A grown woman should not be under the coffee table staring at kittehs

Um, get out from under there, you’re freaking me OUT.


Johanna S., I’m looking at you.



  1. Hey I can see your cute pawsses under here ?

    freaking you out ?
    I’m too busy LOL at the look on your face ……..


  2. Ahhhhh!!!

    Jelly Beans attack!!!

  3. There’s absolutely nothing wrong here..I would do the same if I had a glass table and my cat didn’t way 8 kgs…

  4. ok wow, that is amazingly cute. it’s like hovercat or something.

  5. Shadowtiger says:

    Kitty sez: “Buh?”

  6. In Soviet Russia, cute kittens look at YOU!

  7. Kittens in space!!

  8. Marmalade and jelly beans,yum yum.

  9. This reminds me of the now defunct cat-scans.com website. People’d send in photos resulting from their cats sitting on their image scanners (with the kitty naughty bits photoshopped out, of course, so it wasn’t too pervy). I miss that site, that and kittyporn.org were favorites before CO came about.

  10. Oh, this really is cute! If I wasn’t such a klutz, this might make me get a glass-topped table!

  11. Haha, I tried this once with a guinea pig.

  12. “I’m looking through you, where did you go? I thought I knew you, what did I know?”
    Super cute!

  13. acelightning says:

    This pretty little marmie isn’t nearly as squished as this guy was:

    This one’s got pink toesies, and he’s looking back at the one who’s looking at him!

  14. I have sooooo done this many of times. I have a Maine Coone a let me tell ya…cute cute cute!

  15. @kemp: Great Beatles ref!!!

    Such a cutie!!!!!!

  16. Ruby Tuesday says:

    “Ex-squeeze moi? But wtf are you doing down there? [stoopid hoomins…]”

  17. A grown woman should not be under the coffee table staring at kittehs

    You can get older but stay immature forever (at least that’s my plan)

  18. Nicolletta says:

    Kitteh is like: “Mommy, what are you doing down there?”

  19. no no unci, that should be:


  20. This is so great! If I even get a kitty or a puppy, I’m getting a glass table at the same time…

  21. Oops… “If I eveR…”

  22. I think this is why glass coffee tables were invented.
    This is just a beautiful photograph of a lovely kitteh.

  23. I think the kitteh’s foot pads look more like marshmellers!

  24. theoneflyinvet says:

    Aesthetica: HAHAHAHA!! i’m going to google those now!

    Photo: Ain’t nothin’ wrong with bein’ transfixed by an assault of pink paddy paws. And a fuzzy belly. And whiskers too. 🙂

  25. I think someone should make a coffetable book about kittehs, ontop of glass coffee tables!!

    I feel a Kramer moment coming on!

  26. Love this picture, I think it’s very artistic…


  28. squish squash! What purrrfect toesies!

  29. Kitteh belleh. Love the kitteh belleh.

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ooh, dat belleh!
    Ooh, dat face!
    I will lie under here all day to enjoy the snorgliness!

  31. Hope this one gets on teh calendar…great photo!

  32. I will continue to look at cute beasties from all angles available to me, so there!

  33. Grown wimminz should be on top of table snorgling kitteh

  34. Damn it, I need a glass coffee table, STAT! *tries to snorgle kitty thru the glass but bumps head*

  35. Momof2kitties says:

    And can someone please explain to me just exactly why a grown woman should NOT be under a coffee table staring at teh kitteh? Is teh qte!

  36. Possibly one of the cutest pictures ever. Must gobble up those toes! Kitty’s expression is priceless.

  37. Perfectest Toebeans Ever.

    I think Johanna is a genius for realising the perfect angle for the ultimate toebean shot!

  38. maggiesmom says:

    This has got to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen! Evar!!!

  39. such a sweet little kitty. i want to nom nom those jellies!!

  40. KarenInToronto says:

    This is Glass Ceiling Cat — prevents hoomans from rising.

  41. This makes the most awesome desktop! You’ve got to try it. It’s like there’s a kitty standin’ sideways inside my monitor.

    I’m in ur monitor, fuxing ur percepshuns.

  42. CUTE!

  43. GAH!
    I want a levitatin kitteh!

  44. I want to squish his feet! What a puffy angel!

  45. I wants dat kitty – so perfect preciously…sigh

  46. Livia_Augusta says:

    Ceiling Cat?

  47. Grown woman (almost 35, PhD and whatever else) and all I can come up with is:

    Those flat soles just made my day.
    I want that table, I’ve got a kitten to put on it.

  48. doesnt it sort of look like she’s about to pounce on your chest??? i lurfs it!!

  49. Looks more like ninja kitty caught in the middle of a mighty kung-fu kick.

    Watch out photographer!

  50. awww This is my new desktop wallpaper!! Cuuuuute!!!

  51. loving the paw pads.

  52. Pink paddy paws…BWUHAHAHAHA!

    Love the white loaf cat shot too!

    This baby is all “Why are you down there and how come I’m not sitting on you?” So cute =)

  53. I want that kitteh!!!!

  54. What a redonkulous picture of such an adorable kitty! You got me again cute overload.

  55. purrculier says:

    To-Do List 1)Buy glass-top coffee table. 2)Find camera. 3)Build time machine. 4)Travel back in time. 5) Kit-nap my furry kids when they’re small enough not shatter table.6)Spend hours taking pictures of their faintly puzzled expressions.*sigh* -envious? who me?

  56. Brinnan – brilliant suggestion. Kitteh is now my desktop!!

  57. Those pawsies! too cute. my puffers looked just like this when he was a kitten

  58. Those pawsies! too cute. my puffers looked just like this when he was a kitten

  59. I love his colouring… makes me think of praline vanilla ice cream! Yum yum.

  60. God, I just want to nibble those little jelly beans!

  61. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Want more like this? Go to http://www.thecatshouse.com and for even more, buy THE CATS’ HOUSE and all the other great titles by Bob Walker and Frances Mooney — cat underpinnings galore!

  62. Awww… this should go in the calendar… even though the calendar is finished.

  63. Pearl Ostroff says:


    I saw an article on this house in Cat Fancy or other cat magazine, years ago. Unforgettable.

    If I had a glass coffee table, and put my kitten on it, I’d never get up, assuming I could actually get down there. Arthritic knees. Not good when kitty escapes into the lobby and plays hide and seek among the neighbours bikes.

  64. I love the paw pads! So adorable! And the angle – unusual but amusing! 🙂

  65. Love the tiny pink feets and the “iz u lookin at mah belliez?” face! What a cutie!

  66. berthaslave says:

    Hey, I’m a grown MAN and I would do this all day, too!

    My new desktop, replacing the kittehs in the kleenex box.

  67. The paws, people! THE PAWSSSS! Not to mention the little pink nose and big blue “huh?” eyes, and general marmie-ness *dies*

  68. this shot makes awesome wallpaper for the computer!!!

  69. snoopysnake says:

    I love little orange cats with little white muzzlepouches and big blue eyes and adorable pink noses and pink jellybean paw pads….squeeeee!!!!!!

  70. This has got to be one of my all time fave pics ever on CO. No possible controversy and absolutely NO ONE can argue that is not cute.

    On a personal note; TOESIES!!!!!! Pink fluffy jelly bean-y toes!

  71. Shannon: Wanna bet?

    “Oh, it’s so cruel, making the cat sit on a glass table that’s probably too cold for his feet, and too high so he could fall off and hurt himself, just so you can take a picture and exploit him. People like that shouldn’t even be allowed to have pets!”

    Someone can always find something to b*tch about, if they reach far enough.

    But in reality, it’s teh qte, 4 sure!

  72. Anasztaizia says:

    “This makes the most awesome desktop! You’ve got to try it. It’s like there’s a kitty standin’ sideways inside my monitor.

    I’m in ur monitor, fuxing ur percepshuns.”

    I lol’ed!

  73. Great for desktop wallpaper, I have this one on my computer at work now. I just need a copy made for a higher resolution. 🙂

  74. OMG! I just had to make this the background image on my desktop… and I stretched it so it looks like kitteh is standing on my laptop!! hee hee!! I love it!!

  75. MARMIE!!!

    (Wot do u meen by “grown woman”?)

  76. Faaar out brussel sprout!
    That does make a pretty darn impressive desktop background.
    You’re not wrong.
    I’m spinnin’ on desktop overload here.

  77. His god-like powers increasing daily, Whiskers surveyed the lesser creatures from his heavenly perch.

  78. I have this set as my background now. It’s purr-fect. What a beautiful marmie.

  79. Goodness those are some white beans that kitteh has got.

  80. CheshireCat says:

    I want a Marmie! 😦

  81. and Marmie wants a you! 😉

  82. I want this as my desktop! But the resolution isn’t big enough. Sigh.

  83. I just set it as my wallpaper on my desktop people! It is fantastic! I luuuuuvs it!

  84. possibly the MOST annoying CO picture ever. Sigh. I now have to ditch antique queen anne coffee table for faux 80s number which is not going to match the rest of the decor just so I can spend all day gazing at the Kitty Chairman’s fluff and comparing it with this most adorable super model…. sigh

  85. Wow, this is great! Johanna what camera do you use? Thanks a lot, Meg