Behbeh Beagle Howl

Learning to Baroooooooo for the first time!Nice coaching, too.

Great find, Darci G.!



  1. barooooooooooooooo!

  2. Darnit! Beaten to bleen yet again! Also; I’m gonna try that with my nan’s dog pippa tomorrow if i get the chance xD

  3. oh my… they’re both so cute! and the momma dog waddling about in the background too. i wants them!!

  4. lurkingsmirk says:

    Awwww that’s so cute. It’s like learning how to howl from daddy.

  5. Aww, just like a little siren ^^

  6. ADWABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. *dies* cant handle the qte

  8. It is wrong that I want to snorgle the guy as much as the puppeh?

  9. warrior rabbit says:

    Awwww. So cute! He’s so tiny…and nommable.

  10. that is the cutest thing ever! barooo!

  11. Hi! How funny is this? I typed in Beagle to youtube last night and saw this clip, and thought how perfect it would be for this sight! I guess someone else has the same soft spot for Beagles. I had one as a child and she, “Cookie” would howl with us all the time. We would pretend to be in her pack, and crawl on the floor howling. She loved it! I heart Beagles!!!!

  12. warrior rabbit says:

    Plus I think I like the little starter revs best.

  13. Anne Boleyn says:

    Cute now, but wait until it’s incessant.

  14. silly human. it’s not “wooooo!” it’s “baroooooooooo.” too cute. oh to nibble those velvety ears in midhowl!


  16. Is that the next champion?

  17. This is a lesson the human will come to regret…

  18. i think the owner might be cuter than the dog. 😉

  19. isn’t it cool that a beagle won the westminster dog show? if they had a baroo category, i think that beagles would be hard to beat.

  20. J. Bo and Alex …
    I agree… 😀

  21. Thanks for the excellent video. I needed that!

    I too have a soft spot for beagles. Their howling can be annoying at times, especially if they refuse to stop, but just look at those ears and the big brown eyes! I could never stay mad at our beagle for long, even if she woke me up in the middle of the night with her noise.

    Budgie blogger, I think the whole reason there is no baroo category at Westminster is because it would be way too unfair for the other breeds.

  22. Just another habit to break… =-D Still teh qte, though!

  23. Brandi Lee says:

    awwwwwwww how sweet…

  24. He sounds like a rooster!

  25. Hello Kitty says:

    I have a beagle/sheppard mixed and he is the best…such a genious…he only howls when he sees people in bikes or skateboards…se bebeh’s dad in the video is qte, is he offering lessons?

  26. Can you handle the QTE? I can’t handle the cute! :runs and hides:

  27. that’s adorable. and the puppeh is awfully adorable too.
    (am i right ladies)

    oh goodie, something for the nuffers to call us all over-sexed old ladies for again- (tee hee)

  28. oh my god…I WANT ONE!!!!

  29. so cute!!

    But he’s gonna regret doing that in a couple of years….

  30. this makes me even more excited to get my beagle this summer!

  31. My favorite aspect of all of this is that the beagle is sitting on the guy. That, to me, is the best part.

  32. I love Meg’s comment that came with the video.

    You’ll regret it when it’s 4am alright! 😀


  33. Wow! He is sooo CUTE!

    And the puppy isn’t bad either.

  34. I love how it takes the puppeh a few times to get it right!

  35. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ve never had a beagle but this guy does (momma in back) so he must know about the 4 am. howling.. doesn’t he?? Very cute video though.

  36. Wow, you guys — check out the other videos here, especially the ones with the teeny pups romping together. I’m just coming up for air and still gasping . . .

  37. Bsze — that was MEEEEEEE!!!

  38. I watched this five times, and I’m a cat person ferhevvins sake!

  39. oh god that is so cute. the barfing rainbows reflex is starting up. so cute, so sweet. aaaa~!!!

  40. That is sooooo cute!!!!

  41. OMG it’s just breakin’ my heart! That is so adorables. God knew what he was doing when he made puppies and when he made Beagle puppies, he put in an extra dash of something to make them just a smidge more adorable than other puppies. Lord- but they’re cute.
    I had a beagle myself and she was the light of my life – stealer of my heart – forehead leaner and the best dog that ever existed. RIP my Perlee… I miss you.

  42. We taught our male Weimaraner to howl when he was little the same way. Anytime he heard a siren he’d go off and we had to bribe him with a treat to stop. Clever. Our female never did pick it up.

  43. A teeny pup! And that howl is so adorable! XD

    I also loved the puppy whistle that harlemgrrl linked to! So adorable!

  44. *melted* help, someone mop me up from the floor.

  45. Oh so funny! I saw a talking husky this morning– “Where did you go this morning, Baby? Did you go to the park?”

  46. lol or should I say LooooowoooooooooowwwwwwwL

  47. Oh puppeh! Yoo are just what my doctor ordered! I was feeling depressed and this lifted moi right up!Thank you!

  48. Dude is going to regret this at 4am, all right. Also at 4pm, and 8am, and 5:36pm, and at all other times when beagles unreasonably decide that it is their canine duty to make a howling racket.

  49. OMG … that was soo cute! barooo

  50. BEAGLES, Beagles, Beagles! The Westminster Champ Dog. WANT!

  51. Guys like that make me melt as much as beagle pups. I cannot decide which is cuter.

  52. berthaslave says:

    If I ever get a dog, I’m probably going with a beagle (or maybe a lab). This video confirms that impulse.

    And I believe all beagles should be named Snoopy or Spike. (RIP, CMS!)

  53. Little beagle howl
    ever so soft

  54. Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

    And repeat. 😀

  55. Too (and two!) CUTE!! Count me in with the old ladies admiring the baby daddy!

  56. Nice decor!
    Nice dad!
    Tewtally anerable pup!!!!!!
    The teeniness that is the adorable pup is keeling me!

  57. ~When I’m calling yooooooooooou
    Will you answer trruuuuuuueeeeee~ 😀
    -(Indian Love Call)

    That little pup already sounds like an alarm!
    Nut very cute, even so;).

  58. Agh, That should be very cute, even so;).

  59. Oh my gosh, that puppy is so cute!!!!! It’s little howl is just so damn cute!!! And I 2 millionth agree about the guy. Yummy. =)

  60. So sweet! I love it! ;D

  61. purrculier says:

    BAR!BAR!BAROOOO!My head and heart just exploded!Don’t you need to post a health warning before showing stuff like that?!?!

  62. Holy spimoli! So freaking adorable! It reminds me of ‘The Fox & the Hound’:

    “I’m a houuuuund dog!”

    Loves it!

  63. TOOOOO Adorabuls!! Can’t. Take. It! ::SPLODES::

  64. From the related videos: Beagle Pup *Snoring*

  65. Thanks, Theo!! Cute little snore-bug.

  66. snoopysnake says:

    Daddy taught him to howl just in time for tonight’s lunar eclipse.

  67. Anasztaizia says:

    Call me crazy… but I actually *enjoy* the sound of howling >.>

    That was adorable beyond belief!

  68. Liz, my first thought was how cute the guy was, and I’m not an old lady by any measure (20 here!).

    I happen to enjoy baroooing even at wee hours of the night. Adds character.

  69. BAROOO!!! omg i NEED one.

  70. Anasztaizia says:

    Man… everyone’s commenting about the guy… I didn’t even notice him!

    P.S. – after watching it a second time, I can agree… the hoomin ain’t that bad either 😉

  71. total E-KIPZ of the moon.
    sooo cool!
    lovin it so much.
    anyone else seein it????
    tell me bout it.

  72. chek out how itz happenin right at the ex-act time i write my postt. !! pacific dylt time
    [tellin mmyself i am the total poo-shit]

  73. good laud. did every one perish???

  74. madeline-
    i am also not [counting on fingers] considering myself an ‘ol lady’ at the ripe young age of {ga} 47.
    but some like to poke fun anyway.
    i still agree the gentleman is fab. and if he had a kitten sitten on his chest too…
    ferget about it.
    I’ be done for.

  75. I wuv bawoooooooooooos!!

  76. ummm-kay.
    so they were right…
    its just ME and MilkyWei left on the planet after the E-Klipz.
    guess i dont have to worry bout goin to work tommorrow then.

  77. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Beagles have to be taught this? 🙂 My Mulder figured it out pretty much by himself. He’s a clever little guy.

  78. OMG…How cute!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE beagles. But I have to say, the vids made me cry. I had a beagle for 16 years; the BEST dog I ever had! She got really sick and I had to put her down last year. I miss her everyday. I did have 16 wonderful years with her, and I do miss the 4am BAROOOO…

  79. LOL! This set off my basset – he searched for the puppy and all! SO adorable & such a wee howl!

  80. Weren’t they the backing singers on Kylie’s latest.

  81. Liz, sorry you had to enjoy the full moon “alone”….it was nice, wasn’t it?? Woo-hoo, I’m 47 too!

  82. tiny baby wolves will howl too. so cute. My did the “baroo?” head tilt too while listening to this.

  83. tiny baby wolves will howl too. so cute. My dog did the “baroo?” head tilt too while listening to this.

  84. Carrie, you just about made me cry!!!

  85. I’m not even remotely old, I’m 19, but damn… Count me in in the human male lovin’ in this vid.

    It’s probably just projection of my extreme adoration of the little beagle 😉
    Projection indeed, I’m not frustrated and hungry for hunk AT ALL

  86. Howlingks? 😉

  87. ThreeCatNight says:

    They’re both very talented – father and child. This is how imprinting begins.
    However, beagle baby wins hands down in the cute department!

  88. I want to give the puppeh and the guy kisses. <3333

  89. Aw, he’s trying to do an Uno imitation.


  90. nothing cuter than baglepops imo

    this other vid had me rotfbmao

    (the b is for bleening and beagling)

  91. Kim Monique says:

    Actually, it’s more just ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Or so my beagle tells me.

  92. Our neighbor has a pack (literally) of dogs that howl like that 2-3 times an hour on average for about 5 minutes each time. It’s not cute!! That video gave me shivers!!

    But without the sound on they’re both adorable………

  93. Abigail lives next to the Bumpusses!

  94. This reminded me of teaching my miniature schnauzer to howl.

    She would start low and get progressively higher in pitch, and then make funny “talking” sounds.

    She would sometimes do it if she heard a siren, but generally saved it unless I or one of my friends got her started.

  95. Hmmmm, we had beagles growing up (serial beagle-age) and I do not remember the 4am howlingks.

    I do know that it was Very Difficult to practice my flute, though.

  96. wow cute puppeh with an cuter daddeh

  97. Liz – Couldn’t see the eclipse! It was cloudy on my side ugh… and I *still* had to go to class :/

  98. AAAAAAAAAAGH!!! Can’t take cute whistling puppehs!!!


  99. milky- too bad ya missed it, it was beautiful. and i’ll bet this lil puppeh would have loved to howl at it! 🙂
    and yes, i went to work today too. since the world did indeed not end when the moon E-KLIPZ’D.

  100. abigail! did the Bumpusses dogs raid your kitchen and steal your turkey at christmas ?
    good one Pheas, I love that name “Bumpusses” too funny.

  101. Kimmydarling says:

    Oh sure, it’s all cute now but when he’s sitting in the back yard baroooooing non-stop at the birds flying overhead they won’t be laughing then!

    My beagle, Darwin, has made me question my sanity many many times. He’s just lucky he’s cute

  102. I’m in the camp that says forget the puppy, the guy is ADORABLE!!

  103. Meg, when do we a get a “huggable hunks” category? You know, when the post includes both adorable animals and attractive men?

    Could do the same for girls, too, I guess–what with all the cute farm girl pics.

    Had a friend with a pet wolf that used to howl at the moon (seriously)…wonder if listening to wolves howl would get a beagle started…

  104. Is he married yet? If not, why not??

    (The guy, you pervs. The pup is just nommable.)

  105. Madeleine:

    my husky used to “roooooo” and talk to me

  106. Kiragirl, sled dog breeds are the biggest talkers. My neighbor’s malamute is a better conversationalist than most people. 😉

  107. I gotta agree with most everyone else. I think what makes this clip even cuter is the guy. It’s just so nice to see a guy that appreciates cute! Like the one clip w/ the golden retriever pup w/ the whistling guy. How adorable was that one with the kisses.
    Anyways… adorable video and adorable puppeh & guy! heh

  108. what about the guy on the bike with the puppy in the basket on back with matchinks helmutts!
    now that was some kinda cute right there.

  109. Marry the guy, get joint custody of the pup. EXCELLENT.

  110. Now that’s the kind of class I’d pay to go to!

  111. I want to be the puppy…..

  112. Ak! Allo Theo!

  113. Urk? …’Allo Pyrit.

  114. Theo, what is with the old alumni CO simulcast comments outta teh blue? Freaky but funkarelic. ooweeoo…

  115. ah Theo-
    the second one with handsome young-un on the bicycle. (sweet)
    the first one is cute, but the human, no so much. 🙂

    and what are you and pyrit talkin about? some kind of weird code or something. hmmpphh.

  116. Otter's Mom says:

    Beagle babies! They could take over the world, they are so cute! My house is run by a bossy beagle, but this little pup gives her a run for the money. Barooo!

  117. Heehee! The Bumpus Hounds. I think I know every line in that movie.

    I love this video. Baby beagles are the best.

  118. This is about the cutest EVAH………….

  119. Okay, I’ve now watched this 20 times. Time for another ten or so! Cutest ever, really.

  120. Liz — re: “code” — I’m *almost* as much in the dark as you, but I think Pyrit may be referring to other recent online conversations about howling; she’s got one on her own blog (but it’s not actually marked “Public” — my mistake).

    Lunar eclipse last night, y’know. Ahwooooooooooh.

  121. Arachnophile says:

    It says it’s not available any more. *cries* I wants the cute howlin’s.

  122. It’s still working, Arach… you might try this URL, though it’s just a different way to see the same thing:

  123. Mary (the first) says:

    I am feeling like “barroooooooooooo” for no new posts in so long. snf. I may have to go re-view some of my favorites.. ::sigh::

  124. lol, now that was cute overload worthy!

  125. Arachnophile says:

    Ah, that worked. SO CUTE. Some of those other beagle clips got my terr/chi mongrel howling. The only other time she’s ever done that was with a husky she ADORES. lol

  126. dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  127. Naaaw! “replay” infinity!

  128. @Pheas: Took me awhile to figure out (I read it as Bum-Pusses!)…then I busted out load!!!!!!

  129. OMG–that shoulda been “out LOUD”, obvy.

  130. Too cute!

  131. The howling is awesome and he’s hot, but the dog is a distraction! Ha!!!

  132. CheshireCat says:

    Is the beagle teaching the guy to baroo or is the guy teaching the beagle to baroo??

  133. gah.
    wouldn’t a new post be so righteous dudes?

  134. hmm O-tay
    Pyrits blob(snigger) took me places no one should be.
    thank you Theo for the Explan, Itz ok.
    and yes the EKLIP-Z was exceptional here in the PNW (van wa)
    wish you coulda been here to see the beauti.
    (and howl at the moon via Bacardi cuba-libras(sp)
    cheers to you brotha!

  135. Yeh really dudes (& dudettes)… the peeps might go into withdrawls n stuff. 😉 Just wait. You’ll see. There will be lots and lots of comments begging and pleading real soon. You’d better hurry. (We are just soooo spoiled.)

  136. I’m really bummed out. I went out last night to see the eclipse and the cloud cover was so thick (here in so. callifornya) you couldn’t even see where the moon was supposed to be. Oh well… maybe next eclipse.

  137. “bummed out” not to be confused with whatever Pheas and Gail were talkin about. :-0

  138. spb
    i send it to ya via COL telepathy, hold still.

    quit fidgetting around…

  139. *hit you just cant control yourself can ya??
    whats that moisture anyway?

  140. moisture?? well, um, it’s sprinkling here — maybe that’s it.

  141. But I appreciate the telepathy attempt anyway… sorry I couldn’t stop fidgetting – gotta git outa here. Bye all.

  142. spb- hmm, maybe, its interupt-in my CHEE- dont move now….
    it’ll only hurt for a minute( heard that b-4)
    bah ha ha!
    maybe theo can help…
    he is the COL master after all. then Berthaslave, (but he’s pussy whipped, (oh god, i kill me)
    sorry BS , hope you are there, certainly dont mean to talk ‘behind yr back eva’

  143. Lookit the puppeh teaching that man to howl! Doing a good job, too!

  144. I once heard a dog in a car howling with siren. The whole cafe was LOL. Although siren is supposed to sound urgent, the pup made it like some old song you can’t help but sing along.

  145. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    I came back tonite to giggle some more. Like clockwork, started snickering at around the 3-second mark. I just realized that teeny widdle bebbeh is hardly bigger than HyoominDad’s hand!

    ‘splodable cuteness indeed.

  146. Oh my… This seriously made my day!

  147. liz – No code, more like guidelines…
    OK, that’s from a line from a movie, …nevermind.
    A ‘lemme asplain…no there is too much.
    OK, that’s from a line from another movie, sorry.
    OK, “Theo, what is with the old alumni CO simulcast comments outta teh blue? Freaky but funkarelic. ooweeoo…” THAT meant, it seems lately, when I post a comment here, another long-time CO peep comments at the same time. Note the “relic” in “fankarelic”. I should have said something about synchronicity? The “ooweeoo” is meant to be eerie music which unfortunately could also be read as a bebeh beagle howling, oops sorry.
    See, too much to explain, and, sometimes ya really don’t want things explained, so sometimes it’s best not to ask, especially if it has anything to do with me, because, like you said so eloquently, it will take you “places no one should be.” So don’t go there. kthxbai.

  148. This is so cute it hurts. I think I’ve watched it 25 times since yesterday. MINI PUPPY WOOOOOING!!!!

  149. LOL – even my normally dog-loathing kitteh enjoyed this one!

  150. OMG that is cutest freaking thing I have ever seen