Beyooond Redooonk. [Singsong voice]

You KNOW this was a Baby hat that got modeled by a kitteh before being wrapped up for a Baby shower. The knitter was all: "Peaches! come try this on!" [snap]

Il va faire froid, originally uploaded by mojemi -Monique.

Alex B., Yes, it IS cold out thar. [shiveringks]



  1. OMG! BLEEEEN!!!!
    Cute kitteh

  2. Wow! F**** bleener.. I’m gonna haf to change my name now..


  3. OMG! It matches their EYES! XD

  4. snorglepup says:

    Peaches, that is sooo your color!

  5. My first submish that finally withstood the intense CO standards! This totally makes my day 😀

  6. *dies from cuteness*

  7. You made that yourself, Peaches??? Great job! My cats can’t knit at all.

  8. I hope the baby isn’t allergic to cats.

  9. snoopysnake says:

    Peaches is a brilliant knitter! You should see the afghan that she crocheted last week!

  10. I do love that the eyes match the scarf and hat.

  11. Eaglestar51 says:

    Alors! Such panache! Such savoir faire! Ze kitteh, she is a French haute couture model, non?

  12. omg…which is funnier…the pic or meg’s comments… It’s a tie!!

  13. how coy! watchit, here come the male kittehs

  14. Anasztaizia says:

    Holy heck! Look at how BLUE those EYES are!

  15. WOW! Eyes as blue as the skies! Lovely, just lovely.

  16. Seven Paws says:

    Perfect picture for a snowy day here! Bundle up, kitties!

    (One of the best things about wintery days in NYC is seeing all the dogs in their sweaters and booties!)

  17. I think that is Peach’s hat that she made for herself.
    Not for some baby.

    Point 1) It looks perfect on her! those eyes!

    point 2) No one with any sense puts beads on a hat for a baby! they chew everything.

  18. I roam this site to blast fury upon animal abusers, and that includes those who subject cats to horrible indignities such as being dressed in wool hats & scarves. So to you, Monique, I say…is this babe AVAILABLE?

  19. I can’t stop coming back to look at that cat. It is so beautiful, especially all dressed up. NO human baby would look even 1/100th as good as that cat in those accessoriess! 🙂

  20. Kitty is TOTALLY posing for this picture.

  21. Neato Kitteh-nitting!

  22. Kittenitting and purrrrrrrrrled.

  23. the prettiest kitteh on earth, maybe EVEN the universe

  24. Matches her eyes, um, purrfectly?

  25. berthaslave says:

    Is it wrong that I’m kind of in love with this kitteh? I mean, like, seriously? Blue eyes’ll do that.

  26. That cat has beautiful eyes. I’m not a cat person, but who wouldn’t want such a fashionable kitty?

  27. Tres chic, matchinks eyes and hat.

  28. Aw, what a sweet little punkin. The hat and scarf match her/his pretty blue eyes so perfectly.

  29. bookmonstercats says:

    How gorgeous. I want those eyes – the world would be my slave if I had those eyes, and people would knit beaded hats for me, and I would wear a knowing kitty-smile… and… and… *trails off dribbling*

  30. oh alex
    please tell me that you made that cute lil hat and scarf specially for the kitteh! what a beautiful pic , lovely kitteh, bEEUteeful eyes.
    everything is purrfecto.
    too bad this cant make the calendar for 09.
    Meg ?? maybe could it ??

  31. She looks Scandinavian! I think her name should be Birgit and want to see her in the next Ikea cataloge modeling the latest redonk Bastis Krona cat bed!

  32. Peaches, I love that your scarf and hat matches your beautiful eyes! I’m going to make my babies some scarves and hats also! 🙂

  33. What a sweet looking kitty! And those eyes!! I love how she coordinated the color of the hat and scarf to match her eyes, she’s so fashionable.

  34. Holy cats.
    If they were still making new episodes of ‘Cat Town’, this would totally be the beautiful ski bunneh with whom the Little Red Hair girl competes for El Guapo’s affection.

  35. besides my kitty Morris, this is the cutest kitty I’ve ever seen!


  37. arg! i cant speak-a dee french!
    this is the caption under this pic on Moniques flicker site-

    “Z’ai demander à Moman de resortir mon bobo et écharpe car pour le week-end on annonce du plus… “


  38. OMG!! BLUE eyes on ORANGE kettah??!!*Dies from impolsion of utter cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  39. With those baby blues, this kitteh would be cuter without hat and scarf. But still pretty adorable.

  40. Oh what a prosh kitty!!!

  41. This is the first cat I’ve ever seen dressed up that didn’t look royally pissed off.

  42. If you click on the pic, it takes you to the flickr page where it says that, if I have remeber my third year French correctly, it was a very cold weekend so the kitten had to bundle up, or words to that effect.

  43. Also translating, lorena sayz that the kitter, she is tres cute!

  44. French? I would’ve sworn with those blue eyes and amazing cheekbones that we were talking Scandanavian. That’s some serious apres-ski action going on.

    Seriously though, that blue sets off the eyes so perfectly. And those lighter than gossemer whiskas…

  45. Redonk! I’m gonna post this link over at the Yarn Harlot…

  46. HOW MUCH CUTENESS? This kitty could sell anything!

  47. good old whatshername says:

    Amazing. Most cats look incredibly pissed when you dress them up, but this handsome kitteh looks purrrfectly content.

  48. NO WAY that outfit was made for an infant. That outfit was specially made for Peaches. It matches her eyes perfectly.

  49. Is this kitty French? I’m not sure what language the flicker page is in.

    Such a pretty kitty though!

  50. CheshireCat says:

    Those have got to be the proshest blue eyes I have EVAR seen.

  51. Speechless again!

  52. Clarissa: “They” are making new episodes of Cat Town. After a long hiatus, a new episode was posted this week!


  54. It matches her eyes purrfectly.

  55. berthaslave says:

    Just registering my complaint that the previous post was CLOSED and I didn’t get to comment on the hammy/Queen video, which was awesome. And to the nuffer over there whose name is not worth mentioning: no, we can’t possibly eliminate the stress in every animal’s life. If that’s the most stressful thing that hammy does today, then he’s got a pretty good life.

    [I might open it up again later once certain peeps have calmed the **** down, stay tuned… – Ed.]

  56. What a beeeeautiful kitty cat! Those eyes!

  57. peaches, you are gorgeous! those beautiful eyes! ahn. il fait froid, indeed, but zee kitty is tres jolie!!!

  58. Alors, mon petit-chou. J’adore le chapeau–tel mignon!

  59. My head! My head! It’s gonna esplo… KABOOM!


  61. Save for Win and a few others I’m not the biggest cat fan, but THIS…This is so freaking delightful! I love it!

  62. i second (or third, or…) the motion of the notion that this is a Scandinavian kitty. all the pic needs is a little fake snow on the shoulders and a pair of skis (cross-country, natch!) stood up on end.

    oh, and if anyone’s circulating the petition about having a ‘tock category, i’ll sign it, even if this isn’t *that* meeting.

  63. personal commentary-
    i do not feel that i did anything to instigate the
    nastiness on the previous and now, closed to comments, post. nor did i deserve the nastiness that was aimed at me personally.
    sorry peeps.


  65. her eyes are….BEAUTIFUUUUUL

  66. This is like that winter when you were 16 and you were in the ski lodge, and across the room, you saw this gorgeous snow bunny girl with blue blue eyes, and you never got up the nerve to talk to her, but 20 years later, you still remember how beautiful she was. Yeah, it’s like that.

  67. im on ur couch, looking FAAAAABULOOOOUS!

  68. You know, after the hilarious hamster video, seeing this gorgeous kitteh is just the icing on the cute cake! What beautiful eyes kitteh has!

  69. Ooooohh, I love how the hat goes with kitteh’s eyesss…!

  70. Liz – no, I don’t think you DID deserve the snarkiness from he-who-shall-not-be named. However, there HAVE been other times when your comments were waaaay over the top, totally incoherent, when I’ve wondered, “Is she drunk? High? Bi-polar?” It was the latter that prevented me from pursuing the matter, but you brought it up. I’m just saying.

  71. TallGirl, saying “I’m just saying” is not an automatic get-out-of-jail-free card for rudeness. I’m just saying.

  72. If that’s how “I’m just saying” was perceived, then please, if possible, delete that portion of my post. I meant what I said, and it was never my intention to leave myself an “out”.

  73. Liz, As a person who generally just views and declines to post because of personal attacks I’ve received on here as well, I just want to give my support. Everyone on here is entitled to an opinion. Some people are hyper-sensitive to animal issues and others just want to come on here to get a dose of cute. I just fail to see why there has to be a mob mentality. If you don’t like what someone says, ignore it. There is entirely no need to attack someone personally. And it happens on a daily basis from the people who claim to be “regulars.” (stepping back out into lurkmode now).

  74. Doesn’t this look like a cover shot for the Kitteh version of “Seventeen” or “Vogue” magazine????? The pose, the expression???!!

    *splodes from the QTE*

  75. OMG it sooo compliments your eyes! The fur color goes nicely with the hat too 😉

  76. I looked at the Flickr pages and it appears the kittie is Belgian and her name is Dixie.

    The comment for this photo is something along the lines of, “It’s supposed to be cold this weekend so I asked Mom to get out my scarf and bonnet. My little cat kisses will be just as warm. Have a good weekend.”

  77. *Blinks*

    She named her cat KISSES ? Oh, that is just too much.

    Makes sense though. I’d be constantly kissing that sweet forehead and those silky cheeks & whiskers. Not to mention that wonderful fur.

  78. Awww, so prosh!

  79. From looking at the Flickr account, I think her name is actually Teddylou. Her mother is grey and white, also very very pretty, and is named Denyse.

    I have also learned that French lolcats say “ze” instead of “je”.

    I agree that this hat/set was clearly made especially for Teddylou! If you look at the rest of the Flickr pictures (very rewarding) you will observe that Denyse and Teddylou have their own Christmas outfits, too… these are well-loved cats!

  80. AuntieMame says:

    I think it’s cute to think that the hat and scarf was made for the kitteh, because it’s way too small for a human bebe. The more unimaginative explanation is that it’s for a baby doll.

    It’s even cute to think that the kitteh knitted it herself. Hee! (*imagines kitteh’s claws getting snagged in the wool, and the kitteh’s swearing as she has to pick it apart and start over…AGAIN…*)

  81. David Harmon says:

    awWW! You (the photo’s owner) should make greeting cards of this shot!

  82. AuntieMame says:

    cute-R to think that the kitteh knitted it herself…

    Sheesh. I swear, I have lost all of my typing skills!

  83. MY cat’s name is Peaches! My gigantic, half-feral, male (well, sans some gonads) cat.
    I think he hates it.

  84. (kittehs cant knit cuz they dont have opposible thumbs, but i dont mean to be a buzz kill, i guess some training,,,, then maybe???)
    oh my goodness! “Kisses or Teddylou” – doesnt matter ,either would be wonderful! i would call her Huggies- ( and probly give her more than she wants as far as squeezin!!)

    My cats name is Steve….
    that is all I have to say about that.

  85. Wait, if kittens can’t knit, then where do they get their mittens?

  86. oh mika.
    from their mama’s of course. XXXOOO
    (guess that doesnt really answer your question, but mama’s can do ANYTHING ya know) 🙂
    cant they??? i thought mine could (can) ummmmm. lovin the mommies….

  87. re: flicker page.

    I love watching people coo in other languages.
    “Une vraie Princesse belle Dixie.”
    “je t’aimeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

  88. Sooo sweet! I want that cat for myself!

  89. Redzilla – WORD.

    What a beautiful and stylish kitten!

  90. Kitty: “I don’t like eet.”

  91. Very cool and a wonderful blog!

  92. OMG How Precious and Kitty Knitting so Prosh… This was great to open up to after spending all yesterday studying.
    Thanks Meg!

    And all the funny and cute comments were awesome too.

  93. What a sweet picture!

  94. if this was homemade i SO want the pattern to put on my kitty =D

  95. Non, non, that was CLEARLY made for le chat! It is so much smaller than a baby’s head.

  96. Even if this hat was made for a baby, I don’t think there is a baby in the world that would look cuter in it than this cat. Is that sad or cute?

  97. The ensemble is tres chic, the kitty is exquisite’ and her eyes are compelling; the effect is spellbinding. (folds arms, head tilt) Mmmmbut there’s a certain Andy-Williams-And-Friends-1970s-Christmas -Special about it too.

  98. revolution724 says:

    What is it about blue-eyed blondes that captivate us so? Le sigh.

  99. The hat, check.
    The wiskers, check.
    The soft fuzziness, check.
    Blue eyes matching the hat, check
    This pic really does have all the necessary qualities for kewtness.
    (commence melting into big puddle of Ooooh, check.)

  100. Interesting.

  101. the person R, who translated, did so correctly. seems the hat *was* for the cat.

    anyway, who would get cat hairs on a just-finished baby present?! the hairs in one’s new hat should be one’s own.

    btw: i am not sure if this is french lolcatz spelling or just french slang spelling. french spelling is so random (and i mean that in a good way!) that if you *want* to get creative and spell stuff the way it sounds, that is open to multiple interpretations. i mean there are like 5 *correct* ways just to spell the sound “eh”, so imagine all the possible combinations.

    ps: on principle i don’t think people should dress cats… unless the cat is happy about it. this cat actually looks kinda happy. maybe she really was cold?!

  102. natalia again says:

    this cat should say, in the immortal words of Hercule Poirot:


  103. snoopysnake says:

    Hey, she shares! Or else there are two hats:

  104. Teddylou is the other cat … a Ragdoll from the looks of him.

  105. People, if you want to knit hats for your cats, just search for patterns online. If you turn up nothing, holler out and I can try to design something. Knitting something this small takes little time, little yarn, and only moderate patience. If cats learned to knit continental style, they wouldn’t NEED opposable thumbs.

  106. The cat reminds me of the one at “Emperor’s New Groove”. Cute~!

  107. Daphne Moss says:

    I usually hate dressed-up-cat photos, but I have to confess…this kitteh is sooo beautiful in that hat…Needs an agent!

  108. The photo is the embodiment of sweetness but if those were baby gifts I hope said baby (and family members) aren’t allergic!

  109. sarah_beth says:

    i found a picture of her other blue-eyed kitty! apparently they only have beautiful felines in france!

  110. Okay I have been back to look at this kitty like 50 times now.. She is so beautiful that she is irresistable.. and the hat OMG the hat is the best.

  111. I just figured out who this sweet faced kitty reminds me of – the long lost blue-eyed feline cousin of Mary J Blige. Check it out:

  112. and the award for combining two of my favorites, kittehs and mjb, goes to jenjen!

  113. OMG LOVELY!!!

  114. I really, really, really think it’s past time for a

    * KNIT * section for qte. Between the sweaters on penguins and trees and stuff like this, it’s a whole new world of cute.