Kitteh in Diaper Pannnnts

Oh Brother, People, please get a load of this one. Sender-Inner Andrea R. writes: "Elvis is part Manx, and has absolutely no tail. As a result of incorrect breeding (or lack thereof), he has a birth defect that makes it so he can’t control his bladder. Most days he’s okay, but some days he’s like a leaky faucet so I put a Pampers on him. You can tell he doesn’t mind much." Ahnnn [Head tilt]


Look at those little pannnts, Andrea R.



  1. Cool britchees there baby
    can I snorgle that belly anyway…………..

  2. Cooler if they had buttons, but way cool anyway. 🙂

    And yay for being willing to work with that sweet things problems instead of just dumping him.

  3. Adds a whole new meaning, to a Pampered cat.

  4. Does he get annoyed sometimes?


    (sorry, had to be said)

  5. Lol, he’s wearing diapers AND winking! Courtesy of Wikipedia:
    Manx Syndrome is a colloquial name given to the condition which results when the mutant tailless gene shortens the spine too much. It can seriously damage the spinal cord and the nerves causing spina bifida as well as problems with the bowels, bladder, and digestion.

  6. Aw, he is so cute. 😛 I want to snorgle him, despite the fact that he may pee on me.

  7. Oooh spina bifida kitty! 🙂

  8. Awww 😀

  9. acelightning says:

    Aww, poor kitty! Good thing Andrea R. loves him very, very much, and takes such good care of him! What a sweet, patient cat he is.

  10. Andrea, thanks for taking such good care of your kitty. He’s beautiful! 🙂

  11. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Do you use the preemie type diapers on him?
    And yes, good on you for taking care of the furkid. You’z a gud person.

  12. I second all the peeps saying bless you, Andrea, for taking care of him so lovingly!

  13. Is it wrong that I really want to see this cat walk around with those on? 😉

    Anyhoo, what a good mommy kitteh has!!

  14. Andrea, you’re a saint, and the world needs more people like you. God Bless you.

  15. ButtaRumCake says:

    I agree with Tiffany! Andrea, you’re a great furkid mummeh. I applaud you.

  16. Sorry, no. This poor cat should be put down.

  17. Why don’t we keep the good vibes going and just collectively ignore anonymous? Don’t let the nufs get the best of us! Long live teh cute!

  18. Someone needs to pat that spotted tummy.
    I think that someone could be me!

  19. Awww… cute or sad is right! I agree with catablob – that tummy needs some major snorgling.

  20. Awwww, poor kitty… Glad he doens’t mind much…

  21. Bless your heart, Andrea R. I kow a lot of people who would have given up on a cat with bladder issues. You can tell he’s happy.

  22. theoneflyinvet says:

    I wonder if he has a set of leopard print pants to cover the diaper when he goes out…hehehehe.

    And, as seems to be the consensus, my nose is positively BEGGING for some nose-to-belly snorgling and snuffling.

    Yay Andrea R.!! You may just be up for sainthood from Ceiling Cat for this!!

  23. Ceiling Cat blesses you for taking such good care of this little nugget!!

  24. purrandsimple says:

    How often does the baby have to have the pants changed? Does he need time out with no pants on at times? How do you deal with the poop? Just wondering. Blessings to Andrea for loving her baby so much.

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    Elvis, I don’t care if you have to wear Pampers – you’ve still got the moves that count!

    Kitteh: “Er, thank you Ma’am! Thank you verra much!”

  26. Catsquatch says:

    “You can tell he doesn’t mind much.”

    Well of course not.

    Theyre putting CLOTHES on him.

    THAT means he is NOT a cat, hes a fuzzy HUMAN!

    And hes very pleased that they are FINALLY admitting it!

  27. Oh. Precious. You can come wear diapers around my house any time.

  28. Elvis! His name is Elvis!

    And remember people, Elvis spelled sideways is “Lives.”

  29. Aww. Do you get the Winnie the Pooh diapers with Tigger all over them too? 🙂 That would be too cute.

  30. Momof2kitties says:

    His wink says to me “Yes, I noes I am teh cute. You may worship me now.”
    I eagerly obey your bidding, my king!

  31. To anonymous:

    This kitten is in no pain, he just has a leakage problem that his owner is taking care of.

    As the diaper is helping, not hindering this kitten’s Quality of Life, your comment about putting him to sleep isn’t really called for.

    And Elvis is very cute in his diaper..and doesn’t seem to mind.

  32. awww, thank goodness elvis has such a good mom. he looks quite pleased with life. happy kitty! more wonderful redonkulusness.

  33. Look at that little rounded belly, and that sweet contented face! A kitty who’s relaxed and in good shape is not a distressed kitty! This is a loved and *pamper*ed kitty.

    Good on you, Andrea, for taking such good care of this guy. He looks like a sweetheart.

  34. From this I gather that Elvis has a birth defect because of breeding. Is it that important that we have designer pets if we’re risking the normal lives of these animals?

  35. Lorel, a Manx isn’t a “designer pet” … it’s a breed that’s been around for over 300 years.

    Bred carefully, there’s no problem. Bred by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and breeds two tailless Manx together, the result is often a kitty with a genetic defect.

    You’ll find the same problem in dog breeds when two merles are breed together.

    Solution? Keep people from breeding animals when they don’t know crap about genetics. (I personally favor a system where you’d have to have a license to breed.)

  36. purrculier says:

    Elvis’ momma is the finest kind.She really, really “LUVS” him. Seriously though she deserves thanks for her loving heart.

  37. He looks like a very happy boy who’s lucky to have such a devoted CatMom.

  38. Anonymous, just like with humans, an animal’s incontinence doesn’t mean its life is over or that its quality of life is poor. There are ways to cope with the problem, and a responsible vet won’t euthanize an otherwise healthy, non-suffering animal simply because it’s incontinent.

    My cat became seriously ill but, thankfully, recovered … except for being incontinent. He started wearing pet diapers, adjusted quickly, and enjoyed life. Needless to say, I was thrilled to still have him with me.

    As for the diapers, the brand I bought was obviously made for preemies and adapted for animal use because there were pictures of babies (human) on the tabs, though you can get brands specifically made for animals. There was a hole for his tail that he could poop through (since people are wondering how this works). I changed the diaper whenever soiled, but also sometimes when it wasn’t, just to freshen him up. Once a day, I washed him with a pet shampoo that could be wiped off with a towel (vs. dunking him), then I’d give him an hour or two without the diaper by letting him sleep on an absorbent bed pad (being washed relaxed him and made him veeeery sleepy), then I’d bathe him in the sink once a week. Yes, it required extra work and expense, but it was worth sacrificing other things to have my boy with me.

    Your animal’s quality of life is primarily up to you, and there are often ways to resolve problems that seem huge and hopeless.

  39. shandrewsca says:

    Thank you for what you are doing. Kitteh obviously loves you very much *sniff*

  40. What a sweet, obviously loved kitteh.

  41. MEOWANDWOOF says:

    I’ve mothered many special needs kittys: deaf, 3 legged, blind, and other wise challenged and it separates those of us who truly care about an animals wellfare and those of us who just want the “pretty perfect pets”, probably like they want the “pretty perfect human children”. All you ’nuffs get away with your empty lives.

  42. Aoife.. Thank you for giving a few details I was wondering too.
    and To Elvis’ Mom he is beautiful.. and bless you fro loving and caring for him

  43. Wow, I needed these for my poor beloved (now deceased) Schnitzel, who had a terrible problem with spraying, though he was neutered. If I ever have a cat like that again, he’s getting kitty diapers.

  44. lsuhillary says:

    I have two Manxs and LOVE the breed. They have such a unique personality. Luckily they are healthy but know I would do anything for them. Kudos to someone going the extra mile.
    Also, I want to snorgle teh belleh!!!

  45. he is sooo sweeet!!! x3

  46. See, sometimes when I think that people are just horrible sometimes, here comes Andrea, and restores my faith in humanity. Kitteh is beautiful! Give him a snorgle for me!

  47. omg…I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. So CUTE!! Kitteh looks perfectly content, and clearly mom is a Supermom!!!

  48. AuntieMame says:

    LOL at all the diaper puns! And Elvis is a cutie. I have to confess that I don’t know if I would have the patience for an animal with serious health issues. So I admire anyone else who does!

  49. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches for Elvis and his Mom!

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    Well all this info. about *pamper*ing kittehs is very interesting. I never knew you could have a happy kitteh with a diaper, so that’s good to know, in case I ever have a kitteh with a problem. Kudos to Elvis’ mom and to Aiofe and everyone taking such good care of their animals! And Elvis’ expression is charming. Snorgles to him!

  51. manx are so wonderful! more dog-like then cat like in my experience. its a shame about the birth defect, too bad there isnt a medical procedure that could fix him.
    but he looks so happy in the photo, and i dont think he even knows he’s wearin a diaper! those are his big-boy pants!
    so sweet.

  52. I have two “rumpies” (Manx kitties with no tail whatsoever–not even a stump). They tend to have control issues when it comes to bowel movements and the like, but they are still the best cats on the planet. One of my Manx kitties chirps instead of meowing–does Elvis do that, Andrea?

  53. You are a wonderful person for taking good care of this little fella. God bless you.

  54. Bravo to Andrea for taking care of whittle Elvis! He’s lucky to have a mama like you.
    Hon Glad, that was pretty funny and you are right, it had to be said.
    He seems happy enough and so cute in his diapers!

  55. What a beautiful kitteh! I would love to scratch his belly and have him curl up in my lap even if it could get a little messy!

  56. Thanks to all of you people who take care of your pets when they have life long issues.

    Oh no, I’m getting teary…

  57. WHY IS HE IN DIAPERS?! :[ poor baby

    but it looks cute though

  58. lsuhillary says:

    My manx kitties rarely meow and when they do it IS more like a chirp. Also I agree with the the dog comparison. They fetch and actually come when called (novel idea in a cat)!!

  59. how did anonymous even find this site with such a cold black heart?

    Bless Elvis and his momma!

  60. I would just like to say that you are a saint for keeping him and caring for him even though he may have “issues”! Working at a Humane Society I see people bringing their cats (as well as other animals) in for the silliest reasons. To see someone who is willing to work with a problem rather than just give the cat up truly warms my heart 🙂

    And he IS as cute as a button and I just love his name!

  61. sharrona-
    that’s why [he’s/she’s] anonymous.
    always wanting to give their nasty opinion, but dont ever want to own it.

    the manx cats that i have had did fetch and bring back and come when called, also Butch knew how to sit and lay down, and he sat on the back of the couch and growled at people and anything that came in the yard or walked by. terrific guard-cat!

  62. i didn’t read anonymous’ post and i’m not going to search for it. i’m so glad the good vibes are rising above whatever nastiness she was suggesting about this kitty. an incontinent and otherwise healthy kitty can have good quality of life. i mean, just look at this kitty! so mooch contentments!! ahn

  63. how did anonymous even find this site with such a cold black heart?

    Bless Elvis and his momma!!

  64. oh my goodness. I TEWTALLY want to sew up some cute cloth diapers for Mr. Pants here. He’d be stylin’!

  65. My friend’s Manx had a similar issue that lasted about a year before she finally recovered. Her Manx wasn’t purebred though it’s mom was a stray they brought in and the rest of the cats in the litter had tails.

    Her kitty didn’t have bladder problems though she had constipation, and in order to keep her from being constipated she ended up with diarrhea all the time that leaked out all over.

    I don’t think my friend thought to put diapers on her or else maybe she would have. Happy to say though her kitty is doing so much better now.

  66. ooh aah hmm says:

    big yay for andrea, big boo for people who just have to have mutant pets without thinking about the consequences.

    big snorgle for elvis.

  67. AnnLovesAnimals says:

    Visit this site every day but never commented – kitty in diapers is SO sweet. Anonymous – so glad I wasn’t your mom because if I was you definitely wouldn’t be here anymore. If people said things about children that they say about animals, they would be outcasts but it’s ok to say about animals? Stay away from this sweet site!

  68. Way to go, Andrea! Oh, and to Anonymous: do you think that humans shut be put down too when they develop bladder control problems?

  69. Bless you Andrea and Elvis is soooo sweet (I’d snorgle his tummy if I could). I am the Pug Mom of a deaf sweetie named Baby. He is the most precious little boy. His life is quite happy and he has a brother and sister that help him hear when he needs to bark and back them up when they are protecting the homefront. I think you are a SUPER KITTEH MOM.

  70. I love how he’s winking. Like, “Hey, ladies… how YOU doin’? Yeaaaaah, that’s right, you know it.”

  71. We love this kitteh and we love Andrea and anonymous, why don’t YOU be the first volunteer?!! 😉

  72. Anyone who’s ever had a special-needs fur-kid knows that they more than make up for what they can’t do with the love they CAN give (spoken by the mom of a blind dog with brain damage and a deaf kitty with cerebellar hypoplasia).

    Best Friends Animal Sanctuary ( has an entire building devoted to special kitties. You can meet some here:

    They even have a special “Incontinental Suite” for kitties like Elvis!

  73. AnnLovesAnimals says:

    Pheas – Thanks for mentioning Best Friends – they are the best – as is anyone who loves a special needs animal!!

  74. “They fetch and actually come when called (novel idea in a cat)!!”

    My first cat (a common-garden farm cat) was perfectly obedient. I only realised that that’s not normal when I got other cats!

  75. I just spent my entire day taking care of mentally retarded individuals. I catheterize them because they can’t use their bladder. I empty colostomy bags because they don’t have bowel function. I fed a guy who can’t feed himself; his food needs pureed because he doesn’t chew. You know what, though? These people don’t have a poor quality of life! Most of them are happy, and have a lot of love to give. So do our special needs pets!

    My point? I am so delighted to see people giving their special needs kitties loving care that they deserve and realizing that having a special need doesn’t mean that their life is over.

    Elvis, you ARE the King. 🙂

  76. MEOWANDWOOF says:

    Gotta tell ya, when I posted earlier I was sad and mad at annoymous’ post but after seeing all the loving hoomuns who come to this site and hear the stories of other special needs animals I feel refreshed and (a little) hopeful for the human race. Tho I pretty much prefer the company of furkids. A big meow and woof to you all!

  77. What a doll – adds a whole new dimension to Mr. McKitten Pants! Yay, Andrea!!!1!!

  78. Hon Glad…Bwuhahahaha! That was a good one and need to be said.

    What a sweet looking kitteh! He is all prosh in his britches. Andrea you’re a great mama and we need more people on this planet who care as much.

  79. He minds me of Hobbes. (Calvin’s better half)

  80. Haha, that’s okay. I used to wear pull-ups until I was like, 7 or 8.

    Yay for kitteh diapers!

  81. This is Most Precious!!!

  82. Thanks Aoife, for writing such and excellent description, about dealing with an incontinent pet.
    Mine was a dog, her name was Bambi.

  83. Incontinental suite….
    How redonk is that?
    Must be a CO-fan who came up with that!

  84. katieheartscats says:

    Andrea- Way to go for caring for such a cute cat with just an itty-bit problem. I work at the local humane society and most people would drop off at a cat like this without a second thought. You rock!
    I was wondering, have you ever thought of switching lil’ Elvis to G-diapers? They are totally better for the environment and he would look so cute in the little G pants! You should check them out.

  85. Now, which would be better for a kitteh – Pampers cruisers or the feel-n-learn variety? My uncle has a dog who occasionally needs to wear briefs while in heat. The opening in the front makes a perfect spot for the tail!!!
    Luv your cat!

  86. Oh man, if I knew that kitty I would want to make him some awesome pants to wear over his diapers. Elvis clearly needs some polyester and sequins!

  87. da na na na na na na na,
    Na na na na na na na na,

  88. Mary (the first) says:

    Someone mentioned unusual behavior for cats to fetch, come when called, etc. My Siamese would fetch for hours and other 3 cats (black, tabby, tortie) all learned to come when called.. I’d go out back and call names and they’d come bounding across neighbor yards, etc. to me. (Siamese was gone by then or I would have taught her also.) I know you’re thinking “yeah, for FOOD” but no, they had kibble whenever they wanted so it wasn’t when they were hungry. Just some positive reinforcement (in form of kissing, snorgling, “good boy!” etc.) and that’s all they needed. Just luuuuve!

  89. Have you guys seen Navin?

    He’s no longer with us, but he had the same…er…issues, and wore a diaper.

    Special needs kitties might be extra work, but they give back in LURVE!! Elvis looks like he’s full of lurve. 🙂

  90. berthaslave says:

    Yay for Elvis and Andrea!

    And it’s only cat pee, anonymous. It smells yucky but it’s hardly a reason to put a cat down. Zheesh.

  91. AWWWWWWWWW!!!! What an adorable illustration of the phrase “diaper pants”!!

    Hugs and snorgles to Mommeh and Elvis! Andrea, it really IS wonderful that you are dealing with his ‘imperfection’. As others have said, there’s plenty of cats in rescues for (IMHO) stupid reasons!

    My Chloe was returned to the shelter I adopted her from ‘cuz she “cried” too much and was unreliable with the litter box. I have never had ANY problem with her whatsoever (and it’s almost 10 years now).

    (Good thing there are modern diapers now, huh?)

  92. He has a wife, you know. You know what she’s called? She’s called… ‘Incontinentia’. ‘Incontinentia Buttocks’.

    Sorry, that line comes to mind EVERY time I hear the word Incontinent.

    Anyways, adorable kitty! And now I know what I can do should one of my cats ever end up with a similar problem (only I’d have to make a hole for the tail).

  93. Elvis, I know how you feel. But, you are the lucky one. Someone that loves you enough to take care of you. An A+ mama.

  94. Monty, I was thinking of that line too!!!!!

  95. Andrea R., Elvis' mom says:

    I have to say that I am so incredibly touched by all the kind things that everyone here has said. I submitted this picture many months ago, and actually forgot I’d sent it in until a friend told me that Elvis has made it to CuteOverload.

    I actually had two of those Manx kittens, Elvis, and his sister Priscilla. As time went on (and between when I submitted the picture and now), it became more and more obvious that Elvis’ problems were getting worse and Priscilla was starting to show signs of the birth defect as well.

    After many, many, many trips to my vet, veterinary specialists, going through treatment after treatment, medications, combimnations of medications, cathereterizations, and so on, it was determined that there was nothing that could be done. And that things would only worsen for these loving kitties in the future.

    I loved Elvis and Priscilla dearly. Their misbreeding has been a result of many, many generations of rumpy to rumpy mating, and their spines actually ended about 2 inches before the end of their butts. Because of the fact that as time went on, their conditions worsened (including blood pressure and issues with control in their backlegs), it became extremely apparent that I did not have the ability to care for these little cats long term and they would eventually begin to suffer.

    It was by far one of the most difficult decisions that I’ve ever had to make, but I know deep down in my heart that it was the right one, but I did put Elvis and Priscilla down. They were put down at the shelter where I had adopted them from, with the full support from the staff there. I was with them when they left me, along with many staff members all in the room.

    I do thank you for your kind words so much. I really do, and I wish I had been able to keep those two littlecats forever. I loved them, and I was willing to care for them so much, but it just wasn’t possible. Losing them still makes me incredibly, incredibly sad. Even seeing this post today with all the comments… well, I found it difficult to get through all of them. But the one thing that comforts me iny my decision is that in their short lives, they knew nothing but yummy food, tuna fish, lots of toy mice, cheek rubs, belly scratches, snuggles, and tons and tons and tons of love and happiness.

    I am not the Kitty-Mommy-Saint that you all think, but I do thank you for you kind words.

  96. Unless the kitteh is shaped like a brick, maybe Andrea should be buying him Huggies instead?

  97. God Bless you, Andrea! After reading your post, I understand how difficult it must have been for you. But you did the right thing by your little sweeties, and you know what? Now you have a chance to save another life or two! When you’re ready, head down to your local shelter and find some new friends. You obviously have an amazing heart and so much love, please share your life with another kitty!

  98. MEOWAND WOOF says:

    Andrea, you ARE a kitty mom saint, for taking the time to give these precious cats a wonderful life. Our pets depend on us to know when they”ve “had enough” and let them go. I’ve been in your situation many times and I know how much you miss them. You are a wonderful caring person and as someone else said, your heart is now open to help some other kitty. God (and St. Francis) bless you!

  99. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it… I am going through the EXACT same thing with my little manx. (only she won’t wear diapers. Believe me, I have tried.) As awful as it has been, to see someone who has gone through this makes me feel better and not so crazy… I almost put her down a few weeks ago, but couldn’t. Not just yet. She’s 15, and even though she is definitely a faucet and we do A LOT of laundry and mopping, she’s still happy. (But smelly, poor thing.) I am so sorry for your loss of kitties, and I know what you went through and I know how hard it is. Thank you so much for posting your story… you are a wonderful kitty mom for caring so much. Though
    I don’t know you, but I’m sending lots of manx hugs your way.

  100. You are absolutely a GREAT MOMMEH, Andrea!!!! It must have been incredibly hard to make that decision.

    {HUGS} and snorgles from me and my 4-legged ones. Thanks for telling us the whole story.

  101. Andrea, sometimes the hardest thing is deciding what is the best for the ones we love. It was through love you made your choice. The only choice humanely possible. You are a wonderful person for sharing your life with them. Do not let anyone make you feel otherwise. Blessed Be.

  102. Andrea, in my next life I want to be your cat. You clearly want the best for your kitties, and a life full of tuna fish and toy mice and love would be GREAT (even though I’m a vegetarian).

  103. Andrea I used to feel so awful when treating a patient I could not cure and then I realized that although I could not cure I could comfort and support. It doesn’t seem like much when you can’t cure/heal your patients or cats but it is. I am paraphrasing Mother Theresa who said – you can’t do great things – you are just one person – but you can do small things with great love. Looking after and loving your cats is a blessing and you are a great cat mom.

  104. I was sure there would be many nuffs and armchair vets, but I am pleasantly surprised! And I had never heard of Manxes (correct plural???) having that problem. huh. Anyway just wanted add to the how adorables, and how lucky and what an ab-fab Mom Andrea is.

    Everyday I think “What is wrong with people? A living thing is a living thing.” And generally get depressed. I should focus more on the fact that there are people like Andrea out there.

  105. I didn’t see your post. I am so very sorry for your loss. I just can’t imagine it.

    I try to rescue as many strays as I can. It seems I am the only person in my apt complex willing to make an effort to do so. I have no money, no room and hardly know anyone in this area. So I have had to take a couple to the humane society here and I am almost positive what happened to them. Again, I try to think that at least for a few days, they were warm, safe, fed and had toys and knew that not all humans are monsters. There are about 4-6 living around the dumpster right now that I can’t get near but (especially like tonite, on full moons) I love to watch them playing, chasing each other, climbing tress and wrestling. It may not be the life I want for them, but they seem happy.

    You did EVERYTHING you possibly could and more than most. You know they lived the best possible lives they could have. You did a good thing.

  106. Andrea, we all support your decision. Both my rumpies are actually missing part of their spinal cords, but their problems manage to be minor enough so that putting them down isnt’ necessary. But I know that it can be the only humane thing to do–when my Manx were babies, the vet told me that we would have to watch and see because they might have severe difficulties later in life.

    And I’m sure Elvis and Priscilla greatly appreciated the joy of sharing their lives with you, as you mentioned. They are living it up on the Rainbow Bridge, I’m sure.

  107. Anasztaizia says:

    I cried when I read the rest of your story, Andrea. I’m glad that you were able to care for your two babies as long as you could, and you did right by them!

  108. Andrea R., Elvis' mom says:

    Thank you all.

    I would like to say that I have since adopted two more kitties, so I’m happy to be able to give a loving home to cats that needed it. They are beautiful blue-gray tabbies named Candy and Mandy.

    For those in the Jersey area, I cannot speak highly enough for the staff at the Monmouth County SPCA. They are so kind and caring; they were so good to me through putting down Elvis and Priscilla and then getting new cats.

  109. AuntieMame says:

    Well, even though I am thoroughly Protestant, I would totally support nominating Andrea for sainthood, her assertions to the contrary notwithstanding.

    And Nursey, too, for that matter.

    It takes a special person to have the heart to care for people and animals with mental and physical difficulties.

  110. You all make my heart melt.

    Enjoy your Mandy and Candy, Andrea. They are lucky li’l kitties.

  111. coughingpuppy says:

    I have spinal cord damage and partial paralysis. Maybe we should just put me down too, because obviously your quality of life is measured in whether or not you can control your bladder. *rolls eyes*

    I’m sure he has a happy life, especially with somebody that takes care of him so well. 😀 He’s awfully cute.

  112. *hugs for Andrea* I’m so sorry for your loss, but as so many have said, you gave those kitties wonderful lives and lots of love.

    My family and I had a wonderful kitty named Topsy who we adopted from the SPCA when she was a wee kitten. Towards the end of her long life, she started throwing up – intermittently at first, then daily. We were afraid to take her to the vet because it had to be something serious – none of the home remedies or diet changes helped. But when it became obvious that she was in pain, and had lost significant weight, we had no choice. The vet told my mom that Topsy had stomach cancer and that it was too advanced to treat except with pain medication. She was 15 or 16 at that point, and had lived a long and happy life. She was a kitty who would let you pet her for HOURS, and then nudge your hand if you stopped. She slept on my bed most nights, snuggled up next to me, and had all the tuna her kitty heart could want.

    It was terribly painful to let her go and just telling the story makes me cry.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s for the best, and that knowing we gave our fuzzies good, happy lives can be a great comfort.

    I love you Topsy! *meow*

  113. I so wish there were more animal owners like you in the world Andrea, I’m really sorry for your loss and I know you’ll get tons of lovies from your new twosome.

  114. Roisin (formerly KA9Q's wife) says:

    Heck AuntieMame I am an Agnostic and fully support nominating Andrea for sainthood.

  115. Hugs to Andrea, and scritches to Mandy and Candy.

  116. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awww…Hahahaha!! That is too kyoot!!! I can’t help but give a little giggle to a kitty in Pampers!! I mean THERIOUTHLY think aboot it…if this kitty were in the wild wiff his bruddas and sissterrrz, picture aboot five or six, and their Mama kitty having to diaper EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! DOESN’T HAPPEN!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! BUT…Elvis is in a home that does so I can picture being well taken care of, and I do understand that sometimes that’s easier(plz understand I’m NOT makin’ fun of the situation, k?)..So bless you for the patience, but how on ERF do you keep him from taking it off and streaking? XD!!

  117. Sunshine0460 says:

    Kudos to you, Andrea, and kudos to all moms an dads of furry kids who aint afraid to go the extra mile…we just lost our precious dog of 8 years..Ebony..a loveable mutt who was smart and beautiful; but which of our animal friends aren’t smart and beautiful? To all of you out there with loved and loving critters, no matter what type, give ’em a snorgle from me…

  118. Boundforglory says:

    I have a Manx too but she doesn’t wear a diaper. She potties just fine.
    What a cute kitty you have though!

  119. Andrea, what a wonderful, devoted mom you clearly were for these kitties! Ignore the nuffs; it’s clear you gave them love, comfort, and care and made the difficult, heart-wrenching choice for mercy when it was time.

  120. Jennabuttons says:

    For all those getting on their high horses about humans who breed cats into these situations, the Manx breed occured naturally on the Isle of Man, without human interference. It was an anomally that cropped up in the native cat population, and being on an island it became quite common.

    I think he’s adorable and clearly very content, I hope he lives a long and cuddly life!

  121. berthaslave says:

    Thank you for sharing the rest of your story, Andrea.

    Considering the fate of so many animals in this world, it’s amazing and wonderful whenever we get the chance to share some of their lives and help them survive with love and gifts. That’s one thing that I think links many of us at C.O. together, the knowledge that as much as these pets change our lives for the better, we are also changing theirs.

    It’s sad that all too often, our pets have to leave us; I’m still heartbroken over the three cats I’ve had to put down in my lifetime (RIP, Harpo, Meow and Rider), and I dread the day when Bertha will have to go (hopefully still a ways away, she’s 12 this year and quite healthy and happy).

    But I always think of this, and I really, really don’t mean it to sound insensitive because it was originally offered as a joke by George Carlin: “That’s the great thing about pets. They die and you can go get a new one.” While I know it’s not that easy to move on, it’s true that whatever the fate of your animal companion, there will always be plenty of more who need your help and love and who are ready to make your world a better place to be.

  122. Are you kidding me?

    I’m, half considering strapping huggies on my current furbabies. Especially the one who seems to think aim is optional.

    Let me add my kudos to all of those fur-parents who don’t mind a little extra work to keep their babies healthy and happy. It’s amazing what we do to keep them happy.

    My father always complains that our pets get better medical care than 95% of the human population on Earth, but he’s just as bad.

  123. I have been rescuing cats for more than 8 yrs now. I rescued a cat that had been hit by a car & her sphincter muscle was permanently damaged. I wanted to keep her (she could not hold her bowel or bladder)but was told by the vet that the urine burn is more painful than a feces burn. The most humane thing to do was to have her put down. Yes, I cried, a lot!! But the most unselfish act of love is to do what is best for the animal. I set aside my own feelings of wanting her & the pain of losing her to give her the best, if not short, life. I am truly sympathetic to Andrea for her loss. “Anonymous”‘s comment may have been valid but saying something without the explanation / education to back it… Like the TV says ‘the more you know…’ Lastly, I have 7 special needs cats; from asthma to birth defects, diabetes to deformed paws. Losing cats is a part of saving them. We win more than we lose as long as we don’t stop helping the cats win.

  124. acelightning says:

    Andrea, I’m in Monmouth County myself. My cat Loki is about 16, although he doesn’t look or act it. He came from the SPCA in Eatontown. They *are* an excellent bunch of animal lovers.

    And I applaud your patience, and grieve with you for Elvis and Priscilla. May you have many long years of joy with Candy and Mandy!

  125. You know, I have a cat that doesn’t know how to clean herself (she has poopulence issues), another with kidney disease, another that aside from being chubby is otherwise healthy, and a fourth that has either Chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome or some form of cancer (he is having his biopsy today, so we’ll find out tomorrow). Each one of them eats a different food because any other food makes them sick. The one having the biopsy today poops on the carpet outside the box EVERY DAY. That means that we steam-clean the carpet every day.

    And you know what? It’s a smelly pain to deal with, but he’s the sweetest cat in the world. I’d take years more of cleaning up the carpet to keep him around.

    Kudos to everyone that’s willing to put work into caring for their pets with issues!

  126. MEOWANDWOOF says:

    I’m so happy to see this thread continuing. Many happy thoughts and prayers for your kitty, Iole. I’m right there with you, when you see the love and appreciation in their eyes you become very willing to go the exta mile.

  127. did no one say dia-purr?

  128. Oh Andrea, I’m so sorry. Just remember you did what you could for how long as you could. You gave them a great life even if it ended up short. That’s the most we can do for our animals who trust us with everything of their being.

    They’re still with you, you know. You just don’t see them. But they’re there.

  129. Andrea, I too have a kitty with Manx Syndrome – my little Buddy. He’ll be 4 years old in April. Luckily, he has complete control, so no diapers. Of course, sometimes I have to knock things off his butt, but that’s ok. He just had another checkup and apart from the missing last couple of inches of his spine and the fact that he drags his hind legs, he’s in good health. I call him my muscle boy, as he is solid muscle from the waist up. If he can dig his front claws into it, he can pull himself up on almost anything. And when he gets moving, watch out! I am lucky to have him in my life.

  130. I just have to say that reading all the posts really do give me hope for humanity 🙂

    I know the pain of putting down a kitteh…I still cry when I think of my Pandora, but when they tell you they’ve had enough, then it’s time to let them go. I still joke about her hiding in my purse (even though she was about 10x the size of my purse) What sweet gifts animals are!

    Lots of kitteh hugs and snorgles for Andrea and her two new love bundles, Mandy and Candy.

  131. I just have to say that reading all the posts really do give me hope for humanity 🙂

    I know the pain of putting down a kitteh…I still cry when I think of my Pandora, but when they tell you they’ve had enough, then it’s time to let them go. I still joke about her hiding in my purse (even though she was about 10x the size of my purse) What sweet gifts animals are!

    Lots of kitteh hugs and snorgles for Andrea and her two new love bundles, Mandy and Candy.

  132. Oh, here I am again.
    Needing to pet that spotted tummy.
    Pet pet pet!

  133. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Andrea, you are a very special person, it comes through even in the way you gathered your thoughts and expressed them. I admire you so much for being so unconditionally willing and prepared to love those two little kittycats for years and years, even knowing that it would mean a great deal of work and devotion. Unfortunately it was not meant to be, but it is clear from Elvis’ expression as much as from your note that while they lived, they were blessed to be in a loving home with a loving human who made every day and every hour of their lives as comfortable and cozy and happy as anyone could dream.

    I know Priscilla and Elvis will never be far from your thoughts, but I have a feeling you have room in your heart for other kitties, and you will make room for them in your life when the time feels right.

  134. This is cool; this thread is almost nuff-free.

    *hugs for Andrea*

  135. Wow. So many thoughtful posts.

    Andrea, you are beautiful.

  136. To Iole – I had a cat that used to miss the litterbox quite often. We bought some sheets of scrap linoleum from the home improvement store and put it under the litter boxes. We put quite a big sheet that curled up onto the wall to protect that too. Much easier to clean linoleum than carpet or walls, and then if it gets too gross you can toss it. Thai was definitely special needs – he had diabetes, colitis, eye problems and an immune-mediated gum problem where we had to get all his teeth pulled. In the end he had kidney disease and intestinal lymphoma as well. Strangely enough, he was the happiest, most contented mammal – cat, dog, person – I have ever known in my entire life. I found him in the parking lot eating worms my first year of vet school. I thought he would be so frustrating to take care of as we unearthed one problem after another but with the help of lots of friends, neighbors, fellow students, vets, techs and my husband we were able to take care of him for 16 years. He had the loudest purr ever. I miss him very, very much.

  137. thats cute.
    its amazing how you can love something so much. The fact that you would go out of your way to figure out a solution to his problem rather than just give him up.

  138. can i snorgles his belleh?