High Five

Dewd. Way to invite the Ziegler twins over. We are soooo scooorin’ Bra!!!


Jacquie C., I geeve YOU a high Paw.



  1. This would never happen in my household. Only if they were playing that old gypsy game, “fair one.”

    bleen indeed.

  2. BEST caption ever.

  3. What are they up to? They look like they’ve just sealed a deal for something naughty. If I was the dog, I’d be sleeping with one eye open tonight :O

  4. bleendeed

  5. nice shot

  6. Awww. I love the cool leafy backdrop.

  7. Cool dudes.

  8. Sunshine0460 says:

    Are these two littermates? They sure look alike..good pic, just wish it wasn’t quite so dark..

  9. SOOOO Cute!!!

    Mine do this…only it’s usually in the midst of a slap-fight!

  10. yuppers, I don’t tink dat is high fiving! I tink that is battle for best spot on couch!

  11. Yeah, very cool cats….

  12. paws *up*!

  13. Don’t forget to pop that flea collar and down some brews, bra. Where my ‘nip at?

  14. Go Team Venture!

  15. Nicolletta says:

    Here’s to floofyness!

  16. Rockin’ kitties! It’s really a high 4.5 though. That fifth digit is really more like a nub.

  17. they be High fiving cause they are not stuck in Minnesota with 12 degrees and it feels like 1 degree.
    predicted wind chill here tonight MINUS 35
    everyone snorgle today

  18. oh mary mack mack mack
    all dressed in black black black
    with silver buttons buttons buttons
    all down her back back back

    i KNEW cats played hand..errr…paw games too!!

  19. i’ll bet there was a HUGE cat-grappling match after this and a lot of fur flying and falling off the thingy there. high five is just a pre-cursor to a kitteh blow-out.

  20. 1..2..3..4..I de-clare a…heywaitaminnit…we ain’t got no thumbs!

  21. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Those two cats look IDENTICAL to my cats! I have a grey AND a Black on as well, same fur, same size, same tails(except my cats tails are alot more poofy)
    AAAh the resemblance is AMAZING!!! We named our black one Mondo, and the grey one Dusty:P

  22. One of my cats has thumbs, so she would win…..

    [[ahem]] PAWS DOWN [[ahem]]

  23. ledgemont rocks and so did you girls this year

  24. Don’t they know high-fives are so five minutes ago? Let’s see them give dap!

  25. First thing that came to mind:

  26. Cat Slap Fever.

  27. Fighty kittehs

  28. berthaslave says:

    Awesomest caption ever, Meg. You must have gone to UCSB at some point.

    These kittehs are going to go skip O-chem and go surfing in the morning, cause the waves are tasty, then they’re gonna hit Freebirds for some nachos and scope out the babes with the visible thongs and tramp stamps. Go Gauchos!

  29. okay, i got all of that except the ‘tramp stamps’. enlighten me. 🙂

  30. hahahaha. Tramp stamp: those tatoos that girls get on their lower backs.

  31. Aha! I figured it was something like that. Good thing my tattoos are not on my lower back! 🙂

  32. wotthe7734 says:

    @ oakling: Actually, I think that IS dap. They just can’t make fists like peeps. But it’s all good ‘cuz kittehs is waaaaaaaaaay cooler den peeps!

    @ berthaslave: Oooooooooooh, tramp stamps and whales tails. But no camel toes please – they’re überskanky!