planet. Why can’t we all be like that and say “You know what? It doesn’t matter what shape, size or colour you are – if you need help I will help you.

  75. shut UP! OMG.. beyond words here people..

  76. When I looked at the first two pictures I thought the pig was a stuffed animal.

    Simply adorable!!

  77. atomicpuffball says:

    does anyone remember that Sesame Street song:

    One of these things is not like the others
    One of things doesn’t belong
    Can you guess which thing is not like the others
    By the time i finish my song

  78. turkeylegsmom says:

    Ohhhhh….it’s the Velveteen Piglet!

    Doxie mommie, you are too moishe….

  79. atomicpuffball says:

    does anyone remember that Sesame Street song:

    One of these things is not like the others
    One of things doesn’t belong
    Can you guess which thing is not like the others
    By the time i finish my song

  80. This should be a movie… about a piggy who grows up believing he’s a dog…

    Oh wait. “Babe” anyone?

  81. omg.
    first pic- i thought the lil piggy was a puppeh toy.
    then second pic i realize, it is just one incredibly prosh lil shiney piglet. then in proceeding pics i realize how much that mama loves the lil piglet.
    its just too adorable for words. Good Mommy!

  82. Pooteysmom–awesome post…you nailed it! subsequently, whoever said the sausage ain’t kosher also nailed it…

  83. BTW, for anyone interested in kosher porkchops? Check out the movie, “Leon the Pig Farmer.” Has the world’s first kosher pig.

  84. OMG! This is too cute. It brought a tear to my eye.

  85. Doxies Rule!!!

  86. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Wait a minute…that was a mama dachshund? WHAT A SCHWEETIE!!! She’s so small next to the bebeh peegee!!

    Okay, so my sister had a FAT weiner dog once, I’ve mentioned before…more like a BRATWURST…so what makes bebeh dachshund puplings…especially next to a bebeh piglet? I got it!!


  87. I’m thinking, do we need an honorary Angelie Jolie award for cross-species adoptions? Don’t misunderstand, I’m not implying anything about her children. Just that mothers know in their hearts who their children are, even if they didn’t give birth to them.

    As a foreign adoptee, I was one of those “things that didn’t belong” in the family portrait so I’m seriously not being derogatory.

  88. Day is over – no more work will get done 🙂 Just wanna stare at da bebeh!!!!
    I have a herd of 9 – YUP NINE WIENIES!!! Dat Mama looks just like my Jadaa!!!
    PLEASE give us more details!!

  89. OMG The pigleet looks so velvety soft!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!

  90. I can’t quit saying “Aaaaoooooooh”

    This is just too sweet.

  91. Way too cute! I love how doxie mom is all protective of all her little babies XD

  92. Baby 1: “Bark bark”
    Baby 2: “Bark bark”
    Baby 3: “Oink oink”
    Baby 4: “Bark bark”

  93. I am wanting to huggle and kissle the baby piggy and the baby doggies!! AND THE MOMMY! HOOAH! Ohh, so cute, so cute, so cute!! 🙂 I wish the best for these little guys/girls. Please watch over them, Animal God!

  94. Please I still want more! I need more!

  95. Dat duz eeet. NO MORE pepperoni on mah pizzas. I just cannot! Not after seein’ dis petit cochon!

  96. So apparently love still exists.

  97. Aw. That’s why I don’t eat meat. How can someone eat something so adorable???


  98. OMG!!! Please tell me what the backstory on this is!

  99. OMG-this has to be THE CUTEST thing I’ve seen so far! How incredibly sweet of mama. I had a dasch’s growing up and she was such a sweet girl. Too cute!

  100. DLC Mama – NINE weenie pups? Pictures, please!

    And while the pups and piggie are beyond cute, it’s the expression on Mama Doxie’s face that has keeled me ded. That’s the sweetest little face EVER.

  101. I have found the back story to this pig adoption and it’s made me wonder about the authenticity of these photos. Maybe it’s just paranoia but…


  102. No. Not real.

    How can something be so pink?

  103. Its real and its soooooooooooooo cute(slowly melting from all the uber cuteness)

  104. Crinkle-cut ears with a beer. Yum yum. Can we have close-up of the belly folds?

  105. I have been overloaded with cuteness…. slides out of chair

  106. the photos are clearly not shopped, they are actual photos.

    what the story is, i dont know though!

  107. Crinkle-cut ears with a beer. Yum yum. Can we have close-up of the belly folds?

  108. @kar: Like your idea!!! Truly families of the heart.

  109. OMG. My mom made a quilt panel with that bear/balloons picture years ago! (I think it was almost 20 years).

  110. *ded*

  111. Piggles make the best pets. I saw this picture earlier today and fell in loooove! Whomever is the proud owner of these adorables is my hero.

  112. Gah! So cute! :3

  113. AuntieMame says:

    The piggeh is so sparkly!

    I don’t think they’re photoshopped. They’re too perfect. I can see someone faking maybe one photo like this. But a series of six? And so perfectly done that you can’t even tell? It’s a bit of stretch that their only suspicion is that the story is too “pat.”

  114. Holy Mother, that is amazing. Check out the amazing squiggly pink tail on that baby pig! So munchable!

  115. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! This reminds me why I am a dog person! I <3 Daschies!!!

    And that perfect pink peeglet. Annngh. The world is all the richer with Interspecies snorglingks.

  116. Wow. I love pigs so much…they are so intelligent, playful and loving. We live near a farm that raises rare-breed pigs and is open to the public. The piglets come up to the bars of their pens and practically beg you to scratch them. Their siblings then try and get in on the action too…you wish you had more than two hands. But the look of bliss in the pigs’ eyes more than makes up for the exhaustion when you’re done.

  117. hmmm… am I the only person who is surprised to learn that there are not one but TWO hotshot reporters digging up the latest Doxie bulletins???

  118. Wiener dogs are a very competitive market.

    I also run the Scottish Terrier and Dog News where there’s no competition. Phew!


  119. Whoops, on T too many above. Scottie News is best known for revealing little known photos of Vladimir Putin and his poodle. Awwwww. Love those ruthless ex-KGB types with fluffly little poodles.

  120. acelightning says:

    I also thought that piggie was a plush toy – I never knew piglets were covered with velvety fur! But they sure do look like one big happy family together.

  121. Barbara Barrow says:

    I’m ready for my third doxie.
    Is there a breeder attached to this litter of the ultimate in adorable puppies?

  122. Barbara Barrow says:

    I’m ready for my third doxie.
    Is there a breeder attached to this litter of the ultimate in adorable puppies?

  123. In the last pic the piggy looks like a fuzzy pink baby anteater.

  124. Mom is gonna be so confused when the pink baby gets so much bigger than all the other kids.

  125. wow………….who would have thought??

    what happened to mummy pig?

    as an owner of a dachshund….i’m not quite sure what to make of this.

  126. Ok, I was looking at this and pretty much squealing like a piglet myself, but then my daughter saw it over my shoulder and I want to know who’s going to pay for the cracks in my glasses, the monitor, & our windows from her sonic squeal. OMG my ears are STILL ringing.

  127. absolutely precious!

  128. Too…may…all beef hotdog…jokes…can’t breathe….

  129. Metz, lets both send Meg the bill…my niece did the same thing…..

  130. My personal rule is that any picture featuring a doxie is automatically cute, but baby doxies plus mommy doxie plus baby piggy??? I’m dying of cute overload!!!

    this is THE BEST!

  131. Sharon Wilson says:

    This is like the James Herriot story of Moses the kitten only in reverse! Maybe Wilbur should have been given to the family dog instead of Fern! BTW, my little guy used to have a blankie with that pattern!

  132. Mixing snuggle with snort hmmmmmm let me see that would be..
    snuggort??? snortuggle??? snurgole… hmmm no that can’t be it….

    Snorgle Yeah Snorgle that’s it. ; )

    Carry on.

  133. mom2twinzz says:

    I had gotten the email of this from my sister in law. Apparently the lady named it Pink. The Doxie’s name is Tink. Apparently it’s somewhere in Ohio being fostered.

  134. Christine Kilmer says:

    I think that “The Long and Short Of It All” has been around twice as long as “Daily Dachshund News.” I don’t think that the lady who does daily dachshund even owns a dachshund which is strange.

  135. Talk about your Schweinhund!

    As the patron of 5 dachsies (you never own a dachshund – you just patronize it) over time, I can vouch that the dogs will teach that pig to eat like a … well, you know.

  136. The second picture is just gorgeous.

  137. It’s like my heart is getting hard.

  138. James Heater says:

    This is so cool

  139. Helló!

    Hát ő pont olyan, mint az én anyukám!!!

  140. this roccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkksssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. The Daily Dachshund and Dog News has received confirmation from the owner that these photos are indeed genuine.

    We have also obtained exclusive new photos and a lot more background on Mommy Tink and her adopted piglet.


  142. Kim Rhodes says:

    OMG!!! The owner of the dachshund and piglet her name is “mommaj” posted in the comments about everything over at Puppy in Training, this should be the link!


  143. Kim Rhodes says:
  144. ALL kill me because they’re so adorable and cute

  145. Jenny's Aunt says:

    THIS IS A MESSAGE AND A LESSON TO US. it doesn’t matter who it is; if there is a need we should help. We don’t take care of our own species. The next time you hear someone use the expression, “dumb animal’ or say “It’s just an animal” tell them about ths Dog who saw a pink little velour-looking baby, KNEW it wasn’t a dog, BUT realizing it needed love, gave it without prejudice.


  147. This makes me so sad that people eat pigs, they are cuddly, gentle animals, just like dogs!

  148. I love animals says:

    OH MY GOSH! I THOUGHT THAT WAS A PINK PUPPY! But, I’m okay. (If it was a pink puppy I would HAVE to have it!) CUTENESS!

  149. One word,

  150. PInk elephant says:


  151. This is off the cute-omter!!! OMG. My 10 year old daughter is going to go nuts when she sees this – we have a red mini-doxie who is 2 years old and a ball of fun.

    Our daughter is adopted and I’d love to get a print of those dogs that says – ‘Adoption, it works’